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Quick Reference Home Chart 2017
Annual and monthly Feng Shui.

The alignment and balance of energy
within each sector of your home
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Quick Reference Home Chart and Flying Star Remedies.

Fire Rooster 2017

2017 Year of the Yin FIre Rooster.
Symbolized by fire sitting on metal, a destructive, fighting relationship.

KEYWORDS: Nervous Tension, Unstable, Disharmony, Conflict, Thrifty. Innovative, Confident, Opportunity, Transformation, Dramatic. Male Domination.

2017 World In General:

EAST - SE, East, NE, North:
Opportunity, success, creativity, prestige, romance.

WEST - South, SW, West, NW:
Danger, theft, violence, anger, sickness.

NOTE: South is a very bad direction in 2017, avoid, use caution. Place heavy metal, remove earth objects, NO FLAMES or red colors.

Politics - World Stage:
Nervous Tension - dramatic conflict, false flag attacks, shootings, bombings, explosions and louder, escalating war drums.

1) USA and Israel push for war with Iran and Russia.
2) Racism and xenophobia may boil over across the USA with no resolution other than martial law - too much anger and hostile energy 2017.
3) Western European countries are walking on thin ice politically, facing change, further disruption and fallout.
4) Russia will remain calm and peaceful despite continued provocation just as long as the USA/UK/Israel spit only words and not bullets. Eastern countries are prosperous this year, but the presence of the Three Killings cannot be overlooked if triggered, then all bets are off.
5) China continues gathering power from buying up Western real estate, corporations, Bitcoin and environmental projects, but may sustain hits from natural disasters.
6) N. Korea will continue to behave badly, knowing that China is on their side who uses them as a buffer against S.Korea and US military bases, as much as N.Korea needs China for trade.

Economy, Finances and Stock Market
s hold well until the end of summer/August when factors indicate negative decline and very dramatic change. Be careful with real estate. Be cautious and thrifty all year. Be prepared, and take action to protect your finances before the Autumn arrives. Optimism is an illusion, enjoy it while it lasts.

Technology 2017 is moving at the speed of light, serious transformation and innovation - Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, SMART cities, Robots taking over every job possible, Drones becoming more common place, Surveillance of population expanding rapidly. There is minimal to zero cyber-security, and hacking of both personal and corporate information will increase, often for ransom. Between now and 2025, expect unimaginable changes.

Lungs are more vulnerable to flu viruses. Back bones and neck are vulnerable to fractures. Eye injuries. Skin problems. Knive and firearm injuries more likely. Dental problems more common. Heart attacks, hypertension and strokes more likely. Very favourable year for weight loss combined with exercise and healthy diet.

Disasters: Serious events, explosions, fire tragedies, water related disasters and tsunamis, possible nuclear accidents - planes, trains and cars are highly vulnerable. West coast of America has serious possibility for the overdue big earthquake (stay aware in May), as well as increased larger earthquakes worldwide. Southern, SW, central areas, regions and continents are targets - Mother earth will not be kind.

March portends fire disaster and explosions, which repeats January 2018 - serious clash between fire and water.

Female energy was strong in 2016 but 2017 is not good. Women must watch out and protect themselves from abuse, violence, infidelity and betrayal.

Male energy continues to lean towards anger, and nervous energy. Focus on staying healthy and calm, immune system is vulnerable.

Relationships will flourish for some (Monkey, Rat and Dragon), but for many others relationships/friendships will be tested or end.

Children's safety and well-being will continue to be in danger thru 2024.

2017 Feng Shui Flying Star Remedies.
The Feng Shui year begins February 4th, 2017

Elements are more important than colors.
Suppress bad elements - support good elements.


- Heavenly Help,
Travel, Money.
Dog, Pig
Head, Lungs

- Life Path/Future.
Middle Son
Ears, Kidneys,
Circulation, Blood

- Knowledge.
Ox, Tiger
Youngest Son
Hands, Fingers,
Bones, Muscles

Skull 2017 BAD Earth
Star 2 Nagging Illness,
Sickness, Distress,
Travel Accidents,
Money Irritations.

