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Natural healing using scientifically proven medical machines that work with the innate healing powers of the body and nature. For use in the comfort of your home, or within any health business. Holistic therapy.

NO drugs, NO Invasive procedures, NO side effects.

Healing Machines

Top quality, built to last, for everyone in the family. The Chi Machine, Far Infrared Sauna, the E-Power Machine and the Electro Reflex Energizer. 

HTE Products include the best Far Infrared Sauna on the market. Millions of units sold worldwide. All machines are classified as medical device, safe and effective, for all ages and body types. Approved by the Australian TGA.


2021 - Be Well, Stay Well!

We regret to announce that HTE USA
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Empower yourself naturally,
take control of your health.

Chi Machine Australia.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine


Motion energy for temporary increased circulation and oxygen, stimulation of the lymphatic system (metabolic waste elimination), internal massage, temporary muscular pain relief, healthy back support (specific motion lying flat), ANS balance, mental focus, lymph drainage (proven in clinical trials), relaxation, sounder sleep, Chi activation and more.

This is the original Chi Machine, built to last for 15 to 20yrs. With a strong motor, perfect oscillation speed and quiet motion. Who cannot spare 5-10 minutes a day to de-stress, balance and heal the body?

Perfect for all ages, for athletes as well as parents, children, office workers, the elderly and those with health challenges.

Sale: US$450.00
(reg. price US$550.00)

CM bag.-Footrest.

Carry Bag US$30.00
Footrest Cover US$3.00

2 yr warranty.
Voltage: 220v / 50Hz
Wattage: 35
Weight: 7 kg
Dimensions: 33.7 cm x 30.2 cm x 21.2 cm

Swing Frequency: 140 oscillations per minute.
Swing Travel: 37 mm
Self Timer: 2 to 30 minutes.
(20 mins max recommended)
One speed only as designed by Dr. Inoue.
Colors: White and Grey.

Passive Aerobic Respiration Exercise
Daily movement is a must to stay healthy.

Far Infrared Dome, Chi Machine.

The Ultimate Portable Home Health Spa.
Natural healing and relaxation anywhere, anytime. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Sauna Dome.

The power of CHI


FIR Hothouse Dome.

Far Infrared Dome Sauna


Far Infrared heat (FIR) energy is used for pain, swelling and inflammation rapid relief, toxin elimination (heavy metals included), accelerated healing, improved circulation, healthy lung function, back health support, relaxation and more.

The Far Infrared sauna dome is the best on the market - no other company has been able to duplicate the advanced technology. A topical warming unit that heals.

Sale: US$890.00
(reg. price US$1,000.00)

1 yr warranty Australia.
Voltage: 220v / 50Hz
Wattage: 350

Weight: 7.5 kg
Length: 80.5 cm
Width: 36.80 cm
Height: 40.1 cm

x2 Extension stands: 16 cm each.
Placed on either side will raise height to 45 cm.

Self Timer: 15 minute increments.
(60 minutes max recommended)
Colors: White and Grey.

There are 4 castors attached to the bottom of the dome for easy movement.

Grande Hothouse.
Far Infrared sauna for all sizes, for all the family, including pets.
Grande Carry Bag US$70.00
Curtains: US$30.00

What is Far Infrared
Without it, life cannot survive or thrive.




E-Power Machine



1yr warranty.
5yr life expectancy with daily use.
6 month warranty on E-Power belt.
Has port for two belts (comes with one belt).

Voltage: 220v / 50Hz
Weight: 3.4 kg
Size: 32.2 x 31.75 x 16.51 cm
Time: 0, 30, 60, 90 mins.
220v or 110v - Dual Voltage

Fits up to 114 cm waist
 - velcro closure.



Electrotherapy is electrical stimulation of the energy within the body which thereby reconnects the circuitry of the body and helps to balance the natural frequencies.

The E-Power machine recharges the body by activating the ATP enzyme promoting hours of energy, promotes pH balance, boosts negative ions that make us feel great, pain relief, promotes stabilization of blood sugar levels, and anti-aging properties. The negative potential of the body overall is increased resulting in improved health and revitalization.

