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What Is Cancer.
What Causes Cancer.

Diagnosis: "You have cancer" - these words will change your life as you know it. However, there is nothing to fear, because fear will kill you - fear does not facilitate healing, fear drains the body of energy, and fear only serves to trigger new conflict and stress within the body.

Instead ... sit down, take a deep breath, relax, and question. Read through this page in order, as one thing leads to explanation of the next.

1) What Is Cancer?

- Cancer is the bodies natural reaction to extreme toxic overload and pathological invasion of the mind/body.

- Cancer is an inherent, inbuilt response to psycho-emotional stress that manifests on a physically destructive energetic level.

- Cancer is a natural response, a defense mechanism to the threat of cell extinction.

- Cancer is the SYMPTOM of a sick mind and body.

- Cancer is a wake-up call to change your life!

Orthodox cancer protocols?
Toxic chemo, radiation and drugs do NOT destroy the SOURCE of cancer. Cancer does not 'come back' - it never went away
- because the cause (the source), was not addressed and removed.

The Source?
A tumor is a mass of cells that has formed in retaliation to excess toxicity that the body cannot eliminate
to repair itself. Tumors are an accumulation of toxic, acidic energy, a mass, fed by negative mental/emotional energy, that physically feeds off sugar.

Normally the body/mind heals itself, issues are resolved, and the tumors then become inactive, or disintegrate and are expelled, but as long as toxic energy/infection continues to exist in the mind/body and overwhelm or destroy normal cells, tumors will continue to grow.

Sometimes the tumors become a problem because their growth and size begins to upset function of surrounding organs, tissue and body systems - in this case we have to de-bulk, to have surgery to remove the tumor so the body can heal properly without interference.

Threshold Inhibition Factor:

When a mass in the body becomes above a certain size, such as a cancerous tumor, the body refuses to attack it or recognize it, believing it to be a legitimate part of the body and therefore detrimental to attack. The cancer tumor therefore has to be reduced in size in order for the immune system to attack.

However, the cancer cell still has to be recognized by the immune system from which it is invisible. A method to make this happen is known as Induced Remission Therapy, created by Dr. Sam Chachoua, whereby the cancer cell is tagged with an identifiable organism that the immune system will then recognize and attack.

MP Virus:
Cancer is invisible for a reason and yes is the result of immune system failure. Cancer cells all contain an MP virus that will attack the immune system if the immune system tries to attack the cancer. The MP virus is protecting the cancer and will attack and destroy any weapon sent to kill it.

Thus the immune system simply becomes weakened and depleted - heightened by the introduction of such agents as chemotherapy - whilst the cancer cells flourish and continue.

Why does the MP virus exist, for what purpose? To protect the cancer, which is protecting the body from some immediate toxic infection and threat. It stands to reason that if the threat is identified and removed, then the cancer cells stop secreting the MP virus and the cancer cells can commit suicide.

So ... if and when the cancer has completed its job - protecting the body from some kind of infection - there’s a window of opportunity in which the cancer stops secreting the MP virus in which immuno-therapies become most effective.

GcMAF and Nagalase:
GcMAF is a naturally occurring human protein in the blood serum that activates specific immune cells (macrophages), that attack and destroy cancer cells as well as protecting and keeping the immune system healthy.

Cancer cells and viruses create an enzyme, a catalyst, called Nagalase which literally shuts down and turns off the immune system, neutralizing the bodies natural GcMAF defense.

Professor Nobuto Yamamoto discovered that by injecting GcMAF protein into the body, the nagalase enzyme is defeated and the immune system turned back on and rebuilt.

This is a natural plant based extract does not harm healthy cells (unlike chemo), and has no impact on blood sugar thus preventing cancer cells that will falsely interpret this molecule as sugar.

But what is most important, is that Salicinium inhibits the production of Nagalase - the cloak that hides the cancer cells - while simultaneously stimulating the innate immune cells. Salicinium allows GcMAF to resume operation.

It can be used in conjunction with chemo, enabling a huge reduction in the chemo dosage. Learn more from Reno Intergrative Medical Center or from salicinium.com
The Hayflick Limit Factor:
Cells can only replicate themselves x50 - known as the Hayflick limit - and when they can no longer replicate, the body responds by creating a cancer cell. Cancer cells have infinite replicative potential.

