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Kill Cancer.
Extensive checklist of natural protocols for all cancer patients.
All disease and illness of the body and mind, is an energetic disturbance and imbalance resulting in serious acidic toxic overload. Cancer is the implosion of negative energy held in the emotions and mental beliefs, often compounded by an acidic diet, environment, or chemicals.

Everything in energy is creation. Energy has a frequency, a vibration, a color, a sound. When the natural frequency is changed or disrupted in any living thing, the consequences frequently become destructive depending on the length of time and severity. 
To heal the body the energy of the mind and emotions, the diet, and the environment, must collectively be detoxed, corrected and restored. Cancer is a wake-up call to identify, heal and transform what is out of balance in our self.

Research and apply as many protocols as you find relevant below. Orthodox medicine only offers a few standard protocols: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drugs, all of which are highly toxic energy and further compromise the body and mind. Orthodox protocols are traditionally chosen in fear, and from lack of knowledge.

Cancer patients who initially choose orthodox oncology, commonly turn to alternative, natural protocols once the former prove ineffective to them.

At this point however, the body has usually been severely damaged by the invasive procedures and drugs, thus the alternative, natural protocols are less effective, working overtime to reverse damage, which sometimes is not possible and may prove too difficult for physical recovery and renewal. Nevertheless, we do not believe it is ever too late until the last breath is taken.

Cancer did not occur overnight, and will not disappear overnight.

When first being diagnosed, giving up and putting your life in the hands of orthodox protocols is not set in stone. There is time to research and make choices no matter how aggressive or fast growing the cancer challenge.

No single protocol will kill cancer. A combination of options is a better choice - a single soldier cannot win a war, but an army can!

How to fight cancer?
In a nutshell, DETOX the body AND the mind. Lifestyle changes are MANDATORY to defeat cancer.

Here follows an extremely important list of natural protocols, VS conventional oncology methods.



The Mind/Body Connection

"Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts." - Deepak Chopra.

Cancer can only exist in the presence of unhealed emotional pain. Cancer is a reversable disease. Attitude is everything. Emotional release is critical.

What is going on with your thoughts and emotions? Prolonged negative emotions and stress create an acid body, which if left unresolved, manifests on a physical level as dis-ease and cancer.

The part of the body that's sick, directly relates to specific mental/emotional issues, thereby indicating the source of the cancer before physical manifestation. Common factors are unexpressed anger, stress, grief, self worth, depression, guilt, shame, loneliness, or utter hopelessness, all intimately linked to a lack of love being given or received.

The cancer patient must ...
Address mental/emotional issues from life events or recent trauma - LET GO! Live in the present moment. Love and forgive self. Live life and express self, without fear of being who you truly are.

A litmus test question for a cancer patient is "What compelling reason do you have for living?" The patient MUST have a strong will to live, otherwise any chance for healing and recovery becomes elusive. Psycho-emotional stress MUST be released.

Any further emotional shock, conflict and trauma must be prevented or diffused as fast as possible to prevent further cancer occurring.
1) Important book:
When the body becomes sick, this book explains the issue behind it, and thereby clarify action to release the emotional catalyst - "The Body Mind Workbook" by Debbie Shapiro - find on

2) Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer is an authority on the mind/body connection and cancer - has turned orthodox hypothesis and protocol upside down: The German New Medicine.pdf

Chemo Heals

3) Lothar Hirneise - Eminent cancer specialist: Author of "Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and The World Is Flat."

Video Interview:
MUST READ: Magazine interview with Lothar Hirneise

Psycho-Oncology - from New Zealand. Outstanding information and guidance - MUST READ:

Oncology has ZERO interest in healing emotional source, only in suppressing physical symptoms via toxic drugs and surgery.

A science called Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), is shaking the orthodox medical process to its core. Researchers are proving that thoughts and emotions control and affect every cell in the body, creating health or disease. Tibetan Medicine has known this for centuries and is also an option to explore.



"He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of man?" - Hippocrates, 460-357 B.C.

What are you eating? All cancer bodies are acidic, created by diet and emotions. Cancer thrives on acidity and cannot live in an alkaline environment. Focus on an Alkaline Diet.

Acid-Alkaline Food List - The body needs to be 7.4+ - Self monitor pH of saliva and urine with pH strips - find on Amazon.