2017 GOOD Metal

Star 6 Career,
Benefactors, Opportunity,
International Business,
Influential Men, Travelers.

2017 GOOD Wood

Star 4 Romance,
Study, Creativity.

to suppress bad earth.
Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
Place metal gourd (Wu Lu).

Use circular metal objects.
Metal Singing bowl.
Bunch of keys.
Hang a string of 6 metal coins.
Ceiling fan.

Metal color decor - white, grey, silver.


Keep any door/windows CLOSED.
If kitchen, place urn/vase next to stove.

Do NOT sleep here, especially if trying to conceive a child.

Men must take care of health 2017

NO fire, candles, red colors or bright lights. NO triangle shapes or pyramids.

NO earth, crystals, ceramics or earth colors.

NO renovations, digging, knocking.

Keep area QUIET - soft lighting.

JUNE, August, November.

bells spheres-ship
Support the natural home of water.

Use metal color and element to enhance. Yellow color and gold is good here.

Hang tinkling metal bells.
Hanging crystal spheres.

North is good for International business in 2017 - office or study is ideal here.

Homes with front door here in 2017, will welcome business opportunity and career success.

Use travel images or world map.
Metal world globe.

Metal sailing ship is good here to bring in opportunity from afar. Add little ingots/jewels/foreign currency. Boat must face into home, not out.
Keep area active and windows open.

NO fire, red colors, candles.
Keep earth objects to a minimum.
Plants not good here.
Water will weaken good metal.

Caution: October.

Water bam spheres
Feed the good wood.
Vase of still fresh water & flowers.
Lucky bamboo in water good.
Small pots of lush plants good.
Crystal globe good here.
Hanging crystals ok.

Use blue/black decor.
Green decor/accents.

Great room for students.
Great room for creativity, writers.

Good for singles bedroom:
Mandarin ducks.
Romantic images/photos.
Rose quartz crystals ok.
Double happiness symbol.

If single and you know your Peach Blossom Animal, place it here.

No moving water (aquarium or fountain).

NO water if bedroom.
Avoid water if in happy relationship to avoid infidelity.
NO wind chimes.
No metal items.
No white or silver.
NO Fire/candles/reds.

June, August, November.

- Children/Creativity.
Youngest Daughter
Teeth, Mouth, Jaw, Chest

Health, Wealth, Happiness.

The Heart of the Home.

- Family.
Rabbit - 1st Son
Feet, Throat,
Nervous System

Skull 2017 BAD Wood
Star 3
Serious Conflict, Anger, Lawsuits, Short Temper, Jealousy, Backstabbing.

2017 GOOD Water

Star 1
Opportunity, Recognition,
Transformation, Victory.

2017 GOOD Earth
Star 8
Wealth, Success, Happiness.


Need to suppress bad wood.

Wine, burgundy, purple, orange, pink - use lamps, rug, cushions, throws, candles.

Keep well lit and bright.

Pyramids/triangular shapes ok.


Keep Area Quiet.
No kids, or animals.
No noisy TV, fax, fans, radio etc

Not good for a bedroom.
Never speak in anger.

NO plants. NO wood.
No brown or green colors.

NO water or blue/black colors.
NO metal - NO wind chimes.

Touch of earth or earth colors is ok to support natural home of metal.


Grand Duke/Tai Su is here 2017
262.5 - 277.5 degrees.

Avoid facing. Best to sit with back against West for support.

NO renovations.

Never place fountain or aquarium in Grand Duke's section.

Can place a Pi Yao facing East.

July, September, October.



Moving water is ideal.

Blue, purple or black for decor.

Fountain is best idea here to activate water star. Vase of flowers is alternative choice.

Light metal objects are ok to support water and bridge between earth and water.

Good location for an office.

NO water if bedroom.
NO fire/candles, red colors.
NO plants (will drain water energy).




Crystal quartz rock clusters
Crystal lotus lily.
Hang faceted crystal balls.

