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Chemtrails and

Chemtrails and Vaccinations.

The air we breath and the vaccinations we receive are poisoned with chemical cocktails, linked to multiple diseases and severe side effects.

Chemtrails and Vaccines: Silent deadly killers. Whilst the general public have ignorantly refuse to acknowledge what they are up against, thanks to the wealth of information on the internet, many of us now do. We can't stop the chemtrails, but we can refuse chemical vaccinations.

Geo-Engineering, the source of 'global warming' is deliberate: Our time on earth is rapidly running out if it is not stopped asap. Depletion of the ozone layer and methane gas release from the Arctic, Antarctic and Siberia, is near the point of no return.

Best website in the world for research and latest updates:

'Global warming' and 'climate change' is caused by GEO-ENGINEERING which has been ongoing since the 1940's. Military jets fly the skies cloud seeding - spraying multiple chemically laden chemtrails - to create droughts, to cause rain, snowstorms and also uses technology to create tornadoes and hurricanes.

Chemtrails have become a common everyday occurrence. Go outside and LOOK UP!

Passenger planes you say? Are you serious? Are you saying commercial planes have a) deliberately gone off their flight path b) fly at varying altitudes and c) entertain passengers by criss-crossing the sky making grids?

Chemtrails block the sun - thereby blocking out far infrared and Vitamin D - and cause significant, deliberate weather modification, destroying homes, wildlife, plants, trees, crops and devastate human health in the process.

Chemtrails contain high levels of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium-90 and Lead, as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver.
Lithium is soon to be added to the list.

Small amounts of water-soluble barium can cause a person to experience breathing difficulties, increased blood pressures, heart rhythm changes, stomach irritation, muscle weakness, changes in nerve reflexes, swelling of the brain and liver, kidney and heart damage. Toxic barium levels may be an origin of Multiple Sclerosis.

Consequences of prolonged exposure to aluminum at high levels, such as those being sprayed almost daily across our sky, create the following

Brain degeneration.
Impede the bodies ability to digest calcium, phosphorous and fluoride.
Prevent bone growth and lessens bone density.
Cause aching muscles.
Speech problems.
Digestive issues.
Impaired liver function.
Impaired kidney function.
Colic in babies.

Nano-aluminum particles act as fire incendiaries and fire accelerants which is why wild fires now burn out of control worldwide.

Unstoppable firestorms such as the 2018 deadly Camp Fire in Northern California that burned the area of a football field in 12 seconds, and the Woolsey firestorm that destroyed half of Malibu are becoming common. Firemen don't stand a chance as before, let alone homes and properties.

If this compound dissolves in water, the chemical will dissolve in the moist surface inside the lungs. Strontium will then enter the blood quickly. If the chemical form of strontium does not dissolve in water easily, a small amount may remain in the lungs.

Health problems can develop including lowered red blood cell counts including anemia, which causes excessive tiredness, blood that does not clot properly, and a decreased resistance to fight disease.

Commonly found in tap water and toothpaste, combines with aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier, creating Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism and other illness and disease. Fluoride alone cause serious health issues, dumbs down the brain, and closes the pineal gland.

The USA, Russia and China all openly admit to using weather modification. Warfare implications, environmental destruction and health damage have no limits.

Weather warfare was used in Vietnam, also used to destroy Cuba's sugar crops, was used to prevent rain during Chinese Olympics, and has been used to create drought in Iran. Currently California has an ongoing never-ending drought due to rain being prevented and diverted.


Your current weather forecast:
Want to know what the weather is anywhere on the planet? Want to see for yourself the difference between what the weather forecasters are telling you and what to really expect?

Go watch live:

In case you have been sleeping or visiting another planet, you may have noticed extreme weather conditions have been ramped up - uncontrollable firestorms, extreme flooding, broken heat records, snow in warm temperatures, random hail the size of golf balls in unexpected locations, etc, etc, etc. Climate change is deliberate weather warfare and, besides 5G, the greatest threat to planet earth and the survival of all living things.

Must watch 30 minute documentary on Chemtrails: "LOOK UP."

This is a serious call to action - get involved here:

Everyday you go outside, you are breathing in toxic metals, aluminum nano particles, which are slowly destroying you, me, our children, our planet, our future. 

