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Checklist of toxic energy to eliminate
from your body, home, and everyday life.

The battle for health rages on.
It seems as if everything in life is toxic - the air, the ocean, rivers and lakes, the soil, our food, our home and offices, prescribed medications and medical protocols, cosmetics, clothing, toys, furniture, electronic technology etc. Even our emotions. Daily life on planet earth is overwhelmingly filled with toxins.

As 1 in 3 people will get cancer, obesity numbers continue to rise, respiratory illnesses increase, Alzheimer's has become a leading cause of death in the USA, so what do we do?! We must take back control and prevent these diseases.

It is becoming critical to focus on illness PREVENTION, rather than wait until disease sets in. It is no longer a casual dinner conversation about 'if', but a serious course of action to prevent 'when'.
The main toxins that decide our health, are still what we think and feel, and what we eat, in other words, emotions and diet. All other toxins - such as environmental toxins, household chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs - serve as triggers.

Prevention of illness and disease is determined by the choices you make, every single day. Some toxins we have no control over, but many we do. The goal is to lessen and remove as many as possible.

Heavy Metals

The Mind/Body Connection.

The Source Of Physical Toxins.
Left unchecked, emotions manifest physically.


Thoughts and emotions, just like food, are either negative or positive, acid or alkaline. Emotional energy floods every cell of the body 24/7. Prolonged or frequent negative emotions, lower the immune system, acidify the cells, and manifest sooner or later as a physical illness. Diet, environmental toxins, drugs and chemicals are triggers.

When the mind and emotions are calm and peaceful, and the immune system is therefore strong and functioning, it is difficult to get sick. Ever wonder why some people can be surrounded by infectious or contagious disease and yet remain well?
Emotional Toxins:

Stress, Anger, Grief, Fear, Depression, Shame, Guilt. Hatred, bitterness, jealousy, intolerance, resentment.

Also applicable are feeling worthless, feeling lost, being overwhelmed, feeling humiliated, feeling unsupported, loneliness and self abuse, all of which transform into the emotions listed above.

Unlike Western orthodox medicine who have no training and really don't care, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), goes into depth on how the emotions affect the body and what specific body area is affected. The source of illness, negative, acidic energy from emotional and mental imbalance, MUST be addressed sooner or later, in order to heal the body.

For anyone interested in TCM, Greek and Tibetan medicine, or Feng Shui, you may enjoy the following simple breakdown of the connection between the elements, the body, and emotional characteristics, inbalance and out of balance ...

FIRE - Heart and Small Intestine - Summer, South.
Joy, passion, compassion, honesty, happiness, charismatic, sociable
OR hatred, intolerance, judgmental, deceitful.
- agitation, insomnia, palpitations, nervous laughter, stress. Yes, we can die of a broken heart.
EARTH - Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas - Late Summer, Center.
Stable, grounded, trustful, loyal, nurturing
OR worry, anxiety, mistrustful.
, gas, bloating, stomach ache, weight gain, gastritis, ulcers.

METAL - Lungs, Skin, Large Intestine - Autumn, West.
Structured, logical, self-controlled, disciplined
OR overly critical, pompous, grief, sadness, depression.
- tears, chronic respiratory illness, asthma, constipation, diarrhea.

WATER - Kidneys, Bladder - Winter, North.
Sensitive, gentle, imaginative, creative
OR emotional vulnerability, isolated, phobic, shock, fright, fear.
- incontinence, sexual problems, dry skin, dark circles under the eyes.

WOOD - Liver, Gall Bladder - Springtime, East.
Flexible, youthful, independent, clear vision, growth
OR anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy, indecisive.
- headaches, migraine, tension in neck and shoulders, eye problems, high blood pressure.

Feel, allow, release and LET GO of emotional states as they happen. Meditate, keep a journal, practice yoga or Tai Chi, take up gardening, swimming, running, hiking or biking, try art, music or dance, or become a volunteer and help others.

Do whatever gives you happiness and peace, so as to work on letting go and eliminating negative emotions from your body, until you are balanced and live from a state of love, compassion, tolerance and kindness, towards yourself and towards others.

Many of you already know how.

Diet Toxins:

An acidic diet serves as a trigger to an emotionally toxic mind. It simply becomes a question of time as to how fast the disease manifests physically.

Global obesity is due to diets filled with chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, dyes and artificial ingredients, all of which cause disease and illness.