So if for example a person has damaged their lungs or their liver from smoking or drinking, and the organs cannot heal because they have worn out their limit, malignant cells form to patch up the damage.

If the mind/body receives excessive or shocking toxic stimuli, the body cannot always repair itself due to the Hayflick limit being exhausted, and so malignant cells step in to protect and try to heal itself.


The yellow pacman (cancer) is a cell that the body creates as a pre-programmed response to toxic, invasive overload. The pacmen encapsulate pathological invasion, trying to protect the body until it can put up an immune response.

If this is successful, the pacmen then commit apoptotic suicide and leave the body as waste products. If unsuccessful, the pacmen continue to multiply, protected by the MP virus.

2) What CAUSES cancer?

The internal SOURCE of cancer is the mental/emotional state of prolonged stress/conflict/anger, or shock/trauma/grief.

External stimuli of negative, acidic energy - such as toxic relationships, financial stress, environmental chemicals, and an acid diet - all act as triggers and contribute to the formation of cancer cells.


EMF (electro magnetic frequency - wireless technology), is also now prevalent in our daily life, saturating our homes, offices and environment with deadly radiation, 100 million times higher than when our grandparents were growing up. EMF has been proven to contribute to the formation of cancer, leukemia, brain tumors and to alter DNA.

EMF Chart showing brainwave activity response and affect according to source of frequency, such as a computer, cell phone or microwave oven.


3) How does mental-emotional, stress-trauma cause cancer specifically?

The body has a mind, which is present within each of our 50 trillion + cells, each cell having intelligence and memory.

Cells respond to emotion - sexual stimulation, grief, anger, pain, depression, sadness, fear, sleep deprivation, happiness, love etc. The body responds to all five senses: touch or lack of it, sound (music, voices, tonality), taste (bitter, sweet, sour, spicy), smell and sight.

Stress/conflict/trauma are registered throughout the body and become memory, which can be triggered anytime by any of the five senses.


A dramatic conflict is experienced in a specific location/room, the air has a spicy aroma, a specific song is playing and it's raining and cold. The person involved in the trauma is yelling and throwing things, and the carpet is stained.

Every-time that location/room is visited, or that aroma is smelt, or that song is heard, or its raining and cold, or you see that same person, or someone throws something, or the stained carpet is noticed, the trauma will be re-triggered internally and re-enforced.

"Memory lives throughout the body. In fact, our cells contain a perfect memory of all experiences and store it. Where do these receptor sites reside? In the soft tissues of the body, including the immune system!

These information-carrying neuropeptides are the mind-body link, acting as transducers of semantic and emotional information at the cellular level. Our emotions play a role in every biochemical event that transpires within us, even while we sleep.” - Andy Bernay-Roman - Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida.

Energy from negative mental/emotional life events or unresolved situations, physically impact both the brain and the mind/body.

You receive traumatizing information or you experience something shocking ... this immediately registers in your brain, and may be visibly seen on a brain scan as a circle of rings, known as concentric rings. At the exact same time, this energy is relayed and impacts a corresponding location in your body.

The body location is telling as to what specific emotion/mental issue you are experiencing (grief, anger, shame, guilt, loss of self worth, fear etc). The exact location of the concentric circles in the brain scan will confirm the organ/body system impacted.


4) How does cancer develop - what happens to the body exactly?

The shock/trauma emotional overwhelm, or an ongoing stressful issue, creates a domino effect throughout the body.

Stress/Trauma/Shock, left unresolved, causes lack of sleep (depleted melatonin hormone can no longer inhibit cancer cell growth), and increased stress hormone cortisol levels, which promotes adrenaline depletion, which creates fermentation of sugar, which creates an acidic environment, which promotes oxygen depletion.

The stress/shock/trauma causes imbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System, throwing the body into an extreme Sympathetic mode, which inhibits activity of the liver, kidneys and pancreas (which produce cancer fighting enzymes and detoxify the body).

Domino Effect Key Words:

Stress/Conflict/Trauma - Sleep - Melatonin.
Cortisol Levels - Adrenaline Levels - Sugar - Acid - Oxygen.
Autonomic Nervous System - Liver - Pancreas - Enzymes.

