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                    You May Be Toxic

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10 Symptoms You May Be Toxic.
The culprits, and how to detox.

Waking up everyday not feeling well but sluggish even exhausted, bloated or constipated, hating your expanding spare tire around your waistline, experiencing constant headaches ... your body is talking to you but you are not listening!

What is the most important thing you can do for your body, mind and soul right now, today?
One word, detoxification - both physically and mentally.



Not So Obvious Symptoms:

Toxicity is a slow, silent killer. It causes the human body to work sub-optimally over time and contributes to slow killing of our cells, autoimmune diseases, and eventually a slow and agonizing death. Here are some signs that may indicate your body is toxic:

1) Sweat (constantly) - The skin's porous attribute signifies its importance as the body's first line of detoxification. It's similar to air conditioning. Sweat is meant to remove heat from the core and cool of the skin. This is normal during activity of increased heart rate. But at normal heart rate, when the body is toxic, the body will use sweat to remove toxins. Sweating without aerobic activity may be a sign of toxicity.

2) Tongue - The tongue is one of the few visible muscles of the body. Upon awakening, check the tongue. Signs of the body's state of toxicity may show. A white film or white spotiness may mean that the liver is overworked and trying to process too much.

3) Iris Color - Eyes are not only windows to the soul, they can also tell you what is happening in your body. Iridology is the naturopathic study of the iris and though there are many different indicators of toxicity, iris color is the most evident and easy to diagnose. if there is an orange or a yellow hue to your eye color, it may signal that non-organic material must be removed from the body.

4) Fatigue - Fatigue can be a sign that many bodily processes are out of balance and energy transfer has been interrupted or is inefficient. Over compensation of certain processes like cleansing of the blood by the liver, or fighting infection, may hinder the efficient absorption/transfer of nutrients leading to what we experience as fatigue.

5) Irregularity - If major waste removal isn't occurring at least once a day on a regular schedule, the substances are somewhere in the body and over time will contribute to toxicity. Balanced and quality nutrition, hydration, sleep and detoxing will help regulate this. If elimination is occurring too often, the stomach may have decreased probiotics due to toxicity.

6) Skin Eruptions - Being an organ, the skin's quality is directly correlated to hydration, health, and elasticity of the cells. If the body is toxic, it will be reflected in the quality of the skin.

a) Acne (especially post puberty) may be the manifestation of hormone imbalance (due to toxicity) and body trying to remove non-organic elements.

b) Eczema - Liver and kidneys are overworked, gut is unhealthy, lymphatic system  (see Dr. Samuel West) is clogged, hormones are imbalanced, emotions are unreleased.

7) Spare Tire - The liver is not only the major detoxification organ, but it also burns fat. When the liver is overworked, it is not able to do its job well enough, thus it will deposit fat and continue to do its most important function of detoxifying the bloodstream. Continue to overwork it, and it will falter and eventually fail.

Burning fat is the liver's secondary function, so your spare tire is a good visual representation of the liver's handicapped state.

8) Inflammation - Swelling is the body's way of fighting off injury. Bang a knee, cut yourself or break a bone and the body will inflame and surround the area with its arsenal of healing weapons. If joints are constantly inflamed, it may mean that your body is weakened by toxicity and is struggling to fight off the infestation of non-bodily matter.

9) Constant Bloating - Water retention and cell swelling may mean that there are substances being absorbed that don't agree with the body. This may be due to an allergic reaction or over consumption of toxic substances like salt or gluten.

10) Headaches - Constant unexplained headaches can be signs that the  body has toxins that are affecting the brain and causing swelling. Headaches can be a symptom of toxicity and other ailments. Try to detox to see if the pain will subside. Drink lots of water to hydrate which will help with detox.

Listen to your body, it speaks to you everyday!

Body Talk Summary:

- Sweating without activity.
- Whiteness of the tongue.
- Yellowing of the eyes.
- Constant fatigue.
- Constipation.
- Skin eruptions.
- A spare tire around your middle.
- Inflammation
- Constant bloating.
- Constant headaches.

Without detoxification of your cells, waste, chemicals and heavy metals
begin to accumulate and destroy them. The mind and body become sick and diseased, slowly, but surely.

Culprits of Destruction:

Listed below are common daily culprits. Remove as many as possible from your life.

Toxic Ingredients: 

Chemically poisoned food and beverages - Sugar, aspartame, corn syrup, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, tap water, fluoride, aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium.  

