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The Chi Machine and Back Pain.
Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain - Testimonials.

Pain in the back, shoulders and neck is a common occurrence that nearly everyone experiences sooner or later in life. In today's crazy, stress filled world, it's really no surprise - emphasis on STRESS, which causes the muscles to tighten up, creating pain, injury and immobility. Removing stress and tension from the mind and body is a super important key to health and wellness.
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Passive aerobic exercise with The Original Chi Machine provides temporary muscle pain relief and whole body relaxation. No risk of injury, safe and easy to use.
Consider today's lifestyle ...
Daily stress really takes a toll on the body - shoulders hunched over on the computer or the cell phone for hours, mental and emotional relationship and financial pressures, many of us commuting long distances or being stuck in maddening traffic.
Our jobs alone take a daily toll on every level, coupled with unemployment and job insecurity as of 2020/21.

Seniors that slow down are vulnerable to stiffness and an accident in old age can be harmful to fatal. Even athletic and active people suffer and risk injury, especially if not properly warmed up. Sports, outdoor activities, and work, unless completely passive, create sore, tense, tight muscles.

Unforeseen incidents happen, and operations are sometimes needed that leave the body further compromised.
For all of us regardless, there is the regular wear and tear of life, and aging challenges are inevitable.

Lack of daily aerobic exercise and stretching, a processed diet with excessive sugar, weight gain, dehydration, poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, frequent negative emotions and lack of sleep, don't exactly enhance the strength and health of the back, neck or shoulders, let alone the body overall.


FYI: Have you noticed how dogs and cats stretch throughout the day - It keeps them flexible and relaxed. Yoga, stretching or massage are great choices for mind/body balance, fitness, flexibility and healthy back support.

Natural back pain relief:
There are many natural options for back pain relief that include Tai Chi (practiced daily across Asia), acupuncture, yoga, The Alexander Technique, aquatic therapy, meditation, strength training, Pilates, and Comfrey Root ointment (no more than 5 days straight). Chiropractors are an option but not for everyone.

A safe alternative option:
In the comfort of your home, or office - regardless of your age, or occupation, or even the time of day - is to lie down, relax, and use the Chi Machine for back pain relief. No pressure, no stress, no chance of injury.

All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes for mild to moderate pain. Use it on a daily basis and experience accumulative benefits.
Enjoy relief from the life situations mentioned above, without adding any undue additional stress to the body, but instead relieving it.

The Chi Machine will not correct back problems (such as scoliosis), but will benefit by providing support with stretch/relax action on the spinal muscles to help stabilize and temporarily relieve muscle pain.

Depending on pain severity, it is recommended to begin at 2 minutes per session and increase slowly in 2 minute increments. If any discomfort, simply decrease the time.

Perfect for everyone:

For all ages, all body types - seniors, teens, kids, parents, office workers, construction workers, athletes, people on their feet all day, those who are home-bound, or those with long commutes etc.

Prescribed medication is superficial, causes accumulative toxicity, and is very expensive in the long run. The Chi Machine makes daily life far more enjoyable by relieving pain naturally and inducing a relaxed, calm and focused mental state at the same time.
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Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Passive Aerobic Exercise creates relaxation of the mind and the body. Daily exercise is critical to maintaining health and to ward off serious upsets both mentally and physically. Lockdowns proved just how much our body and mind crave and need movement and exercise.



International Experiences:
Chi Machine Benefits.

Voluntary anecdotal testimonials from people excited to share their journey. Results vary from person to person as no two people are identical.

Limited time.

"I work on the computer all day everyday, 5 days a week. My neck and shoulders suffer from my hours of poor posture. I started using The Chi Machine as i have no time to go the gym and i don't have a pool (i love swimming). My time is limited.

The machine not only gives me the benefits of aerobic exercise, it has corrected my posture, and given me temporary respite from the daily muscle pain. I use it every morning before breakfast for 10 mins and again at the end of the day for 15 mins before bedtime. It's very addictive!
- Trica Dickson, Southampton, UK, 2015.

Relaxation and calmness.

