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Chi Machine Myths, Scams,
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Quackwatch: False accusations, illegitimate claims, fraudulent allegations and plagiarism regarding the original real Chi Machine .

Why bother to confront companies lying to the public? Because there are no short cuts or quick fixes in healthcare, only band-aids that eventually cause more harm than good in the long run, which is unacceptable.

The REAL Chi Machine, named the Sun Ancon distributed exclusively by HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise), has made a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide for over 30 years since 1990.

This page is to correct disinformation and to offer further knowledge, history and health guidance pertaining to the original Chi Machine.


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Chi Machine.Logo

Sun Ancon Chi Machine and HTE Logo.
This is the REAL Chi Machine, the original.
Created in Japan, 1990.
MythChi Machine Myth - the Name:
Chi Exercise Machine, Chi Vitalizer, Chi Energizer, Chi Swing Machine, Chi Vibration, Surge of Chi, etc. - all claim to be the original chi machine.


'The Chi Machine' is a TRADEMARKED name belonging to HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise), the same original machine invented by Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue, contracted exclusively to HTE. Cheaper imitation 'chi machine' are in fact in violation of the trademark by naming or referring to their machine as such.

There is only one Chi Machine, known as the Sun Ancon, patented in 26 countries, The original Chi Machine is NOT advertised in magazines, on TV, or sold on Amazon. If a machine does not have the HTE green and gold company logo on it, as shown above, it is not the original, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

MythChi Machine Myth - American Classification:

"... this alleged stamp of approval is a mirage. The agency has never examined the machine for any purpose ..." - "misleading credentials."


The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is, and always has been, classified by the American Food and Drug Administration as a medical device Class 1 Therapeutic Massager - Regulation Number:  890.5660

Chi Machine Myth - A Hoax:
Chi Exercise Machines are worthless pieces of junk" - "The Chi Machine is a hoax."


1) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine was recognized and registered as a medical device in Japan, Australia and Canada, besides the USA. Acquiring this status was not an easy task to accomplish due to strict rules and regulations in each of these countries.

Flinders University

Flinders University, Australia.

2) The renowned University of Flinders in Australia, conducted extensive clinical trials in 2000, focusing primarily on Venous Lymphedema and Secondary Lymphedema. The results proved lymphatic drainage is promoted and maintained with consistent daily use.

Results included a surprising added benefit, the discovery that when the machine is used on a consistent daily basis, steady and safe weight loss also occurs.

Click on image to play video.

The Doctors

'The Doctors' TV Show featured
the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

3) The popular daily TV show that promotes health and medical device, 'The Doctors', chose to showcase the Sun Ancon Chi Machine at the beginning of their 2nd season in 2009. The show aired across the USA, Canada and Europe.

In the spring of 2013, yet another prestigious TV show about health, Dr Oz, also featured the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, for relaxation.

Imitation chi machine companies fraudulently claim it was their machine that was featured. Ask them to show you the producer contracts ... they can't because we have them.

Note: The female doctor on 'The Doctors' had her feet turned in causing them to knock together - all she had to do was turn them out slightly like her colleagues, and then relax and enjoy.

4) People from all walks of life, as well as professional athletes and health care professionals around the world, have presented voluntary testimonials over the past 30 years, that the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has helped them in many ways including:

a) Improving or healing various physical health challenges - all ages.

b) Support in maintaining both physical and mental health - all ages.

c) Promotion of enhanced athletic performance, for warm up and cool down, mental focus, and lactic acid break-down.

5) FYI TV and celebrities: On the TV show 'Better Call Saul', Saul was seen using an imitation Chi Machine. On the reality show 'Pretty Wild' (Alexis Neiers family documented in 'The Real Bling Ring'), the girls are seen using the Chi Machine, the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome and the E-Power machine.


MythChi Machine Myth -
Origin of the Original Chi Machine:

"1920's 'Chi Exercise Machines', What's Old is New Again!" - This caption is shown alongside females from the 1920's standing upright, wearing vibrating weight loss belts.


This caption is ridiculous as a vibrating belt (or a vibration plate), is hardly close to being compared a 'Chi Machine' which is used lying down, NOT standing up.

