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April 2021
This page is dedicated to all those who live in fear of the coronavirus named Covid-19, to all those who are falling over their own feet to be injected with an experimental medical treatment, and to all those who research and seek out the truth.

Dr. Ryan Cole in Idaho, held a 28 minute talk about what he knows and has experienced regarding the coronavirus, with focus on Vitamin D from sunshine. He also discusses a proven therapy (available to everyone living in India), being used in many countries across the world.

The actual video link is posted towards the end of the page. Here follows an introduction to Dr. Cole, and then the list of the very important points he made during his talk so you can stay well, and share this with everyone you care about.

NOTE: The infamous fact checkers became extremely alarmed by Dr. Cole's now viral 28 minute talk, and they have shredded his speech. Their alarm speaks louder then their verbal assassination of Dr. Cole's information.

History has proven that apparently sunshine and Vitamin D, is a threat to nefarious agendas that seek to limit it in order to promote compromised immune systems (and depression), via sunscreen, geo-engineering, and now lockdowns.

Dr. Cole

Dr. Ryan Cole.
Dr. Ryan Cole is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. Dr. Cole is a Mayo Clinic trained Board Certified Pathologist.

He is Board Certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He has expertise in immunology and virology and also has sub-specialty expertise in skin pathology.

He has seen over 350,000 patients in his career, and has done over 100,000 Covid tests in the past year.

Dr. Cole explains the critical importance of Vitamin D. He stresses that the best “mask” anyone could have is a healthy immune system, and he also emphasizes that there is absolutely no proven medical study that says masks need to be worn outside.

Established World Data: "Normal Vitamin D levels decrease Covid-19 system severity and risk for hospitalization by up to 90%."


- Coronviruses are generally seasonal and usually follow a 6-9 month life cycle. Each winter a new coronavirus strain is named. 'COVID-19' arrived at the end of 2019.

- Apparently, average Covid-19 age of death 78.6 yrs. Average annual US age of death historically 78.6 yrs.

- Highest risk factors for covid-19 appear to be advanced age, obesity, low vitamin D.

- The virus is fragile and inactivated by sunlight and ventilation (masking outdoors is insanity). It is said that temps over 86 degrees are effective at eliminating coronavirus.

- There is no such thing as "flu and cold season", only low vitamin D season.

- Every cell in our body has a Vitamin D receptor in the nucleus.

- Approx. 2,000 genes in our body (5% of our genome) are controlled by Vitamin D.

- Vitamin D is a master key to our immune health.

- If one has a Vitamin D level of 50ng/ml (range 20-100) one cannot develop an excess of pro-inflammatory cytokines (part of the bodies immune response to fight infections), known as a "cytokine storm" (that which kills in covid-19). Vitamin D modulates the response of the white blood cells preventing them from releasing too many cytokines.

- Normal Vitamin D levels decrease blood clotting (covid-19 is a clotting disease due to lack of oxygen).

- 70% of the world is Vitamin D deficient.

- 70-80% of all Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

- 82-88% of nursing home patients, 83% of African Americans, 70% of Latinos, 72% of Native Americans, 47% of Caucasians are Vitamin D deficient.

- 80+% of all hospitalized patients and 96% of ICU patients are Vitamin D deficient.

- Vitamin D deficiency is immune suppression / dysregulation.

- Vitamin D is synthesized by UVB rays from the sun through our skin.

- Above or below the 37th parallel we cannot naturally make Vitamin D for 4-5 months of fall and winter (the low Vitamin D seasons).

- Most insurance companies in northern states will not pay for a Vitamin D blood test.

- Vitamin D orally is critical for every world citizen from October through March (and the entire year for indoor workers).

- Normal Vitamin D levels decrease Covid-19 symptom severity and the risk for hospitalization by up to 90%.

- 80% of Americans are Magnesium deficient (depleted soil), which is a critical co-factor for Vitamin D function.

- 70% of Americans are zinc deficient - zinc is a critical antiviral.

- 67% of Americans are obese. Obesity drastically decreases bioavailable Vitamin D which is fat soluble.

- Normal Vitamin D levels decrease colon, breast, thyroid and other cancer rates, depression and suicide rates.

vitamin D and C

Sunshine and Vitamin C is everything!

- Studies across 20 European countries showed less Vitamin D levels amongst Covid-19 cases and mortality rates, with Italy and Spain, who have experienced high Covid-19 mortality rates, showing even lower average Vitamin D levels than most of the northern European countries.

The elderly tend to avoid the sun and Italy has the 2nd oldest population in the world, outside of Japan, and the 2nd highest death rate from Covid-19, after the UK.

The highest average levels of Vitamin D are found in Northern Europe - Scandinavia - due to the higher consumption of cod liver oil, Vitamin D supplements and more time spent outdoors in the sun. Products have deliberate Vitamin D fortification, fully intended for citizens health and wellbeing. 

The study also showed that 75% of people in institutions - hospitals and care homes - are severely deficient in Vitamin D.

- Vitamin D status in Europe and Asia -
pubmed study.


1) Traditionally an anti-parasitic, however, now found to be a phenomenal viral prophlaxis, an early covid treatment, a hospital disease immune modifier treatment, and a post covid "long hauler" treatment.

2) Super safe medication, 4 BILLION people have taken it since the 1980s. WHO list of essential medications. First released to market in 1981, a nobel prize winner in 2015. Currently the most effective covid treatment in the world.

3) The only medicine that shows benefit in 100% of world trials.

4) Multiple mechanisms of action, anti viral and beneficial immune modulation actions.

5)  Can cover all current "variants" of SAR-CoV-2, unlike the "vaccines".

6) Decreases disease acquisition by 88-100% in world trials.

7) Decreases viral replication and shedding time by half (israeli placebo controlled trials).

8) Decreases disease course and severity by 80-90%.

9) Decreases death rate by 75% (that would have been 375,000 less Americans deaths). 86% decreased death when given early.

10) Cost? 2 cents per pill - US$2.00 to 5.00

11) NIH in February 2020 "Neither for or against it" - but decided to go with Moderna mRNA vaccine. In August 2020 the NIH recommends against it. Why? ...

Because the NIH co-holds the patent with Moderna on their mRNA injection of a medical device. This is a complete federal conflict of interest. The NIH refuse to accept WOLRD DATA for Ivermectin, but accept data for Pfizer, another mRNA medical device (also falsely labelled a vaxxine). 

Every single vaccine had been released "for emergency use only", with the understanding there is no other therapy available.
A blatant lie and red flag, because there are indeed other therapies available - the most successful one is the antiviral, immune modulator, IVERMECTIN, which costs a couple of dollars and has been reported to kick covid from the body in 24-48 hours. 

FYI: Remdesivir costs $3,000 per dose and does not add survival benefit for patients, but is being used in hospitals as covid treatment, which benefits insurance companies.

Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Ryan Cole.

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124 countries have 0 to less than 1,000 deaths.
Only 25 countries have above 17,000 deaths.

31 Reasons Why I Will Not Take The Vaccine
  by Israeli Rabbi Chanayna Weissman.

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