There are no electrical shocks involved, in fact no sensation is felt other than perhaps a slight tingling for a few users.

Sale: US$560.00

(reg. price US$650.00)

 EP bag.
E-Power Carry Bag US$25.00
Extra E-Power Belt US$80.00
Energy Wand US$70.00

What is Electrotherapy

Also known as Electro-Medicine or Bio Resonance.



                    reflex energizer

Extra Electro-Pads: US$20.00 (x1 pair)

Carry Bag: US$25.00

Electro Reflex Energizer

Powerful reflexology machine for
the feet, ankles, legs, hands and wrists.

Comes with x6 Electro-pads that act
as TENS units. Place in pairs on torso,
front or back.

For people who are on their feet all day,
or those who have lost feeling sensation.
Relieves pain, soreness and fatigue.

Dual voltage.

SALE: US$400.00
(reg. price US$480.00)



Australia, New Zealand


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Request quote for delivery within
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SO - Solar.
Qi -
Life Force Energy.

Natural Healing As Nature Intended.
Far Infrared Heat Energy and Motion Energy Combined:

Natural health therapy using the power of the sun and Chi combined.


x3 Far Infrared Domes and x1 Chi Machine
(see individual unit prices at top of page).

The Far Infrared Dome 'sweatless sauna' and Sun Ancon Original Chi Machine passive aerobic respiration exerciser for combined energies: increased circulation and oxygen, toxin elimination, healthy back support, accelerated healing, pain relief and deep relaxation.

Thousands of people are looking for alternative, natural health therapies due to high medical costs and failing conventional health care. HTE Australia offers a portable, modern, holistic, total body health experience, based on advanced Far Infrared thermal therapy technology coupled with passive aerobic respiration exercise. You can now integrate this unique Far Infrared heat therapy into your current business, or create your own personal home setup.


By using one to three Far Infrared Dome units with one Sun Ancon Chi Machine, you create a channel of soothing Far Infrared heat for the entire body. The experience has proven health benefits plus stress release and complete relaxation.

By using the SOQI set up, you may promote and support pain relief and elimination of stagnant, toxic energy, using natural healing energy, critical for a healthy mind and body. Cleanse, release, eliminate, heal and rejuvenate.

In-depth information about the natural therapeutic benefits of natures energy - music, colors, food, water, your home and your body - and why the machines work.


Luxury SOQI Far Infrared Spa

SOQI Sauna Bed.

x3 Far Infrared Sauna Domes and x1 Chi Machine on a padded massage table, with one control panel, built in music speakers and MP3 player.

Sale: US$4,890.00
(reg. price US$5,000.00)

The SOQI Bed is only available in the USA.

The SOQI Bed - includes a built in MP3 player which is adjustable on the all in one control unit, located to the left of your head as seen in the photo above. The music and the Chi Machine puts you into a meditative alpha state thus releasing stress, whilst the Far Infrared domes radiate serious healing energy and promote deep relaxation.  

The Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna.

                        Bed open

For Home Use or Health Care Professionals.

Open your own SOQI Health Spa and make a difference by helping individuals and family in your community. We already have SOQI centers, located in QLD, NSW and VIC and Hobart, Tasmania.

The machines may be purchased individually.


Local Support, Clinical Trials and Personal Experiences:



Outstanding Australian athletes that have supported and used the Chi Machine: World boxing champions, Kosta Tszyu and Solomon Haumono, plus Queensland's Cairns Taipans basketball league team.

Medical associations that use and support the Chi Machine: Sun Ancon Chi Machines are used in St. Vincent's Lymphoedema Centre in NSW, the MS Society, the Diabetes Association, and The Aged Care Associations, to name a few.

Professor Piller
Flinders University - Lympoedema Clinical Trials.

Australian Clinical Trial Results
Secondary Lymphedema and Venous Oedema.

Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema
Explanation and experiences.

Personal Experiences pdf


Special sections on Cancer and Feng Shui


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