Prior to the invention of The Sun Ancon Chi Machine there were no machines that duplicated the machine's specific 'goldfish motion' which requires the user to lie down on the floor, with the back flat and the spine straight.

Rebounding is the closest method and exercise equivalent to the Chi Machine, however, rebounding requires that you to balance upright on a mini trampoline and then jump up and down which creates stress to the spine and the body overall, and may cause possible injury to the user.

The actual motion of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine duplicates a fish swimming. This movement was apparently first adopted by a Japanese civil engineer named Dr. Katsuzo Nishi who created a series of six exercises in 1927 known as the 'Nishi Health System'. This exercise was then introduced to the martial art form of Aikido of which Dr. Nishi was a teacher.


Aikido Goldfish Exercise.

The Nishi Health System goldfish exercise, which entails the same motion concept - as used later by the Chi Machine - describes the exercise effects as follows:

"The Goldfish exercise which aims at spinal readjustment is a sure way to correct scoliosis, adjust any deviated vertebra, relieve undue strains of the spinal nerves as well as paralysis of the peripheral nerves and secure and unhampered and normal circulation of the blood.

Not only that it stimulates the production of the red blood cells in the marrow, increases the tension of the sympathetic nerves, contracts the superficial vessels distributed all over the body and, furthermore, moves the bowels regularly and lastly keeps and equilibrium between the two main nervous systems which run along each side of the body and establishes a desired harmony in the entire organism."

position behind head

The Chi Machine Goldfish Exercise.

Dr. Shizuo Inoue, Japanese Medical Visionary and the Sun Ancon Chi Machine creator, studied the effects of both optimal and depleted oxygen levels in the body for over 38 years. He stated "My research has convinced me that lack of oxygen is the root of most or perhaps even all disease." This statement has been confirmed over and over by multiple Nobel Prize winners and brilliant scientific minds worldwide.

Note: It is a medical fact that a cancer body indicates an acidic body which is thereby oxygen depleted. It stands to reason that if the human body receives daily physical activity and consumes an alkaline based diet (preferably organic), chances are optimistic that the person will maintain health and wellness.

Sedentary lifestyles and acidic GMO diets, often coupled with accumulative daily mental/emotional stress, addiction to prescription drugs, multiple vaxxinations, as well as environmental toxins, all play a cumulative role in the dramatic increase of diseases including obesity and cancer.

Dr inoueoscillation

Dr. Inoue creator of the real Chi Machine,

brand named the Sun Ancon.

Dr. Inoue created the original Chi Machine based on the Goldfish exercise as seen in the Aikido image above. Oftentimes, a masseuse will hold the ankles and swing the body from side to side for a few minutes, for the same effect.

It is extremely difficult to move your own body in a goldfish motion, so the Sun Ancon Chi Machine does it for you with no stress or risk of injury or fatigue. The machine motion creates a figure of eight and stimulates Chi. Because the body is lying down, the spine is well supported.

Imitation machines have multiple speeds (a gimmick), which do not create the figure of eight and may cause harm - lower back pain is commonly cited.


MythChi Machine Myth - The Motion:
"... a chi machine is designed to violently jiggle the user."


The Sun Ancon Chi Machine smoothly sways the ankles from side to side. Some individuals have even reported falling asleep.

In April 2013 a popular international TV show showed the Sun Ancon Chi Machine being used for relaxation (the theme of the show), proving it does not "violently jiggle the user", let alone the world famous medical TV host who enjoyed it!

The Chi Machine poses no dangers ... unless you drop it on your feet which is highly unlikely.

MythChi Machine Myth - Fibromyalgia:
"Fibromyalgia sufferers cannot possibly benefit from violent jiggling."


Stretching and massage has been shown in clinical studies to benefit fibromyalgia. Evidence suggests that fibromyalgia results from local hypoxia in the muscles (low oxygen), which in turn contributes to muscle tissue breakdown and sensitivity.

Increased adrenaline depletes oxygen and promotes lactic acid, which may be broken down and removed by increasing oxygen.

Many people living with this physical challenge have had life changing results by increasing their oxygen levels through engaging in the passive aerobic exercise of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I am one of those people and results were witnessed by family, friends, and a doctor from UCLA.