2) Eat fresh, natural, organic, live, whole foods which contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes - juicing is encouraged.

3) Enzymes are crucial - heat (cooking) destroys enzymes, minimize cooked, grilled and baked food.

4) NO Sugar - Cancer cells feed and thrive on sugar!

5) Minimize sodium intake - do not add salt to food unless necessary - Pink Himalayan is a good choice.

6) Avoid cooking with oils (use water, butter or virgin olive oil). Steam, bake, boil.

7) No Dairy (casein) allowed, especially for prostate or breast cancer.

8) No Fruit allowed for pancreatic cancer.
9) Hugely Important Inclusions:
a) Vitamin C - IV C therapy, or liquid form (research Lypo-Spheric).

b) Vitamin D - Daily sunshine 15-20 mins (no toxic sunscreen), or fermented cod liver oil.

a) Flax Seed and Hemp Seed.

b) Vitamin A - Fresh organic carrot juice daily.

c) Iodine (seaweed) - Most cancer patients lack iodine. Find it in sea veggies, organic cranberries, strawberries, and Greek yogurt.

d) B3 Niacin - Found in avocadoes, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, green beans, fish, turkey.

11) Choose Alkaline Ionized Water, Green Tea, or Essiac Tea introduced by Canadian Renee Caisse.

12) NEVER drink or cook with water that contains Fluoride (tap water). We suggest the portable Berkey water filter system.

13) B17 (Laetrile) - Found in apricot kernels, apple and berry seeds, sesame, chia and flax seeds. Colon cancer apparently responds well - please research.

14) Important Diet Inclusions:
Turmeric (curcumin), Wheatgrass, Magnesium, Glutathione, Beta Glucans (immune system protection and defense), Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Potassium. Probiotics, Lactobacillus acidolphilus (Greek yogurt), Ginger, Lysine, Zinc and Fermented foods.

15) Calcium is the most important mineral used to alkalize an acidic body - sesame seeds, leafy greens, broccoli, canned sardines or wild salmon, plain Greek yogurt or Kefir (from grass fed cows).

16) Salvestrols - Malignant cells have a trojan horse called CYP1B1 which hooks up with salvestrols - found in organic fruits and vegetables - to destroy cancer cells. Research British scientists, Professor Gerry Potter and Professor Dan Burke.

17) Other anti-cancer combatants include:
Colloidal Silver. Graviola, Moringa Oleifera and Kombu (fucoidn). Hot Chili Peppers and Cayenne Pepper. Beet Juice and Carrot Juice. Echinachea, Garlic, Ginseng, Oil of Oregano. Royal Jelly.



Acid Diet
- No restrictions.

Sugar is shockingly allowed despite the fact that SUGAR FEEDS CANCER!

Oncologists stunningly ignore the critical importance of pH balance and excess acidity, recommending patients eat anything they desire "to build strength".

Diet is ignored and scoffed at by orthodox oncology, despite scientific proof that diet of course affects health - COMMON SENSE - and that plants, herbs and spices produce the most powerful natural medicine on earth.

Oncologists present no restriction on dairy or red meat. Studies have shown that dairy is related to breast cancer. Red meat unless free range, grass-fed, is filled with hormones and antibiotics.




Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize in 1931. He demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis (diet and emotions), and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

Daily physical movement - aerobic exercise
Basically if you don't get your body moving, you die - Inactivity promotes toxin accumulation and cancer cell proliferation.

1) Movement promotes circulation.
2) Movement increases oxygen levels.

3) Movement promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins by forcing the Lymphatic System to work.

Stress/trauma/shock and lack of sleep, causes cortisol, which depletes adrenaline, which creates fermentation of sugar, which creates acidity, which depletes oxygen, and causes imbalance of the autonomic nervous system which inhibits activity of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines and stomach, which normally produce cancer fighting enzymes.

A stress free, non-toxic, oxygenated and alkaline body is the desired outcome.

The importance of oxygen is ignored.


Hippocratic Oath: "DO NO HARM".

Chemo is highly profitable chemical warfare. Ask your oncologist (chemotherapist) if he/she would consent to chemotherapy. Statistics show that it is ineffective and unacceptably toxic, so much so, that people who handle it (despite wearing gloves because it is readily absorbed thru the skin), are known to succumb to cancer themselves. Chemotherapy is proven to cause cancer and cause it to proliferate.