The body tries to heal itself quietly, naturally and intelligently but when it cannot, within approximately two years - sometimes sooner - you become aware there is something wrong with your body - you may have prolonged pain, bleeding, ongoing constipation, dark colored urine or discover a lump. Worried, you eventually go to the doctor and he says "You have cancer".

The oncologist will immediately order treatment of the SYMPTOMS, not treatment of the SOURCE. Orthodox treatment is a crap shoot using surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drugs:

- Chemo attacks all cells not just cancer cells, and is now PROVEN to promote cancer, as well as to create multiple destructive side effects.

- Radiation destroys DNA of cancer cells as well as normal cells, burns the body and promotes cancer.

- Surgery removes only what can be seen, what has physically manifested.

- Drugs will destroy your body on many levels, which may never recover or heal, but may instead cause further illness, infection and disease.

- Conventional protocols are so brutal and carcinogenic that they often cause secondary shock/trauma, which then causes a secondary cancer.

1) Mammograms are now proven to promote and cause cancer (switch to Thermography instead).

2) The mind/body connection - psychological/biological origin - is never addressed in oncology.

3) Neither diet, or environment, is addressed in oncology.

4) Oncologists do what they are trained and paid to do - attempt to destroy known cancer cells using protocols and chemicals that are expensive, dangerous, incredibly toxic and destructive to the human mind and body. You are simply a customer. Take a number.
Success rate?
Success is living a long, cancer free life.
The reality of orthodox protocols is the opposite.

Conventional medicine defines chemo success as halting a tumor growth for 28 days!

Success is also defined as removing known tumors and cancer cells from the body via invasive procedures, or by chemo or radiation poisoning - living a long cancer free life rarely results.

Synthetic drugs and chemicals are promoted, with zero interest in natural, non-toxic protocols which create minimal revenue or profit and no repeat customers.

Doctors and Oncologists have no training or interest in the mind/body connection (the source of disease), or nutrition, or natural modalities, and have forgotten their Hippocratic Oath which includes "I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice."

Doctors and Oncologists have barely a few hours of nutritional training. It is more profitable and easier to prescribe medications. They tell cancer patients to eat anything and everything - "to build strength" - knowing full well that sugar feeds cancer!

What we feed our body - both mentally/emotionally and orally - determines our health.

Doctors are trained to understand the human anatomy, but also to become
chemists, in other words, licensed drug dealers that promote pills and surgery to treat SYMPTOMS, not SOURCE. Drugs mask symptoms with a chemical quick-fix band-aid, commonly resulting in harm and the need for further drugs.

Cancer success rate? Success is barely possible unless the patient avoids conventional quackery and turns to natural, safe, non-toxic protocols, and major lifestyle change.

If you have broken bones, by all means go to hospital. If you have cancer, placing your life in the hands of conventional medicine is a voluntary death sentence for far too many.

Chemotherapy is often referred to as assisted suicide.

Secondary Cancers:
A patient that began with one cancer, may often end up with the cancer reoccurring in one to five years or so, or with a brand new cancer surfacing in another part of the body.

Cancer patients live life marking time, months and years, as to how long they continue to survive beyond orthodox protocol treatment, praying everyday that cancer does not resurface.

Cancer cells do NOT migrate and wander aimlessly around the body, randomly finding a new location to settle and multiply - If this were true, would not all blood donor transfusions be screened for cancer cells? ... because they are not.

"Cancer cells are meaningfully controlled by "a very specific brain relay that controls the correlating conflict-related organ or tissue. Under no circumstances are cancer cells able to "metastasize" to an organ or tissue controlled by a different, unaffected brain relay, and neither can cancer cells "spread" to a tissue type that derives from a different germ layer." - learninggnm.com/documents/metastasis_theory.html

The occurrence of a new cancer is often due to further mind/body trauma received during conventional protocol treatment - the location of the new cancer will indicate the mental/emotional issue.

Lung cancer for example represents a death/fright shock and often shows up in cancer patients as a secondary cancer due to the fear they endure from the original cancer diagnosis, coupled with frightening drug complications and side effects.

Bone cancer is another common secondary cancer which represents loss of self worth and self devaluation from dealing with the original cancer.

Domesticated animals when diagnosed with cancer do not develop another cancer, because they do not suffer any secondary mind/body trauma as humans do.

