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Chi Machine Medical Advice
from Dr. John Hinwood.

Questions regarding everyday use.

"In the new millennium we are facing growing challenges to traditional ways of looking at health and well-being. Increasing hours at work, less hours for relaxation and exercise, a poor diet contribute to the many ailments we face in the modern world. HTE follows a holistic approach to everyday health. The following will include some useful and cautionary advice about the use of our wellness products. Enjoy your quality of life!"
Dr Hinwood.   chimachine

Dr. John Hinwood.
Healthcare Consultant - HTE Australia.
Questions and Medical Advice
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine:

Q: I am wondering how much discomfort can be expected for someone with severe pain?

How much discomfort can be expected for someone with severe pain who uses the machine is extremely difficult to comment on as bodies vary greatly. Noticeable reduction in pain levels is often the case using the machine twice daily as a mainstay treatment.

How to Use the Chi Machine: In-depth Instructions with extensive FAQ section.

Q: I have just had surgery on one of my knees and I am disappointed that I will not be able to use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for 3 months following the surgery. I would be grateful for advice as to whether it is in order to use the Chi Machine and if so, for how long and how many times a day. 

My belief is that after one month you should be OK to use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine providing you place 1 or 2 pillows under your knees when using the machine.

Note: If there is any discomfort, either wait awhile longer, or be sure length of session is restricted to just a few minutes.

Q1: A client who is being treated with chemotherapy is doing well (a count down from 500 to 50) and the doctors are pleased. Do you think the Sun Ancon Chi Machine would be okay to use whilst having chemotherapy?

A1: Cancer does not like oxygen. So increase your usage to x3 per day. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is not a machine that 'fixes problems' but it is definitely a support for the body as a relief from the stress and the side effects of the condition and chemotherapy.

Length of sessions.
Q2: My local Complementary Cancer Care center have asked about the time sessions with regard to their clients using the Chi Machine.

A2: Patients can use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine provided they use it for very low levels of time. Start at 1 or 2 minutes and increase by 1-2 minutes every few days or so. Stop at any level if pain arrives and reduce to the previous level.

Note: Increase time of sessions slowly so detoxification is not rapid or overwhelming.

Herxheimer Reaction - Healing crisis


Spine fusion.
Q: Can the Chi Machine be used for a person who has had spine fusion.

Natural bony fusion is the strongest fusion possible. Even partial fusion is extremely strong and there is no possible way the Sun Ancon Chi Machine could cause a bony separation or 'undo' the fusion process. Start at 1 minute at least twice per day and increase the time by 1 minute per week. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is pure aerobic activity and is gentler on the body than walking.

Cosmetic surgery.
Q: I have a client who has recently undergone cosmetic surgery for their upper and lower eyelids and would like to know how soon they can resume using their Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

After healing, probably about 4 to 6 weeks the Sun Ancon Chi Machine could be used. Wait 8 weeks after breast implants.

Healthy digestive function.
Q: Can the Sun Ancon help support digestive function? 

Yes. Start at 1 minute and increase time very slowly, say 2 minutes per session every week or so to a maximum of 10 minutes per session. 

Weak muscles.
Q: How can the Sun Ancon Chi Machine help someone with weak muscles?

Yes but not in the same way as anaerobic exercise. Start using the Chi machine at a 2 minute frame initially. They can increase their time frame in 2 minute units weekly. They may use the machine 4 to 6 times per day. 


Q: Can a person with seizures use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine? Why is it stated as a contraindications?

The machine can be used for epileptic patients. The reason that it has been stated that epilepsy is a contraindication is that some person may see fit to sue the company if they were in the process of using the machine and had a seizure during that time.

My personal belief is that the machine is very soothing and calming of the nervous system and the outcomes for an epileptic patient would indeed be positive. It is important that the patient is supervised the entire time when using the machine as a precautionary measure.

Q: Can someone with a pacemaker use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, and if so, what are the boundaries of use?

