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September 2020
How are you doing? Nearly the end of summer and what an emotional roller coaster it's been with all the conflicting news reports and the focus on case numbers to keep people in fear. The number of deaths from COVID-19 is not actually known because practically everyone that dies has cause of death written as COVID regardless. However, truth is, the overwhelming majority of people are alive, and there is no 'deadly, contagious' virus otherwise the majority of us would indeed be dead, especially the homeless.

FYI: Many countries have less than 1,000 to zero deaths. Interestingly, Sweden had no lockdown, they experienced some deaths as expected, just like every coronavirus season, and the country is doing well with life continuing as normal.

Take responsibility for your own health. If you are elderly, obese or have pre-existing health conditions, this is your wake-up call to take better care of yourself, mentally and physically.

Maintain a strong immune system otherwise you create a compromised immune system which leaves you open to disease and illness, with or without seasonal coronaviruses. 

So ... as we say goodbye to summer, and hello to lower temperatures and bad weather, really focus on being and staying well. Let go of that fast food, processed diet and sodas. Get out and breath in oxygen, and soak up vitamin D from the sun when it shines. Sleep well, drink water, eat healthy foods ... so simple. Do things that make you happy, and be around positive people that do not live in fear of a man-made coronavirus that has 99.9% survival rate.

If you need help, here are some tools to support you on your health journey:

Update Your Grocery List
What is your body lacking and why?

Acid and Alkaline Foods
An acidic body is a sick body.

Four Healing Machines

Pdf special - for our current health challenges.

March 2020
Oh how much life has changed! Our hearts go out to those who have this engineered coronavirus that attacks the elderly and our precious grandparents. If you need any health guidance it's simple. Focus on keeping your immune system strong. That means NO STRESS, and get outdoors in the sunshine for Vitamin D. Take as much Vitamin C as possible, such as hot water with squeezed lemons, everyday. Vitamin A helps keep the respiratory system strong, orange and red fruits and veggies, and green veggies such as spinach.


Each of the four machines will help and support both the immune system and the lungs. Here is a pdf you can read that explains what each of the machines can do for you.

Home healing.

If you need guidance, we are available 24/7. There is nothing to be afraid of unless you are elderly. Anyone can catch coronavirus at anytime and it may just be a cold or flu, but this virus creates a nasty bilateral pneumonia in the vulnerable, aged and sick.

This time of isolation will pass soon enough and reveal a new path and journey. It wont be easy, and there will be many tears as we adjust. Use this time to create a healthier lifestyle than before. Use this time to clean out what you don't need, want, or use anymore. Get creative and to be appreciative of what you have. Give gratitude for all the blessings around you that may have been forgotten or taken for granted. This time is a great awakening, a new beginning for all of us. LET GO, and focus on the present moment.

Find comfort that all of us around the world are in this together and together we will face a new future. Be well, stay well. Namaste.

If you are interested in COVID-19 and what on earth is going on, we've done the research for you. Lets just say, numbers don't lie, people do.

ember 2019
1) Nearly Thanksgiving again. What's new? The SOQI-Enzymes have now been discontinued. The importance of enzymes is just not understood. You can still read all about them here.

2) Please seriously consider BetaLoe which is a truly powerful immune system support dietary supplement and will help you get thru the winter months without having to inject anything toxic which could harm or kill you. - SADLY DISCONTINUED.

3) Through the end of December, all four machines and the SOQI Bed will include FREE shipping - who doesn't like to save money!

4) Weather manipulation is getting more intense, and DNA changing 5G is being rolled out quickly. More than ever we MUST pay attention to out health and make wiser, better choices.

Everyday we are all breathing in aluminum particles and other metals which are breaking down our immune system
. Far Infrared supports heavy metal detoxification, as well as iodine such as found in seaweed. Diet must be changed to reflect the needs of the body but having said that, all crops and water sources, simply everything, is being contaminated by the metals being sprayed via chemtrails.

In the next few years, global health and mental stability is going to be the greatest challenge of our life. Start  making changes and preparing NOW.

