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SOQI Bed Health Spa.
The Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna.

The SOQI Bed:
Designed and created by Japanese scientists, a luxury Far Infrared health spa, a 'dry sauna', known as the SOQI Bed, used extensively across North America, Mexico and Asia.

From exclusive spas to hospital clinics and homes, the rich and famous, athletes, executives, housewives, families, seniors, the disabled, or people in dire health ... a beloved healing tool for all ages and stages of life.

The SOQI Bed with it's advanced Japanese technology is an outstanding alternative solution, for every individual or family that seek to seriously heal, improve or sustain health, physically and mentally.

Serious Health and Wellness,
For Home or Business.


Simply The Best!

July Sale: $5,190.00
With Membership ($29.95), 30% off Shipping
plus Free Grande Far Infrared Heat Pad.

For the absolute ultimate in Far Infrared heat therapy, the SOQI Bed is a powerful, natural, holistic healing spa consisting of three Far Infrared
Domes and one Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Sitting on a specially designed massage table bed, with a remote control panel, storage, built-in speakers and an MP3 player so as to include soothing music therapy - falling asleep is optional.

SOQI Bed Health Spa,
Intense Natural Healing.

                        Bed Spa

Installment Plan
x5 Payments - No interest.

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East meets West:
is a renowned International company - known for their cutting edge, revolutionary, advanced, alternative, natural healing products - has harnessed the medical and ancient scientific knowledge of Asia, combined with modern day technology and scientific research.

Healing and wellness is generated by Far Infrared heat energy via the unique Far Infrared Dome, coupled with passive aerobic exercise motion energy via the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Health Benefits:
The Chi Machine is the foundation of daily health - oxygenation, lymphatic detoxification and drainage, spinal alignment, improved circulation, pain and stress relief, mental focus - whilst the Far Infrared Dome is an excellent choice for those with serious healing requirements - pain and inflammation reduction, respiratory wellness, circulation promotion, advanced detoxification, and accelerated healing.

Both machines maintain health and wellness with multiple side benefits including improved digestion and elimination, weight loss assistance, sounder sleep and relaxation.

dome far infrared

- Far Infrared Domes may be bought individually.
- For home use, or health care practitioners.
- A business tax write-off for professionals.

Order - Specifications


For use in the comfort of home, or
any health and wellness practice.

Non-toxic, affordable, natural health care:
Thousands of people just like you, are searching for safe, easy to use, painless, convenient, alternative, natural healing therapies without becoming dependent on toxic drug band-aids, unaffordable health care, or health club memberships. Most importantly, people are seeking to have something that really works.

Bed can be set up within the comfort of your home, or within any health or healing business practice.
Who is it for? All of us.
No matter if you are in perfect health or otherwise, the Grande SOQI Bed is for everyone, from all walks of life and settings. From housewives and business men to fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, children and teens, the physically challenged, the sick, and the elderly.

There are no side effects involved, no pain, no needles, no invasive procedures and no medication. Simple, natural, safe, non-toxic, natural healing energies, for health, fitness and daily wellness.

Click on image for
SOQI Bed demonstration.

                    Bed Luxury

Clothing is optional, Far Infrared is a dry heat - Used close to the body for optimal penetration, healing and health benefits.

1) Family - Set up a room or space in your home for your entire family to relax, re-charge, maintain health, or heal as needed. Stressed, tired, in pain, no energy, can't sleep, lacking mental focus, health challenges? This is a powerful, easy to use, long-term investment, sustainable solution.

2) Create your own Home Business with the SOQI Bed Spa, for your friends and community - Be your own boss!

3) Massage Centers, Beauty Spas
- The relaxing Chi Machine promotes oxygenation, gently massages the body, stimulates circulation, and temporarily relieves muscle pain. Far Infrared heat promotes healthy skin whilst it maintains and promotes health and well-being at cellular level. Both machines promote detoxification and relaxation.

4) Fitness Centers, Health Clubs, Sports Teams - Warm up and cool down. The Chi Machine loosens up the body, breaks down lactic acid, and promotes mentally clarity and focus. Far Infrared heat is ideal for sports injuries and serious pain relief.