Toxic Environment:
Synthetic fabrics worn against the skin (polyester, nylon), dry cleaning. EMF's, wireless technology, SMART appliances, chemtrails, prescription drugs, street drugs, vaxxinations, antibiotics, pesticides, tap water. Living close to power lines, cell towers, or factory plants. 

The Mind:
Negative emotions, stress, negative media, stressful relationships, financial pressures.
Consequences of toxicity:

Did you know that most cancer patients suffer from prolonged constipation and liver damage BEFORE they are diagnosed? This is due to their bodies being so overly toxic, that the body can no longer function properly and eliminate the toxins.

Cancer is the bodies natural response to try and eliminate accumulation of acidic toxicity. If the body is too toxic, the cancer cells proliferate in a desperate attempt to correct the body. The tumors themselves then become a problem if the toxicity is too great.

FYI: At least one bowel movement a day is a priority!


Deadly Toxins Permeate Our Lives.
No-one Is Immune.

Poison - Mc Donalds, Milk, the Atkins Diet, Coke, Fluoride, and Whey (which is used as a filler in bread, cakes and diet supplements).

Killer Reality - EMF

1) Your cell phone and other wireless technology is silently destroying your brain as well as your body, and causes infertility and tumors. 5G resonates high above the natural frequency of all living things and will slowly destroy us and the world we live in.

2) Microwaves change the molecular structure of your food and your DNA. Throw it away!

3) Fluorescent lighting and swirly lightbulbs (which give off mercury vapours) affects chemicals in your brain.

Toxin Checklist - Extensive checklist of common everyday toxins to identify and remove from your home and your daily environment. Prevention is key.

Chemtrails and Vaccines - The air we breath is deliberately poisoned with chemicals. Live vaccinations spread disease, poison the body, and break down the immune system.

Drug Resistance - Antibiotics are failing against new bacteria and viruses because our bodies are so used to them.


Aspartame - What killed Heath Ledger? Heath was taking several medications plus aspartame, a deadly combination.

Aluminum Poisoning  - When was the last time you checked the contents of your toothpaste, shampoo or anti-antiperspirant? Aluminum poisoning is linked to both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Plastic Bottles - Heat and plastic are a horrible combination, releasing harmful chemicals into the contents. Do NOT keep water bottles in car. Do NOT microwave food in plastic containers. Do NOT cook with plastic film covers. Do you know which plastics are safe and which are not?


1) Detox Diet - Focus on Alkaline foods. Acidic sugar foods and beverages feed cancer and create disease.

2) Madal Bal - Lose weight safely and steadily, and keep it off by fasting for a week or so. A great way to detoxify the mind and body.

3) Grocery List - Are these foods on your grocery list? What your body needs and reasons why.

4) Famous Vegetarians - Read the entire page before forming any conclusions. This page is for those who are not vegetarian.

5) Water - Drink water! Hydrate the body, flush out the toxins, drop excess weight. 


Eliminate toxins naturally, 
with a little help.


all chi

SOQI Machines:
Chi Machine - Far Infrared Dome Sauna
Electro Reflex Energizer - E-Power Machine.

1) The Chi Machine - Physical motion - passive aerobic respiration exercise - stimulation of the lymphatic system which promotes elimination of metabolic waste. The body must move in order for the lymphatic system to function optimally.

2) The SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna - Far Infrared heat - thermal therapy - is known to promote elimination of heavy metals, drugs and chemicals. Widely used in Asia and Europe.

3) The Electro Reflex Energizer - Electrotherapy for powerful leg stimulation using reflexology - this particular frequency has consistently been reported by users to eliminate intestinal parasites and worms.

4) The E-Power Machine - Electrotherapy that helps pH balance the body, thereby supporting acid control. This machine also promotes bowel movements for those having ongoing issues.

Detox your mind!

Your Mind - Face personal issues without hiding behind addictions. Release, forgive and let go of negative relationships, environments and situations.

In the body/mind connection, mental and emotional issues you refuse to deal with will ALWAYS manifest on a physical level promoting illness and disease.

Terminate the source, otherwise healing cannot complete itself physically no matter diet or healing modalities you choose to incorporate.

When would NOW be a great day to
make detox
a priority!

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is in no way intended to provide individual medical may advice which be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Always ask questions and research everything.

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