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Imitation Chi Machines.
Below is a comparison chart of imitation chi machines - also known as Chi Exercisers - which was difficult to research and formulate because:

a) All websites vary with their facts, specifications and prices, with many often selling identical imitation 'chi machine' models, but under a different name and label - 'Daiwa Felicity' is the latest company to saturate the market with the same recycled, old and tired imitations.

b) Sites present vague, minimal information, and many have zero info about their manufacturer or company background.

c) They all fraudulently claim to be the ORIGINAL CHI MACHINE, which none of them are, because there is only one, the Sun Ancon.


Imitations including the Chi Exerciser, Vitality Swing, Surge of Chi, Chi Swing, Stress Buster, Swing Master.
Merchants selling imitation 'chi machines' have limited background information other than the standard specs of their own imitation, since all Chi Machine data, history and info has originated from the original Chi Machine, the Sun Ancon.
Imitation 'Chi Machine' websites actually copy the Sun Ancon's Chi Machine info, data and history. Plagiarized info and graphics taken from the original Sun Ancon information is common, and some attach the trademarked name 'Chi Machine'.

This all becomes very confusing for the customer as to which chi machine is THE REAL ONE? There is only one true Chi Machine, here it is ...

  Sun Ancon Chi Machine 
The Sun Ancon,
Original Chi Machine

Proven to last 15 to 25 years plus - Unrivaled longevity and durability - 33 years of testimonials.

The 'Chi Machine' is a registered trademarked name belonging to HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise Inc). 

The Sun Ancon is the first and only Chi Machine , created by Dr. Inoue in 1990, with a deliberate ONE set speed.

HTE logo.

The HTE green and gold logo is located on the machine, and on the timer.

Chi fish.
Sun Ancon Chi Machine symbol is a goldfish, which has been taken and used by multiple imitation websites.


The photo shows the Original Chi Machine creator, Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue and his exclusive chosen distributor, Hsin Ten Enterprises (HTE), Chairman Gordon Pan, located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dr. Inoue gave his vision to Skylite Corporation in Japan back in the 80's, responsible for creating the Chi Machine.
Dr. Inoue has unfortunately since passed away. Mr. Pan is well and healthy, still running HTE from the world head-office in Taiwan.


Many imitation brands are identical but use different brand names and set different prices for the same machine.

Most imitations have multiple speeds which means they oscillate incorrectly, known to commonly cause lower back pain and soreness - for some users their blood pressure may increase.

Daiwa Felicity is currently selling old cheap imitations, the Chi Swing, Vitality Swing and Swing Master.
Prices in US$
for comparison.
The Original
Chi Machine.
Known as Sun Ancon
(regular sale price)
Swing Machine,
Stress Buster.
Chi Vitalizer,
Chi Energizer,
Vitality Swing,
Swing Master.

$149.00 to $340.00
Chi Swing,
Chi Energizer.
Chi Swing
Surge of Chi,
surge chi
UK 197.75

Swing travel 12 degrees.
Variable Speeds
+ Gimmicks.
Dangerous neck massage.
Variable speed.

One speed. 3 Variable Speeds.
Swing travel 1.75"
34-3w motor to create inherent figure of 8 motion.
20w DC Motor
45w DC Motor
Weight: 15.5lbs/7kg 17lbs 15lbs - 17lbs
11lbs 15.6lbs/7.1kg
Oscillation/min: 140 oscillations
per minute (RPM).

Scientifically and medically approved, for general heart rate, blood pressure and spinal alignment.
78-156 RPM
90-150 RPM
147 RPM
80-160 RPM
Patents: 26 global patents.
Four American patents.
unknown unknown

Licensed Medical
Licensed as a medical device in Japan,
Australia, Canada, USA.


Alleged to be Class 1 medical device on UK website, but no source/documentation given to verify.

Medical Research, Clinical Trials: Flinders University

Practitioner Trials 2005
Year launched:
Created by Japanese scientist, Dr.Inoue

Hefei, China
Origin is Skylite Corp, Japan.
Company: HTE - Exclusive rights to
the Original Chi Machine.
unknown unknown Energy For Health
Head Offices: Asia, USA.
USA, Canada, UK USA, Canada
USA, Canada  UK, USA
TV Health Shows:
Four including "The Doctors" and Dr. Oz
- -

Honesty and transparency.

Two words imitation machine merchants need to embrace! The public are demanding these values more often. The public look to each other for feedback, besides the questionable paid reviews on Amazon or paid shout-outs from celebrities.

The Original Chi Machine is NOT sold on eBay or Amazon, a strict company policy.

The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine was showcased on 'The Doctors' TV Show and also 'Dr Oz' - yet Imitation machines have claimed it was their imitation. It was not. HTE gifted the hosts the Sun Ancon Chi Machines.

Buyers Guide

Imitation Chi Machine - Buyer Beware!



When buying a machine for health and wellness, customers should research and inquire if there is:

- A patent number.

- Documented medical research, or clinical trials, plus date and name of facility.

- A medical license and number.

- Ask for the name of the company - ask how long in business.

- Ask how many years on the market.

- Ask how long is the life expectancy of the machine.

- Ask what the main components of the internal mechanism are, plastic or metal parts.

- Compare specifications to the original.



news News Blog:

Daiwa Felicity is a 'rebranded' company - U.S. Jaclean - currently selling cheap old imitations of multiple home health care gadgets, including the Chi Swing, Vitality Swing and Swing Master imitation chi machines. Located in Southern California, their marketing campaign is massive, dominating the market.

Imitations on continue to claim they are the Original Chi Machine. THEY ARE NOT. Many are cheap plastic knock-offs that only last a short while.