"I have had the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for nearly 12 months. Since using the aerobic exercise machine, my muscle pains are relieved. I recommend the machine if for nothing but the relaxation and calmness i feel during and after i use it." -
Lisa Leishman, Pelican Waters, Australia, 2007

Health, energy and well-being.
"I bought my Sun Ancon Chi Machine last year. Since then, I no longer have the same shoulder or neck muscle soreness. It has supported my entire health, energy and well-being. I use it every morning, which give me lots of energy for the day, and a few minutes at night send me into a very deep restful sound sleep." - Frances Dwyer, Natural Health Therapist, England.

Professional opinion.
"Having worked with the Chi Machine for only six months, I have found a modality unlike anything I have come across. Whereas the use of passive motion has been used by chiropractors for many years, the equipment has been cost-prohibitive for home use on a frequent basis.

The Chi Machine is affordable for daily home use and has tremendous benefits for diverse cases. The speed and fluidity of aerobic motion overrides the pain mechanism, while at the same time increasing oxygen and mobilizing the tissues of the entire body." - Dr. Adam Schwartz, Chiropractor in CA and AZ, USA.

Improved 100%.
"I have suffered for the past 15 years from a back problem. The problem has improved 100% due to the twice daily use of the Chi Machine massager." - John and Catherine Poole - Sydney, Australia.

My physical health and flexibility feels 25 years younger.
"In March 1995 I got a part-time job after being out of the work force for 15 years. I was working in an after school care program for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Often I would spend 12 hours a day in bed and then get up feeling exhausted. Many times I needed much rest before I went to work. In March 1998 I reduced that time to one day per week because I was physically not coping with the work.

In April 1998 I was introduced to the Sun Ancon Chi Machine at an expo. Although I only "wobbled" for 3 minutes the effect was incredible. During the next few weeks ... I realised that my pain was relieved and that my back was warm. For the previous 17 years I had showered with only hot water to warm my back in the morning and now I had to use the cold water as well.

In August 2001, just over three years later - I was now using my Chi Machine for 10 minutes twice a day - I spent 18 out of 22 hours in a plane en route to Las Vegas. This was my 2nd round the world trip in less than 2 years.

Since I started using the Chi Machine my physical health and flexibility felt 25 years younger. Furthermore, I felt my creativity and energy increased. Wherever I travel I always put the Chi Machine in my car, or if I am flying, i take it as hand luggage." - Betty Medley 59yrs, Australia.

Sun Ancon Chi
                      Machine.Model SDM-888
The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Popular with chiropractors for relaxation.

Full arm movement restored.
"In early 1998 I was the sole proprietor/operator of a hairdressing salon. As a result of my passion for gardening and some fairly heavy-duty work in that regard, I developed shoulder stiffness. I was unable to raise my left arm much above shoulder height, making it extremely difficult for me to conduct my business.

I was able to use a friend's Sun Ancon Chi Machine, and subsequently purchased my own. Even after the first couple of sessions the pain had relieved, and in a very short time I had full arm/shoulder movement." - Wayne Hoare, Hairdresser, QLD, Australia.

Immediate relief.
"I am usually very skeptical about the number and variety of so called "Exercise Machines" that daily assault our eyes and ears. My first impression on hearing of the massager and being asked to try it for a mere 5 minutes was, "So what, but yes I will give it a go." I didn't realize that all was about to change.

To my dismay, and after only one use of the machine, I gained immediate temporary relief. I had obtained freedom of movement in my neck. Something I had not had in awhile. I now own and use my own Sun Ancon Chi Machine." - Trevor Stehr, USA.

Maintaining my own health.
"I have had my Sun Ancon Chi Machine for 3 weeks. My back muscles have definitely loosened up and I am more flexible. I am both walking and sleeping better. I enjoy maintaining my own health." - Sam - Sussex, UK.

Keeps my back loose.
"Now that I have The Chi Machine I use it every day for 15-20 minutes. It keeps my back loose and makes it easier to get around and play golf." - Pete C, USA.

I feel 10 years younger, and look better too.
"After 5 minutes on the Sun Ancon machine, I could feel the tension in my neck easing. With use, the muscles in my neck relaxed and my shoulders returned to their correct position. My hip muscles even relaxed, thereby allowing me to bend side ways again. My flexibility returned, my skin improved and as a bonus I lost 6 kg in 6-8 weeks. I feel years younger, and look better too." - Lorna Turnball, Australia.