Again, there is no 'violent jiggling' of any kind. If that was even remotely true, the machine would not be used by anyone!

MythChi Machine Myth - Miracle Machine:
"miracle machine" - "false promises" - "unproven claims"


1) The original Chi Machine is NOT a miracle machine or claimed as such. The machine simply sways the body from side to side known as passive aerobic respiration exercise. The exercise is not high impact or vigorous, it does not promote substantial weight loss, or build muscles, or cause the heart to beat quickly, or the body to sweat, but gently promotes and supports general health and wellness, promoting improvement and healing of various physical challenges.

Movement of the body triggers a domino effect of positive, scientifically proven basic health benefits, beginning with promotion of circulation, increased oxygen and promotion of the elimination of waste and toxins via stimulation of the lymphatic system.

These are two of the most important factors for a healthy body, which anyone can achieve by simply walking, or jogging, biking, swimming, rebounding, dancing, skipping etc ... everyday preferably, or at the very least three times a week.

Truth is most people prefer to sit or lie down, drive their car, watch TV, eat acid diets etc ...  rather than to get their body moving with physical activity. Some people are too frail, housebound, bedridden, old, sick or obese and need outside help.

The Chi Machine will do for the body what the individual will not or cannot do for varied reasons - there is no miracle involved.


Exercise is always an option.

2) There are no 'worthless' or 'false promises' given regarding original Chi Machine benefits. Over 30 years of global feedback confirms Chi Machine benefits.

Note: What works in general for most people, will not work for every single individual due to the numerous factors involved, such as personal lifestyle, health habits, a toxic environment, karma, diet preferences and mental/emotional issues ... ALL of which need to be addressed in order to remain healthy, well and fit.

The Chi Machine serves to create a healthy foundation but if the individual persists in consuming an acid diet, taking prescribed medications daily (often in excess), holding on to negative emotions and beliefs, and lives in a toxic environment at home or at work, then benefits will be only temporary and cannot accumulate.
3) There are no false or unproven claims. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is well documented and testified to by Flinders University clinical trials - conducted by renowned lymphomologist Professor Neil Piller.

There are millions of users worldwide, from housewives, to athletes, to medical professionals, health care institutions, spas and prestigious health magazines and journals spanning over three decades, since 1990.

Countries across Asia have embraced the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, with Thailand inparticular having numerous SOQI Spa Centers - also extremely popular in Mexico, Canada, France and Germany, with the Chinese market exploding over the past decade or so.

The USA is still lagging behind due to deliberate natural health care suppression, and the never-ending promotion of drugs through TV and radio ads (only in the USA) and doctors, because a healthy American generates zero income for the pharmaceutical industry.


Myth.Chi Machine Myth - Weight Loss:
" A Chi Exercise Machine Won't Help You Lose Weight."


Whilst the real Chi Machine company, HTE, has NEVER promoted it outright as a weight loss device, ordinary weight loss has been experienced by countless users since 1990. Customers usually buy the machine to help various physical challenges but are pleasantly surprised to discover weight loss occurring as a side benefit.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine creates low impact passive aerobic exercise. The Chi Machine does NOT exercise or build muscles (anaerobic exercise).

If the machine is used on a consistent daily basis, ordinary weight loss may occur slowly, steadily and most importantly, safely, as proven by Flinders University Australia Chi Machine clinical trials in 2000, that revealed unexpected weight loss.

Fat child.

Exercise does a body good.
FACT: Physical activity improves health, maintains weight and fitness level, promotes metabolic activity, promotes circulation, slows aging, changes ones physiology thereby promoting mental focus and relaxation, assists sleep, promotes bowel movements and is used for physical rehabilitation and general wellness.

FACT: Aerobic exercise is biologically and scientifically shown to promote supplemental oxygenation and stimulates the lymphatic system which thereby eliminates toxins from the body.

The degree of physical activity determines the extent of benefits and the impact to the body. The average American family is overweight, sedentary and on medication. This situation did not happen overnight and won't correct itself overnight.

The original Chi Machine gets the body moving and thereby promotes and supports healthy change, one day at a time - diet is obviously critical and must be adjusted accordingly in order to support sustainable weight loss.

