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SOQI News Magazine.
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The Pandemic Game.

The 2019-2021 Coronavirus.

The quest for truth and clarity.

Ongoing journal of events
from January 2020 until now.

World pandemic with hidden agendas.
The Novel Coronavirus has disrupted the planet. What you need to know, what your not being told, and what is REALLY going on.

News that corporate media will not discuss or disclose ...

Worldometer has shown all along there is no global pandemic.


Coronavirus, Research, Theories,
Facts, Information - Truth.
January 2020 thru March 2021

March 2021

1) Recovery from COVID-19 is around 99.9%

2) The most vulnerable to serious infection are 70yrs + and those with pre-existing medical conditions. Death counts for previous years show zero to minimal variation. 

3) Contagious and deadly? If so then why the homeless have not all dropped dead? Despite poor sanitation and no masks or social distancing, they are thriving.

A pandemic? 

68 countries have zero to 100 deaths.

37 countries have 100 to 500 deaths.
19 countries have 500 to 1,000.
42 countries have 1,000 to 5,000.
16 countries have 5-10,000 deaths.
11 countries have 10-20,000 deaths.
That's a total of 193 countries out of 219.
Shall i go on?
The majority of world countries have far less deaths than a 'regular' flu season.


Case numbers and COVID deaths are in decline but NOT because experimental vaccines have been released. The bogus tests for active genetic material, run for months at high cycles which resulted in thousands of false positives, have been adjusted to lower correct cycles, so far less people test positive.

Deaths falsely attributed to ALL pre-existing medical conditions - obesity, diabetes, heart and lung disease, old age, accidents etc - are now being labeled correctly post vaccine release, so that the public believe vaccines are working.

The 2021 COVID vaccinations have NOT been approved but released for emergency use only. There is zero long term data, and the vaccines have never been used on humans before. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!

Coronavirus explodes every year causing global colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and tens of thousands of deaths. COVID-19 has yet to be identified or purified but it is being classified as a coronavirus, scientifically named SARS-CoV-2. Vaccines take years to develop but after only several months of lab experimentation, COVID vaccines are being given to the public. It's noteworthy that scientists could not come up with a vaccine for SARS 1, yet miraculously created one for SARS 2 and in record time. 

Daily human trials are ongoing worldwide, with the public believing they will be safe and protected even though the synthetic mRNA - Pfizer and Moderna from Gates and Fauci - have never been used on humans before. In the brief animal trials, all animals were initially fine after the vaccine but all died after exposure to the wild virus.

Extract from Moderna's website: "Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the "program” or “app” is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein." The question is exactly what else are they programming human cells to do?

Johnson and Johnson have a new adenovirus vaccine - never used on humans before - the same company who produced anthrax and is currently under prosecution for talcum powder. The AstraZenica vaccine, also financed by Gates, is created from the colds of chimpanzees.

Vaccine companies have been granted full immunity from prosecution.

Solution? WAIT!

Scientists are predicting auto immune disease within 2 years of vaccination, plus sterility and miscarriages, besides unknown consequences from the mRNA. Seniors inparticular are dying following the vaccines in multiple countries within hours or within 2 weeks. Perfectly healthy adults are dying. Seniors have become injured losing loss of mobility, speech and brain fog. The media is ignoring the deaths only occasionally commenting that any deaths that occur after vaccination, are in no way related.

Daily vaxxine deaths and injuries:

Recovery from COVID-19 is 99.9% so WHY push an emergency vaccine
Deaths from 100% COVID-19 are  truthfully unknown as tens of thousands of deaths have been from pre-existing medical conditions - including obesity, diabetes, heart or lung disease, old age and people 70 years plus - but all were labelled as COVID if the patient tested positive.

COVID Tests are for a) active genetic material - which could be anything from common cold to cancer - and b) tests have been run at too higher cycles guaranteed to make untold numbers test false positive. To re-iterate, since vaccines have been released, deaths have declined and case numbers dropped due to correcting the test cycles and correctly labeling deaths for their actual cause.

