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Chi Machine,

Back Support, Relaxation and Spine Health.

The Chi Machine SDM-888 promotes multiple health benefits including important back support and spinal relaxation by moving the body from side to side like a fish swimming using a very specific oscillation at a deliberate one-set speed, with repetitive, non-jarring, steady motion.

This gentle motion also promotes oxygenation and lymphatic detoxification, mental focus, improved circulation and digestion, energy increase, temporary muscle pain relief, weight control support, respiration support, sounder sleep, meditation, relief from emotional stress and needed relaxation.

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chi machine

Chi Machine Model SDM-888
built to last 20-25yrs.

Time to get your body moving!

This is the Original Chi Machine exclusively distributed by HTE, as designed by Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue in 1990. The motion energy creates oxygenation and vital detoxification to sustain a healthy mind and body.

Get your body moving on a consistent daily basis regardless of the weather outside.
Enjoy the health benefits of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine within the comfort of home - we can all spare 5-10 minutes daily time-out, no excuses!

The original Chi Machine stimulates personal CHI, the life force energy present within all living things and is felt as a wave of energy from head to toe when the machine stops. Effects from the Chi Machine can be seen in these photographs of the Human Aura.


One set speed:

The Original Chi Machine's one set specific speed and resulting motion, creates a figure of eight from feet to head. Any other speed, faster or slower, will throw off the figure of eight and create imbalance.

Height, age and weight have nothing to do with the actual speed which Dr. Inoue chose to be 140-145 oscillations per minute (as is outlined in his book), in harmony with general heart rate,
blood pressure and spinal alignment.
Goldfish figure of eight.

One set speed for
maximum health benefits


The Chi Machine Creator,
Dr. Inoue:

The Original Chi Machine is the result of tremendous hard work and wisdom, with over 38 years of research by Dr. Inoue - creator, visionary and Japanese scientist.

The idea behind this unique 'aerobic exerciser' was created by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, born in 1922, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association, Director of Japan Health Association. He spent 38 years researching the relationship between oxygen levels in the body and the quality of human health.


He was inspired watching goldfish swimming, noting how remarkably healthy and well toned fish are, he concluded the steady undulation of the spine causes the fish's whole body to be exercised.

Dr. Inoue shared his concept with Japanese engineers at Skylite Corporation and together they designed the famous Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

HTE Logo

HTE Chi Machine Logo.

Exclusive rights were given to HTE to distribute the Sun Harmony Chi Machine worldwide, now known as the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

This health product promotes passive aerobic exercise based on medical and physiological sciences. It has multiple patents worldwide including Japan,
Great Britain, Australia and Germany.

The Chi Machine received the Silver Eagle award at the Second Asia Pacific Direct Selling congress in 1993 and is registered twice over as a medical appliance by Japan's Medical Affairs Bureau (1993: 02B, Serial No. 1539), also in Australia (2001: L 81810 and Canada (2004: 28813 and 66598).

                            machine girl

F D A Class 1 Regulated Medical Device.
Not sold on Amazon.

Unlike many types of exercise equipment, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine:

a) Is portable and easy to use, providing consistent, sustainable results without stress or injury.

b) The machine has gained international medical acclaim and awards, and has an excellent reputation for natural health and wellness with no risk of injury, no dependence on medication, and safe for all family members.

c) Many hospitals worldwide, highly rate it as an outstanding clinical, medical and health recovery appliance. Masseuses, therapists, ophthalmologists, nurses, doctors, surgeons, health therapists, and chiropractors testify to exciting natural results and benefits with no effort, no worry and no risk of injury involved.

Family doctors in China, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico are now often recommending the Chi Machine to patients.

Pan and Inoue.
Chi Machine creator Dr. Inoue from Japan
CEO Gordon Pan from HTE Taiwan.

Extracts from Dr. Inoue's book "Aerobic Respiration and Health":

"To maintain a healthy body, lead a happy life and to live long are the hopes of modern people with a high living standard. But, how can we achieve these hopes? Until now, there has not been a good definitive method.