5) Why does orthodox medicine ignore the body/mind connection?

Indigenous cultures worldwide throughout history have addressed illness and disease of the whole body, mind and spirit. The body is never addressed as separate, individual body parts and organs. So why does conventional medicine ignore the body/mind connection?

Rene Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher needed human bodies for dissection studies and so he made a deal with the Pope at that time. He promised he would have nothing to do with the soul, the mind or the emotions, which would remain under the Church’s jurisdiction.

Descartes discarded Western scientific thought, and orthodox medicine was born claiming the physical body as a science project, a sum of parts, but not the whole.

- Your head and your brain, is not separate to your body.

- Your body is controlled by your mind - your mind is within your whole body.

- Every cell has an intelligence, a mind of it's own, emotional receptivity and a memory.

Consider this:
When you are aroused sexually in the pelvic area, the entire body feels pleasure, not just the pelvis.

When you see something that previously gave you food poisoning, you feel sick in your stomach, your body remembers.

When you are stressed, you get a headache, your shoulders lock up, you lose energy, your appetite changes, you can't sleep.

When you are in love, your eyes shine, your skin glows, you feel wonderful from head to toe. When you think of or see the person you love, your entire body responds. Life is good!

So ... when you experience something deeply upsetting, if the emotion is not released, it becomes locked into your body, waiting to be set free.

If this emotional energy is ignored or repressed and never released, your cells slowly become sick and diseased, until one day, the trapped energy is so toxic and debilitating, it becomes cancer, demanding to be addressed and released, so that your body and mind may heal.

Emotional repression and denial is exposed.
A person diagnosed with cancer, is no longer able to hide they have deep, unresolved pain and issues - often coupled with an acidic diet, and challenges with past or present relationships - that they have shut down, choosing to live in denial of their true feelings.

A person diagnosed with cancer is not living, expressing and being, who they truly are. When diagnosed with cancer, buried emotions and memory are exposed, manifested physically, and it now becomes time to face the truth, to forgive, and to LET GO.

Cancer is a wake-up call that it is time to be honest, and to search out and begin living an authentic lifestyle that truly reflects who you are.

Oftentimes the cancer personality is subtly controlling. They suppress their emotions or they may have no idea how to express and release them in a healthy way, and may instead choose an addiction of sorts, such as taking care of others (selfless caregivers), workaholic (no time for emotion), hoarding (to replace loss), alcohol, prescription medications or street drugs (quick fix to numb emotions), etc.

All these addictions serve to block and numb the pain, anger, grief, shame, guilt, resentment, fear etc and give a false semblance of control needed in order to survive.

6) So what do i do?
Where do i begin?

- First, you have to want to live. You MUST have strong reasons, purpose and deep desire to live.

- You must face and RELEASE the original stress/shock/trauma of the mind and emotions. Forgive.

- LET GO. Let go of the past. Let go of issues. Let go of control. Let go of addictions.
Let go of fear.

- Remove all toxic relationships.

- You MUST detoxify your body mentally AND physically.

- Consider removing root canals, and mercury fillings - check tooth meridians to see if they are connected to cancer location.

- You must detoxify your environment - remove chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom, remove EMF's from your bedroom.

Diet is critical and must be changed immediately so as to begin detox and allow healing of the physical body. An alkaline diet must be adhered to - NO sugar.

Remember the domino effect - keys to healing:

1) Stress/Conflict/Trauma must be resolved and removed from the mind.

2) Sleep is a must, as often as desired, which produces Melatonin, needed to combat malignant cell proliferation

3) Cortisol Levels (stress hormones that suppress the immune system) MUST be removed so that Adrenaline Levels are increased.

4) Sugar MUST be removed from diet (sugar feeds cancer), as it creates an Acid body that must be returned to alkaline pH balance, so that cells may recover normal Oxygen levels.

The Autonomic Nervous System must be returned to equal balance of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.

6) The Liver must be detoxed, and the Pancreas also, so as to produce the needed enzymes to combat and kill cancer.


Cancer Specialists:

1) Stress/Conflict/Trauma, and the Autonomic Nervous System: Dr Ryke Hamer and Lothar Hirneise

2) Oxygenation and Sugar Fermentation: Dr. Otto Warburg

3) Alkalinity - pH balance: Dr. Tullio Simoncini or Vernon "Vito" Johnston use baking soda.