The oceans, the soil and the air is polluted like never before, which mean food sources are already compromised.


Beef, Chicken, Fish:
1) Beef: Cattle feed is toxic and acidic - cattle are pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics - slaughter inflicts emotional pain and physical suffering.

Red meat contains carnitine which causes cardiovascular disease and cancer. Increased risk of colorectal cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

2) Chicken: Pumped full of antibiotics and additives, washed in chlorine before market - chicken feed is toxic - chickens suffer severe abuse and torture including during death. Detectable levels of E.Coli in carcasses.

3) Fish: Multiple chemicals including mercury and radiation - worms and parasites.
Farm Raised Fish: PCB's (synthetic chemicals), dioxins, insecticides such as DDT, dyes and antibiotics - worms and parasites.

Free range, grass fed, natural feed, cage free, and wild caught. Bison is a good choice.

Pasteurized Cows Milk: Ingredient caesin which is incompatible with human body - milk contains hormones and antibiotics, blood and pus. Milk was never meant for humans, only baby cows. No other species on earth drinks the milk of another!

Whey: Toxic mucous by-product from cheese or from cows milk. Whey is exposed to acid processing, and then mixed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals to create putrid protein. Whey is used as a filler in breads and pastries, many boxed foods, and eaten in copious amounts in the form of protein bars and protein powders.

Read all ingredients on store bought products and if whey is an ingredient, put the product back on the shelf.

- White Sugar: Found in alcohol, beverages and almost every processed food, fast food, boxed and canned food, not to mention candy, cookies and cakes.

- Artificial Sugars: Aspartame, Saccharin, Splenda, Nutrasweet - main ingredient in all Diet Sodas.

Sugar is a huge reason society is obese worldwide and type 2 diabetes is skyrocketing.

Sugar has deadly effects on the human body including feeding cancer and aging the body. Eat natural whole foods, and choose raw chocolate or fruit as your natural go to for a sugar fix.

Pesticides and Herbicides are sprayed on crops by Monsanto/Bayer who refuse to allow food labels warning the public. GMO's created by Monsanto must be avoided. Monsanto refuses to allow studies or clinical trials, or to reveal the exact toxicity and damage to human bodies and the environment. Long term health reprucussions will be unfolding for decades.

Most heavily sprayed crops to avoid are wheat, corn, soy beans, coffee - soft skinned fruit and leafy veggies.

Eat organic. Grow your own food!

Grocery Choices:
- Canned food - plastic can lining is toxic - Phthalates.
- Boxed food, processed food and frozen food - practically zero nutrition, food is dead.

- Additives, preservatives, food coloring and dyes - if you can't read or understand the ingredients, why are you eating it?

- Smoked and Cured foods - Hot Dogs, Luncheon Meats.
- Fried Food - highly carciogenic.
- Margerine and canola oil - deadly carcinogens. All oils when heated become carcinogenic.

- Nuts - contain mold. Peanuts are toxic.
- Cooked food - creates glycation which creates aging and wrinkles.
Eat natural, organic whole foods. Bake, boil or steam to cook. Store food and liquids in glass containers only. Plastic bottles and containers leech toxins into the content, especially if exposed to heat (water bottles left in the car).

If you don't understand the ingredients, why are you putting it in your mouth? Basically, if it's man made, don't eat it.

List of acid and alkaline foods.

Western Medical Toxins - 

Oncologists, Hospitals, Dentists.

Doctors NEVER ask what is the SOURCE of your illness,
your disease, your cancer.
and the body may well slowly heal itself and recover.

Doctors are trained to push drugs and surgery, to temporarily band-aid SYMPTOMS. Healing tools are chemical cocktails put in vaccinations, prescription drugs, radiation or chemotherapy. Consequences show up over time, often requiring more chemicals to counteract the original prescriptions, commonly causing addiction and dependency.   

Mammograms - Proven to cause cancer. Opt for thermograms instead.

Chemotherapy, Radiation - Source of secondary cancers and further destruction of the already compromised immune system.

Vaccinations - contain cocktails of Mercury (Thimerosal), Antibiotics, MSG, Formaldehyde, cells from aborted babies, chemicals, nano-particles, and Aluminum. 

XRay - Radiation Poisoning.

Prescribed Medications:
Anyone taking multiple prescribed medications, is guaranteed illness and disease.

