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Becoming an International
Distributor has Changed.

The past few years have changed everything. Before 2020, HTE had a warehouse in Germany which was under the Sydney, Australia head office, that took care of all sales throughout Europe. There was also a head office in Toronto, Canada, and three in Mexico. Sadly they are now all closed.


If you don't live in North America - the USA or Canada - it is not possible at this time to be a distributor. Americans need a social security number, street address, and bank account. Canadians need a street address and bank account.

Head office Los Angeles does not mail or wire commission checks outside of North America.

Existing distributors in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe may continue by selling within the USA or Canada only, or to visitors to the USA or Canada who will take HTE machines back on the plane.

HTE head office in Los Angeles takes care of all sales for the USA and Canada, but no longer ships anything overseas. Customers have to arrange international shipping themselves.

Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - have their own head office locations. Some countries (such as South Africa), operate as SOQI Spa franchises.

For inquiries, sales and contact info: Asian Head Offices

South Africa has a warehouse/logistics center and a representative, but is controlled by head office in Thailand.

Contact the Thailand head office who control South African sales and SOQI franchises for latest info. 

HTE Thailand Email:

Vietnam has a head office in Vietnam. Vietnamese Americans are welcome to sign up as distributors in the USA but all shipments will be within USA and Canada only.

Mexicans living in the USA or Canada are welcome to become distributors, but all shipping is within USA or to Canada only. HTE does not ship to Mexico.

Freight & Voltage


Freight prices to Australia, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and the Caribbean are generally very expensive.

1) Many customers use their own shipping company, which is much cheaper - have your machine directly delivered to your shipping company within the USA or Canada to be delivered overseas.

Note: Head office Los Angeles is not accepting personal shipping companies to pick up from head office directly.

2) Buy in the USA or Canada whilst visiting (yourself, family or friends), and take back on the plane. Simply order in advance of arrival so as to co-ordinate delivery.

MACHINE AND VOLTAGE 110v and 220v:


a) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Dome are available 110v or 220v.


b) The ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer) is available 110v - 240v, dual voltage.


c) The E-Power Machine is available 110v or 220v.


d) The SOQI Bed - only available within the USA (as of 2018).

are NOT recommended as they prevent the machines from working properly.

Monthly sale prices, special offers.

How to Become a Distributor
Guidance and details for the USA and Canada.


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