June, Summer 2019
Half way thru the new year already!

1) Google (Big Brother), now requires all websites to change from HTTP to HTTPS otherwise they post a notice on the Chrome browser and Apple IPhones saying website is 'Not Secure'. This website is indeed secure and it took several days to make the URL changes. There may be a few links that have fallen thu the cracks, but no worries, the website is 99% updated.

Our new URL is:

2) URGENT: The world is in great peril from Geo-engineering and 5G. We MUST ban together to stop the geo-engineering otherwise known as deliberate manipulation of the climate, or weather warfare. It's being going on since the 1940's and the past several months has been ramped up which is destroying forests, crops, homes ... our lives! Wild fires are now uncontrollable firestorms, it snows even though the temperature is high, rainstorms are never-ending, tornadoes and hurricanes are more frequent and even more devastating.

Just look up at the sky and see the military jet chemtrails everywhere, nearly daily. They are spraying chemicals including nano-aluminum particles which we are breathing in!


5G is a faster frequency for all SMART technology - your computer, your cell phone - and is absolutely deadly! It literally microwaves your DNA and all living things, animals, insects, fish, plants and trees included. SAY NO! DO NOT UPGRADE TO 5G! Cancer, illness and disease will shoot thru the roof. Much life will die and become extinct. Many cities across the planet are moving to ban 5G - Brussels, Belgium, with Geneva, Switzerland and Portland, Oregon, are three already.

Thousands of satellites are to be launched into space which will radiate the entire planet!



3) Sadly one of our very favourite products has been discontinued, SOQI Circu-Go.

December 2018
The recent horrendous wild fires in California brought to attention the devastation caused by the geo-engineered chemtrail nano-aluminum particles, sprayed almost daily. These aluminum particles act as a fire incendiary and accelerant which is why the firestorms were uncontrollable.

Health wise, continous
doses of a
luminum causes Alzheimers, Parkinson's and Autism. Go read our
Aluminum page for tips on how to protect yourself.

Geo-engineering is THE cause of global warming and has been in effect since the 1940's. Corporations, politicians and the media have spun a web of lies making the public believe climate change is due to carbon emissions with absolutely no mention of deliberate weather manipulation and warfare. Geo-engineering is destroying our health, killing off wildlife and insects, and changing our planet into an atmosphere we will not be able to survive in for much longer due to ozone depletion and rising methane gas emissions. Want to know more? Go to


November 2018
Wow, how the year has flown by!

All sales for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe now go thru the Los Angeles head office. Unfortunately shipping can be too expensive. Solution? If you are Canadian, send the machine/products to a USA address and pick it up or have someone deliver it to you. If you live in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, if a friend or family visits the USA, order and buy the machine/products in the States, and take them back on the plane.

A large and thicker Far Infrared Heating Pad was introduced this year. Personally we prefer the original size but both are great. Heal your body with far infrared heat - aches, pains, soreness, stiffness, sports injuries, period cramps, poor circulation etc. They make wonderful gifts for yourself, loved ones, and your pets.

FIR Heating

End of 2018
October/November: Every FIR Dome comes with a FREE FIR Heating Pad, and every E-Power Machine comes with a FREE Wand.

The SOQI Bed currently has FREE shipping thru the end of December, saving you $350.00! The current price of $4,700.00 will be raised to over $5,000.00 when the new SOQI Bed is introduced with bluetooth. We recommend you buy now and save money.

Wait, there's more ... if you are a RETURN customer, or if you buy x2 or more machines, you will receive an Instant Rebate, $100.00 off! - October/November only.

Jan 2018
More than ever, the public is on it's own in the USA regarding health care, with an epidemic of opiate abuse and a continued rise in obesity. Thanks to the internet we can research anything and find the latest news on alternative healing technology.

Always research in depth and take nothing at face value. Word of mouth needs to come from multiple sources not just a good friend or two. What works for one person does not mean it will work for everyone. We each have our own diet, exercise routine (or not), mental/emotional challenges, lifestyle etc. Each one of us is unique and our health needs to be addressed accordingly.

