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The Body/Mind Connection.

The body/mind connection works together in perfect syncronisation, and determins our health, our life, our future. This is not understood by many, let alone the critical importance and connection between mental and physical health, of daily life, the choices we make and why, all too often resulting in perpetual illness and unhappiness.  

Money, love or health?
Which one is most important according to national statistics?

1) Money came in first. Cold hard cash.

2) Not Love, which is the most powerful energy on earth and promotes compassion, healing, peace and humility.

3) Not Health, which is critical to living the life you dream of. Without health you cannot pay your rent, you cannot afford to feed yourself properly and you cannot truly love or help another, or yourself, unless you are healthy.

Choices and Consequences.


Which one do you choose?

Which one is the most important?
- Money cannot buy love. Money cannot buy health.

- Love does not pay the rent. Love alone, will not keep you healthy.

- Without your health you can end up with nothing, lonely and broke.

Our world is upside down. The stock markets are unstable, currencies are unpredictable, people are loosing their homes and their jobs, water and food shortages are reality, gasoline prices are still rising, countries are falling apart economically.

5G is being introduced which will slowly radiate and fry every living thing, and of course the endless geo-engineering / weather warfare destroying life across the planet.

What is MOST important at this time and will get you through it all? Your health. Specifically, your mental and emotional state, known as the mind-body connection, which you have formed through all the experiences of your life to date. Now more than ever before, we must focus, keep our priorities and our mind clear.

You get what you focus on.
What you focus on expands.

- When you are healthy, you can create and manifest your dreams as well as generate money to live.

- When you are healthy, you will have self love, love for others, and love from others.

- When you are healthy, nothing (and no-one) can bring you down unless you allow it to!

Life is all about


Your personal choices either create and attract - or repel - money, love and health. For example:

1) Do you spend money you don't have - buy things you don't need - buy things that won't enhance your life or your health and happiness?

2) Are you in a relationship or friendship that is toxic, abusive and destructive to your heart and soul?

3) Does the person you love make you cry yourself to sleep?

4) Are you taking medication, overweight, or hooked on drugs or alcohol, to numb your present reality?

5) Are you holding on to past grief, disputes, losses and regrets?

It's not what happens to you, but what you DO about it, how you respond mentally and emotionally.

The world is going through massive changes because there is too much fear, disease, anger and greed. It's time for each one of us on an individual level to take back control, take responsibility, let go of yesterday and change the way we think, feel and act. In truth, we really don't have much choice.

Matrix faiure.

How do we get through this?

1) Focus on the source of health - the mental, emotional and spiritual - known as the Body-Mind Connection

2) Nutrition is critical - focus on an Alkaline diet, pH balanced with all the natural vitamins your body needs. Water and 15 minutes of daily sunshine for vitamin D and Far Infrared.

3) Daily Physical Movement for oxygenation and detoxification.

4) Sleep - sleep heals and regenerates the body and the mind.

5) Stay away from negative people, words and actions - You become who you hang out with.

The Body-Mind Connection,
the Source.

Everything in creation is energy, including money, love and health. This energy is known as CHI. This energy permeates every cell in your body with every thought, feeling, word and action that you choose.

This emotional energy is sent out invisibly to everyone and affects everything in your life. You can use this energy to attract or to repel, knowingly or unknowingly.

Ever heard these expressions:
"Be careful what you wish for"
"As you sow, so shall ye reap"
"What you put out, you get back."

How about "You get what you focus on!"

Emotional Issues:
People justify external physical events -

- I was bullied
- I was in a car crash
- I was raped
- I broke my leg skiing
- My partner left me
- My parent died
- My child hates me
- My partner abuses me
- My business collapsed
- I was fired
- Cancer runs in my family ...

- Discrimination is a big one - sexual preference, skin color, religious choice, gender, age, physical challenges/limitations etc

Any of the above that may have happened to you, was an outside event that was triggered by an existing internal emotional issue to manifest on a physical level, OR the event itself triggered emotional issues.

Read that again ...

Internal negative emotions caused by external events often result in physical illness, accidents and loss, which in turn create more internal negative emotions. A vicious cycle.