Nazi scientists knew way back in the 1950s that chemotherapy only makes cancer temporarily recede, only to come back with a vengeance in other parts of the body. Chemo can be referred to as assisted suicide.

The body is a chemistry experiment for poison cocktails. Chemotherapy toxicity promotes cancer, cell mutation, liver damage, aging, systematic immune system destruction, DNA damage, respiratory enzyme damage, and brain fog.

Drugs are band-aids used to suppress symptoms and do not erase cancer or heal the mind/body source.

"The Food and Drug Administration defines an "effective" drug as one which achieves a 50% or more reduction in tumor size for 28 days.

In the vast majority of cases there is absolutely no correlation between shrinking tumors for 28 days and the cure of the cancer, or extension of life." - Dr. Ralph Moss, author 'Questioning Chemotherapy'.
Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT), is available in Europe. IPT dramatically reduces chemo toxicity and greatly increases cancer cell destruction. Ignored in USA because less profit.

Chemotherapy and Radiation are standard treatments.

Cancer may commonly reoccur around 5 year marker or thereabouts. Cancer can even show up after the 10 year marker. Remission commonly means the cancer is undetected, or temporarily dormant, or quietly mutating and getting itself back up to speed.

Iatrogenic Disease.
The 3rd leading cause of death (after heart disease and cancer), meaning devastating side effects from chemo and other drugs.

FYI Chemotherapy Patients:
1) Children forbidden contact with patient for 2-7 days after chemo.
2) Do not use the same bathroom as a chemo patient.
3) Anyone sick is forbidden contact with chemo patient.

Radiation, like chemo is destructive - both protocols kill both good cells and bad, and cause more cancer cells to arise. Radiation wipes out the protective layer of a tumor thus enabling the core of the malignant cells to proliferate - the tumor has shrunk but the cancer cells thrive and regroup.

Chemotherapy, radiation and drug toxicity, coupled with ongoing emotional trauma, promote proliferation of cancer.

Large masses may have to be de-bulked if a threat to other organs and body functions. Removal of cancer masses enables the patient time to regroup the immune system and calm the mind.

Laser surgery of cancer cells is best choice so the body is not cut open, is less traumatized, and so there is less disruption to the natural healing process mentally and physically. Laser surgery avoids breaking open the tumor and spreading cancer cells throughout the body. The laser cauterizes the wound and seals it from spreading cancer cells.

FYI: Surgery only targets what can be seen. Cancer may resurface at a later date elsewhere in the body or continue to proliferate at the original site.



Malignant cells cannot survive in temperatures over 107.6 F

Raising body temperature internally above 42 C has been shown to damage and kill cancer cells.

Far Infrared heat therapy is known as Thermal Therapy or Hyperthermia and commonly used in German and Japanese cancer clinics.

NOTE: Thermal therapy is complimentary to conventional oncology and may be used in a supportive role, in tandem with the orthodox oncology protocols, chemotherapy or radiation.

Far Infrared heat (emitted by the sun and present in all living things), promotes elimination of acidic waste, heavy metals, supports pain relief and emotional relaxation.
FYI: There are now many Far Infrared units available to the public. The majority are traditional 'wet' saunas' that emit very little far infrared. Pure far infrared thermal therapy is a 'dry' heat and should be positioned close to the body.

Thermal therapy is not yet understood or used as a common standard protocol by conventional oncology in the USA:

1) Despite the pioneer work of surgeon and cancer researcher Dr. Coley (1862-1936).

2) Despite the fact that hyperthermia is acknowledged by both the National Cancer Institute and The American Cancer Society.

3) Despite the fact that hyperthermia has been used for decades in Japan and Europe as a cancer protocol.

Cannabinoids CBD's and THC found in Cannabis Oil, promote shrinkage of tumors and elimination of cancer.

Cannabis Oil is now known worldwide thanks to Rick Simpson - - the Indica plant produces the most potent and effective oil according to Mr. Simpson's research and use.

Cannabis Oil is usually dispensed in plastic syringes, glass vials or capsules, available from Medicinal Marijuana Clinics, or made by a private party.

Ongoing worldwide studies have proven Cannabis Oil kills cancer and may also be successfully used for pain, nausea, appetite, insomnia and relaxation. Cannabis Oil may be applied directly to skin cancer lesions.