SOQI Luxury home spa for 
serious health and wellness.


Integrate the SOQI Bed into your existing health business, or create your own exclusive SOQI spa in your local town or city. SOQI Spa health centers can be found across Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the USA.

6) Corporate World
- Many corporations worldwide acknowledge the importance of employee health. Set up a SOQI Spa room for lunch breaks. Healthy, focused, unstressed employees generate productivity and less sick leave.

Health Care Professionals, hospitals and clinics everywhere - Far Infrared heat regenerates tissue growth, rapidly removes pain, swelling and inflammation, promotes healthy breathing, detoxifies the cells, and accelerates recovery.

SOQI spa ceramic heaters

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Two Energies Combined:

By using one, two or three Far Infrared Domes, you create a channel of healing far infrared ray thermal energy from your feet to your neck for 15 to 60 minutes per session or longer if desired.

This ceramic heater for the body, emits pure Far Infrared Ray from the entire 160 degree, silicone crystal chip inner surface of each dome, at 8-10 microns, the most beneficial healing wavelength for humans and animals.

Use the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine at the same time for the motion energy of passive aerobic exercise. The Chi Machine oscillates at a very precise x144 per minute thus creating a perfect figure of eight, aligned with normal body functions as designed and intended by the inventor, Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue.

SOQi Bed Intense

Intense SOQI Bed Healing
with x5 FIR Domes & x1 Chi Machine.

Far Infrared Thermal
Energy and Motion Energy.


Everything in creation is movement.

Movement is energy which has a sound, a color, a vibration and frequency.

Movement of the body is critical to promote oxygen and elimination of toxins. Prolific acidic energy within the human body becomes toxic and stagnant if not eliminated which causes the body to malfunction resulting in pain and illness.

1) Imagine a pool of still, stagnant water - You cannot drink it and no healthy life form exists within it. Your body is around 75% water. The SOQI Bed machines promote and maintain a healthy state of non-stagnation.

2) Acupuncture is simply the use of needles to stimulate meridians - energy highways - within your body which have trapped, blocked energy and thereby release it.

By using the SOQI Bed and the Sun Ancon Chi Machine together, far infrared heat and passive aerobic exercise work together to keep energy unblocked and healthy in the meridians, auras, chakras.

bed outdoors

Natural healing as nature intended.

Create the perfect healing environment:

1) Music alters the vibrational frequency of your body by stimulating your emotional energy and thereby the ability to calm, uplift and inspire. The SOQI Spa Bed's built-in MP3 player means you can listen to your choice of therapeutic music thru the two small speakers on either side of the head.

FYI: You may use head phones - simply unplug the speakers, attach an adapter and plug in your head set.

2) Energy has different colors, each having their own vibrational frequency - pink is soothing, green and blue is healing. Wall color, fabrics and accents can be used to set the tone in the room of a SOQI Spa Bed.

3) Feng Shui is the ancient Asian natural earth science of aligning and balancing the energy within your home or business. If your home or a particular room feels uncomfortable, you may need to rearrange, discard or change the colors and objects in it otherwise the misaligned energy can create physical and emotional upset.

Creating a healing spa area in your home or business will generate flowing, relaxing energy.


Invest In your health.
Keep your loved ones well.

Luxury SOQI
                        Spa Bed

Luxury healthcare
at an affordable price.

Rejuvenate, relax, recharge, refresh:

Stimulate, balance, align and replenish your bodies natural CHI energy and vibrational frequency with the SOQI Bed and thereby release and prevent energy from becoming stagnant and toxic.

If you have any ongoing health challenges, use the SOQI Bed to stimulate and accelerate natural healing, along with an overhaul of your diet, your environment, and even your relationships if needed, all of which have the ability to create acidic toxic energy thereby affecting your mental, emotional and physical state.

Consistent use of the SOQI Bed results in multiple health and healing benefits which obviously vary from person to person depending on the individuals particular health challenges, lifestyle and environment. And by the way, you may keep your clothes on as far infrared heat is dry, not wet as found in traditional saunas.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy - In-depth history and properties of Far Infrared heat.