4) Alkalinity, Adrenaline and Glucose: Dr. Waltraut Fryda focuses on dexorotatory lactic acid. Normalizing the pH balance stimulates adrenaline production, preventing a build up of glucose in cells.

5) Anti-Cancer Diet: Dr. Johanna Budwig - sulfur and dextrorotatory lactic acid found in flaxseed oil combined with cottage cheese.

6) Pancreatic Enzymes: Dr. John Beard, Dr. William Kelley and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NY (who suddenly died 2015).

7) Salvestrols (found in organic fruit and vegetables): Research British scientists Professor Gerry Potter and Professor Dan Burke. The trojan horse enzyme CYP1B1 found in every cancer cell, converts salvestrols into an anti-cancer killing machine that destroys the malignant cells, leaving the healthy cells unharmed.


Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) - the Mind / Body Connection:

1) Susan Silberstein - award winning cancer counselor, over 25,000 patients in 30 yrs.
Susan knows and has proof that there are literally thousands of cancer patients who have gotten better because of an emotional change - www.healingcancer.info/ebook/susan-silberstein

2) Dr. Douglas Brodie - www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibc24R2TvM4
Nevada Medical Center: www.renointegrativemedicalcenter.com

3) Andy Bernay-Roman - Hippocrates Health Institute Florida: hippocratesinst.org

4) Lydia Temoshok - Book: 'The Type C Connection: The Mind-Body Link to Cancer and Your Health'. There is a difference between repression and suppression, the former being unconscious and the latter being chosen. Either way, no-one deliberately chooses to get cancer, but certain behaviors can lead us in that direction. - www.healingcancer.info/ebook/lydia-temoshok

5) Candace Pert, neuropharmacologist - Neuropeptides and neurotransmitters act directly upon the immune system which shows their close association with emotions, indicating emotions and immunology are deeply interdependent. - www.healingcancer.info/ebook/candace-pert

6) Dr. Lawrence LeShan, the father of mind/body therapy - author of 16 books.

7) Bruce Lipton - Internationally recognized cellular biologist whose breakthrough research on the cell membrane in 1977 made him a pioneer in the new science of "epigenetics" (above or beyond genetics).

8) Greg Anderson - author and stage 4 cancer survivor - greganderson.org - www.cancerrecoveryusa.org

Hidden Gifts:

All great men and women that discover protocols to kill cancer, are persecuted, discredited, imprisoned, murdered or funding is withheld, clinical trials denied, stolen or blocked. Here are current examples:


Induced Remission Therapy - Dr. Sam Chachoua.
Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease and other terminal diseases.

1) Dr. Sam Chachoua - Induced Remission Therapy (IRT) - Currently researching and working in exile in Mexico since assassination attempts on his life. Dr. Sam, a revolutionary Australian doctor, hired Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills in the late 1990's to research and catalogue his work.

Cedars Sinai decided to abruptly end the research, stole his vaccines and denied any wrong doing. Sam won a 10 million lawsuit against Cedars in August 2000 - LA's US District Court Case # CV 97-5595-MMM. Dr. Sam continues to suffer persecution, with the latest public betrayal coming from Charlie Sheen (Dr. Sam treated Charlie for HIV), and Dr. Oz. 

Basically Dr. Sam injects a special vaccine serum into cancer tumors causing them to self destruct. The vaccine tags the cancer cell with a common infection thus enabling the immune system to recognize the cancer cell (normally blind to it), then attack and kill it.

Watch his videos on YouTube - Dr. Sam's work is a gift to humanity.

UPDATE 2017: Dr. Sam is no longer available to the public since he was attacked again in yet another attempt to silence his work. His injuries are too severe for him to continue his work with the public.

NBC aired a news report in 2000 on Dr. Chachoua titled "The Most Effective Therapy Against Cancer and AIDS in History."

Magnus Essand

Induced Remission Therapy
- Neuroendocrine Cancer.

2) Professor Magnus Essand and Dr Justyna Leja at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, have engineered a virus that will attack and eat tumours. Their cancer research is currently lacking funding ($2 million is needed for development), but it is known to work and is parallel to the more advanced IRT protocol created by Dr. Sam Chachoua.