THCA, a non psycho-active cannabinoid, is medicinally activated by juicing of the leaves, or when eaten as salad or used in pesto:

Colorado and Oregon are two states where it is easy to find Cannabis Oil, which is also used to control seizures - often used for children.

The human brain has endo-cannabinoids and receptors, thus working in harmony with the cannabinoids of cannabis.

2013: Cannabis Oil recognized as a standard cancer protocol in Spain. Cannabis research in Israel is off the charts and has scientifically proven that cannabis works for Cancer, PTSD, Memory Loss, Traumatic Head Injuries, MS, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, Lupus, Chrone's Disease, Liver Disease, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorders and much more.

Thousands of Medical Studies:

Watch the series "The Sacred Plant - Healing Secrets Exposed" and be prepared to discover what can no longer be denied, lied about, or covered up.

Note: CBD oil is not the same. It comes from the Hemp plant and does not contain THC.

ONGOING PERSECUTION. Conventional propaganda and restrictions by 'the forces that be' are being exposed and shot down. Cannabis is winning.

The U.S. conducted cannabis studies in 1974 - The Virginia THC Studies - and discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis but chose to cover up and bury the results. Unlike Chemo and Radiation which tortures the immune system and seriously harms the body, Cannabis Oil only targets malignant cells.

The U.S. government has CBD patents and sells synthetic forms of Cannabis Oil yet has criminalized it stating that is has no medicinal value and is addictive. Then why do they sell it themselves!

Criminalization of a natural medicinal plant that is so incredibly valuable to human health, is criminal. Cannabis not only restores quality of life, it saves lives.




Dr. Joseph Issels
of Germany, who researched and treated cancer for 50 yrs, asserts that poisoning from infected teeth is one of the prime causes of cancer, a viewpoint supported by extensive research and studies worldwide, including Dr. Thomas Rau of Switzerland, Dr. Westin Price and Dr. Hal Huggins, USA.

Check tooth meridians related to cancer location:

Remove mercury fillings, poison to the body, and to the Pineal Gland which produces melatonin essential for health.

Avoid toxic root canals which trap bacteria - choose a laser cap instead.

Few oncologists and dentists understand or recognize the importance the teeth play in relationship to the health of the body, let alone the correlation to cancer.

Oncology will not recommend root canal or mercury amalgam removal anytime soon.



Sir William Arbuthnot Lane
, a famous British surgeon, repeatedly emphasized he had never known a single case of cancer that had not been preceded by prolonged constipation, resulting in a diseased colon, caused by excess acidity.

Bowel movements MUST occur daily, to remove waste from colon. Constipation creates weight increase, body system malfunction and promotes toxemia.

Stagnant putrefying residues occupying the colon, produce carcinogenic substances, predisposing the body to cancer. Red meat, cheese, milk and grains constipate the body.

Oncologists are not interested in lack of bowel movements or diet change.

Prescribed medications create constipation, including narcotic pain meds, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, antacids, anti-psychotics, calcium and iron supplements.



Impaired liver function commonly predates initial cancer diagnosis.

The liver, compromised by excess acidity, (further damaged by chemo and drugs), is critical for elimination of estrogen, toxic waste, bile production for digestion, filtering and detox of the blood, regulation of body heat, and other varied metabolic processes.

The liver has to be able to eliminate thriving fungus, bacteria, yeast, parasites, dead microbes and cancer cells. Both the liver and colon must be detoxed on a regular basis.

Coffee enemas are claimed to detox the liver. Research if this is for you or not.

Detox naturally: Make green juices using kale, turmeric and ginger root, cilantro, parsley, lemon juice and apple. Consider including brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, daikon radish, asparagus and celery.

ONCOLOGY does not discuss the liver with a cancer patient unless they discover the liver itself has become cancerous. Detoxification of the liver is not promoted.


The Pineal Gland, which looks like a pine cone, is referenced throughout world cultures, and has huge metaphysical significance and importance for the human body, both physically and spiritually.


The Pineal Gland
(third eye), is located near the center of the brain. Activated by light, it controls various bio-rhythms of the body and produces the serotonin derivative melatonin.

Melatonin is the primary hormone responsible for inhibiting cancer cell growth and is therefore critical for health and sleep.