"A friend visited my wife and me on the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary celebration and inquired about my back health. He then told us about a new machine he called an "aerobic exerciser," (the Sun Ancon Chi Machine), which provided temporary relief of muscle pain. We purchased this interesting machine and after only two months of use i am delighted with my health improvement." - Thomas A. Burgess, USA.

Supple again.
"As an ex-dancer at the age of 51, my body's beginning to stiffen up a bit. The first thing I noticed about The Chi Machine was that my back, neck and shoulders have become supple again. Now, as a busy primary school teacher, a job that requires a lot of energy. I wouldn't be without 15 minutes on my machine every morning." - Mrs S.C. 51yrs, Kent, UK.

back pain - shoulder pain

Relief from muscle pain,
soreness, stiffness and fatigue.

I have never felt better.
"I have been using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine regularly for the last twelve months and the first thing I noticed was a significant increase in my energy levels. Since I have been using the machine I seldom feel any discomfort or pain or stiffness and I feel much more confident in my physical abilities. On the rare occasion I do feel some discomfort as a result of over work or incorrect posture, I just get on my machine and the discomfort is relieved.

At first I used the machine twice a day for five minutes and gradually increased to ten minutes twice a day. However, now I am on a maintenance plan of once a day for ten to fifteen minutes. I have never felt better, I particularly enjoy the relaxation during the session as well as afterwards." - Carol Stadelmann, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. VIC, Australia.

Avid golfer.
"I had a terrible snowmobile accident on February 3, 1995. You couldn't imagine the pain and it has taken me a long time to heal. My back has been sore every day since and I still experience aches and pains each day depending on what kind of activities I'm involved in.

What is quite amazing to me is that I began using The Chi Machine just two weeks ago and the muscle pains are totally relieved. I'm an avid golfer. I try to get on the course as often as I can, although I must take a cart. I'm still in a lot of pain after a game, but I put up with it since I love the game. Several days ago I was feeling so well that I played 18 holes and carried my clubs.

In addition I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get some real sleep. This past few weeks have been the first time since the accident that I've finally slept all the way through the night." - Martin Riendl, USA.

Senior relief.
"I'm 88 years old. The Chi Machine has helped my old body. The muscle stiffness is relieved from my neck and my back. When i am tired from standing on my feet, i use the machine for 15 minutes and the muscle pain is temporarily relieved." - Francine Baker, 88yrs old, USA.

"A long time ago, I was ten when I was hit by a car. With daily use of the Chi Machine passive aerobic exerciser for temporary relief of muscle pain, wherever I go, there are compliments on how well I look, and my general health is maintained." - Marcia Pierce, Australia.

Wonderful posture.
"I am a natural therapist in a small country town and I have owned my Chi Machine for about three years. I look forward to using my machine first thing in the morning before work, and the last thing at night before I retire. More importantly, I share my machine with my clients at work where they use the machine before I do massage therapy. Some clients are so impressed with the machine they are soon buying one for themselves.

My story is that I used to have aches and pains from running around raising children and bad posture, etc. Now for the first time in my life I have a flat stomach (i eat a healthy diet), wonderful posture, no more aches and pains, and a successful business. I know that I have achieved all these benefits from personally using the Sun Ancon aerobic exerciser consistently, and having the machine available to clients through my natural therapy business. " - Jan Keogh, Natural Therapist, QLD, Australia.

Needs met.
"In my 30 year search for holistic alternatives I have been so patronized, compromised, disappointed and wasted so much time and money on worthless products and services that I have become an ultimate skeptic. I now research everything to the deepest level. I jumped on with both feet and ordered both the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Dome Hothouse in February of 1998.

Over a few weeks of using the aerobic exerciser and the Far Infrared Dome, i found they indeed supported my bodies needs for my hectic lifestyle, and promoted flexibility." - Carol Gail Gaylor - Lake Powell Jeep Tours, USA.

Doing great.
"My 93yr old mother has regular wear and tear. Since she started using the SOQI Bed (x3 Far Infrared Domes and the original Chi Machine), she is doing great. " - Jean Welles, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Multiple benefits.

Chi Machine and
                      FIR Hothouse.

 Far Infrared Dome
Gentle far infrared heat for serious healing.


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