Chemtrails - A silent deadly chemical cocktail:

In 1946, future pharmaceutical czar George Merck reported to the US Secretary of War, that he'd managed to weaponize the toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium and to isolate it into an indestructible crystalline form using only the DNA particles.

Aerial spraying of the crystals via chemtrails was deployed on Chinese and Korean populations during the Korean War. Many veterans of the war later developed Multiple Sclerosis. The army recognized that the MS was Brucella-related and paid the veterans compensation. Although the Brucella micoplasma can lay dormant for decades, it can be triggered by vaccines. Vaccines have been mandatory in the US military since 1911.

Besides MS, this bacterium has been linked to a variety of diseases including; AIDS, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and arthritis. In 2000, Dr. Charles Engel of the National Institute of Health stated that the brucella mycoplasma was probably responsible for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia as well.


Government mosquitoes lab created to spread disease.

In addition to the aerosol vector, mosquitoes were heavily tested as pathogen dispersal agents. In the 1950s, the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Canada was raising 100 million mosquitoes per month. They were then shipped to Queens University in Kingston and other facilities where they were infected with the crystalline disease agent.

 A large outbreak of chronic fatigue was reported in 1957 in Punta Gorda, Florida. The previous week a huge influx of mosquitoes was reported. The National Institute of Health stated that 450 persons became ill with chronic fatigue within the month. Many such tests have been carried out on civilians over the last 50 years.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck's current chief virologist, stated recently that the Brucella pathogen is now carried by everyone in North America and possibly the world.

In 1993, Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, senior researcher at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology patented several virulent strains of mycoplasma. He stated in his own patents that they cause chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Institute is currently reconstructing the 1918 Spanish Flu, inserting it into contemporary flu strains and enhancing its lethality.

The Spanish Flu killed 675,000 Americans in the 1918-1919 interval. Many of the dead were experimentally vaccinated soldiers who spread the bacterial pneumonia across Europe.

Since 9-11 all US airports have been under military control. According to one credible source, there is a subrosa project known as 'Project Cloverleaf' that uses domestic air carriers retrofitted with special tanks to spray civilian populations with a variety of chemicals.

Look up at the sky! Your eyes don't lie - they are witness.


Chemtrails are also known as Solar Radiation Management, or Stratospheric Aerosols, or Geo/Climate Engineering.


This retired government scientist goes on to say that reconstructed versions of the flu could be inserted into vaccines along with a more benign strain of the inoculum in order to slow the progression of its more deadly component.

Chemicals in the chemtrails reported nationwide over the preceding decade, may assist the viral envelope to fuse with lung cells, guaranteeing ease of penetration and infection.

People will pass along the flu to others and then start dropping like flies. This will cause a panic demand for more flu shots, thus accelerating the cycle. Persons not inoculated will be blamed for spreading the disease.

NOTE 2021: The above paragraph was written over 10 years ago, and it is now happening!

In 2002 the Department of Health and Human Services purchased 286 million doses of vaccine from British supplier Acambis. The Washington Post reported in September of that year that the entire population of the United States could be vaccinated within 5 days.

Concomitantly, the Department drafted a law known as The Model Emergency Health Powers Act. The Act can demand that any individual be vaccinated. Failure to comply will be considered a felony.

The latest wonder cure promoted by the medical establishment is genetic vaccines. They are hailed as the last line of defence between humans and mycoplasma. But Dr. Rebecca Carley declares that the DNA components in these vaccines can be incorporated into our own DNA which in turn could cause the extinction of all (vaccinated) life on earth.

Dr. David Kelly.

Dr. David Kelly - Murdered.


At least two dozen microbiologists around the world have died violently over the past decade or so. Curiously, some of them were working on DNA sequencing. The most famous was Dr. David Kelly  (Dr Kelly was said to have swallowed 29 coproxamol tablets, only one-fifth of one tablet was found in his stomach, and the level found in his blood was far less than a fatal dose) who died in July 2003.

Working for the Mossad, Kelly orchestrated the defection of Russian microbiologist Vladimir Pasechnik, who had been working on a doomsday biological weapon capable of destroying one third of the planet's population.

In October 2004, Dmtry Lvov, head of the Russian Virology Institute declared that up to one billion people around the world could die during the next pandemic. It would appear that the human herd is about to be culled in spectacular fashion. For whatever reasons, the dead microbiologists wouldn't go along with the program.