FYI: BBC World News is a good source for the latest health technology
and advances.

Check out the special SOQI NEWS MAGAZINE section about cancer, and also FENG SHUI.

Happy, Healthy New Year!
Excited to announce a new product to be launched soon! Also happy to announce a new lease to own payment plan for the SOQI Bed.

I seriously urge you to take a good look at the four HTE machines. They REALLY work. Unfortunately i can no longer post testimonials or discuss any medical challenges in print (due to the corrupt forces of the USA that only promote toxic drugs), but you can call me anytime!

Living food, daily exercise, and natural healing is the path to walk. It's a New Year, give it a shot, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

2017 Winter
The Canadian head office closed their doors November 1st, and so too will Australia and the warehouse in Munich, Germany, as of the end of January 2018. HTE is keeping the repair locations open.

Canadians may now order thru the USA head office in Los Angeles - Australians and Europeans will also have that option as of February 1st. The good news is American prices are much lower, but the not so good news is shipping will obviously cost more.

The world is changing rapidly. Businesses are being consolidated and taken over by AI. One thing that will never change is the need and demand for natural health and wellness. The HTE machines do exactly that with no need for toxic drugs or dangerous invasive procedures, AND, they can be used inside the privacy and comfort of home.

2017 August
Finally, the SOQI CircuGo web page has been created on this website - check it out! We LOVE CircuGo, and that is a big deal as we are REALLY hard to impress! This little drink - just a few sips - packs a punch, and tingling is felt practically immediately.

The drink targets your microcirculation. What's that? It is the extremely small blood vessels of the body that feed the main arteries - the macrocirculatory system - with oxygen and nutrition. The microcirculation system contains upwards of 60,000 miles of hollow tubes - capillaries, arterioles, venules, and vasa vasorum - and it needs to be protected and nourished in order for the macrocirculatory system to remain healthy

Medical researchers now acknowledge that poor microcirculation is one of the single biggest contributing factors to the health challenges commonly associated with the macrocirculatory system.

Here is a great article that explains this better:

Like most people, we had no idea about microcirculation, however, thanks to the introduction of CircuGo, now we do and it makes absolute sense. Always go to the SOURCE to find answers. A damaged macro-circulation has never been the main source as believed - such as with cardiovascular problems - but a compromised microcirculatory system. Who knew!

2017 April

Well, well, well ... no surprise, the economy worldwide is dragging along wih a new American president. There is so much uncertainty, too many lies, and the USA is pushing for war (as usual).

However, no matter what, your health and mine will always be a priority. Afterall, we need our mental sanity and physical health to get thru all this madness, right?!

HTE has a new supplement - SOQI CircuGo - which we have not yet posted on this website. It targets poor micro-circulation for improved blood flow. It contains 14 fruits and 3 vegetables. In the meantime, check it out for yourself at


New App:
HTE has joined the technological rat-race, and has launched, very excitedly, a new cell phone App which is a condensed duplicate of the company website and shopping cart. It's useful for viewing videos over coffee, or for looking up product info, getting news, sharing with social media platforms, and a few other bells and whistles. It makes life easier for those on the go and distributors who leave their computer at home ... oh, and yes of course it's free to download.

Name of App: iSOQI

2017 March
HTE got the Chi Machine back two weeks before Xmas, but will not have the outstanding, incredible FIR Hothouse dome until sometime later this year, and ohhhh how much we miss it!

In the meantime ... we still have the amazing Chi Machine, the cutting edge E-Power machine and the intense Electro Reflex Energizer.

We would love to publish all the fascinating testimonials but as some of you know by now, the powers that be in the USA, have banned them. No worries, simply contact us for guidance regarding any health challenge you are dealing with and need direction. We still have two decades of testimonials and experiences on file.

2016 September/October
1) As of the 27th September, the USA no longer stocks the original Chi Machine, the Sun Ancon. Will it come back? Anytime soon? Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want one, you need to take a vacation across the border in Canada, or fly down to Australia, and yes the machines are more expensive, and no we cannot ship them to you in the U.S.