Tylenol, Excedrin - prescription brands Vicoden and Percocet - active ingredient Acetaminophen, a leading cause of liver damage and acute liver failure.

Ritalin is equivalent to COCAINE, but more powerful potency.
Adderoll, used for ADHD, is equivalent to METH.
Oxycontin, a painkiller, is equivalent to HEROIN.

Western orthodox medicine should be called alternative medicine, because the REAL medicine is the original, natural medicines, natural foods and therapies which come from nature and metaphysics. Western health care has gone horribly wrong and is a leading cause of death in the USA.

Patients frequently leave hospital sicker than they went in, often contracting new illness during their stay. Avoid being in hospital, keep the stay as short as possible.

Root Canals - trapped bacteria migrate via meridians to infect and cause disease such as breast cancer.

Dental Amalgams - Mercury.

Replace root canals with safer laser caps. Check tooth meridian before opting for a root canal. Remove and replace all mercury fillings asap!


Home Toxins:
Most homes are filled with landmines
of toxic chemicals. Go room by room,
one cupboard at a time, and eliminate
the ticking time bombs. 

Home Toxins
Household Cleaning Products
- Laundry detergent and fabric softeners. Washing up liquid.
- Disinfectants, Kitchen and Bathroonm Cleaners: Phenols
- Decabromodiphenyl Ether (DECA) - Flame retardant - Furniture, carpets and sleep wear.

- Carpet cleaning, stain protection, floor cleaners.
- Furniture cleaners, wood cleaners and polish, window cleaners.
- Air fresheners and plug-ins.
- Soaps and sanitizers (alcohol).


All household cleaning products and fresheners can be replaced with natural cleaning products such as Meyer's, Planet, Bon Ami etc. Place house plants throughout the home or office to naturally absorb airborne toxins.

Phthalates - shower curtain, raincoats, toys.
BPA used in plastic production - water bottles, baby bottles, toys - plastic wraps, food packaging, household products, food and beverages.

Stop using plastic. Never ever put plastic in microwave, or leave water bottles in sun.


Berkey water filter system.
- Chlorine: Hot showers and baths, swimming pools and Jacuzzi. Do not ingest, take shorter showers at a lower temperature. Use tap and shower filters.

- Tap Water: Fluoride! Never ever drink tap water. Buy an affordable water filter unit such as the portable - Berkey unit, available in different sizes.

- Plumbing: Check your pipes, many are copper which leeches into the water supply.

- Polyester: Clothing, bath robes, blankets, furniture, carpets. 
- Nylon causes cancer - commonly found in bras, underwear, sweaters.

- Dry Cleaning - extremely toxic chemicals.
- Vinyl flooring: Stone, concrete, marble, bamboo or wood is a better choice.

Choose natural fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, wool, hemp. Blends are ok on occasion such as cotton/polyester. Eliminate dry cleaning.

The Body:

Cosmetic Toxins
- Shampoo and conditioner: parabens and aluminum.
- Moisturizer, body lotions: mineral oil (a petroleum by-product), parabens, acrylamide.

- Facial cosmetics: parabens, fragrance, petroleum.
- Toothpaste: fluoride
- Shaving cream: parabens.
- Aluminum - antiperspirants, antacids, dandruff shampoo.

- Sunscreen and lip balm: Contains oxybenzone and petroleum.
- Insect Repellent: Contains DEET.

Read the labels! Use products with all natural ingredients. The skin absorbs everything you put on it.

Building Structure:
- Paint: Contains Formaldehyde.
- Varnish: Toxic fumes.
- Lead: Deadly to the human body. Found in old buildings, plumbing (pipes and solder), and old toys. Chinese products frequently contain lead.

- Asbestos: Insulation on floors, ceilings, water pipes and heating ducts from the 1950s to 1970s.

- Mold: Black mold is deadly and common. Fix all water leaks. Check bathroom and kitchen. Silverfish are a sign of mold and water damage in the walls.

- Dioxins: Burning fuels (like wood, coal or oil).
- A/C: Only use when you have to. Keep the filter clean, replace often.

Check your home for the above, replace all toxic materials with natural, non-toxic. Do not use a wood burning fire inside the home without adequate ventilation.

