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- the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna, Far Infrared Heating Pad, Electro Reflex Energizer and the E-Power Machine. The healing powers of nature utilized by medically advanced Japanese technology to work in perfect harmony with the body, plus health, diet and nutritional guidance.

Acclaimed international medical device for passive aerobic respiration exercise and massage, far infrared heat therapy and detoxification, powerful reflexology and electrotherapy to power up your body.

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Cutting edge technology for home or business. For all ages from children to seniors.

Healthcare and Fitness:

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna

Far Infrared Heating Pad

Electro Reflex Energizer

E-Power Machine

SOQI Sauna Bed

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Natural Health and Wellness.

Power of

CHI is the natural life force within all living things, stimulated by the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Alternative natural health remedies and therapies, are simply a return to nature using the intelligence and non-toxic healing powers within the human body.

Important, in-depth, current natural news health guidance and mind-expanding articles relative to all of us in our daily lives regarding natural health remedies, diet, nutrition, alternative healing, physical and emotional wellness. Special sections on Cancer and Feng Shui.

Four outstanding supplements, plus extensive diet and nutritional guidance.

Natural Home Health:
HTE established in 1990 - 11 Global Head Offices. Outstanding quality products for health, fitness and wellness.

Sun Ancon Chi


The Doctors
                      TV show

Created in Japan for long-term sustained use. For all body types.

Internationally acclaimed medical device, the ORIGINAL Chi Machine, formerly known as the Sun Harmony.

Massage, passive aerobic exercise
healthy back support, energy, mental focus, temporary muscle pain relief, sounder sleep and relaxation.

Built to last for 15 to 20yrs plus - strong, solid, durable, quiet.

For ages 4 to 100yrs - For all occupations and lifestyles

Australian Clinical Trials focusing on Lymphoedema Endorsed by prestigious international medical centers.

27 Global Patents

Global awards for excellence. Millions sold worldwide. 27 years of International reviews and experiences

Chi Machine Media includes: 'Fit For Fun' and 'Elle' magazine, professional athletes in the USA, Canada and Europe, global spas, health care practitioners (traditional and alternative), voted Terry Bradshaw's MSNBC 'Pick Of The Week' and featured on four international TV health shows including 'The Doctors'.

Imitation Chi Machines - You get what you pay for.

The foundation of health is so simple - GET YOUR BODY MOVING!

Far Infrared Sauna Home Therapy.


Invented in Japan, the country which has one of the highest ranking health levels in the world.

No other company has been able to duplicate the superior technology of the SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna.


Until the past decade or so, far infrared units was only used in the USA for newborns. Today acclaimed health institutions such as Hippocrates in Florida, have chosen Far Infrared Dome's to promote and support wellness.

Far Infrared heat energy - also known as thermal therapy - is used across Europe and Asia for multiple health challenges and serious healing. 

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna are frequently used for combination home health therapy. Medical bills, toxic drugs and invasive procedures are not your only options.

Low EMF - just over 2.0 milligauss. Perfect micron range, 8-10.

The Power of Reflexology.



Powerful reflexology massage, primarily used for the feet and legs, but may also be used for hands and wrists. Six electrode pads are included which act like TENS units for the body.

Based on the ancient art of Reflexology, the acupressure points in the soles of the feet receive powerful massaging waves of stimulation from the machine which relieves muscle fatigue, aches, pains and soreness, but also serves to bring back feeling where there is numbness.

Health benefits are incurred by this Japanese machine's specific frequency, in addition to the stimulation of the meridians in the arms and legs.

Power up your entire body!

EP small

Healing therapy from head to toe.

The E-Power machine generates low frequency electromagnetic waves that stimulate the body, creating hours of energy with re-connection and communication of the body's electrical circuitry. It has anti-aging properties, boosts the bodies ATP and negative ions, and much more.

This Japanese medical device is revolutionary technology, highly recommended to benefit multiple health challenges as reported by countless users, doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Electrotherapy, also known as Electro-Medicine, is commonly used for health in Germany, Russia and Japan, all three acclaimed for their superiority in the medical field.


Health and Happiness in life
are intimately intertwined.

Any questions, anytime, day or night.

Chi Machine International
was honored to receive HTE's SOQI Health and Beauty, #1 International Distributor, Global Award 2014
. Passionate about helping others and being able to make a difference, so thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this everyday for over 15 years. Thank you!