2) As of 1st October, the USA no longer stocks the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome. Will it be available in the future? Stay tuned. If you have any friends or relatives in Canada, machines can be ordered and shipped out from head office Toronto - they cannot be shipped across the border to the USA by head office, but they can be driven/shipped across by private parties.

Keeping our word to be transparent, the FIR Hothouse Dome is in fact being re-classified to a higher level, which takes time and money. The original Chi Machine is not being re-classifed (there is no need - it is a Class 1), but negotiations take time.

2016 August
Australia has a new manager this year - Harp Wen. Our dear Vivienne left to have a baby. Congrats V - you are so missed!

We are in the process of removing customer testimonials that discuss specific medical conditions. Those remaining will be generalizations. Anyone that needs guidance as to why this is so, and what may or not be written, may refer to the famous Young Living Oils company website (aromatherapy), who had to do the same.

The American Food and Drug Administration are cracking down on any natural health company that include personal feedback that presents information outside their guidelines and the product classification. No matter that the natural benefits attested to by countless users are true and can be verified. Personal experiences (testimonials), documenting specific medical conditions have to be backed up by scientific research/clinical trials according to their regulations.

Many say this is in violation of the 2nd amendment of free speech. Whilst there is truth in this, the Food and Drug Administration decide the rules, and consumer protection is a factor.

The conventional medical establishment in the USA prefers everyone to follow orthodox protocol and to take prescribed drugs. There is a drug for practically everything under the sun, many of which may be viewed daily on American TV.

Many natural healing modalities successfully support heath and wellness, and cost far, far less than drugs, so they are  under constant attack to be silenced and removed from public options. It is up to the consumer to research, seek out, and ask questions. The choices you make today decide your tomorrow's. CHOOSE WISELY. Choose what is best for your health. Keep in mind, that poison does not kill poison, and too often leads to further complications.

Paid For Testimonials: Many public products have "paid for" testimonials such as those given by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, or countless reviews found on Yes, we agree, this makes no sense ... a paid for testimonial? And it's allowed?!

FYI: All personal experiences submitted for publication on this website or to HTE the company, have been 100% voluntary. All have been true but we never included anyone who we felt exaggerated, or anyone that experienced something the majority of users would not.

National Outrage: Life saving EpiPens now cost over $600.00 and other medical drugs are on the rise.

Health Recap: What keeps a body strong and healthy? Oxygen, daily aerobic exercise for oxygen and
elimination of toxins, a healthy pH balanced natural diet, water and relaxation of the mind, emotions and body (avoid stress at all costs).

2016 March
Very sadly, all three Mexican HTE head offices were closed down a few months back. No public explanation (politics). Mexican distributors may order thru USA head office in Los Angeles.

2015 May
Sydney head office has moved a few kilometers away to Alexandria.

2014 September
International HTE Conference, Awards and Global Celebration in Taiwan.
Chi Machine International was awarded the #1 International Global Distributor Award - so thrilled to be able to help people around the world and to make a difference.

Cancer numbers continue to climb, alternative healing protocols are more important than ever as orthodox methods continue to have little effect. I lost my best friend Arnon to chemo destruction in 7 months, at only age 39 yrs old. I witnessed the entire process and can never forget what i saw. As a result i learnt more than ever before. He was not the first friend i've lost to conventional protocol but he was the dearest.

All the HTE countries were present in Taiwan - USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and Europe. China is taking off and sales are going thru the roof, same in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Amazing personal experiences were shared and HTE's amazing new digital technology was introduced for Asia, hooking up doctor and patients to work as a team using HTE's healing machines. China also provides specialized training courses to distributors.

Unfortunatley the Chinese digital technology program will never be introduced to the USA because of Big Pharma and the FDA.

Numerous SOQI Spa's can be found throughout Asia attesting to the success of HTE's brilliant training and technology.

