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sun ancon chi machine
The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

bSun Ancon Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is a portable massager, generating passive aerobic exercise. Registered as a medical device in Japan, Canada and Australia. Patented in 26 countries. The medically researched Sun Ancon Chi Machine benefits many daily health challenges. 

Motion energy primarily increases circulation and oxygen physically and mentally, promotes elimination of waste matter by stimulating activity of the lymphatic system. The Chi Machine temporarily relieves muscular pain,
increases energy and provides healthy back support (used lying flat). It also massages and relaxes both the body and the mind without any stress or effort. Your natural Chi force is stimulated - felt as a rush of energy when the machine stops - thereby creating a peaceful, meditative state of health and wellness.

Over 25 years of feedback shows the Chi Machine changes peoples health for the better on many levels. Try it and discover for yourself the benefits from this extraordinary little machine, so simple to use, but generating subtle, powerful results for health and wellness.

Showcased on four TV shows including The Doctors - watch video.

$480.00 (reg. price $549.00)

Revolutionary technology used for health and wellness.


Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE).

ChiThe Electro Reflex Energizer

Powerful, heated reflexology for foot and leg massage, can also be used for hands and arms. SIx electro pads are included which act like TENS units and may be used anywhere on the body, except the heart or head. Lightweight and portable unit with a remote control. Adjust dial accordingly for level of comfort, especially those who initially lack feeling as sensitivity returns.

FYI: Countless users have reported the machine eliminates parasites and worms.

(reg price $480.00)


The E-Power Machine.
POWER UP! Energize your body and your skin.

ChiE-Power Machine

Electrotherapy is used to reconnect the electrical circuitry of the body. The E-Power machine activates the ATP enzyme for hours of energy, promotes pH balance, promotes pain relief, anti-aging properties and more. Ladies can give themselves a mini facelift, or use the facial masks. Negative potential lowers blood sugar, and promotes bowel movements. Charge up your body and your skin.

(reg price $649.00)

Aqua Face Masks
- Use face mask for 15-30 minutes at same time as E-Power for superb results.



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