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14 Day Free Trial - Return Policy.

Money back guarantee on all SOQI machines.

HTE offers a 14 days free trial period from day of delivery, to try any of their machines. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply return the item for a money back guarantee, refunded to your credit card within 10 days of head office receiving the returned item.

The only amount that is non-refundable is the original delivery charge (UPS, Fedex, USPS).

free trial
all machines

The 14 day free trial begins on 
the day you receive your order.

Common Questions:

1) Is 14 days enough time to decide if the machine is of benefit?
The answer is a resounding yes.

a) If you are fit and healthy with no physical health challenges, the machines will enable you to remain in that state but enhance your energy and well-being. Benefits will not be so obvious. Athletes however, will notice the increased mental focus and breakdown of lactic acid using the Chi Machine.

b) If you are combating specific health challenges, results/benefits/changes will normally be noticeable from the first session and accumulate over time and with daily consistent use.

2) How many machines are returned on average?
The answer is around 1%, as the majority of customers are happy with the health and healing benefits they experience.

3) Is there a restocking fee?
Normally only applied to the SOQI Bed (see note below).

All returned machines must be in the same condition as received and must include their manual and any included accessories, otherwise a 15% restocking fee will be applied.

14 Day policy - steps to return any product:

1) Before 14 days is up, contact HTE head office to obtain a return authorization number - also known as an RP number - which you must write on the outside of the machine box.

HTE head office Los Angeles telephone number and address, is on the paper invoice inside the box with the machine you originally ordered.

tel  HTE Los Angeles, CA, USA: (1) 626 575 9969

2) Ship the machine back via UPS or Fedex or the post office. Customer will pay the shipping charges on the products being returned.

HTE head office contracts with UPS/Fedex and pays them directly, therefore head office cannot refund initial shipping charges incurred at time of sale.

3) Return the machine to HTE head office, located just outside Los Angeles.

30 Day Exchange Policy:
If any machine is found to be defective within 30 days of delivery after purchase, contact head office who will provide a return shipping label and a replacement machine.

Beyond 30 days, machines may not be returned or exchanged, but repaired.

Return, Exchange, Repair
Detailed instructions.

SOQI bed

SOQI Bed Return:
All returned items for a SOQI Bed Set should be packed in the original, unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that belong to the SOQI BED product.

Please inspect and count each piece to the SOQI Bed when you receive your merchandise and keep all original packaging for return or exchange.

Additionally, HTE will assess a 30% restocking fee on any SOQI Bed return. Also, please be advised that the shipping and handling fee will not be refunded on any return.

FYI - Warranty and Repair:
We do not recommend considering an extended warranty as the machines very rarely break down and tend to last for many years. If a machine you purchase by chance stops working at any time, contact HTE head office straight away and send the machine to them for repair.


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