CALCIFICATION: Most people by 17 yrs old have calcification of the pineal gland. Calcification is primarily caused by fluoride (tap water, toothpaste).

Additionally: Mercury (found in CFL light bulbs, vaccinations, tooth fillings, shrimp and tuna), pesticides, sugar, cleaning chemicals and EMF's (cell phone radiation), plus stress and medication.

Protect and look after your Pineal Gland:
1) Expose the head to direct sunshine 20-30 minutes daily to decalcify.

2) Eat alkaline, organic foods to decalcify and induce melatonin production.

3) Hemp Oil induces sleep, relaxation and melatonin production.

4) Eat iodine foods to protect from radiation and to remove fluoride.

5) Take up yoga or Tai Chi or meditation to relax and de-stress, and thereby raise the frequency of the body, thus activating the Pineal Gland.

Global medical studies show a strong link between the pineal gland and cancer, a mutual and dynamic interaction between the lack of secretion of melatonin and malignant growth:

ONCOLOGY does not discuss the Pineal Gland or the production of melatonin with cancer patients.


The body must be cleansed often from negative energy generated by people, environment and drugs.


Avoid toxic chlorinated water - install a shower filter, and use Vitamin C powder in bathtub to neutralize chlorine.

Perform dry skin brushing before bathing.

Soak 20 minutes in Baking Soda / Magnesium Salts / Epsom Salts / Dead Sea Salts to draw excess lactic acid from the body, to remove toxins and to de-stress body, mind and soul.

does not address the effects of chlorinated water, or discuss dry skin brushing. 


The Lymphatic System is critically important in the body’s metabolic waste removal system, which is activated by movement of the body. Inactivity promotes toxin accumulation and disease.

Aerobic Exercise such as brisk walking swinging the arms and legs, re-bounding, aquatics or bicycling, all serve to stimulate the lymphatic system promoting waste elimination.

Other methods include massage, and regular dry skin brushing.

ONCOLOGY does not promote exercise, massage or discuss the Lymphatic System.


Addiction to drugs dramatically reduces their effectiveness, and cripples immune system defense against disease.

Drugs also poison the mind and create side-effects which often require more drugs, resulting in never-ending cycles of illness and disease.

What's your poison?
Antibiotics, pain killers, tranquilizers, cough mixtures, anti-depressants, blood pressure drugs, diabetic drugs, antacids, hormone drugs, weight loss drugs, asthmatic drugs, cholesterol drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, narcotics, alcohol, cigarettes, street drugs, vaccinations ...

Drugs are prescribed like candy, many are unnecessary, untold numbers are incorrectly prescribed. Addiction generates repeat customers and is highly profitable and therefore promoted and encouraged by conventional medicine.

Billions of $$$ are spent by the general public every year to ingest synthetic toxic drugs prescribed by licensed drug dealers.

Common Sense:
Drugs control and suppress symptoms, they do not address or eliminate the source. Drugs are a toxic band-aid. Do the research, get off the poison merry-go-round and discover non-toxic natural healing through diet options, plants, herbs and spices.


Oxycontin is eqivalent to heroin.
Ritalin is equivalent to cocaine.
Adderoll is equivalent to Meth.

Cancer drugs prescribed after chemo, radiation and surgery hospitalization, keep the $$$ rolling in for oncologists until the cancer 'returns' (it never left), or the patient dies.


The Invisible Danger of EMF Energy

How much are you in contact with EMF radiation (electro magnetic frequency) daily? Chances are you don't know, as it is invisible. Buy a Trifield Meter on and discover what is going on in your home or office.

Shot down, denied and covered up, EMF's seriously disrupt natural body frequencies, calcify the Pineal Gland and promote cancer.

1) Remove or unplug all EMF's in bedroom (TV, computer, cell phone, alarm clock), when you sleep. EMF's reduce production of melatonin in the body which is critical for sleep and health.

2) Keep cell phone away from head (use speaker phone or ear buds), and do not carry cell phone on body, or wear bluetooth gadgets on ear. Keep good distance from computer - wash face and hands after computer session.

3) Do not live close to outdoor transformers, GWEN towers and power lines. SMART meters promote cancer and serious illness - refuse installation or move.

Geopathic Stress has been proven to weaken the immune system: water veins, fault lines, earth radiation, electro-magnetic grids.