2013 was a sad year loosing a best friend, only 39 yrs old, to bone cancer - watching him die from the devastating effects of chemotherapy. As a result there are new pages of important information that all cancer patients need to know - What IS cancer? How does the body respond exactly? What are the options for treating cancer? - There is no singular therapy or protocol that will kill cancer all by itself. One soldier cannot win a war alone, but an army can! Cancer 911

April 2013
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine SDM-888 was featured again (fourth TV show appearance) on television, as a relaxation device on a respected, award winning, daily health TV show seen internationally in 118 countries. It is well documented that stress kills.

March 2013
Sales continue to do well worldwide despite global economic depression.
The FIR Hothouse Dome is doing well due to receiving continued excellent feedback.

Thermal therapy, also known as hyperthermia, is used worldwide as an intergrative therapy with conventional cancer therapy protocols.  Countless medical citations may be viewed on PubMed.

Diet is critical when dealing with cancer - focus must be on a pH balanced alkaline diet so as to allow oxygen back into the cells. The Chi Machine supports increased oxygen and toxin elimination via passive aerobic exercise.

Please feel free to contact us for alternative cancer protocol guidance. We have 15 years of professional experience and a lifetime of ongoing research. Always confer with your health care specialist before making any choices.

It is important to note that no one single protocol kills cancer, and the source is the mind/emotions, followed by the diet. There are other triggers that add to the accumulation of emotional and physical toxic energy. All must be addressed.

November 2012

1) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine was showcased on The Doctors TV show September 2009, but imitation machines are now using the show's TV video thereby misleading the public into believing the machine showcased was their imitation!

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

SDM-888 Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Sold exclusively by HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise).
This is the REAL Chi Machine, imitated by so many.

2) Ebay and have MULTIPLE imitation 'chi machines' using plagiarized information as well as inventing 'chi machine' information that is completely untrue. The REAL Chi Machine, the Sun Ancon, is not sold on or sold by the company on Ebay. 'The Chi Machine' is a copyright name and any company using this name, besides HTE who has exclusive rights, is in violation and may be sued for copyright infringement.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Total Health Formula (liquid enzymes).
We are very sad to announce this product has been cancelled. The general public do not understand the importance of enzymes and that the body cannot function properly without them. Nearly everyone lacks enzymes because cooked food kills them. For more info and a solution: Enzymes

Summer 2012

The latest model of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, model SDM-888, has a wider ankle rest, is much quieter, and even stronger. As usual, the core inner mechanism was not changed as there is no need.

March 2010
NEW PRODUCT: FIR Lumbar Cushion. Im so excited about this product, a cushion for the lower back that emits far infrared. This can be used sitting at the computer, watching TV, driving your car, lying in bed and so forth ... I was introduced to it in Taiwan last summer and used it personally for a few minutes - AWESOME! Price? Around $100.00

NEW PRODUCT: GoGreen - Organic, antioxidant, probiotic action, plant enzymes, pH balancer. and more. If you need an extra boost to your diet, or if your diet is still poor, we highly recommend considering adding one scoop of this power to a glass of juice (or water) once daily.

All products to Hawaii are now shipped from head office in Los Angeles, as we no longer have a warehouse in Oahu.

September/October 2009
TV SHOW: A few months ago, Chi Machine International was asked by the producers of 'The Doctors' TV show to make a presentation on one of their episodes. We agreed but declined to make the presentation in person. We went into collaboration on the show format for a few weeks, shot the episode, and the rest is history. The show aired Friday, September 4th 2009 (after being put on hold from last season) and the phone lines and emails have been non-stop ever since! The Chi Machine is now a household name and we are thrilled. Customers have told us this a much needed machine for multiple medical reasons and they are as excited as we are.

Our company head offices did not expect the overwhelming response and were very skeptical about doing the show. Needless to say, they are now very happy they agreed! The show was aired across the USA and Canada, and will air later in Europe.

HTE Australia now has the E-Power machine the Grande Hothouse Dome and the Grande SOQI Bed.

TAIWAN - We recently returned from visiting head office in Taiwan. A new product will be released soon, great for computer users and offices - stay tuned!