In order to ensure maximum confusion, an edition of the New York Times from January 2002 reported that the US government had seen fit to declassify  hundreds of germ warfare cookbooks.

Although Lee Harvey Oswald's bank account information is sealed for another 50 years, federal agencies have been routinely selling biowarfare documents to researchers through the Internet and even over the telephone.

The Times reported on the dangers of tainted vaccines as far back as February 1962. It turns out that the polio vaccines of the 50's and 60's were virally contaminated with diseased monkey kidney tissue, possibly accounting for the huge spike in cancer cases thereafter.

But vaccines don't require tainted monkey tissue to be considered dangerous.

The Physician's Desk Reference for 1998 lists any number of toxic vaccine ingredients including; mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) and human diploid cells (from aborted fetal tissue).

Also animal tissues and fluids, including horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, and porcine (pig) protein/tissue and calf serum and fetal bovine serum.




Innocent Africans are deliberately infected thanks to Bill Gates inoculation programs which have infected, sterilized and killed untold numbers.


In May of 1987 the austere Times of London reported on its front page that the smallpox vaccine administered by the World Health Organization had triggered AIDS. 100 million vaccinated Africans were at risk.

Areas with the largest amount of inoculations showed the greatest concentrations of AIDS cases.

Robert Gallo was quoted in the article as endorsing the figures and stating that, "AIDS researchers will keep their mouths shut because they are paid to do so." In 1992 WHO director David Heymann stated that, "The origin of AIDS is of no importance to science today."

In 1995 the Catholic charitable organization Human Life International accused the WHO of attempting population control in Africa and elsewhere.

FYI: Dr. Sam Chachoua.
This brilliant man has successfully treated both HIV and AIDS, not to mention cancer with IRT (Induced Remission Therapy). An assassination attempt was made on his life and he has to live in hiding in Mexico. Dr. Sam will not stop healing people, saving lives or exposing the truth until his last breath.

Update Spring 2017:
Yet another assassination attempt has this time tragically left Dr. Sam unable to continue working with the public. 

Update 2021:
The continent of Africa has the lowest coronavirus vaxxed population because of what Bill Gates did to them, and they are doing just fine. Once bitten, twice shy! India feels the same way because of what Gates also did to them, and is using Ivermectin which is available for a couple of dollars. 

Gulf War Sydrome.

'Gulf War Syndrome - Killing Their Own'.

The Times also reported last December that Gulf War Syndrome had been positively linked to vaccines. More than 100,000 veterans currently suffer from the syndrome contracted in 1991 during Desert Storm. Over 20,000 veterans have died so far - tens of thousands more will be infected from the current Iraq and Afghanistan illegal US war and occupation.

Last March, Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist and dean of a Nigerian university took samples of the latest WHO vaccine to India for analysis. Serious contaminants were found including sterility agents.

Child vaccinations.

Government vaccine experiments use children. The Nazis conducted the same experimentation.

Research 'Operation Paperclip' - after WW2, the American government brought Nazi scientists to the USA to work for them.

In April 2000 the Observer newspaper reported that the pharmaceutical leviathan GlaxoSmithKline sponsored experiments on children at Incarnation Children's Center in New York City. Children as young as four were given multi-drug chemical cocktails. In other experiments, six-month old babie were injected with double doses of a measles vaccine. More than 100 orphans and babies were used in 36 experiments.

This sort of experimentation has occurred with increasing frequency. Last year the Environmental Protection Agency received $2.1 million from the American Chemistry Council to conduct studies on children from impoverished families in Duval County, Florida. The children will be exposed to a variety of known toxins over a two year period. The study will determine how chemicals are absorbed, ingested and inhaled by children ranging in age from infants to 3 year olds.

For taking part in the study, families receive $970, a tee-shirt (and later on a disease ridden or dead child).

Many parents believe that they cannot enroll their children in school without having them inoculated. But vaccines have always been voluntary. Dr. Zoltan Rona says that parents must demand exemption forms from school administrators. Exemptions can be made for spiritual or religious reasons. Rona states that parents may have to insist on having a vaccination waiver or declination form, and then have it notarized in order to present to school officials.

Having said that, many states are now saying exemptions will not be allowed. The noose is getting tighter but home school is an option.


