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Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

chi machine

The Original Chi Machine SDM-888

Strong, Solid, Durable.
Known to last 15-20yrs.

Not sold on eBay or Amazon.com

b The Original Chi Machine

Sale $480.00 (reg. price $549.00)
Including FREE washable ankle-rest cover (value $3.00).

Passive aerobic exercise promotes temporary muscle pain relief, circulation, oxygen, stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, promotion of metabolic waste elimination via the lymphatic system, gentle back support, mental focus, sounder sleep, relaxation and much more.

Use the Original Chi Machine before breakfast for a kick start to the day, or before bed for relaxation. Begin at 4-6 minutes (1-2 minutes if frail), and work up to 15-20 minutes per session. Also ideal for warming up and cooling down.

FYI: This is the Original Chi Machine as showcased on four TV health shows, endorsed worldwide by health care professionals and athletes as well as prestigious health and sport magazines and medical journals. Used in health clinics, day spas, yoga centers and hospitals.

 May be used anywhere, anytime - Ages 4yrs to 100yrs.


E-Power Machine.


Comes with one belt
and one silver indicator pen.

E-Power - Sale $599.00 (reg. price $649.00)

Electrotherapy Energy promotes reconnection and communication of the electrical circuitry of the body. It boosts ATP, generates hours of energy, promotes pH balance of the body, promotes bowel movement, anti-aging properties, and pain relief.

The E-Power has a belt that you wrap around your waist (velcro closure) connected to a portable, lightweight control unit. Sit back, put your feet up on a stool, a couch, or a bed, relax and rejuvenate the body's negative ion field and every cell from head to toe. Choose from three settings, low, medium or high, and length of time - 30 minutes to 1 hour is ideal.

The human body is a natural electro-magnetic generator. Electrotherapy creates reconnection and communication promoting correction and healing.

What is Electrotherapy

The Electro Reflex Energizer.



Comes with x6 electro-pads
and remote control.

Electro Reflex Energizer
Sale $450.00 (reg. price $480.00)

Powerful Reflexology Energy with heat via the soles of the feet, addressing loss of sensation, and pain and soreness in feet and legs. You may also place your hands/wrists/arms on top of the machine. Use the included six electro-pads (which act as TENS units), to target local pain such as shoulders and sore muscles.

Sit down, place your feet onto the black foot pad area and relax. Machine comes with a remote control to adjust the strength of energy received. Choose from four available settings - 15 to 30 minutes per session is ideal.

Electrotherapy is used extensively in Germany and Russia.

Far Infrared
Back Support Belt.


Also used as a waist cincher.

bBack Support and Waist Cincher.

Far Infrared Waist and Back Support

Sale $79.00 (reg. price $99.00)

Far Infrared Back Support Belt and Waist Cincher.
Suitable for anyone sitting long hours, long distance drivers, construction workers, athletes, sales people, anyone prone to back injury, anyone on their feet for long hours etc

Works great as a waist cincher!
Promote, correct and maintain posture.



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Any single machine plus a FIR Pad qualifies as Mix and Match.

Original Chi Machine - $450.00 (reg. price $549.00)
ERE - $430.00 (reg. price $480.00)
E-Power Machine - $
560.00 (reg. price $649.00)
FIR Heating Pad - $149.50 (reg.price $199.00)

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