Recently, one of the most popular topics in the New Living Medicine arena is how to provide supplemental oxygen. Methods such as aerobic exercise, yoga, jogging, swimming, controlled breathing, etc. However, these exercises alone cannot prevent nor cure diseases."

"This is the foundation of the Oxygen Health Theory, and also the result of my over forty years of study on health medicine ... The oxygen efficient aerobic exercise mentioned in this book is very simple. Use the minimum amount of effort and achieve the maximum result of having exercised, which will improve the basic characteristic of the body.

Oxygen efficient aerobic exercise can add flexibility to our lives, increase energy, and improve our attitude. It can also elevate the awareness of our physical and spiritual beings. Oxygen efficient aerobic exercise can be done any time, any place by anyone, and the result is significant."

"One time, I was on a train station platform, I saw a old gentleman fall to the ground. At the time, his face was pale, his breathing was weak and interrupted, in other words, he was at the brink of death. Immediately, I performed the oxygen efficient aerobic exercise (lifting and moving his feet left and right repetitively) on him for about twenty to thirty minutes.

The result was that he blew out a big breath. His face was turning red, and I was certain then that he came back to life. A moment later, he thanked me profusely with tears in his eyes. I had two experiences like this. In both incidents, they all came back to life in a very short time."- Dr. Inoue.


Aikido Goldfish Exercise,
Nishi Health System created in 1927.

Seigo Nishi created a motion which he incorporated into the Martial Art Aikido, known as the goldfish exercise, which moves the pelvis from side to side and thus beneficially stimulates body systems which cannot receive the same health benefits standing, walking or sitting erect.

Dr. Inoue was apparently familiar with Nishi's health system and there is no doubt the Aikido "goldfish exercise" played a role in the creation of the Chi Machine which moves the body in the very same manner but with no effort exerted on the part of the user.

goldfish position

Goldfish Postion - Lie down, relax
and let the machine do the rest.

Click image to view video
of Chi Machine in action ...

video-Chi machine

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Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Questions and Answers:

Can I lie on the floor in my own home or office and use It?
Of course you can. All it takes is 4-6 minutes once or twice daily, slowly working up to 15-20 minutes max per session. We recommend you lie on a carpet or yoga mat.

Can i use the machine on my bed as it's difficult to get down on the floor?
Yes you may use it on the bed if the mattress is firm. You may place a wooden cutting board under the machine for stability.

Will my back and knees be ok?
Yes. The floor well supports the spine with no risk of injury as the body is lying flat, and no pressure applied as with erect methods of aerobic exercise. If there is any discomfort with the knees, simply place a cushion or pillow underneath them.

How will it help my back?
The gentle swaying of the machine supports alignment of the spine and correction of posture. The motion stimulates, balances, calms and relaxes the autonomic nervous system housed within the spine.

Do I have to remove my clothes?
Absolutely not, there is no reason to do so. All you have to remove are your shoes. No 'aerobic exercise' clothing is needed. Loose clothing is more preferable to enable complete relaxation.

Happy seniors.

Excellent choice for seniors who need
physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Is the Sun Ancon Chi Machine safe for children and the elderly?
Absolutely. From 4-100 yrs. If bedridden, the Chi Machine can be set up on a firm mattress. The Chi Machine must be used lying flat, and NOT in a recliner.

Length of session for seniors or the frail should begin at just 1-2 minutes, and progress slowly to longer sessions, never exceeding 15-20 minutes max. If any discomfort ever occurs, simply reduce the time.

Kids only need 4-6 minutes to achieve relaxation, calm and mental focus. The machine is completely safe and sound. There are no side effects (as with drugs or invasive procedures), and no possible chance of harm.

Any risk of injury?
None. Because you are lying down flat there is no pressure or stress to your heart, spine, lungs or joints. Perfect for seniors or the frail or those who are unwell and lack mobility.

Can i use the machine it if i have a leg missing, or if i have artificial parts such as hip or knee replacement surgery?
You may not use the machine with only one leg as your body will not be balanced properly. However, there is no problem with artificial body parts or hip/knee replacement.