FACT: Children without vaccinations grow-up to be healthier adults.

Before consulting a doctor, it may be prudent to consider the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association vol. 284 July 26, 2000. Therein is stated with astonishing frankness that American medical doctors are responsible for 250,000 deaths per year. Half of these deaths are attributed to the negative effects of wrongfully prescribed drugs.

Interestingly, in the opening statement of the Hippocratic Oath, doctors make a declaration to a Greek God, Apollo. In the Greek vernacular, the word Apollo means destroyer.

vaccination seniors

Grandpa being injected with potentially lethal flu shot.

It may also be prudent to heed the advice of former National Institute of Health director James Shannon who stated, "The only safe vaccine is the one that is never used."

This advice certainly resonated with President George W. Bush. On October 13 of last year in the middle of the US Presidential debates, Bush emphatically declared, "I haven't got a flu shot and don't intend to." Bush and friends have business ties to the pharmaceutical corporations that supply the vaccinations and drugs that poison and kill us.

One month later Reuters carried a related and interesting item published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Harvard researcher Gerhard Scheuch stated that nasal inhalation of a simple saline spray can stop the flu virus and tuberculosis dead in their tracks. For reasons perhaps best known to Merck and others, this potentially life-saving information did not receive wide distribution in the popular press.

- Author Mark Owen is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Canada. He can be reached at - Article first published 2/7/05

Vaccinations are not yet mandatory, but for how long?

A friend i know skipped childhood vaccinations and chose not to vaccinate her son or grandson - all of them are 100% healthy and never get sick, not even a cold. Her son's high school tried to refuse enrollment due to no vaccination record, but finally admitted after 30 minutes of argument, there was a waiver form. Many other friends across the USA have also chosen not to vaccinate and are leading completely healthy lives.

vaccine cartoon

However, many parents still routinely subject their infants and toddlers to more than 63 vaccinations before the age of five. Approximately 1 in 88 children now develop autism as of 2012 - the numbers continue to climb every year. No correlation?

The vaccinated child becomes virally active and for the next 21 days is shedding the virus every time he/she enters a room, coughs, sneezes or just breathes. And now, with their immune system compromised by the vaccine, and with the ability of recombinant DNA to mutate and create new viruses in their little bodies, your vaccinated child becomes a viral incubator.


1) Why would un-vaccinated kids be a threat to vaccinated kids, if vaccines work?

2) If vaccines are so great, why are they being forced on us? Why are waivers being banned?

FYI: Vaccinated children shed live virus vaccine for 2 weeks. They must be kept home so they don't infect other children, and also kept away from seniors such as grandparents who have weaker immune systems and could die.

2019: Measles outbreak is being spread by vaccinated kids and adults from shedding virus. Scientists have confirmed this, but media is pushing hard to vaccinate everyone.

Your Body, Your Choice?
If you are pro-vaccine, ask your doctor to sign a paper stating he takes full responsibility if your child, or grandparent, gets sick or dies. All bets are off your doctor will sign.


50 Dead doctors within 12 months.

Holistic doctors that promote McGAF therapy to activate the immune system, discovered that nagalase, the enzyme produced by all cancer cells and viruses which compromises the immune system, is being deliberately included in vaccines.

Autistic children have extremely high concentrations of nagalese. As of October 2015, twelve of the McGAF doctors met untimely deaths. Within a 90 day period, three of the doctors were found outside in the woods who died of alleged suicide, four established murders, and several who died suddenly for no apparent reason.


UPDATE JUNE 2016 - The number of dead doctors within the past 12 months, is now fifty.

The following link, written by Erin Elizabeth (life partner of Dr. Joseph Mercola), explains what happened to them.


Note 2022:
This is an ongoing story. Holistic doctors and scientists are increasingly being silenced to cover-up the truth and to prevent cures not just for cancer, but for other diseases too. Those who speak out are attacked by the mainstream, even imprisoned and their licenses removed.

Medical professionals that were against the Covid-19 experimental vaccine were vilified, and many were either fired or quit. Some were imprisoned.

Vaccines are not yet mandatory?
They found a way around this. If you refuse, you lose your job, and cannot travel or be out in public gathering establishments or events. The good news is at least you not be dead or suffer terrible long term injuries. 

