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What causes fibromyalgia? After a long journey, the answers began to unfold. Culprits appear to be depleted oxygen, lactic acid, low ATP, stress, and excess adrenaline.

Let's start at the beginning ...

What is Fibromyalgia?
More commonly reported by women, effects can be extremely debilitating causing super sensitivity to touch, a huge lack of energy, exhausting tiredness, extreme aches, soreness, acute pain from head to toe, and even not being able to sit up in bed

This fierce daily battle leads to tears and depression, compounds stress, despair and anger, as well as inducing insomnia. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is considered a related disorder.


The symptoms can stop you from living life.

Conventional medicine has no clue what fibromyalgia is but offers multiple, varying explanations. They freely admit they have 'no cure', giving suggestions as to the cause, symptoms, and what to do, including handing out the usual toxic prescription drugs, whilst many doctors actually dismiss it!

Some classify it as a disease, others do not. Some even say it is a mental disorder. All of it is confusing and frustrating. THE PAIN IS REAL.

So what is the answer? What can be done? Thousands of women need help right now ...


A Journey of Discovery - 2002 to 2016:

The quest for answers began in 2002 and slowly unfolded over time. From massage therapy to removal of suspicious sources such as EMFs. Then the discovery of the importance of exercise / oxygenation, and the culprit ... lactic acid.

2002: Massage therapy, temporary relief.

FACT: Many fibromyalgia symptoms - such as pain, stiffness, fatigue - can be temporarily relieved with massage therapy.

"Fibromyalgia affects approximately 3-6 million people in the U.S., mostly women, according to lead author Tiffany Field, PhD, a researcher with the 'Touch Research Institutes' in Miami. It causes widespread muscle and soft tissue pain, tenderness, and fatigue. A person with fibromyalgia will experience pain when "trigger points" are pressed.

Previous studies have shown that exercise, stretching, relaxation therapy, and massage therapy can provide relief for people with fibromyalgia. Massage therapy has also been shown to reduce pain, stiffness, fatigue and sleeping difficulties.

In a five week study, 20 adults with fibromyalgia received either massage therapy or relaxation therapy twice weekly. The massage was a combination of several types, including Swedish, Shiatsu and Trager, all using moderate pressure. People in another group went to progressive muscle relaxation sessions.

Both groups showed a decrease in anxiety and depressed mood immediately after the first and last therapy sessions. The big difference showed up in their sleep. Only the massage therapy group reported an increase in hours of sleep and a decrease in their sleep movements, as well as lower levels of the chemical messenger for pain, called substance P."

- Author Jeanie Davis - webmd.lycos.com/content/article/1673.5094


2009: Remove all toxins in diet and home.

Fibromyalgia continues to mystify and upset tens of thousands of peoples lives. Diet plays a huge role in any illness and disease of the body. We also now have to contend with invasive EMF's which are deadly, invisible, silent killers. Are they a culprit?

Suggestions ...

1) A radical change in Diet is a good idea. Give up processed foods, eliminate sugar, gluten and dairy. Focus on alkaline foods. Focus on raw, natural, organic food that has not been contaminated with GMO's. Visit your local farmers market for fresh produce.

2) Increase oxygen levels thru movement, daily exercise. Lacking mobility due to pain? Use the Chi Machine - even just 2 minutes to begin, will kick start oxygenation.

3) Decrease EMF's.  Do not sit close to computer screen, wash hands and face after use. Unplug any electronic device in the bedroom before sleeping. Never speak on cell phone unless on speaker-phone, keep it away from your head, and do NOT carry it on your body.

4) Be aware of chemtrails and avoid vaccinations.

5) Avoid prescription drugs.

6) Remove household and environmental toxins in the home.

7) Check that beauty products have natural ingredients and do not include toxic chemicals.

8) Get a gentle massage as often as possible, either from a professional, or a good friend.

9) Try a warm bath with Epsom salts, or jacuzzi, for relaxation and relief.

2010: Increase oxygen levels.

"Evidence suggests that fibromyalgia results from local hypoxia in the muscles - low oxygen - which in turn contributes to muscle tissue breakdown. Patients with fibromyalgia reach the anaerobic threshold in their muscles earlier, thereby using less of the available energy-rich phosphate metabolites at maximal work capacity.

Patients with fibromyalgia have a potential abnormality in high energy phosphate metabolism, as evidenced by significantly lower levels of ATP enzyme and ADP in affected muscles." - essense-of-life.com


The E-Power Machine boosts the
critically important ATP enzyme.


2016: Breakthrough!

Lactic Acid Retention, Excess Adrenaline, Anger ... Who Knew!

Whilst the actual cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown to the conventional medical community and is still open to their speculation, toxic synthetic drugs are NOT the answer. Conventional medicine only attempts to band aid symptoms as opposed to finding the cause, the source, understanding and eliminating it. Drugs do not eliminate fibromyalgia.

However ... exciting news! Michael E. Platt, MD, known internationally as a specialist in bio-identical hormones, is convinced he has identified the source and therefore understands how to eliminate fibromyalgia. He firmly believes fibromyalgia is actually caused by the buildup and retention of lactic acid in muscle tissue and tendon sheaths.

A common cause for lactic acid retention, is persistent muscle tension over a certain amount of time. One reason for this is internalized anger from extremely stressful relationship situations.

The most common reason, is the presence of excess adrenaline. Dr. Platt has witnessed that once these causes are eliminated, the fibromyalgia disappears shortly thereafter.

What is most interesting, is that aerobic exercise not only increases oxygen levels needed to counter act the lactic acid retention, but happens to stimulate the autonomic nervous system, thus calming excessive adrenaline production, coupled with improving circulation which allows for elimination of excess lactic acid produced by over active adrenaline. 


chi machine lady

Passive aerobic exercise using the Chi Machine.

How do you increase oxygen levels? Exercise. If regular exercise proves to be too much, such as running, walking, rebounding or bicycling, or if you can't get out of the house for any reason including pain or lack mobility, try passive aerobic exercise with the massaging effects of The Chi Machine which requires nothing more than lying down flat on your back, closing your eyes and relaxing, all within the comfort of home.

The Original Chi Machine - 5-10 minutes daily, gentle massage. Temporarily increase oxygen through passive aerobic exercise, relieve pain and stress, balance the autonomic nervous system thus promoting relaxation, and importantly, breakdown and release lactic acid.

FYI: Interestingly, many pro-athletes and Martial Art students use the Chi Machine for varied reasons including the release of lactic acid which creates soreness caused by anaerobic exercise.

Personal experience:
"I concur with Dr. Platt's discoveries. I didn't need a doctor to validate or label my pain. I suffered thru many days and nights. Life went on despite the super sensitivity to touch, exhaustion and lack of sound sleep. In retrospect, yes i had excessive adrenaline. Yes i had internalized anger.

I began aerobic exercise at home (i chose the Sun Ancon Chi Machine), and used for two weeks straight initially. I did it once a day for 15 mins. It absolutely worked for me. No more pain, sensitivity or soreness.

I now eat a super healthy diet and i release all my negative emotions as fast as i can. I still have excessive adrenaline as i'm a hyper-active person, but i keep myself calm emotionally. I still go to aerobic exercise a few times every week, to relax, chill out, and keep any lactic acid in check from emotions or physical activities. It's been 15 years and i'm doing great." - Tracie, UK, 2017


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