October 2008
This is the last month of the ERE as we know it. HTE has created a new and improved version which has six individual electro pads which can be regulated in strength and also used at the same time as the ERE itself.

Australia has two special offers on the Chi Machine to match the falling Australian dollar against the Euro.

The company has reduced prices worldwide to reflect the crumbling economy, so there are many great deals to be had! Check out the Chi Machine price to France from Australia - only 427 euro including VAT and freight - the lowest price ever.


Copyright: After seven long years of ongoing research and writing, copy/pasting from this site will NOT be tolerated! Stealing another writers work maybe flattering but is also extremely disrespectful and deceitful.

April 2008
Liquid Enzymes are here - Total Health Formula - and what a fantastic product, BUT, the packaging needs to revert to the prototype of plastic tubes. We do not like the glass bottles and therefore we will not promote it until this changes.

February 1st - Prohibited to sell HTE Products on eBay 
Dear HTE Distributors:
HTE USAȘ prohibits all distributors from selling or advertising HTE USAȘ products on eBay. HTE USAȘ will heavily investigate any listing of an HTE USAȘ product being sold on eBay. If you or someone you know is listing HTE USAȘ products on eBay, please be advised to remove it immediately, any distributor found to be doing so is subject to suspension or termination. - Sincerely, Hsin Ten Enterprise USA, INC.

January 2008 - Happy New Year!
We have added lots of new info that is really important including Aluminum Poisoning (related to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), Chemtrails and Vaccines (related to numerous illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia), and Drug Resistance (antibiotics are failing - detox is critical). We are also proud to present our new SOQI News, online magazine - the latest health news and discoveries, as well as natural healing, from around the world. Enjoy!

Did you know Far Infrared has long been used to heal animals? Read up on our Pet Sauna page. If you have a sick or elderly pet, this is definitely something to consider.

Many people want to know what the difference is between all the far infrared saunas on the market - here are the answers, Infrared Sauna.

December 2007
Please inspect and count each piece of SOQI Bed when you receive your merchandise and keep all original packaging for return or exchange. If you are not satisfied with your HTE purchase, please call CSR for a Return/Exchange request within 14 calendar days of receiving your order. All return items for SOQI Bed Set should be packed in the original, unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that belong to the SOQI BED product. HTE will assess a 30% restocking fee on any opened hardware or accessory. PLEASE be advised that shipping handling fee will not be refunded.

A transformer for the ERE, for the UK and Europe, is now available from the Canadian office by request.

HTE has a revolutionary new product, the E-Power.

The FIR Lamp is no longer being sold due to the popularity of the FIR Hothouse Dome.

HTE will remove the listings from Ebay for distributors selling company products at a lower price, offering free shipping free gifts and claiming for any medical benefits. If you are one of them, please remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise we will remove your listing from Ebay and you may be suspended or terminated.

August 2007
All sales for Europe will now be returned for process via Sydney, Australia as New York has decided to no longer sell to Europe.


The International Convention in Mexico
( was fun due to the Mexican hospitality and vitality. The highlight was a tour of Teotihuacan - MAGICAL! The Mexicans remain the leading distributors in the world thanks to a wonderful humanitarian, a humble man named Rafael Garcia Pelayo and his beautiful wife, Maria. Rafael and Maria are very special people and have proven that dreams of a better life can come true! Rafael works tirelessly to make these dreams come true for thousands of Mexicans across Mexico. He is an example for EVERYONE.

Summer 2007
Sales continue to rise dramatically as more people across the world hear about the Chi Machine, the ERE and the benefits of Far Infrared. Tens of thousands of people are turning away from Western doctors, their quackery and toxic drugs. People deserve to be healthy and all it takes is research, re-education and life style changes. Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" will certainly propel and expediate health changes for many Americans. Check out our new page Vitamins - use it as a guide to correct your diet and eliminate health challenges.

January/February 2007:
Happy, Healthy New Year! The new FIR Pad was a success but it's in question if it will be sold as a regular product ...TBD.

The new Grande Hothouse is as popular as expected, due to so many people being overweight. Freight is $25.00 UPS.

