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Flash Sales usually begin on a Thursday
and are good thru Sunday evening.
National holidays too.


SOQI Machines:

Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome,
E-Power Machine, Electro Reflex Energizer.

Random flash sales are held each month below the regular sale price. We don't know in advance which health and wellness machine HTE head office in Los Angeles will choose - it's always wonderful to save money, and it's always great to have a surprise!

Bookmark and check this page every Thursday afternoon, and during national holidays, to see which SOQI machine is chosen ... it may be the one you've been waiting for!

Chi Machine - FIR Dome - ERE - E-Power

Buy Chi Machine with another machine and save!

FLASH SALE: Now through August 24th

The Chi Machine
Oxygenation, lymphatic drainage,
pain and stress relief, relaxation ...


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Far Infrared Dome
Serious healing, rapid pain relief,
detoxification, respiratory support. 

E-Power Machine
Recharge your entire body -
rejuvenate beauty, relieve depression.

Electro Reflex Energizer
For healing of the feet and legs.
Powerful reflexology.

SOQI Health and Wellness Machines.

Copied worldwide, THESE are the original.
Not sold on Amazon.

Liquid Vitamin C and sunshine for Vitamin D.
Your immune system has never been so important.
Get outdoors and enjoy the summer!

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