Remove all Toxic Household Products.

1) Mrs Meyers, Planet, Eco-Me, Bon Ami and Puracy are great alternative non-toxic options.

2) Use laundry detergent that is non-toxic - try Molly's Suds, Seventh Heaven or Dr. Bronner's.

3) Always read labels on everything before buying. Avoid products - toys, food, clothes etc - made in China.

4) CFL light bulbs promote cancer. They contain mercury and EMIT toxic gas. Only use outdoors.

5) Microwave Ovens change DNA and promote cancer.


6) Food may not be stored in plastic containers - use glass. Plastics chemicals leech into food, especially if heated - microwave, water bottles left in car etc.

Plastics: Look for a triangle and the number within it (located on the bottom of every container), which indicates safe or dangerous plastics - 3, 6 and 7 must be thrown away.

7) Eliminate canned foods as the can is coated in BPA, which is known to cause disease and is linked to breast and prostate cancer.



The skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with.

Cosmetics / Body Products:
Remove all products containing aluminum, fluoride, dyes and parabens, all of which promote cancer. Fragrance free is best. Read and understand ingredient label before buying.

Stick to natural fabrics - organic cotton, organic wool (natural fire retardant), cashmere, silk, hemp, bamboo, linen and flax.

Check your wardrobe, and read labels before buying. PJ's, bed sheets, blankets and comforter MUST be a natural fiber such as 100% cotton, bamboo or silk - NEVER sleep on, or wear, polyester or nylon sheets or clothing.

Fabrics besides clothing include household furniture, carpets, cushions, curtains.

Check your mattress. What you lie on for 8 hours nightly, seriously affects your health. A mattress should be made of organic cotton and wool, latex (rubber resin - dunlop method), and preferably no metal springs or metal base. Palmpring, Savvyrest and Vivetique are natural, organic mattresses, the best on the market so far.


Polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex, rayon and acetate cause cancer, as well as serious breathing problems, skin problems, headaches and body pain.

1) Throw away all clothing that contains nylon which is a leading promoter of cancer. Unfortunately, most bras are nylon!

2) Sleepwear and robes are commonly polyester - choose only natural fabrics.

3) Anything flame retardant or wrinkle free is toxic. Dry Cleaning is highly toxic. Dryer sheets are toxic.


Sleep must be allowed as often as the body dictates.

Bedroom should be pitch black using heavy drapes, for deep sleep, thereby inducing melatonin production, detoxification and healing.

Lack of sleep induces serious stress, weight gain, a compromised immune system, aging and disease. Without sleep the body cannot relax, rejuvenate and heal.

Prescribed sleep medication is disruptive and addictive.

Tip: Lavender promotes relaxation and sleep. Try aromatherapy.


"If fun and a meaningful life make an important contribution to healing cancer, the question begs whether their absence encourages the disease"
- Lothar Hirneise.

Avoid serious, chaotic, upsetting, negative energy from family or friends, which is energetically draining. Remove and release all negative, toxic relationships.

Reduction of stress hormone cortisol is a MUST.

Embrace positive, supportive, compassionate, family and friends. The energy of love is calming, uplifting and healing.

Laughter is an incredibly powerful therapy - watch very funny movies. Watch the movie "Anatomy of an Illness"' for inspiration - a true story about Norman Cousins who cured himself of illness.

Connect with survivor groups, people that have experienced the same cancer. Internet groups are bountiful, compassionate and supportive.

Live in the moment and do everything that makes you happy and feel good.

Oncologists are professional chemotherapists that promote and follow set protocols they must not waiver from. Patients are simply fearful customers participating in ongoing science experiments.

Oncologists are not transparent. Many threaten and intimidate clients who challenge their procedures. Research, ask questions, demand honest answers. Understand you can refuse or stop treatment anytime you want to.


PETS - Animals provide unconditional love, companionship, comfort and healing.

It's proven that seniors, children, singles, and the sick, thrive when having a pet in their life. The pet gives them happiness, purpose and a reason to live.




Natural methods such as Chi Lel Qigong and Reiki are powerful healing modalities - Look up Luke Chan on YouTube for Chi Lel. 

2) Yoga or Tai Chi will help relax, de-stress, strengthen, detox and release energetic negativity. Also consider meditation.

