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Humans are like snowflakes, no two are identical.
Many factors must be taken into consideration when maintaining personal health and wellness, including, but not limited to: age, diet, environmental toxins and electro-magnetic frequencies, drugs, vaccination history, mental/emotional challenges, karma, etc. This is applicable to ALL healing modalities and protocols worldwide.

There is NO 'one size fits all', no 'magic pill', but nothing can beat the natural healing powers of nature as utilized by the four machines below, each with unique healing properties. Over 30 years of global feedback from users worldwide attest to health changing, positive benefits.


Need help with a specific health challenge?
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Holistic Therapy - Four Outstanding Healing Machines:
Complimentary intergrative modalities - natural healing as
nature intended, working with the bodies natural energies. We hope you enjoy the articles and guidance:

Sun Ancon Chi Machine | Far Infrared Dome

Electro Reflex Energizer | E-Power Machine


Chi Machine.

Passive Aerobic Exercise:
Get your body moving!

The Original Chi Machine.

The Importance of Oxygen
All living things need oxygen.

Get your body moving.

Healthy Lung Function
Aerobic exercise, yoga and far Infrared.

Back, Neck, Shoulder Focus
Temporary relief from muscle pain.

Aerobic Exercise and Weight
Side benefit.

Excessive adrenaline and latic acid.

Diet and exercise.

Australian clinical trials and feedback.

Medical Advice
Dr. Hinwood - Australia.

American Opthalmologist on a mission.

Sheffield Newspaper UK
British newspaper journalist discovers
relaxation and passive aerobic exercise.

International Endorsements
Journals, Leading Magazines, Athletes,
Health Spas, Health Care Professionals.

Is the Chi Machine for me?
Take a look ...


Far Infrared Dome
and Sun Ancon Chi Machine
used as combined therapy - motion energy and thermal energy.

USAChi Machine USA

canadaChi Machine Canada

australiaChi Machine Australia

UKChi Machine UK

europeChi Machine Europe


Thermal Therapy:
The power of Far Infrared.

Unmatched by any other Far Infrared sauna.

What is Far Infrared Therapy
All living things need Far Infrared.

Far Infrared Dome Experiences

Thermal Therapy and the Prostate

Far Infrared Dome - Dr. Lipton
American Opthalmologist's opinion.

Far Infrared and your Pets

The future of medicine has arrived:
PEMF machines.


The power of reflexology.


Power up your whole body!

What is Electrotherapy
Also known as Electro Medicine.
All living things are electrical energy.

More articles coming soon ...


International health and beauty news, eye-opening articles, health discoveries and natural healing products. A treasure chest of valuable information.

mexicoMexican Americans

vietnamVietnamese Americans

chinaChi Machine China


The Chi Machine
is for your health
and wellness,
for everyone
you love.

The Original Chi Machine is for Everyone, 
For All Ages, Occupations and Body Types:

1) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is for everyone from 4yrs to 100yrs - Children, Seniors, Housewives, Athletes, Retail or Office Staff, Students, Construction Workers, Students, Teens etc.

2) The benefits of a low impact aerobic workout without the spine jarring effect of running, jogging or rebounding.

3) Portable, can be used anywhere, anytime.

4) Passive aerobic exercise maintains health and improves physical wellness compromised by lifestyle choices.

The Original Chi Machine
makes a difference
mobility, energy and
mental focus.

H Perfect for Seniors, the Physically Challenged and anyone experiencing daily physical debilitation and lack of mental focus.

Motion energy supports everybody deprived of general health due to inactivity, aging or illness. Used worldwide in nursing homes and senior citizen centers. Ideal for home bound seniors that can't get out on a daily basis to take a walk, or swim or bike ride.

When inactive, body functions are less than optimal and will decline, causing pain and and illness. The Chi Machine will temporarily relieve muscle aches and pains.

The original Chi Machine has been endorsed by various medical associations worldwide.


Users include famous
Australian Athlete
Solomon Haumono,

celebrities - leading
magazines, spas,
clinics, health care



H Perfect for Athletes and Sports Coaches - Martial Arts - Dancers - Military - Health Clubs, Home Workouts.

Motion energy enables athletes to loosen up, to warm up and to cool down, before and after games and workouts. Many injuries occur when the body has not been warmed up and prepared for physical activity.

Physical movement helps in mental focus, an important aspect in order for athletes to achieve optimal performance.

Used to cool down, the machine promotes the release of lactic acid, temporarily relieving any muscle pain and soreness incurred from anaerobic activity.

H Retreats, Day Spas, Yoga Centers.

As with athletes, an excellent way to warm-up and to cool down. Your natural Chi (life force energy) is stimulated, felt as a soothing energy wave when the machine stops. A state of meditation and relaxation is induced via gentle oscillation from side to side like a fish swimming, due to stimulation of the Autonomic Nervous System

Trusted and recommended by chiropractors, kinesiologists, health centers, physio-therapists, masseuses, optometrists, reflexologists, day spas and sports trainers in various countries.


Tired, fed-up, stressed,
no energy, can't sleep,
aches and pains?

The Chi Machine is a
no matter
your reason for not
wanting to exercise.

H Stressed Housewives - Crazed Parents - Business Executives and Workaholics.

4-6 minutes on the Chi Machine during lunch break or whilst the kids nap enables unparalleled, rapid mental calm, relaxation, relief and a subtle energy boost. Sweatless, simple and easy to use, even in a business suit or dress, it temporarily rejuvenates the body, relieving muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders, mental focus is sharpened, all thereby increasing both productivity and morale.

HHyperactive Children and Unhappy Teens.

The gentle movement of the machine promotes focus and calmness, balancing and soothing mental and emotional upset. Passive aerobic exercise promotes a more positive state of emotion and mental outlook for both kids and adults.

HComputer Workers and Students - Physical Laborers/Construction Workers.

Computers disrupt your sleep patterns, cause mental turmoil and headaches, turn sleep patterns upside down and create muscle aches and pains in the neck, shoulders and back. Physical labor causes muscle stress all over, a well as mental fatigue.

The Chi Machine motion reduces physical discomfort by re-balancing, revitalizing and realigning. The machine temporarily relieves muscle pain and soreness, relaxing the body and the mind thus supporting sound sleep which thereby promotes healing and a return to natural body system functioning and state of being. Sleep is critical for the body to repair itself and to remain healthy.


Exercise, relaxation and healing has never been
so simple!

Original Chi Machine Instructions

Easy to use, no chance of injury, completely natural - just lie down, relax, and let the machine take care of your mind, body and spirit.

- -

Everything in creation is energy.
Music, colors, food, your body,
your home ...
take a look at your
life, and see how you're doing.


For family, home or business.

All healing

Let food be your medicine.
This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Chi Machine International does not claim that any HTE product presented herein will diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Always ask questions and research everything.

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