Research from Japan - Facts and data.


A Far Infrared Sauna unlike any other.
Unique, advanced Japanese technology.
Built in speakers and music player.

SOQI Bed Music

The SOQI Bed accommodates
all sizes and ages, from 5 to 100yrs.

SOQI Bed Instructions:

1) Sit down on the SOQI Bed, put your feet on top of the Chi Machine ankle rest, close each Far Infrared unit - begin with the unit to cover your legs, then the unit which covers your lower chest, then the unit that covers your upper chest - or you can slide yourself in.

2) Before lying down, set the single panel control to the length of time you desire for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Dome.

3) Choose and set the music you wish to listen to (built in MP3 player, or Bluetooth is available by request).

4) Lay back on the massage table, close your eyes and relax.

Relax, de-stress, heal and rejuvenate. Calm and heal the body naturally, with no risk of injury.

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inside bed

Inside view of three domes.

1) You may use the SOQI Dome for 30 minutes initially, to one hour straight, for general health and wellness. Be sure to drink plenty of water after use to flush out toxins.

2) The sauna dome may be used for longer than one hour at your discretion, depending on your health status and the ability of the body to eliminate toxins. Some bodies need to detox and strengthen at a slower pace.

3) As with any heated environment, make sure your skin is moisturized if normally dry.

4) If any rashes or excess redness occurs, stop for a few days, or reduce the length of session.

5) The company does not recommend using the dome over the head, but if so desired, simply place a wash cloth or sleep mask over your eyes - 5 to 15 minute session is preferable length of time.

6) People with metal rods, pins and plates, or breast implants, may use the SOQI Bed without concern of any negative effects. Unlike traditional saunas which heat up the body, Far Infrared will not heat or effect any internal metal hardware or implants.

7) People with open wounds and sores are advised to use Far Infrared dome at their own discretion unless wounds intentionally need to be closed.

8) Warning - You may fall asleep, ENJOY!


SO means Solar (Far Infrared).
means Life Force Energy.

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SOQI Bed Spa.
Stripped down ...

Luxury massage table with built in speakers, single control panel and four machines. Over 10 years of developmental research. Combined Far Infrared Thermal Energy and Motion Energy for natural healing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Order SOQI Bed:
For Home or Business.


July Sale: $5,190.00
List Price: $5,600.00

With Membership, 30% off Shipping
plus Free Grande FIR Heat Pad.

- High quality massage table.
- x3 Far Infrared Domes (ceramic heaters).
- x1 Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
- One remote control panel.

- Built in MP3 player - pre-loaded music USB flash drive - allows different formats such as mp3, wma and wav.

- Face cradle.
- Specially designed hinge and rail.
- Dome insulation curtains.
- Bed Skirt.
- x3 risers, x2 arm rests.
- Storage rack.
- Horizontal handles for easy maneuver.
- Storage for any needs.


Dimensions: L87" x W43" x H24"
Height is 41" including Domes.

(Table height is not adjustable)

Bed Weight: approx. 85 kg (184 lbs)
Voltage: AC 100V-120V - 50-60 Hz
Consumption: approx. 1000 Watts

SOQI Bed Deluxe

Photo shows x2 additional FIR Domes - not included with SOQI Bed, buy separately.

Bluetooth is available by request
for $300.00 more.



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Installment Plan
x5 monthly payments - No Interest.
Tax write-off for professionals.

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SOQI Bed - Mainland USA only.

5-10 business days from HTE 
head office,
Los Angeles, CA.

Buy the machines Individually:

                      Hothouse Dome

SOQI Far Infrared Dome

Far Infrared Heat Energy Benefits Include:

Improved circulation, rapid relief from pain, swelling and inflammation, toxin elimination, accelerated healing, respiration support,
relaxation, and much more. A serious healing choice.

Sun Ancon Chi

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Motion Energy Benefits Include:

Passive aerobic respiration, internal massage, lymphatic drainage, temporary muscle pain relief, healthy back support, mental focus, improved circulation, stress relief and relaxation.

Use in the comfort of home regardless of the weather or time constraints - simple, effective, 5-10 minutes that can change your whole day. 


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