Alleged mutations are being spun by the media as more deadly so that lockdowns can be continued randomly, and more vaccinations will be implemented and required indefinitely. Digital vaccine passports are being introduced in order to live fully in the new societies being created worldwide, thus forcing people to become vaccinated and to comply if they want to travel, attend events etc

REAL herd immunity comes from catching and recovering naturally from a disease. Herd immunity from vaccination is a new definition, meaning jab as many humans as possible instead of allowing them to build natural immunity. None of the vaccines have long term data proving immunity or lack of transmission or guarantee that mutations will not be contracted.   

Build up your immune system both mentally and physically! Get outdoors and exercise for oxygenation and detoxification, and sunshine for Vitamin D. Liquid Vitamin C is high priority, plus two Brazil nuts daily for selenium.

Is there a real medical cure? Uncorrupted doctors and scientists worldwide are endorsing and prescribing IVERMECTIN which costs a few dollars. The powers that be do not want Ivermectin prescribed and have launched a massive media blitz to convince the masses to be vaccinated which is resulting in billions of $$$ profit for the elite (Gates made 120 Billion in 2020), and their nefarious agendas which will come to fruition between now and 2030.

The following dialogue, research and documentation began in January 2020:

7.7 BILLION people on planet earth.
2,780,162 alleged COVID-19 deaths as of March 27 2021
- how many have died from JUST Covid-19? ... WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

Different strains of coronavirus show up every single winter. Those with poor immune systems come off worst. Many contract pneumonia, especially the elderly with underlying health conditions - but no planes are grounded or borders closed!

1) COVID-19 is a mutant strain to the original SARS coronavirus, but still, in comparison to regular 'flu season', less lives have been lost. A vaccine proved impossible to create for SARS which mysteriously disappeared overnight.

2) The WHO states regular flu deaths number 250,000 to 600,000 per year globally, AND it’s easier to catch than COVID-19.

3) The CDC says globally up to 45 million per year contract regular influenza with untold exact numbers of deaths.

Research the CDC official flu season reports
for the USA and see for yourself. Here is an example - flu season 2018-2019 in Washington State, USA - the elderly 65+ have the highest death rates at 169, children zero, total 245. How many have died in Washington State from COVID-19, 2020? Over 100 elderly, mostly King County, as happens every year.


So what is REALLY going on? What is the reason for disrupting the planet for a coronavirus with such a low mortality rate - this is not smallpox or even H1N1.

1) What really happened in China? People dropped dead in the street. People had seizures. This did not happen because of a common annual coronavirus. 

2) Why was Iran hit hard? Iran, Italy and China had different strains, each one different to other countries and continents that have barely been touched. Multiple strains have been deliberately unleashed in very specific locations.

3) Why are countries and specific cities under lockdown or suffering restrictions when death numbers are so low?

What is the REAL agenda? Think. Question. Research

The numbers don't lie ... do they?

True numbers of COVID-19 deaths (due to deliberate inflation) are not known but STILL LESS than other coronavirus pandemics the world has seen in the past.

Collectively worldwide, the COVID-19 numbers do NOT justify the planet being shut down
borders being closed, cities quarantined and airlines grounded. Millions of people worldwide are being financially smashed and devastated due to businesses being closed and events cancelled. What is happening is unprecedented ... and outrageous.

THE REAL PANDEMIC IS THE ECONOMIC FALLOUT - COVID-19 WILL BANKRUPT MORE PEOPLE THAN IT KILLS. Suicide, child abuse and domestic violence numbers are climbing rapidly. Poverty is skyrocketing. 

"Coronavirus's economic danger is exponentially greater than its health risks to the public. - Human suffering can come in the form of illness and death. But it can also be experienced as not being able to pay the bills or losing your home." -

House Arrest - Global Lockdown:
Millions of people around the world are under voluntary house arrest to allegedly stop the spread of coronavirus. When anyone questions the narrative and restrictions, we are told by the media, "just wait, it will get worse". When the coronavirus dies out, the masses will be told "house arrest works because the numbers remained low" thus justifying lockdown. The vaxx will also be cited as the reason the virus miraculously fades away.  If the virus flares up, it will be due to 'mutations', numbers will be manipulated, and lockdowns will return.


