Grande SOQI Bed

Far Infrared Sauna



The Far Infrared Grande SOQI Bed.
The Ultimate Far Infrared Sauna.

A luxurious massage table with built in MP3 player, two speakers, and an easy to use control panel connected to three Far Infrared Grande Hothouses Sauna Domes and one Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Curtains included.
1) The Grande SOQI Bed Far Infrared Sauna is larger than the original design so as to accommodate larger bodies.
2) The FIR sauna domes accommodate all body types (unless excessively overweight), whilst still being extremely effective.
3) The FIR heat penetration works just as well for a small person as a it does a larger person due to the nature of the design and the dome being so close to the body.

The 'Hothouse' sauna domes that come with the bed are locked down for safety and have a special connection plug to the remote control panel.
However, the domes may be purchased individually if desired, to accommodate use around the home, at work, or for travel and the individual domes come with a regular wall plug.

Grande SOQI Bed.
Natural healing for home or business.

1) The Grande SOQI Bed is an excellent addition for any health care practitioner, clinic or spa. Complimentary to both conventional and alternative healing, it is recommended and used by many health care professionals worldwide.

2) Full body thermal therapy - relief from pain, swelling and inflammation, relaxation and much more.
3) Specific motion energy - aerobic respiration exercise - adds additional health benefits.

4) Clothing is optional as Far Infrared is a dry heat emitted from ceramic body heaters with a silicone crystal chip surface not found in any other sauna unit.

5) Close location to body for optimal penetration and health benefits.

6) The Far Infrared sauna dome may also be used for your pets.

Watch demonstration.

The SOQI Bed - Far Infrared Sauna
Detailed info on the SOQI Bed and what it does exactly.
 Thermal energy and motion energy combined.

glit SOQI
Everything in creation is energy.
Music, color, food, your body, your home.

The FIR Sauna Dome - The Chi Machine
The machines may be bought individually.


+ 4 machines.
Luxury Far Infrared Sauna.

Grande SOQI Bed

Complete Set Up:

High quality massage table.
x3 Far Infrared Sauna Domes.
x1 Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
One remote control panel.
Built in MP3 player.
Face cradle.
Specially designed hinge and rail.
5 Hothouse insulation curtains.
Bed Skirt.
x3 risers, x2 armrests.
Storage rack.

Grande SOQI Bed Specifications:

Dimensions: L85" x W42" x H21"
Height is 37" including Hothouses.
(Table height is not adjustable)

Bed Weight: approx. 184 lbs / 85 kg
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Voltage: AC 100V-120V USA, Canada.
220v Australia, Europe.
Consumption: approx. 1000 Watts.

No side effects, no toxicity, no risk of injury,
100% natural healing for health and wellness.


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Australia EuropeAU$4,599.00
Excluding tax and shipping.
(Reg. price AU$7,203.00)

Shipped from Sydney, NSW
or Munich, Germany.



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