How does the Sun Ancon Chi Machine benefit women post pregnancy?
1) Following normal pregnancy, any woman who has developed minor aches and pains, may temporarily relieve and relax muscle pain by using the Chi Machine for a few minutes everyday whilst her body returns to normal balance. The Chi Machine supports recovery.

2) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine's gentle motion energy of passive aerobic exercise is ideal for use within the comfort of home, without needing to leave the newborn.

I travel often. Can I take it with me?
Yes.The Chi Machine only weighs 15 lbs / 7 kg - portable with a handle - so take it with you. A strong, durable carry bag is available for travelers.


Wellness cannot be expected
without daily exercise.

Is it true i can lose weight?
Australian clinical trials showed unexpected documented evidence that if used on a consistent daily basis ordinary weight loss occurred.

Countless users have mentioned weight loss as an unexpected side benefit, even though the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has NEVER been promoted for weight loss, or invented by Dr. Inoue with this specific intention.

Does the Chi Machine burn calories?
There is no scientific evidence or data to answer this.

I'm an athlete, my girlfriend is a dancer, how will this benefit us?
This passive aerobic warm up for athletes provides mental focus from the temporary increase of oxygen. The Chi Machine, used prior to working out, loosens up and relaxes the body thus aiding in prevention of injury from tight, cold muscles and tendons.

The machine is also ideal for cool down after exercise and sports to disperse lactic acid and eliminate soreness.
Exercise and fitness
has never been so simple!

Detailed Instructions

Easy to use:
1) Simply lie down, set the timer for 4-6 minutes and the original Chi Machine will do the rest.

2) 1-2 minutes to begin, for the frail or the unwell - 4-6 minutes to begin with for everyone else.

3) 10-20 minutes maximum, per session - 1-3 times daily - before breakfast is best time of day.

4) Increase session time slowly, there is no need to hurry or to increase rapidly.


Healthy Back Support:

What is the role of the spine and why is adjustment necessary?
Doctors stress the importance of spinal traction and the adjustment of bones and muscles. This is because bones and muscles support and regulate the main and collateral spinal channels.

An improperly aligned spine leads to sore bones and problems in the main and collateral channels, as well as in the vital organs of the body. Thus, if the spine is out of proper alignment, it can cause such things as inflammation of the shoulder, spurs, nerve pain, stomach aches and joint pain.

Why does pain occur in the vital body organs? - Because nerves radiate from the spine to the vital body organs. The nervous system is the brain's communication system.

A crooked spine constricts the peripheral nervous system radiating from it. If that nerve happens to extend to the stomach, the stomach will be pathologically changed. Vital organs will ache. The most severe symptoms that can result from this is compression of the peripheral nerves.

Did you know that 80% of Chronic
Diseases are Linked to the Spine:


Anatomy illustration of spine related organs
and related health problems.

Adjustment by Traction:
When you are reclining, the spine does not have to support the weight of the body, so it assumes a natural state. By repeatedly swaying the spine, much like the motion of a fish, the spine relaxes and adjusts itself accordingly. Many masseuses hold the ankles and sway the body at the end of a massage.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is very popular with chiropractors who use it in a supportive role, for pre-adjustment relaxation, thereby making their office adjustments much easier to perform.

Back Pain:
The Chi Machine performs well with back pain, as well as shoulder and neck pain. Lower back pain inparticular is common for too many people, but feedback over the past 30 years has confirmed the Chi Machine promotes and delivers back relaxation and pain relief: Personal experiences


The Autonomic Nervous System.

The Autonomic Nervous System(ANS), is housed within the spine and an essential part of the body, controlling most of your involuntary and intuitive everyday body functions.

It is composed of two branches, the Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic. These two branches are enclosed within the spinal cord and extend to the lungs, heart, blood vessels, the eyes, stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys, bladder, sex organs and sweat, salivary and digestive glands. When any of these nerves malfunction, when one system becomes more active, the body begins to act up and respond accordingly.