The Real Danger Are The Coming Agendas:
It's simple and it's obvious. The coronavirus of 2019-2021, is being exploited to control the masses, a grand psychological operation in preparation for coming agendas, which may include viruses more deadly than smallpox, to fulfill the depopulation desires of the elite, men such as Bill Gates, Prince Phillip, David Rockefeller and CNN founder Ted Turner. The exploitation will continue as long as the powers that be need it to.

Besides depopulation, obvious agendas already being implemented and discussed include removal of cash and introduction of microchips as replacement, 5G across the world, 'mandatory' vaccinations, basically loss of freedom with tight surveillance, work and travel restrictions.

The government is not worried about anyone protesting because a) millions are under lockdown across the world and b) the masses are so afraid they turn on individuals who dispute government orders. No control weapon is more powerful than fear.

Here follows the results of ongoing research to put together the pieces of this global jigsaw that we commonly call coronavirus or COVID-19, so that people can come back to their senses and stop living in fear (and stop hoarding toilet paper).


Let's begin to unravel the truth ...
the exploitation of the coronavirus.

What is a virus?

Viruses are very small infectious agents. They’re made up of a piece of genetic material, such as DNA or RNA, that’s enclosed in a coat of protein.

COVID-19 is classified under Respiratory Viral Diseases, which are usually contagious and commonly affect the upper or lower parts of your respiratory tract, and occur every single year, infecting millions and killing tens of thousands. 

Flu symptoms - obviously more severe than a cold - can lead to pneumonia and sepsis. Coronaviruses enter the body through the mucus membranes of your nose, eyes or mouth.

There are 3 types of flu coronavirus: A, B and C. Annual epidemics are A or B - C is less severe and doesnt cause an epidemic. Only A can cause a pandemic.
The current coronavirus, COVID-19, is a cousin of SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), which is a form of viral pneumonia. SARS was first identified in 2003 and caused an epidemic that killed about 774 people. The official name of COVID-19, is SARS-CoV-2. In other words SARS round two.

Most of the fatalities associated with SARS result from respiratory failure. SARS can also lead to heart and liver failure. The group most at risk of developing complications is people over 65 yrs who have already been diagnosed with pre-existing medical condition such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer. The older you are, the more likely to become sick, or die.

What does COVID-19 mean? Coronavirus Disease 2019. Just another coronavirus with a year attached. COVID-19 has still NOT been scientifically isolated and identified as of 2021.


Official name is SARS-CoV-2.
Scientists could not develop a vaxxine  for SARS
and gave up - now they miraculously have one!

What To Do - Suggestions:

If a real virus epidemic of any kind (known or unknown), enters your neighborhood, these are steps you may consider to implement:

1) Wear a mask in public if traveling in confined quarters such as a plane or a bus, or if you are in a large crowd: Regular surgical face masks are fine, but for those with a compromised immune system, especially the elderly, an N95 face mask/respirator 3M, is the better choice. Masks may help slow down spread of coronavirus if there is a true epidemic.

MASK WARNING: Common sense dictates that If you are elderly or have a weak immune system you should NOT be in public, let alone wearing a mask which does not prevent transmission. 

Wearing a mask is unhealthy for sustained periods of time as you keep inhaling your own carbon dioxide and it prevents full oxygen intake, both of which weakens the immune system.

Exercising whilst wearing a mask is ridiculous, as is wearing a mask inside your car. Avoid wearing a mask for long periods of time - it is detrimental to your health.


Protect yourself and others?
Use common sense.

2) Wear eye protection besides a face mask if there is an outbreak nearby and you have to be in public, as you can be infected thru contact with eye fluid (someone coughs or sneezes on you).

3) Wash hands frequently especially after public contact. Do not touch your face, your mouth, nose or eyes.

Keep your mobile phone clean - also wipe down computer, keyboard and mouse.

Sanitize all handles and metal surfaces - door handles, hand rails, car handles, shopping carts, toilets and taps. Wipe down eye glasses, keys, and any remote controls
. If you have to touch any keypads in public (cashier check-out, elevators), use the tip of a personal pen or wear disposable gloves.

'The coronavirus' can allegedly survive up to 12 hrs on a metal surface, and 6-12 hrs on clothes.