HEALING THERAPIES: Healthcare and Fitness

Motion Energy  |  FIR Thermal Energy

Electrotherapy - Electro Medicine

Introduction to the Sun Ancon
Chi Machine:


The original Chi Machine makes a difference as reported by customers worldwide for over 25 years now. Used alone (or in conjunction with the Far Infrared Dome), multiple benefits support health and wellness with no chance of injury, no drugs and no toxic side effects.

Daily Exercise and Fitness: Get your body moving. Enjoy a no-sweat, subtly energizing, effortless 'work-out' via low impact, passive aerobic respiration exercise within the comfort of your home or at the office during lunch.

Muscles are not targeted (as with anaerobic exercise), but athletic performance is enhanced - commonly used to warm up or cool down.

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine -  Regulated, Class 1 Therapeutic Massager in the USA - Classified as a Medical Device in Japan, Australia and Canada.

Flinders University in South Australia conducted clinical trials under the guidance of world renowned lymphologist Professor Neil Piller.

Three arm

Lie down, relax and do nothing.
This incredibly simple machine does it all for you.

Detailed, step by step Instructions how to use the Chi Machine.

Inoue and

Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue, is the Sun Ancon Chi Machine creator who teamed up exclusively with Gordon C. Pan, the founder of HTE, in 1990.

The Original Chi Machine continues to be in demand worldwide because it works, and is built to last 15 to 20 yrs plus.

Sun Harmony Chi Machine
Sun Harmony is the old brand name, since changed to Sun Ancon, along with an externally modified machine design.

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Health is all about keeping the body in motion.


Walk, jog, bike, swim, dance ... just move!
FYI: April 2016 - The World Health Organization announced that 1 in 11 people worldwide have diabetes risking multiple serious health complications. Daily exercise and diet change is an important option to consider more than ever. Sedentary lifestyles are not conducive to well-being.

The importance of physical movement is scientifically proven to maintain health and wellness mentally, emotionally and physically. Oxygen levels in the body navigate the difference between being healthy or not.

Aerobic Respiration Exercise (oxygen is absorbed and CO2 given off), enhances the function of the body, calms the mind promoting relaxation, mental clarity and focus, sounder sleep, and supports a multitude of health benefits.

Physical motion kick starts the lymphatic system which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins. When the body stops moving, toxicity starts accumulating and begins to poison the body.

Chi Machine motion.
Correct oscillation speed of 140-144/minute - a perfect figure of eight - verses incorrect multi-speed imitation machines with plastic parts.

Specific motion and one set speed whilst lying flat supports the back - a popular option used by chiropractors to help relax their patients - and stimulates the autonomic nervous system promoting relaxation


Imitation Chi Machines imposters:
Whenever something REALLY works, someone creates an imitation. The problem is, the imitation does not work as well as the original.

INSTANTLY recognize Chi Machine imitations, compare them against the original Sun Ancon detailed specifications and decide. Check out our buyer guide, Chi Machine Comparison Chart

'The Chi Machine' is actually a TRADEMARKED name belonging to the original Chi Machine, invented by Dr. Inoue, known as the Sun Ancon, sold exclusively by HTE.

Chi Machine Myths, Scams, Falsehoods
Internet disinformation set straight.


Introduction to Far Infrared (FIR)
Heat Therapy:

Heat Therapy - also known as Thermal Therapy or Hyperthermia - has been used professionally for decades throughout Asia, especially Japan and is also widely used across Europe,  especially Germany, is now available for home use in Australia, Europe, Canada, the USA and across Asia.

Far Infrared heat increases circulation and relieves pain, swelling and inflammation, due to temperature elevation. FIR heat - radiated from the sun and present within every living being - is natural energy to maintain health and heal the body with no toxicity or side effects.

The SOQI Far Infrared Dome:

Far Infrared Dome - Grande Size
Also known as the Far Infrared Dome 'dry sauna' - revolutionary technology now available for use in your home or business. Far Infrared is a gentle, subtle penetrating 'dry' heat. Clothing does not have to be removed. The Far Infrared Dome is light and portable.

The first Far Infrared sauna to be introduced to North America, no traditional sauna company has been able to duplicate the SOQI Dome's advanced technology.

Far Infrared Sauna's
Comparison data, clarification and information - Buyers Guide.


Far Infrared Dome Sauna - natural healing for your Pets

Far Infrared (FIR) Medical Device:
The SOQI Far Infrared Dome is classified as a medical device in Japan, Australia and Canada.