Red 3-Legged frog is ok here.
Mystic knot is ok here.
Dragon is at home in the East.

Sailing ship is ok here, facing into home, never out - add little jewels, ingots, currency.

Pink mandarin ducks and amethyst crystal ok if bedroom.

Bright lights. Salt lamp ok.
Windows open.
Clutter free, fresh and clean.
Keep area calm, quiet.

Good for bedroom to attract love, an office for business, or front door to usher in positive vibes.

Fire color decor accents:
Earth tone accents.

NO metal here.


Three Killings is here 2017,
45 - 135 degrees, and Sui Po.


NO renovations.
Three Killings if upset creates loss.

Place a Pi Yao facing West.

June, December.

- Relationships/Friendships.
Sheep, Monkey
Abdomen, Stomach

- Reputation, Status, Fame.
Middle Daughter
Eyes, Heart

- Assets, Savings $$$
Dragon, Snake - 1st Daughter
Lower Back, Hips, Thighs, Legs

Skull 2017 BAD Metal Star 7
Potential for Violence, Robbery, Deceit, Abuse, Metal Injury, Accidents, Burglary, Loss, Gossip/Scandal.

Skull 2017 BAD Earth
Star 5
Potential for Severe Misfortune -
heightened risk due to home of fire element.

2017 GOOD
Purple Star 9
Celebration, Future Wealth, Happiness, Promotion & Growth, Social Fun and Opportunity.

Water Rhino-fount

Need to suppress bad metal.

Keep doors & windows
securely LOCKED.

If front door, use another entrance.
Keep area quiet and security high. Avoid this area.

Place rhino and elephant for protection, preferably blue color.
Place Fu Dogs if this is front door.

Women are especially vulnerable in every way.

Place vase of fresh water with flowers, or table fountain or aquarium to exhaust the bad metal.

Bad choice for a bedroom.
Bad year for relationships & friendships, betrayal, break-up, deceit.

Think before you speak!

Use blue or black decor/accents.

Check smoke alarms working.
Keep credit cards safe - check bank statements for fraud.
Keep computer backed up and secure.

Be careful: Dental health, metal injuries, dog bites.


NO water in bedroom.
NO metal or metal wind chimes.
NO fire, candles, red colors.
NO earth elements or colors.

May, September, November.





Hang outdoor 6-rod metal wind chime.
5 Element metal pagoda.
Musical Box/Snow Globe.
Pendulum clock.
Ceiling fan to exhaust energy.

Metallic colors - white, grey, gold.

Dark blue/black colors ok.


Do NOT sleep here if possible.
Use white/grey bedsheets.

Keep doors & windows CLOSED.
Keep sector QUIET, still, undisturbed, dark.
NO renovations
, drilling, digging.
NO TV, radio, electronics.

NO reds, orange or earth colors.
NO FIRE, candles, pyramids.
Do not use fireplace.
No smoking here.

If kitchen place urn/vase water next to stove. Minimal cooking.

NO earth, crystals, ceramics.

Worst months:
September, December.


Feed good purple fire.

Lush plants with vibrant colored flowers or orchids.

Any soil plant that bears fruit.

Good for couples bedroom.
Enhanced fertility (pregnancy).

Good for office.

Salt lamp ok.
Candles ok.

Keep energy & mood positive here. 9 star serves to expand, enhance & magnify.

Purple, wine, burgundy accents.

Green color/accents ok.

Caution: July.

WATER 2017:
Outdoor water for 2017 remains best in EAST - pool, jacuzzi or fountain. NO water feature in NE until 2024.

Indoor water features (Yang moving water), such as fountain or aquarium?
1) A water fountain is a good enhancement placed in the Center to activate water star.
2) May place moving water in the SW to suppress the bad metal 7. Be sure the aquarium or fountain lives on the left side of the home/front door (the green dragon) and not the right side of the home/front door (the white tiger).
3) A table fountain in the East may enhances the 8 star.

a) Yin water is motionless (vase), Yang water is moving (fountain, aquarium).
b) Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms represent draining water, not generating water such as a fountain or aquarium.

c) Never place aquarium in kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, center or the South. Never place in Grand Duke's section - West 2017.

plant TIPS for Feng Shui 2017:

1) Color of the year is blue
, especially important for female protection from SW violent metal star.
Fire Rooster favours gold over silver.