Hemp - Industrial Hemp is said to have 25,000 uses. Industrial Hemp can be used to replace thousands of toxic chemical-laced and petroleum-based products with non-toxic products. From hemp clothing to hemp homes. Hemp also creates jobs. Watch the movie and visit the website:

- Microwave Ovens - changes molecular structure of food and changes the DNA of the body.

- Cookware: Teflon, aluminum and copper leech onto the food, becoming deadly carcinogens.

- Refrigerator: Be aware that copper pipelines contaminate water maker. Check filter often.

- Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs: The swirly light bulbs contain mercury.

Throw away the microwave and use the oven. Change cookware to cast iron or stainless steel. Use regular lightbulbs.

Cell phone, computer - electric clocks, electric blankets, electric kettle - SMART Meters. 5G is currently being introduced worldwide and is extremely dangerous to the health of every living being as well as the planet itself due to the disturbing frequency it radiates.

Speak on speakerphone only, keep the mobile phone away from your head. Never sleep with a cell phone near you. Never carry the cell phone on your body. Sit as far away from computer as possible when working and dim the light. Replace electric clocks with old fashioned battery clocks. Use regular blankets and ditch the electric one.

Get an EMF meter and check to see if there are any EMF clouds in your home. If so, get the electrical wiring checked. If not possible, turn off the breaker for the affected areas and use lamps.

Outdoor Toxins:
Earth, Air, Water.



- Air Pollution: Exhaust fumes, diesel fumes, factory and refinery fumes, smog - Many countries choose to wear a mask to protect the lungs.

- Soil Pollution: Pesticides and GMO's are overwhelming. Crops, insects and ultimately humans are slowly being poisoned and overcome by disease.  

- Rivers and lakes: Contaminated water pollutes crops, vegetation, fish and animal life. Factory chemical run-offs and pesticides all man-made poisons.

- Outdoor EMF's (electro magnetic frequencies): MOVE if you live too close. 5G Gwen towers are going up everywhere which emit frequencies deadly to humans, animals and insects.

- SMART Meters: Remove or move! These cause serious illness, ranging from migraines to hair loss and cancer.
Chemtrails - Unfortunately nothing can be done to avoid these airborne chemicals besides move to a remote area. Close windows during days of heavy spraying. Chemtrails spray chemical cocktails including nano-aluminum particles which are deadly to the environment and human health.

- Ocean radiation, sewage, plastic: Be careful where you swim. Do not ingest the water. Do not eat fish known to live in oceans of radiation such as the Gulf of Mexico and now unfortunately the Pacific ocean poisoned by the ongoing radiation from Fukushima, Japan. Plastic pollution is overwhelming and killing marine and bird life.

Heavy Metal Toxins:
Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium,
Chlorine, Copper, Fluoride, Iron,
Lead, Mercury.


ALUMINUM is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment, Parkinson's and Autism.

Commonly used everyday in cookware, soda cans, aluminum foils, pesticides, pain killers, anti-diarrhea medicines, antiperspirants, antacids, toothpastes, nasal sprays, cigarette filters and some metal cleaners. Frequently included in vaccinations such as the flu shot.

Nano-aluminum particles are sprayed by the military on a regular basis, known as geo-engineering (the source of global warming/climate change).

ARSENIC contributes to liver and kidney damage, weakness, diarrhea, muscle spasms, headaches, and is an endocrine disruptor.

Sources include baby formula, pesticides, beer, tap water, table salt, paints, commercial imports and other chemical products. Arsenic is currently used for induction and consolidation chemotherapy for acute promyelocytic leukemia and other cancers. Consumer Reports study suggests the extremely toxic inorganic arsenic can get into water and soil from lead-arsenate insecticides. From there, rice can absorb that toxin like a sponge.

CADMIUM concentrates in the kidney, liver and other organs. High concentration is also deposited in the pancreas and salivary glands. Considered more toxic than either mercury or lead, it contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, fatigue, arthritis, violence, infections, back pain and other conditions.

Sources are cigarette or marijuana smoke, instant coffee, cola drinks, refined grains, processed meats and tap water. Also found in plastics, paint, motor oil, exhaust fumes and incineration of rubber products. Solder used to seal metal cans is a common source of cadmium.

Cadmium toxicity is enhanced and increasing due to zinc deficiency in our diet, which when present is protective against cadmium. Zinc is depleted in foods due to contaminated soil.

CHLORINE is associated with fatigue, heart disease, cancer and renal problems.