SOQI health spa.

A far infrared ceramic heater for the body.

The SOQI Health Spa
Healing from head to toe. Far Infrared heat therapy combined with passive aerobic respiration exercise.

The SOQI Spa Bed
Perfect for home use or private health spas. Available from USA, Canada and Australia. This is a luxury setup, with an all in one control panel and built in music MP3 player. One bed, one Original Chi Machine and three Far Infrared Domes.

May be used in the home or integrated into any health care business.


Other Far Infrared Products:


FIR Healing Pad - Great for everyday pain relief.

FIR Back Support Belt - Ideal for posture and muscle support, also used as a waist cincher.

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Health Guidance: Diet, Nutrition, Cancer and Environmental Toxins:

Weight loss is a quest for so many people. A critical consideration is the amount of acidic food you eat every day which feeds and creates illness, disease and weight challenges.

Anti-Cancer Diet
Focus MUST be alkaline food - eliminate sugar and foods that turn into sugar (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice). Sugar feeds cancer. Feed your body natural, organic, whole foods to maintain health and stay well.

Are you overweight? - Calculate your BMI.

Do you need serious immune system support? try BetaLoe - For microcirculation try SOQI CircuGo energy drink, composed of antioxidants, works rapidly.

Go Green - Organic diet supplement to enhance pH balance, mental focus, energy and optimal cell nutrition. NOT just another green drink.

Enzymes - Nearly everyone is enzyme depleted due to eating too much cooked food. Here is a new diet shopping list to try, with lots of health information as to why, and what you need to include.

Poison. Poison
The glaring absence of truth in school education and media advertising due to corporate control, ensures you and your family grow up consuming food and drink that makes you ill. Read the truth about McDonald's, Milk, the Atkins Diet, Coke, Fluoride, Whey.

Aluminum Poisoning - Have you checked your deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and cookware? Prevent illness by identifying and removing these common heavy metals and household product toxins.

Chemtrails and Vaccines
Toxic chemicals. Disturbing facts about the world we live in.

Radiation Contamination
From the ocean to airport scanners, this is a serious ongoing invisible health threat.

Online magazine with world health news, discoveries and natural healing sources. Eye opening and must read articles.

Feng Shui - Beauty Tips - Which Plastics are Safe

CANCER 911 Cancer information and guidance. Choices, consequences and facts you probably don't know.

Illness - How to be sick - You are probably already an expert. Relationships, you and the world.

Killer Reality - Want to know reasons why you are sick? Electromagnetic fields (EMF's), such as your cell phone, and other dangers. Learn how to protect yourself.

Dare To Say No!
The choice you make are critical. Are you a victim?


Welcome to International Health and Natural Healing:

All machines come from HTE, an international Asian company in business for over 25 years with worldwide exclusive trademarked and patent rights. Scientifically and medically proven, all HTE machines last for many years and very rarely break down.

HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise) - The Company:

HTE first introduced the Sun Ancon Chi Machine in 1990, manufactured by Skylite corporation in Japan, and has since gained multiple patents and awards around the world.

International headquarters are located across Asia as well as in Sydney, Australia,  Los Angeles, USA and Toronto, Canada. HTE's products are cutting edge innovative technology, respected and copied by industry peer groups.

Become a distributor and earn an income as you help people worldwide. Excellent for health care professionals, complimentary to both conventional and alternative. Take a look at this world map showing Chi Machine HTE locations and local distributor contacts.

HTE machine are constantly in growing demand across the globe because they work. Popular countries also include:

France - Norway - Spain - Germany - Vietnam - S.Africa

News Blog - The latest HTE products, International policies, health updates, technical advice and personal commentary.

About Us - Health before wealth is just an expression until you become sick. We seriously care about helping others and making a difference in the lives of people that seek natural healing therapies.


The health choices you make today,
determine your tomorrow's!

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Natural Healing Machines
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International personal care 24/7 - Rapid response to all questions and special requests. Expert guidance. Exceptional personal service.


Extensive Information on health, diet, nutrition and home therapy healing machines.

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which should be obtained from a qualified health practitioner. Chi Machine International does not claim that any HTE product presented herein will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Chi Machine International will not be held liable for any adverse effects resulting from use of HTE products, or by any individual who chooses to pursue information presented herein, as they do so solely at their own discretion. Always ask questions and research everything.

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