Prof. Essand's and Dr. Leja's vaccine specifically attacks neuroendocrine cancer (NETS) - Steve Jobs died of pancreatic NETS.

Apple, the company Steve Jobs turned into a $25 billion/year profit, could pay for vaccine development with 11 minutes of its earnings, but Apple does not even reply to emails asking for assistance.

Find out more here: www.uu.se/en/support/oncolytic/

3) GcMAF Therapy is proven scientifically, already being used, and could save millions of lives if allowed to become a standard cancer protocol. However, countess doctors and scientists involved in administration and research of GcMAF and nagalase, are being persecuted mercilessly, and scores have been permanently silenced.

As nagalase levels indicate cancer and viruses present within the body, demand a nagalase test from your doctor/oncologist if unsure of your health status.

If recently diagnosed with cancer or already applying conventional or alternative natural therapies, find out your nagalase count to monitor your progress and see what is working and what is not.

RESEARCH - Read the GcMAF Book online: gcmaf.timsmithmd.com

AMAS cancer test for diagnosis, or progression and prognosis - more accurate than CT scans, CEA, mammographs or colonoscopies. A free testing kit can be ordered through the website  - www.oncolabinc.com - or by calling 1-800-922-8378

AMAS is over 99% accurate (when done twice) and can be used instead of Nagalase to find and monitor cancers. Note that unlike Nagalase, AMAS does not detect the presence of viruses.

Read about the AMAS test: gcmaf.timsmithmd.com/book/chapter/20/


- Ask your doctor/oncologist about Induced Remission Therapy (IRT) and GcMAF Therapy.

- IRT and GcMAF therapy are both more commonly available to the public outside the USA - keep up to date and research the latest news, find locations where they are available. Be warned, they are not inexpensive, but then again neither is conventional oncology.

- Two other recognized therapies to be seriously considered are Cannabis Oil (CBD's with THC), and Hyperthermia (heat therapy), of which both have proven to be successful.

Availability and common use of alternative protocols will only happen if
WE SPEAK UP and DEMAND THEM. Who is in control of your life ... you ... or the trillion dollar conventional medical juggernaut that persecutes and condemns any protocol or person that refuses their chemical cocktails? Demand the truth be told, demand the choices be available.


One Day At A Time ...

Alternative or Orthodox Protocol.
Many cancer patients choose to avoid the use of orthodox toxic drugs which cause complication, pain, infection, bacteria, virus, fungus and irreversible damage, promoting further shock/trauma/stress, and in many cases a brand new cancer.

Chemo/radiation and drugs - expensive, toxic band-aids - disrupt the natural healing process which tries to resume after orthodox protocols cease, but healing becomes even more difficult due to increased toxicity levels, cell damage and immune system destruction.

Alternative therapies such as GcMaf or hyperthermia are actually complimentary to conventional protocols and may be used in tandem.

Alternative protocols and natural healing tools are often turned to AFTER conventional protocols fail and the body is damaged, which makes it that much harder for alternative protocols to succeed. However, It's never too late to try.

FYI: Regarding protection from EMF:
Begin by unplugging all electrical device inside your bedroom when you sleep at night. You must remove cell phones and place them in another room.

Never use a cell phone or bluetooth device against your head, instead use ear buds or put the phone call on speaker. Carry a cell phone in a purse away from your body and never in your bra or trouser pocket.

If 5G GWEN towers are erected near you or a SMART meter attached to your home, MOVE! The frequency will make you very ill, cause cancer, or kill you.

Alternative therapies are natural, safe, non toxic, with many being critical for the healing process (such as Vitamin C and sunshine), besides plain common sense.

Detox your body, change your diet, sleep as much as needed, get out into the sunshine for Vitamin D, get light and fresh air, release and let go of the past, relax, laugh, remove toxins from your home, remove toxic relationships, relocate, quit the job you hate, go visit somewhere warm and happy, do what makes your heart sing!




Heal the Source
The healing process focuses on three energies - Diet, Detoxification and the most important of all, your mental / emotional state. MUST READ

Kill Cancer
Extensive checklist of protocols to kill cancer. A single soldier cannot win a war, but an army can. MUST READ
Anti-Cancer Diet
Alkalinity is a major key to health, to life. An acid body is a sick body.

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Always ask questions and research everything.

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