If you are holding on to the past, to yesterday, last month, last year, 5,10, 20 years ago ... you are unwell. You have emotional pain and unhappiness that can develop into serous illness.

If you live in the present moment ... it is difficult be unhealthy or unhappy.

Change your thoughts, change your energy, be in the present moment, and thereby change your life.

The longer you hold on to the past - emotional trauma, pain, grief, anger, regret, guilt, hatred, shame, fear - the longer you will be unhappy and unwell, the worse your health and your life may become. LET GO.

Common cycles of self destruction:

Addictions such as drugs, alcohol, food, hoarding, they numb the pain you don't want to feel. Addictions keep personal issues trapped inside your body, destroying your cells, your health. Until you let go of the emotional issues, the pain won't go away and life won't get better.

Do you really want to be numb until the day you die? So i ask you right now, "what don't you want to feel?" Go deep.

Refusing to let go of those who have left:
Let go of loved ones that have left you or died, otherwise your grief or anger will destroy you. You cannot bring the departed back, or undo whatever happened, so embrace the happy memories, and move on with your life. Make those who have crossed over proud of you, not sad for you.

Holding on to illness is a crutch ... a way you think you can force others to love you and stay with you. In the end, they will resent you and leave you.

The food, drink, medications you put in your mouth are a critical source of positive or negative energy / acid or alkaline. Do you choose to feed your cells with positive, alkaline energy, or to poison them? If you have an overly acidic body, there is no way you can remain healthy.

The part of your body that is sick, directly relates to the mental-emotional issues that you hold onto.

- Breaking a leg means slow down, or stop and reflect.
- Breast cancer indicates problems with a spouse, or child, or parent, love or sex.
- A stroke indicates a shut down of emotion.
- Asthma may mean you feel trapped, or stifled, that you need to escape a situation.
- Loss of hearing or ear pain indicates there is something you don't want to hear!


Be brutally honest with yourself:
Until you address mental and emotional issues - the source of the physical manifestation of illness, often triggered by outside events - your body, flooded with the negative energy of personal mental and emotional issues, cannot possibly heal.

Let go.

When the pain of holding on,
becomes greater
then the pain of letting go,
that's when we let go.

Detox your mind. Forgive, let go, and heal.

This moment is your life. Feel it. LIVE IT.

If you are healthy both mentally and emotionally, your body's immune system is STRONG, your Chi is strong, it's very difficult to become ill. You will NOT attract accidents, violence or abuse. You will NOT become sick easily.

If you are grateful, you WILL attract what you desire. Say thank you everyday for simple things - the sun shining, the wind blowing the clouds, birds singing in the trees, a roof over your head, food on the table, shoes on your feet, the fact you can breath, see, smell, hear and feel.

Whatever you fear, manifests.

Let go of any emotion or person that is not for your highest good. Let go of any fear that is holding you back from doing this. Fear creates illness, lies, emotional corruption and physical death. Fear destroys dreams before they have a chance to manifest.

No-one can choose what you feel, or how you choose to act or respond. YOU choose. Blaming another is a mind game, and you lose.

The Gift:
Learn to love yourself, to forgive those that push your buttons - ask yourself instead "What do i need to learn from this".

We are all mirrors of each other - the things we love about ourselves, the things we dislike, and the things we need to let go of or enhance.

Those who push our buttons are a gift.


Each one of us is capable of creating
beautiful dreams or horrible nightmares.
The Future:
Love others unconditionally regardless of skin color, religious belief, nationality, or sexual preference. We all want the same things - love, health, peace.

Instead of fearing and judging other people's lives, instead of focusing on what was, or what could have been, LET GO OF THE PAST and focus on the present moment.

Refuse to put poison into your cells via thoughts, beliefs, food or drugs, all things that cause you to be less than happy and healthy.

Take responsibility for all the choices you have ever made, or will ever make in the future, because the consequences you have today are a direct result of the choices you made yesterday, for yourself and those around you.

If you don't like your life, if you are unhappy, depressed, afraid or sick ... DO something about it! Today is a great day to begin.

The choices you make today, determine your tomorrow's, and those of everyone around you. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.

Four minutes that will change your day!

Illness - How to be sick.

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