Chlorine is required in the body, and found in salt and other foods. Many chlorinated compounds, however, are highly toxic. These include chlorinated tap water, chlorinated hydrocarbons used in pesticides and other chemicals, bathing in chlorinated water, pools and hot tubs, and the use of chlorine bleach and other chlorine-containing household products.

COPPER Many of the most prevalent metabolic dysfunctions today are related in some way to a copper imbalance. Imbalance contributes to emotional conditions, depression, spaciness, childhood hyperactivity, learning disabilities, skin problems, rheumatoid arthritis, acne, hair loss, cancer, migraine headaches, anorexia, phobias, diabetes and premenstrual tension. Associated with zinc deficiency (like cadmium toxicity - see above), adrenal exhaustion is very common.
Copper plumbing, found in the majority of homes in the USA, leeches into the water supply. Water coolers and ice makers in refrigerators also use copper tubing. The longer water sits, it accumulates dangerously high levels of copper. Other sources include cookware, vitamin and prenatal supplements, municipal drinking water and vegetarian proteins such as soybeans, tofu, nuts and seeds, and soy based food such as fast food hamburgers Copper elimination in a sauna may have a rotten egg odor.

FLOURIDE contributes to brown staining of the teeth, weakened bones, hip fractures, hypothyroidism, mental impairment, birth defects, sterility and cancer.

Fluoride compounds are found in pesticides, air pollution, toothpastes, and are added to many water supplies. Global studies have proven minor to zero benefit of fluoride for tooth decay.

When fluoride and aluminum are combined, the consequences may result in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Autism due to crossing the blood-brain barrier.

IRON is added to all white flour products such as breads, crackers, pasta and pastry, beer and red wine. It is well absorbed from animal products, especially meats, shellfish and animal organs. Vegetables high in iron include green leafy vegetables such as kale, collard, mustard greens, Swiss chard and spinach.

Iron can accumulate to help support weak adrenal glands. It is stored in the liver and other organs but iron overload may contribute to joint pain, sudden onset of shortness of breath, heart failure, diabetes, liver disease which leads to cancer, thyroid problems. Iron deposits in the amygdala, a portion of the brain associated with feelings of anger, irritability and hostility.

LEAD is widely distributed in the environment and contributes to more than 100 conditions including neuromuscular and bone diseases (lead incorporates itself into the bones in place of calcium), fractures, mental retardation (interferes with iodine uptake by the thyroid), hyperactivity, anemia (destruction of red blood cells) and impairs excretion of uric acid.
Sources of lead include old paint, inks, pesticides, plumbing, hair dyes and tints which is absorbed thu the scalp, soldered products and leaded gasoline. Cigarette smoke is contaminated with lead due to lead arsenate insecticides sprayed on tobacco. Food cans are sealed with lead solder are a prime source of ingested lead, especially acidic foods such as tomatoes.

Iron deficiency increases lead absorption, as does summertime heat. Children are more affected by lead poisoning than adults. Sauna therapy may produce a sickly sweet odor as it is eliminated.

MERCURY toxicity is present in almost everyone today. Mercury is found in silver amalgam dental fillings (alternatives are gold alloys and composite quartz-resin materials), tuna (do not eat more than three times a month - sushi included) swordfish and whale meat, contact lens solution, skin whitening products, multiple vaccines, diuretics, some hemorrhoid medications, a common ingredient in antiseptics.

Mercury in industrial waste is a common water contaminant, and widely used in swimming pool algicides, floor waxes, adhesives, fluorescent light-bulbs, fabric softener. Human generated, airborne mercury contamination includes cement production, gold production, crematoriums, battery and explosives production, and coal burning power plants. Mercury and its compounds are commonly used in chemical laboratories, hospitals and dental clinics.

Mercury is easily absorbed through the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract and the skin. The main organ target is the kidneys, also deposited in the brain, the thyroid and pituitary glands, impairment of adrenal activity can occur and hypothyroidism.

Other symptoms are headaches, skin rashes and various emotional disturbances. Common sensory effects of mercury toxicity area tingling sensations, limb pain, visual and auditory disturbances and lack of co-ordination. Mercury toxicity causes impairment of copper metabolism, and is a common cause of hair loss. Mercury elimination, if heavy, may be accompanied by a fishy odor during a sauna session.

- Partially adapted from writings by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, an outstanding expert in nutrition, cancer and health.

Health Solutions:
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