Use the machine at low time levels, starting at 2 minute daily for one week, then add 2 minutes each week to a maximum of 10 minutes or be governed by comfort levels at lower time periods.

Water retention.
Q: Water retention around the ankles and knee. What time do you recommend for The Chi Machine.

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine can assist people in all these areas. Start at very low time intervals of 2 minutes to start, then add 2 minutes per week (or every few days) to a maximum of between 10 and 15 minutes per session, depending on the individual's comfort levels.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Q: Can the Sun Ancon Chi Machine be used during pregnancy?

1) Yes. But to preclude any problems, it should not be used by those who are not in good health or are at risk.

2) Suspend using it during the first trimester and during the final month before delivery.

Flinders University's Clinical Trials indicates a significant drop in fluids in the lymphatic system using the Chi Machine. Pregnant women tend to retain fluid.

Please consult your physician for advice if you have any concerns about using it.

I have used the Chi Machine with pregnant health professionals, and is great for well-being, and supporting getting back to shape after delivery.

Post Pregnancy Benefits


Back problems.
Q: I have a client who has back problems. How will the Sun Ancon Chi Machine help pain?

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine will not correct back problems (such as scoliosis), but will benefit by providing support with stretch/relax action on the spinal muscles to help stabilize and temporarily relieve muscle pain.

Depending on the severity and pain, begin at 2 minutes per session and increase slowly in 2 minute increments. If any discomfort, decrease the time.

Back Pain and the Chi Machine

General surgery.
Q: I have just had surgery. Can I use my Sun Ancon Chi Machine?

No. You can not use it unless the wound is closed and healed, 6-8 weeks - 3 months for major surgery.

The yard-stick is that once stitches have been removed and the wound is healing well then the machine can be used. It's ALWAYS paramount that these people start at low time levels and build their time up slowly over several weeks.

Outpatient surgery.
Q: What about minor surgery, outpatient after one day?

Minor surgery recovery - 2 weeks should be okay for a relatively fit and well person.

Tooth fillings - detoxification.
Q: I have used the Sun Anion Chi Machine for some months, but I can only use it for 2-3 min. per day. I have so much pain in my body because I am allergic to my teeth fillings with silver in them. I am taking them out one by one and have taken out 9, but I still get very sick after I have been at the dentist.

Is it wise of me to use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine when I get sick. My body aches as well as the muscles and my stomach, so I understand that my body is trying to get rid of the poison. Can I use the machine?

A: Yes, you can use the machine but only for one or two minutes per session. Be sure to drink plenty of water each day. Using the machine 2 to 3 times per day may be very helpful.

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Dr. John Hindwood.
Doctor of Chiropractic CMCC, Toronto, Canada 1973- 977; Diplomat, NBC, USA 1977; Diplomate CCEB, Canada 1977; Diploma Physical Education & Teaching Certificate, Sydney Teachers College 1964-1966; Certificate Life Coach 2001; Fellow, Australian Institute of Management 2001.

Background - Dr. Hinwood.
Hsin Ten Australia's healthcare consultant, John Hinwood, has extensive experience in clinical practice, coaching and consultation.

Since 1997, John Hinwood has shared his Sun Ancon Chi experience nation-wide in Cairns, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, and has consulted in many seminars and a range of health issues. He has shared his knowledge in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Soux Falls and Salt Lake City on a Hsin Ten (USA) tour in 2000.

Advice given by Dr. John Hinwood, Healthcare Consultant of HTE Australia Pty Ltd, is intended to be a general guide to various conditions customers request advice abou 
and cannot cover specific situations encountered by individuals who should seek independent medical advice.

HTE Australia Pty Ltd will not be responsible to the affects of the use of its products which may prove to be adversary to your health. HTE Australia Pty Ltd provides advice only and is subject to your agreement to obtain independent health care medical advice.


This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Chimachine4u does not claim that any HTE product presented herein will diagnose, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Always ask questions, research everything.

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