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Radiation Dosage Chart.

Radiation dosage chart indicating medical protocol radiation levels, as well as airport body scanners, and Fukushima. The worldwide average background dose for a human being is about 2.4 millisievert (mSv) per year.

Who needs to pay attention to this? Smokers, and anyone that gets multiple X-Rays, a CT scan, a mammogram, or radiotherapy. Frequent flyers are at risk.

Radiation from cell phones and Bluetooth is not mentioned but known to cause cancer, especially if you use the phone next to your head or carry it in your pocket or bra.

FYI: Phone companies blocked lawsuits a long time ago and continue to deny any radiation damage. When 5G really kicks in, all bets are off - ALL life-forms will be affected.

Take a look at this chart for electrical magnetic frequency (EMF) damage to the body - It only refers to 3G ... imagine 5G!

Enlarge the chart to read details:

August 2013



The original chart by InformationIsBeautiful.com showed: 20,000 mSv = Highly targeted dose used in cancer radiotherapy.

The second version omitted the info completely.

This version has reduced the radiotherapy number to 2,000 (still deadly to the quality of human health). Reason? Maybe because one of their sponsors is GE, one of the world’s top manufacturers of radiotherapy equipment!

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