Cheap imitation chi machine websites, such as U.S. Jaclean, promote multiple imitations using information about the original Sun Ancon as leverage.

Most imitations have multiple speeds which do not give the same benefits as the original and have proven to be detrimental to the spine, the knees, and some have increased blood pressure. The original was created with only ONE speed after decades of research by Dr. Inoue.

Most of the '5 Best Chi Machine' review websites do not feature the original Sun Ancon, because they are being paid to promote and sell imitations. Those that actually mention the original Sun Ancon offer all the details of the original, deceptively inferring their imitation is the exact same.

December 2015 - Drama
False claims, illegal use of trademarked name, deceitful use of TV show.

1) Imitation chi exercise machines or passive exercisers as they now call themselves, continue to surge thru the market, as fast as one machine is discontinued, another pops up, but numbers have leveled out, and such is the nature of any business.

The problem is that imitations continue to persist in illegally attaching the trademarked name 'Chi Machine' to their unit.

2) Three imitation companies have proclaimed themselves to be the most superior out of all the imitation machines (including the original). Here is one imitations quote "the most advanced model available globally".

Another imitation company quotes "superior to the original Chi Machine in numerous ways" but declines to illuminate. This same company uses the Dr's TV show video clip, failing to mention it is the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and not their imitation.

One imitation company states " Early chi exercise machines were designed for the typically smaller and lighter body types of Oriental people". First there is no such thing as earlier chi exercise machines, there was only one, and it has a trademarked name, The Chi Machine from HTE.

Secondly, the Chi Machine was NOT designed specifically for 'Oriental' people. This claim insinuates that Orientals (insulting label), are all the same race (insulting), with no differences in height or weight, whilst also insinuating that "non 'Orientals" have different anatomies, being bigger and heavier.

Whilst the USA in general appears to have an obesity challenge, many people will definitely take offense. The Original Chi Machine was created for ALL body types and all ages.

The Chi Machine is registered as a medical device in three countries because the specifications of the patents, the oscillations per minute, the precise and deliberate single speed and the swing travel, all directly relate to the highest medical benefit the Chi Machine will give to the human body with no chance or injury or any negative side effects.

3) There are numerous false claims that can be read on, in regards to the original Chi Machine.

Here is one such false claim: "Their original patent was for a variable speed unit, but once we came out with the Chi Vitalizer, they decided to differentiate by claiming there's only one speed that works".

The original Chi Machine has NEVER had more than one speed, and the imitation Chi Vitalizer was created many years later, having multiple brand labels, names and prices. Why do companies lie?!

Imitation brands 2015 include: Chi Exerciser, Chi Vitalizer, Chi Energizer, Chi Swing, Swing Master, Footshaker, Zen Chi, Evergain, Passive Exerciser, Oxy-Flow, Chi Flow, Zen Chi, Surge of Chi, Aussie Wobbler - and eBay have an abundance of imitations to choose from with a plethora of false information and plagiarized facts.


April 2013
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine made a fourth TV SHOW global appearance, on 'Dr Oz', but if any imitation machine attempts to use the video footage or make any reference to the show in relation to their imitation machine, legal action will be taken by the TV show producers.

                          Doctors TV Show

Featuring the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the REAL Chi Machine.

September 2009
All the chimachines on are imitations. The real Sun Ancon is listed, but every time we check it is 'sold out' - this is a scam to get the buyer to purchase an imitation, because the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is not sold on

Many people who saw the Chi Machine on The Doctors went to Amazon and purchased an imitation machine without understanding they had not bought the real deal, the Sun Ancon, the original Chi Machine.

Imitation companies then proceeded to scam the public using 'The Doctors' TV show video footage, falsely claiming it as their own imitation product, lying to the public.

The owner of this website was the individual responsible for "The Doctors" 2009 TV showcase of the Original Chi Machine (known as the Sun Ancon), and also the TV showcase in 2013 on the "Dr. Oz" show.

Please feel free to notify us if you discover a company claiming their imitation "chi machine" was showcased on either of these TV shows. The producers will take legal actionas they are adamantly opposed to deception and false claims.

October 2005 - Decline in imitations:
Several imitation 'chi machine' websites no longer exist, but there are still quite a few that persist. HTE the exclusive distributor of the Original Sun Ancon, are aggressively pursuing these deliberately misleading merchants for copyright, fraud and patent infringement.

March 2004 - Gimmicks Added:
Many of the imitation chi machines have now resorted to having gimmicks attached to the machines including infrared features, heating pads and magnets, besides adding multiple speeds.

To compare the REAL Chi Machine, the Sun Ancon, to any existing imitation machine, is the same as trying to compare a go-cart to a Ferrari. Of course not everyone can afford a Ferrari, but when it comes to health, anything fake or synthetic is bad news and has consequences. Corners cannot be cut regarding health.

Fit For Fun, the leading German health and consumer magazine in Europe, tested the original Sun Ancon against the imitations. Sun Ancon won hands down.

October 2003:
Some websites have re-worded and changed deceitful information since first being presented here. Alll of them remain medically unproved with no clinical research  unlike the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Everyone is entitled to sell any product they choose, but selling products under false pretenses in order to make a profit -  in this case at the expense of your health - is dishonorable, greedy and plain wrong when it comes to something as important as your health.

If an imitation machine harms someone, breaks down or does not do what the original does, this is a bad reflection on the original WHICH WORKS and was created to seriously help people.

The consumer is advised to always research products in depth, and draw conclusions for themselves.

They say imitation is a form of flattery ...

Well, would you like to see a remake of the classic "Wizard of Oz" or "Gone With The Wind" or "The Titanic"? Sometimes there is just no duplicating the original.

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Always ask questions and research everything. 

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