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Sun Harmony Chi Machine
Renamed the Sun Ancon.

The original Chi Machine was invented by Dr. Inoue in 1990 and it was known as the 'Sun Harmony' Chi Machine. Soon after the name was changed to Sun Ancon. The Chi Machine has since modified it's outer design twice.

Today, some websites still insist on referring to the name Sun Harmony which is incorrect and confusing to customers. Some websites still offer the outdated Sun Harmony model to customers in North America including sellers on Ebay and imitation chi machine merchants.

Hsin Ten Enterprise (HTE), is the exclusive international company chosen by Dr. Inoue to distribute the original Chi Machine worldwide. HTE Americas no longer sells the Sun Harmony Chi Machine square design or the second version.

To clear up any confusion, we decided to give you some photos for identification.

Sun Harmony
                      Chi Machine. - SM-323 - 1st Generation.

1990 - Original design, Sun Harmony Chi Machine.

This is HTE's original square design, known as the Sun Harmony Chi Machine.
Outdated design, no longer sold - may be found on Ebay.

Chi Machine
                      trademark. - SM-330 - 2nd Generation.

2009 - Sun Ancon Chi Machine, USA.

This was HTE's second model, renamed Sun Ancon. Case is rounded with two front indentations. Discontinued. May be found on Ebay.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine.AustraliaEurope 3rd Generation.

2009 - Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Australia.

Australia and New Zealand

Europe and UK

The latest Sun Ancon Chi Machine, externally modified design, created in the summer of 2005.

The newly designed original Chi Machine available with a wider footrest area. The Sun Ancon's new footrest is 26.5cm wide, allowing more comfort and space in the ankle area.

This modification does not compromise the original design, patented technology, or Dr. Inoue's research studies.

All the specifications are the same including the precise angle of footrest to massage your acupuncture points and stimulate the flow of CHI energy. Swing frequency, swing angle, swing travel distance, and footrest height all remain the same ensuring the movement is in total harmony with the body's internal rhythm.

SDM-888 Chi Machine.-Canada US- SDM-888 - 3rd, Current Generation.

2012 until present ...
Sun Ancon Chi Machine - HTE Americas.

Available 110v or 220v

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This is the latest model (the same as the 2009 Australian model), stronger, quieter, and with a wider ankle-rest area.

- Noticeable improvement in quietness.
- Smoother oscillation.
- Wider ankle cradle, thereby promoting ankle comfort.
- Improvements to the motor, gears and mechanism thereby extending life of machine from between 15 to 25 years.

                    machine action
Correct oscillation speed 140-144.
A perfect figure of eight.

All the Chi Machines seen above, are exactly the same on the inside as the original 'Sun Harmony' Chi Machine design of 1990.

The internal mechanics need no adjustment, change or update. The motor is strong and durable. The internal parts are metal. The oscillation speed remains the same.

One set speed was created deliberately and very precisely, to work in perfect synchronization with the heart, blood circulation and spinal alignment.

Any speed slower or faster (imitation machines have multiple speeds), has proven to occasionally be detrimental to the body, sometimes causing either knee discomfort, lower back pain, or raised blood pressure.

The original Chi Machine has stood the test of time and remains, strong, durable and safe. Natural health and wellness for all ages from 4-100yrs, for over 30 years.

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