Yoga and Tai Chi:
It must be noted that passive aerobic exercise of the body via yoga and Tai Chi both promote healthy weight control. A person does NOT have to get the heart pumping and the blood racing.

Examples of passive aerobic exercise benefits:
1) Relaxation of the body and mind releases stress which is proven to contribute to weight gain.

2) Elimination of waste and toxins via stimulation of the Lymphatic System promotes healthy weight stability.

3) Negative emotions cause acidic energy retention within the body. Relaxation supports their release.

4) Stimulation of various body functions - such as the gastrointestinal tract if weak, sluggish or blocked - promotes metabolism and digestion.

5) Stimulation of the colon promotes release of waste and trapped toxins.

6) Promotion of flexibility and the release of stiffness, tension and rigidity, thus allowing relaxation promoting sounder sleep. Lack of sleep promotes weight gain.

Livestrong Article September 2015:
A classic example of how truth is spun into lies.

An article written in 2015 and posted on Livestrong contains the authors personal interpretation of information she has read, which is embellished, incorrect, and frankly confusing. Here is just a few examples:

1) "These results may be the effects of passive exercise and leg elevation."

  Response: Flinders clinical trials proved it was the effects of the Chi Machine.

2) "Less fluid retention in their legs and entire body."

Response: Correction, the trials state less fluid in the limbs, the Lymphedema trials do not state the entire body, only the Livestrong author does.

3) "Using the machine for 15 minutes is the same as taking a brisk walk for an hour and a half."

Response: This information originated years ago from HTE head office, not from this website. Also, there has never been any mention of burning calories, only by the Livestrong author.

4) "The company states that the most important factor in weight loss is the acidity in foods, and that oxygenation helps decrease the acid from food and helps you lose weight."

Response: Factors in weight loss are healthy foods coupled with physical activity. No-where is it stated otherwise, again confusing embellishment written by the author that frankly makes absolutely no sense.

5) "Improve spinal alignment because vibrating the spine relieves pressure and reduces misalignment. Repetitive massaging adjusts the spine." 

Response: What? Where is this written? This is the authors personal interpretation.

6) "For treating lower spinal disc problems and back pain."

Response: No-where is it written that the Chi Machine may be used to "treat spinal disc problems" or to "reduce misalignment".

FYI: The Chi Machine is very popular with chiropractors who use it to loosen up and relax their clients before adjustment.

F D A - Quackwatch:
The F D A regularly send out thousands of warning letters to companies and websites across the USA every year to anyone that promotes natural healing of any kind and does not stay within F D A ever-changing rules and guidelines.

This website received such a letter back in May 2009, which incorrectly believed this website to be the manufacturer and importer. HTE has been the sole manufacturer, importer and seller for over 30 years.

This website has been an international independent distributor for over 20 years with multiple awards and global recognition.
The letter requested deletion of specific subject matter, which was subsequently completed within 24hrs. To elaborate, specific medical testimonials were common practice at that time, but in violation without clinical trials to prove medical claims beyond public anecdotes, and therefore machines were supposedly mis-branded, which of course they were not.

Young Living Oils, a world famous aromatherapy company and all distributors, were also warned and asked to remove years of documentation and specific information. 

Websites are no longer allowed to post testimonials from the public that mention specific medical disease, only vague symptoms with a mandatory disclaimer.

The F D A prefer tens of thousands are paid in fees and medical trials in order for drugs to be created for every conceivable disease, as opposed to using natural healing modalities which generate zero profit for pharmaceutical corporations who control public health. 

Many imitation machine websites do not comply with F D A regulations and continue to post dubious, fictitious or paid for testimonials, as does Amazon.  

imposter Amazon and eBay:

No HTE distributor is allowed to sell the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine (originally known as the Sun Harmony), on eBay or Amazon.

2) Only members of the general public may sell the Sun Ancon on eBay.

3) Amazon only sells imitations.

Many testimonials on Amazon are paid for, fabricated, and unverified.

HTE Sun Ancon Chi Machine Prices:

All prices are determined and set by HTE head office in each individual country. Prices do not vary within each country, because each distributor must sell at the exact same price as set forth by head office. 

Imitation websites commonly scam the public by pretending to sell the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine but list it at a much higher price to further entice the buyer to buy an imitation for less.

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