November 2005:
As of January 1st 2006, the ERE will go up in price from $349.00 to $399.00
All orders must specify voltage if shipped outside USA.
All orders to Hawaii must specify order to be shipped or picked-up.

eBay sales by an HTE distributor AT ANY PRICE are ILLEGAL and grounds for termination. Distributors will be reported immediately to country head office and world head office in Taiwan. There is an ongoing investigation which will not be completed until this matter is resolved.

Distributors are prohibited and grounds for termination.

SUMMER 2005.
The USA and Canada now has the fabulous SOQI Health Spa Bed

Australian Chi Machine Evolution.
As of August 1st, Australia will be introducing an improved Chi Machine - a wider footrest area. The new footrest is now 26.5cm wide giving more comfort and space in the ankle area. This modification in no way compromises Dr. Inoue's original specifications, design, concept or research studies.

The price list, order form and agreement form, Chi Machine and SOQI brochure, are now also available in French.

May 2005.
HTE has two exclusive new dietary supplements.
Regular vitamins on the market are only absorbed 30%, whereas HTE's are absorbed 90%. Unique, ground breaking formulas: Return 2 Nature -

April 2005.
Australia has now returned to UPS freight from TNT.

February 2005.
HTE Canada has moved into a new office and as of March 1st.
A small freight charge will now apply to USA and Canada:
CM, ERE and FIR TO GO - US$10, CAN$15
HH - US$15, CAN$22.50

January 2005.
A sad New Year but filled with hopes for recovery and peace.
Our hearts are with the survivors of the tsunami in Asia and throughout the world. International aid from the public has been unprecedented, with children in Europe even selling their Christmas gifts to raise money.

HTE International will be donating a percentage of all sales in January to Tsunami aid.

European Orders Update:
All countries in Europe may now order again via Australia, except Switzerland - - The Swiss must order through their own home office or may order via the USA

Germany and New Zealand:
Activit, our HTE representative in Germany, has been terminated. Our representative in New Zealand has also been terminated so all NZ orders will go through Sydney, Australia also.

BetaLoe 2005 F D A
The American Food and Drug Administration sent us a letter requesting specific information, scientific research and personal experiences (both professional and public), be removed from our page about BetaLoe. They will now allow us to print the results from use of this product which is simply Aloe Vera (a medicinal plant) and Beta-1 3-D Glucan (a yeast extract), which supports the immune system. No worries. Research on the internet for more information on Beta-1 3-D Glucan.

September 2004.
HTE Rocks!
Here are two photos of HTE Americas outstanding distributors. We qualified to go to Hong Kong and China for 10 days in September 2004. The memories of the HTE China Tour will last forever. Next year it truly could be YOU in either photo.

Credit Card Payments and ID - HTE Australia Orders.
Distributors are requested to photocopy and fax both sides of all credit card orders to HTE. The dispute on credit card payment has been increasing, we are strongly asked by the bank to take this procedure for security purpose. All orders must also be printed in BLOCK letters.

We would like to remind all distributors that agreement forms must include a document of proof of ID. This may include a copy of the customer's passport, driver's license, credit card statement, bank account statement or utility bill (indicating name of the new member). Please inform your customers and downlines, so that we may quickly process their ID card. 

Becoming a distributor in the USA if living in another country.
28% is deducted from commission checks to cover US tax. Written request for commission check to be mailed outside US, must be submitted. All orders purchased on non US issued credit card must include written release from distributor taking full financial responsibility for any charge backs or refusals of delivery. If already an HTE distributor in Australia, a certificate must be issued and sent to HTE Americas in New York.

August 2004.
All euro currency countries must now order via German office, Activit, or the USA. Australia no longer takes orders for euro currency countries. Non-euro currency country such as the UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and eastern Europe, may continue to order via Australia or the USA. Orders to Europe have now been resumed from the USA.