H1N1 Vaccine - Flu Vaccines
Parkinson's Disease - The 2019 Pandemic


Gardasil is very, very dangerous.
Gardasil has proven to cause bad reactions, sever injuries, and has caused countless deaths. The US and UK governments have given millions of dollars of taxpayers money to Merck, the Big Pharma firm, to buy this untested vaccine that has a history of deaths and bad reactions from those who have received the poisoned cocktail. The targeted market for Gardasil is young women and teens, both male and female, which causes infertility.

"So far, 15,037 girls have reported adverse side effects from Gardasil alone to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (V.A.E.R.S.), and this number only reflects parents who underwent the hurdles required for reporting adverse reactions.  44 girls are officially known to have died from these vaccines.  The reported side effects include Guillian Barré Syndrome (paralysis lasting for years, or permanently -- sometimes eventually causing suffocation), lupus, seizures, blood clots, and brain inflammation."
- Sarah Cain 2009 -

"As of November 2013 there have been 31,741 adverse effects, including 6248 permanent injuries and 144 deaths recorded following Gardasil vaccines.

Pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services which holds patents and earns profits from the vaccine, say that they are all a coincidence".

- Source: Health Impact News Daily

- Must watch video:

2022: Gardasil remains on the market killing, injuring and sterilizing.


The H1N1 virus was created in laboratories and the vaccine ready to go, patented by Baxted International, before the 'Swine Flu' was unleashed in Mexico.

UPDATE 2021:
COVID-19 was also allegedly created in a lab.

No coronavirus has ever behaved in the fashion SARS-CoV-2 has. There is no definitive scientific proof evolution created the alleged virus, transferred from a bat or a pangolin to a human. Absolute rubbish!

Ground zero appears to be The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China - where Dr. Fauci (close cohort of Bill Gates) of the American NIH (National Institute of Health) coincidentally reportedly funded $7.4 million to scientists there who were researching ... wait for it ... coronavirus and the risk of transfer from bats to humans.

Draw your own conclusions and research 'Gain of Function', which Fauci initially denied.

In February of 2021, The WHO spent only three hours in the Wuhan lab and promptly declared it was "extremely unlikely" that it was the source of SARS-CoV-2.

Bill Gates donates millions of $$$ to keep the WHO in existence. In February 2021, newly elected President Biden pledged to give the WHO an additional $200 million.

World leaders, politicians, scientists and celebrities are all pushing the resulting "for emergency use only" experimental injections. After reading this page, how do you feel about that?

The number of severe adverse reactions and deaths is huge and rapidly growing but kept hidden by the MSM, while general social media is censoring both scientists and the public from publishing anything that goes against MSM narrative.

Do you believe this is the greatest lie and conspiracy ever pulled off in the history of the world? will give you the latest global, tragic daily details.

Flu Vaccines have caused more deaths than the flu itself. In 1918, the world suffered a terrible outbreak of 'Spanish Flu', allegedly killing 20,000,000 people.

There was seven times more disease among the vaccinated soldiers than among un-vaccinated civilians, and the disease was those they had been supposedly vaccinated against.

Those who survived had NOT received vaccinations (immediately following WWI), and who refused to take prescribed drugs.

It turns out the flu virus was started by American soldiers experimentally vaccinated in the USA, before being sent overseas, where they spread the bacterial pneumonia like wildfire. 

Tip: Vitamin D and liquid Vitamin C protects the immune system - Get out into the sunshine for 15-20 mins a day. If you receive little sunshine, cod liver oil is the best alternate option for Vitamin D.

Parkinson's Disease is linked to pesticides, as well as chemtrails (aluminum):
"A growing amount of research suggests that exposure to pesticides may increase the risk for Parkinson's. Now an analysis of more than 100 studies from around the world offers more evidence. The findings, published May 28, 2013, in Neurology, suggest that exposure to bug and weed killers is associated with a 33% to 80% increase in risk of developing Parkinson's disease."

Harvard Medical School, health letter:

Someone please explain what is going on? We all die in the end, both rich and poor, so why are the elite, those in control, unleashing these horrors? This is all a matter of life or death, of the future of humanity. Please research your ass off - and turn off your TV!

NOTE: Most of the information on this page was research and written long before the global pandemic of 2019 was unleashed!


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