2) Water
element is important as it tones down metal energy - but clashes with fire element which is subdued by water. Keep all water fresh and sparkling clean to prevent misfortune and affairs. If water features in home (fountain, aquarium) prove to be discordant, simply remove them or try a different location.

3) If your front door is located in the South, SW, NW or West, place a pair of Fu Dogs there as protective guardians against all negative energies.

4) Salt water cures may be used in the NW (2 star) and the South (5 star) this year 2017. A super clean bowl of undisturbed water may be used instead, but the water must be changed often, left undisturbed, and remain clean and clear.

5) Anyone that has a dragon and phoenix statue or image, may try placement it in the East or Center for 2017. Avoid South, SW, NW or West.


Wealth, success, prosperity, happiness, family - NE 4 Romance, study, creativity.
Opportunity - North 6 Career benefactors - SE 9 Growth, celebration, joy.

South 5
Severe misfortune - NW 2 Nagging illness, accidents, money challenges, male energy.
SW 7
Violence, robbery, abuse, deceit, loss, scandal, female energy - WEST 3 Nasty conflict, hostility, short temper, lawsuits.


a) If you believe indoor water features appear to be having a negative effect, remove it.
b) If any section appears negative, re-evaluate - tone down, remove object, or add/change to other elements/colors.
c) If you know how, check the natal flying star birth chart of your home, for conflict with annual visiting flying stars.

FYI Elements and Colors:

1) You absolutely do NOT have to buy strange Asian objects to activate or remedy your home - simply use the elements/objects you already have. However, having said that, there are five Asian objects we recommend which can be used every year - just remember that objects are as powerful as the energy you believe them to have.

Metal Pagoda - Rhino/Elephant - 6 Rod Wind Chime
- Metal Gourd (Wu Lou) - Pi Yao.

a) The Five Element Metal Pagoda - to protect against the nasty 5 earth star - 2017 in South.
b) A blue rhino and blue elephant - to protect against the 7 metal violence and robbery star - 2017 in SW.
c) 6 rod metal outdoor wind chime - to protect against the 2 earth illness star and the nasty 5 earth star - 2017 NW and South.
d) Metal gourd, known as a Wu Lou, which protects against the 2 earth illness star - 2017 in NW. A second Wu Lou may be placed in South.
e) Pi Yao for protection - treat him as a pet and place him West facing East in 2017 - if you have two Pi Yao, place the other in East facing West.

Every year - which begins in February - cleanse your objects by washing them in cold, salt water, and then allow them to dry in the sun for a few hours. Then, place the objects in the appropriate area for the new feng shui year.

2) Elements are stronger than colors - e.g. water is stronger than color blue, fire is stronger than color red, etc.
3) Be careful using fire and water elements! - they are very powerful energies and if placed incorrectly will block your intentions or create havoc.
4) For colors, use rugs, throws, towels, curtains, cushions, bedding, candles, lampshades, etc.
5) NO water in bedrooms ever! - including fountains, aquariums, water scenes, etc.
6) No fire/candles in NW ever!

How to neutralize or activate element energy.

Creative Energy Flow:

WATER feeds WOOD feeds FIRE creates EARTH creates METAL supports WATER etc

Best Choice to SUPPRESS Hostile Energy Combinations:
 METAL suppresses EARTH extinguishes FIRE depletes WOOD exhausts WATER calms METAL etc

AVOID Hostile Energy Combinations:
upsets EARTH dams WATER extinguishes FIRE melts METAL destroys WOOD etc

Tip: to negate hostile combinations, add the element between the two.
i.e. Water extinguishes fire, so add wood to bridge them.

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