"Elle Magazine" - Article written by Holly Millea.
The USA Elle Magazine article, written last November and just now published, proved to be slanted and untrue. The writer- a struggling comedian - mocked the Chi Machine and conducted minimal research. She wrote 'Broad, independent clinical studies must be conducted to gauge the medical benefits of the machines'.

Extensive clinical trials hasve been done at Flinders University in Australia! The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is in fact a registered medical device in three countries and used by doctors, hospitals and medical clinics worldwide. The writer also mocked Far Infrared therapy, completely unaware of the medical fact that thermal therapy has proven to be successful in fighting cancer.

'Elle Magazine' was asked to comment on this article containing personal comedic opinion - including three seemingly uneducated MD's opinions - and no medical data or patent research whatsoever. 'Elle' replied it was the editors prerogative to publish this... an article that not only is nonsense but also denies the public the truth about alternative healing methods. SHAME ON ELLE MAGAZINE!

UK Prices As Of May 1st:
As of May 1st 2004, UK prices will remain unchanged indefinitely, until further notice from Taiwan.

February 2004.
Far Infrared Therapy Book:
An outstanding Far Infrared therapy book, exclusive to HTE Australia, is now available in the USA via this website. Telephone above or email us to request a copy.

FREE Gifts/Special Offers:
Free HTE gifts will only be specified on the internet ONLY if promoted by HTE NY. We understand that consumers always appreciate incentives no matter how fantastic the product, and HTE's are OUTSTANDING. So, if you need help and cannot afford something you would like or you don't see any FREE gifts offered, simply give us a call and we will help you achieve an outcome best suited to your needs or special requests. We can only fulfill your wishes and special requests if you tell us what they are!

FYI: Chi Machine International will continue later in the spring to donate free Chi Machines to those in great physical need but suffering from financial hardship.

Sheepskin Covers:
Sheepskin covers are NOT manufactured or approved by HTE.

FYI: The Chi Machine was originally sold without a footrest cover due to acupressure points in the ankles being stimulated, thus enhancing the Chi Machine experience. However due to discomfort, a machine washable, soft and comfortable footrest cover is now included FREE with every Chi Machine sold within the USA and Canada.

FREE Websites and New Distributors:
HTE does NOT create or offer free, generic or commissioned websites for new or existing distributors.

January 2004.
Correct Voltage and Transformers:
This website is an International HTE distributor that sells the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse Sauna worldwide. We have the correct voltage required for ALL countries.

FYI: HTE Americas distributors cannot sell machines outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico.
a) HTE Americas does not accept credit cards from outside N. America and Mexico.
b) HTE Americas does not carry appropriate voltage for any country outside N. America.

TRANSFORMERS DO NOT WORK. They primarily change the oscillation speed and also burn out the machines. You MUST have the correct voltage for the precise oscillation.

December 2003
Personal experience:
Please feel free to send us your personal experiences or opinions for publication. If you know of any endorsements we have not listed, whether it be from an athlete, leading magazine, spa or a health care professional, please let us know. We enjoy helping people and getting the word out to others who don't know of the alternative options.

October 2003
Sales To Europe:
HTE Americas in New York.
As of Summer 2003, HTE Americas no longer accepts credits cards for sales from Europe - personal checks only - and no longer stocks Chi Machines with European voltage.

HTE Australia in Sydney.
Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland may now buy directly from HTE service representatives Activit and Vertrieb Schweiz - See HTE Europe for contact details. HTE Australia continues to take orders for customers in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Imitations and EBAY Sales in the USA and Europe:
Sales of The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine via EBAY are illegal and will be terminated by HTE. Many Chi Machines sold via EBAY are imitations which have proven to cause injury and frequently breakdown. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine causes NO injury and very rarely needs repair, if ever.

Medical and Technical Questions 2002:
Chi Machine International, independent distributor for HTE, has a vast international network of medical and technical connections available to immediately answer or research absolutely any questions you may have 24hrs, 7 days a week - contact us below. Our primary connections are located in Los Angeles/New York USA, Hants, UK and Sydney, Australia. We also have contacts in Europe, Hawaii and the Middle East. So excited to be of service and make a difference!

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