3) Aura, Chakras and Meridians
- energy centers and pathways need to be clear, aligned and balanced. Acupuncture and Reflexology are two options that promote this, besides martial arts.

4) Massage often triggers release of painful negative emotions and memories locked inside the body - essential for detoxification.

Aromatherapy - Essential Oils that target cancer: Frankincense, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Chamomile, Lemon Grass, May Chang, Boswellia sacra.

Ancient natural healing therapy. Soothing, calming, balancing. Scent changes feelings and emotional state.

6) Color therapy
may be incorporated via visualization, clothing and interior design. Choose fabrics and colors that make you feel good and reflect who you are within.

7) EFT
(commonly known as tapping). Calm yourself, release and resolve emotional issues pain and distress in the present moment, and from the past. Incredibly easy to do, anywhere, anytime.

FREE EFT Manual - click to download pdf.

Body work is ignored, overlooked and misunderstood by conventional medicine but widely acknowledged and practiced in Asian society for centuries.


Music / Meditation / Chanting.


Sound soothes, uplifts and heals. Play music that inspires, creates inner strength, and has happy memories. Meditation, chanting and prayer are important healing tools.

Water reacts to vibrational energy and thought, as proven by Dr. Masaru Emoto. 75% of the body is water, thereby music, singing and chanting changes the energetic frequency and vibration of the mind and body.

Sample meditations - watch full screen:

Vibration changes form at atomic and sub-atomic levels of creation (cymatics), as proven by Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny -

Both Tesla and Rife (now deceased), understood the forces of energetic vibration to create and to heal. One day, mankind will discover the frequency that can be used to vibrate cancer cells to self destruct.

Conventional American protocol is not yet understanding or widely inclusive of European electrotherapy also known as electro-medicine or bio-resonance.

Germany and Russia are the current leading experts on Electrotherapy which is energetic frequency applied as vibrational healing of the body.


Being that everything in creation is energy, Feng Shui is an ancient science correcting energy imbalance in the environment, specifically your home.

Homes are conducive to either health, wealth or relationships. If a home proves conducive to frequent illness or degenerative disease, adjust the energy, move your bed if needed, or relocate if nothing improves.

Check energy of home for energy imbalance, indoors and out. Quick home reference Annual Visual Chart.

2023: The EAST compass direction of dwellings is sickness energy - remedy with placement of heavy metal objects - NO fire, candles or red colors. No plants, earth or ceramics. Do not sleep here.

General: Home must be clean and uncluttered (including cupboards). Re-arrange furniture to shift and improve energy if illness is severe, especially in bedroom where patient sleeps. Alternatively, move to another room in the home to sleep. Replace mattress if the patient dies.

Remove any possessions that trigger sadness, depression or discomfort. Ask your friends how they feel when they visit your home for feedback.

Remove all garbage, junk and stagnate water, both inside and outside the property.

The energy of our environment is Ignored in general Western society, but acknowledged in Asian society and applied.


Get outdoors as often as possible to connect with nature.

Yes, go hug a tree - the frequency of the tree is very powerful, healing and soothing to the human body.

The ocean, waterfalls and mountain plateaus are potent natural medicine due to their negative ions which improve our ability to absorb oxygen by neutralizing damaging free radicals known as positive ions. Negative ions balance serotonin levels making us feel happy, re-energized and relaxed.


Walk and sit barefoot on grass or sand as frequently as possible for at least 15-30 minutes, known as Earthing.

Dr. James Oschman an expert in biophysics energy medicine, has shown that there is a transfer of free electrons - powerful antioxidants - that help ease inflammation as well as cell and tissue damage.

Tragically, nature is considered a source to be raped, plundered and exploited. It is not regarded as a source of healing and natural medicine when in fact it is the most powerful besides love.

Of Note:

Outstanding Cancer Treatment Centers:

- Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle - Switzerland.
- Hippocrates Health Institute - Florida, USA.
- Reno Intergrative Medical Clinic - Nevada, USA.
- Issels Intergrative Oncology Centers.
- Klinic St Georg - Germany.
- 3E-Center - Germany.

These centers address both the mind and the body. An alkaline diet, detoxification therapies, and hyperthermia (far infrared heat), are commonly integrated into alternative cancer protocols.

