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March 2021

Well here we are a quarter of the way thru 2021. COVID-19 stats have changed. Pre vaxx stats had every death regardless, classified as COVID-19, but post vaxx, all deaths are classified properly - old age, car crash, diabetes, heart attack, cancer etc. Why? So that the vaxx cannot be blamed.

PCR stats have also changed dramatically. Pre-vaxx most people tested positive but post-vaxx most are testing negative because the test cycles have been dropped to normal. The PCR test is supposed to be run below 35/30 cycles because running it at at 35/40+ cycles causes most everyone to test false positive. The cycles were reduced so that less people test positive, because again, the powers that be want us to believe the vaxx works.

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NONE of the vaxxines have been approved. They have all been released for emergency use only, all are experimental, all have never used on humans before, and none have long term data. The mRNA - Pfizer and Modern - literally program our cells, hacking human life, changing our software. The Pfizer website literally likens it to a computer being programmed ... to do what exactly? The AstraZenica is made from chimpanzee colds. The Johnson and Johnson is a created adenovirus made by a company that created anthrax and talcum powder. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


In a few short months there have been thousands of vaxx injuries (some very serious and irreversible), multiple miscarriages, a stillborn, and mounting deaths around the world with many of them being seniors. The media are not reporting this daily breaking news to the general public. And ... flu has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. Did the world suddenly become flat?

Scientists around the world - those not under the control of those running the 'pandemic' - have said the vaxxines will cause countless deaths within the next 2 years, many from auto-immune disease. During clinical trials animals that received the vaxx were fine until they were introduced to the virus, and then they all died. The vaxx do NOT protect you, or prevent you from getting the virus, or transmitting it. And just wait until an updated, stronger version of the virus (they call it a mutation) is introduced. What then? ... More lockdowns, more vaxxines mandated for everyone, never-ending restrictions. This cycle can be repeated over and over again indefinetly.

FYI: As all the vaxx were relased for emergency use only, we all HAVE to be kept in an emergency state otherwise the vaxxines have to be withdrawn. Case and death numbers will be manipulated to lock us down any time needed because none of the vaxx will be approved until 2023.

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Our world has changed forever. The currency of fear has won over non-critical thinkers and destroyed the life and freedoms we used to have. People are turning on each other and attacking anyone who goes against the mainstream narrative. Volunteering to join the biggest clinical trial ever conducted is nothing to celebrate.

PLEASE think twice before you get a vaxx. Wait at least two years. The chances of survival from COVID-19 is showing up around 99%, where as the chances of having no serious repercussions from the vaxx has yet to unfold over the coming years.

A QUESTION FOR YOU? Why are the homeless thriving with no social distancing, no masks, no sanitation, and no vaxx?


RESEARCH, research, research! We have been researching since January 2020, before the world was put under lockdown. Scientific evidence and documentation tells a completely different story to the ongoing controlled media narrative. QUESTION EVERYTHING!

Two sources of info for those who do not have countless hours to research:

WORLDOMETER so you can see this is not a global pandemic. There are 127 countries that have well under one thousand to zero deaths. Only a handful of countries have high death numbers - keep in mind those high numbers have been manipulated. 

VACCINE IMPACT which will keep you up to date on global vaxx injuries and deaths.

One last question, what do you all think about the digital vaxxine passport? How do you feel about being restricted from travel and life events without one? The vaxx may not yet be mandatory, but we are being manipulated into a corner to comply. Nefarious agendas are well under way. Who knew it could be so easy. 

FOCUS on living a healthy lifestyle mentally, emotionally and physically. Be well, stay well!

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