When these systems are working properly, the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves trade off as needed. In times of stress or when extra activation is needed, the Sympathetic system steps in. Once the crisis is averted, the body settles down under the gentle care of the Parasympathetic System.

The Parasympathetic System is fueled by the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is created from tryptophan. Serotonin also makes melatonin which enables us to sleep better.

1) The Sympathetic Nervous System sends signals to multiple different body organs, stimulating the body for 'fight or flight'.

2) The Parasympathetic Nervous System inhibits and keeps activity calm, in a state of 'rest, relaxation and regeneration'.

Sympathetic is yellow (middle spine).
Parasympathetic is blue (upper and lower spine).

Autonomic Nervous System.
The Autonomic Nervous System is stimulated and fine tuned by gentle motion of the body such as swaying or rocking.

Upset to the Autonomic Nervous System may cause:

- Anxiety - Dizziness when standing.
- Heart palpitations - Raised blood pressure.

- Abdominal cramps - Constipation or Diarrhea - Urgent need to empty the bladder.

- Digestive problems - Nausea, Vomiting - Malnutrition.

- Sexual activity - Erectile dysfunction, Impotence - Vaginal dryness, Orgasm difficulty.

- Heat intolerance - Excessive sweating - Cold skin - Insomnia.

- Accelerated aging process in breast cancer patients (their Sympathetic System is consistently more strongly activated).


Important organs and glands
 linked to the ANS.

Prolonged stress or conflict, shock, trauma, cancer diagnosis etc will throw the ANS out of balance and into the fearful energy of the Sympathetic (sympathicotonia), over-riding the healing, resting Parasympathetic (vagotonia).

Fear and stress create cortisol which increases weigh gain and a host of very unpleasant physical chain reactions and disease.

Common reasons for excessive ANS activity are ongoing fears and stress, prescription medications, cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, or medical conditions such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease.


Unlike humans, animals instinctively
understand how to stay healthy.

FYI Animals:
Have you ever observed mammals - dogs, cats, cows, horses,  lions etc - rolling on their spine using a snake like motion? Animals intuitively attune themselves to nature and know how to look after themselves, seeking out stretching, exercise, sunshine, water, food and sleep as needed, never in excess.


The foundation of health
movement and water.

1) Movement of the body promotes health and wellness on multiple levels, including elimination so the body does not stagnate and poison itself. A sedentary lifestyle promotes shallow breathing and stress, coupled with an acidic diet, environmental pollution ... all contribute to an unhealthy future of pain and illness.

2) Water
is 75% of the body and without it the body cannot operate optimally. Dehydration creates decay and stagnation, wrinkled skin and facial lines develop, weight gain occurs, body systems cannot function correctly thereby creating a host of minor to major diseases.

Most people live in a state of dehydration, which commonly results in headaches, constipation, pain and toxicity. Accumulation of toxicity must be avoided at all costs to remain healthy.

If your body lacks sufficient physical movement and water, it is inevitable your body will begin to malfunction and 'break down' due to acidic toxicity and resulting waste accumulation. Get your body moving and stay hydrated!


More Chi Machine Benefits
Benefits for all ages, fast facts, Australian clinical trials, the Lymphatic System, the importance of oxygenation and detoxification.

Personal Questions:

1) How much do you already continuously spend on addictive drugs, doctors visits, invasive procedures, chiropractors, etc?

2) How much do you already continuously spend on cosmetics, clothes, gym membership fees and diet products?

3) Is the weather outside not conducive for exercise? Are you confined indoors? Do you hate exercising?

4) Are you short on time? Are you stressed frequently?

When would NOW be a great day to choose a natural healthy lifestyle, and to reduce or stop all the needless expense?

Beauty and long-term health comes from regular exercise, water, sunshine for Vitamin D and far infrared, positive emotions, quality sleep and a healthy diet.

Invest in your health wisely.
Illness is expensive.

Sun Ancon
Original Chi Machine:

20-25yrs life expectancy use.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

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10.5" x 13.5" x 8.25"
Weight: 15.5lb / 7kg
Voltage: 110v or 220v
2yr Warranty.

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