There are many other locations that can be researched. Beware general clinics in Mexico who offer protocols with no proof and charge cash up front. Research first!

Message From Zac.


Terminal osteosarcoma.

Zac Sobiech was only given a few months to live but he chose to spend it at home with his family and friends. He wrote a song about his cancer that went viral on YouTube called "Clouds", which became a worldwide sensation, and brought him media fame and artist tributes. Sales from his song go to fund cancer research projects.

Zac's video titled "My Last Day", has been viewed by over 11 million people:

Zac spent his last months laughing, loving and living. He left behind cards and video messages to his loved ones. He exemplified grace and selflessness beyond his years.

"You don't have to find out your dying to start living." - Zac Sobiech.


Cancer is a thunderous wake-up
call to change your life ... 

 ... to detox your mind and body, to release, change and LET GO of all negative energy including emotions, unhealthy diet, self-medications, unsupportive people, a toxic environment. When would NOW be a good day to begin?

All protocols presented on this page are to inform the cancer patient, their family and friends, what options are available to prevent, fight and kill cancer.

When a patient is first diagnosed with cancer, the immune system is already seriously compromised and has been so for many months (frequently 1-2 years), before being detected. 

Any protocols chosen by the cancer patient should be deeply researched before being decided upon, especially chemotherapy, radiation and drugs resulting in consequences of which many cannot be reversed.

1) If conventional protocol is chosen, research must be undertaken to understand what contraindications may exist if alternative protocols are also chosen as intergrative therapy.

2) It must be understood that if alternative healing protocols are introduced AFTER following conventional protocols, the alternative protocols may well have less effect, as damage from conventional protocols can be irreversible.

Which way

It is unwise to make decisions from fear.

"When considering the health of the body as a whole, including the mind, it must first be understood that the body is made up of many billions of living cells, each one a separate, tiny, living organism which needs to be individually sustained.

If each individual cell receives the nutrition and oxygen it needs and has its personal waste products removed, it will be healthy. And if every cell in the body is likewise healthy, then it follows that the entire body will be healthy too.

Although medical drugs may sometimes provide relief from disease symptoms, in the long run they cannot do anything but harm to the patient because, as unnatural substances in the body, they place further strain on already overworked organs which correctly sense a drug to be a poison to be neutralized and expelled.

Thus drugs only cause further deterioration of the "milieu interieur" (the environment within the body), with consequential additional distress, the symptoms of which are nonchalantly referred to as "side effects". When, as often happens, additional medicine is prescribed to counter the side effects, the vicious circle is complete.

Thus it is easy to understand why iatrogenic disease - disease caused by medical treatment - is now recognized as a major cause of death, which of course it always has been.

- Extract from The Milieu intérieur (The Environment Within), Chapter 2 of "Health and Survival in the 21st Century" by Ross Horne.

Road Road

The cancer journey ahead is hard, unknown, long and frustrating. Be patient, acknowledge all the emotions you experience, and release them.

Focus on where you want to go, not where you don't want to go. Choose to see the beauty of living. LET GO of emotional trauma and stress.

Be calm, relax, breath, research, change your previous lifestyle, and erase cancer. REFUSE to allow it to erase you!


HeartThis page is dedicated to my great grandmother, my grandfather (both lung cancer), my nanna (brain cancer), my favorite aunt (breast cancer), and my beloved cousin Paul, who all died.

It is also dedicated to my dearest friends ... Dave in the UK who succumbed to cancer throughout his body after a fierce battle of several years, one who had a double mastectomy in 2012 (she now has chemo brain and takes chemo meds), one who died in 2012 losing his third round with cancer, and my dearest 'Bear' who crossed over on December 21st, 2013.

Bear only 38 yrs old, battled bone marrow cancer for several months. He chose orthodox protocol which created secondary cancers, terrible side effects including iatrogenic disease, and endless humiliation, pain and suffering. He was a medical experiment that was horribly out of control, halted only because the doctors ran out of drug options and his body could not take anymore.

Out of fear, lack of understanding, and denial, no-one stopped his descent into living hell. No human being should have to endure what he did. No loved one should have to witness it, or believe there are no other options.

Bear has left me with a gift of a deeper knowledge of cancer, what it really is, and the many options we have.

It's all about choices.

Knowledge, Choices, Natural Therapies.

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