Drink only warm/hot beverages, not cold, no iced water. Drink hot water with slices of lemon every day for Vitamin C.

Avoid being in a cold, dry environment. Introduce heat, and consider a humidifier. Get out into sunshine whenever possible - the body MUST have Vitamin D and Far Infrared heat for optimal health. 

8) Get 8hrs of sleep per night to recharge the immune system.

9) Exercise daily - get your body moving to oxygenate, detox, and strengthen the immune system.

10) Eat properly, eat healthy foods to strengthen immune system, lots of veggies (include spinach), and low sugar fruit (berries). Vitamins A, C and D protect and strengthen the immune and respiratory system. Cut out the sodas/sugar/fast food/junk food.


Wearing face masks in Asia is common.
Westerners may be uncomfortable. 

Currently there is a massive media campaign to steer the public towards the C D C, the W H O, and to no-one else. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Amazon are censoring discussions of the coronavirus. Google and YouTube are scrubbing and removing articles and videos. Basically anyone challenging the official story is being shut out. Why?

Here follows facts, stories and information that is not being discussed by the media ...

COVID-19 Facts.

Research has disclosed the following medical facts:

- Middle aged / senior males are most likely to die, 60 yrs plus.
- Most highly vulnerable are 75 yrs plus.
- Middle aged to senior females are at high risk. 
- Adults with pre-existing medical conditions are at greater risk.

NOTE: After Japan, Italy has the 2nd oldest population in the world and has been hit hard, especially Lombardi, a region that suffers every year, and also has terrible air pollution. The Japanese however have barely been touched. Why? One reason is because precautions and tests were implemented quickly.

- A person can become reinfected soon after alleged recovery - no explanation. 

- Symptoms can hide for up to 24 days.

- This particular virus is a cousin of the SARS coronavirus.
- A vaccine was abandoned for SARS as it proved impossible.

- Laboratory tests frequently give multiple false negatives/positives - there is NO existing test that identifies any SPECIFIC coronavirus. Tests simply report if you have active genetic material.

- Virus has been detected in blood, stool and urine - can survive at least 5 days.
- Virus has been detected in semen of very sick elderly.
- Virus can linger in the air for at least 30 minutes, up to 3 hours.
- Closed environment with air-conditioning, virus transmission distance increases.
- Virus found to infect others within 15 feet / 14.5 meters.

- Patients who recover from COVID-19 can be left with substantially reduced lung function due to scars left from pneumonia, as reported by various sources in Asia, including Hong Kong Hospital Authority.


'Social Distancing' 
is the new catch phrase.

WHO official report - 5 cities in China investigated by health experts:

- 5% require artificial respiration.
- 15% need to breath in highly concentrated oxygen for at least several days.
- 3-6 weeks for recovery for severe and critical patients.
- 2 weeks recovery for mildly infected.

Coronavirus Symptoms:

Fever 88%
DRY cough 68%
Exhaustion 38%
Expectoration of mucous when coughing 33%
Shortness of breath 18%
Sore throat 14%
Headaches 14%
Muscle aches 14%
Chills 11%
Nausea and vomiting 5%
Stuffy nose 5%
Diarrhoea 4%
Running nose is NOT a symptom.

Download WHO full report - pdf format.

Loss of smell or taste are symptoms of common cold / influenza.

Protection from coronaviruses?

vitamin c

Liquid Vitamin C, Vitamin A,
and sunshine's Vitamin D.

March 2nd - Vitamin C Study:
In China, a study is underway to see if high doses of vitamin C can help fight off COVID-19. Scientists at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, are testing its effects on 120 patients who have the virus, giving them daily infusions of 24g of vitamin C for seven days. Results have not yet been published.

The dosage being used in China is around 60 times as much as the NHS daily recommended amount and 24 times the amount used against colds in reviews by Cochrane Collaboration.

Research from the University of Helsinki, FInland, in 2017 found that daily doses of 6g to 8g could shorten symptoms of a cold by 19%.

Be aware that taking a high dosage of Vitamin C at anytime, may cause diarrhoea, stomach pain and gas. Simply reduce dosage. - Source

Zinc, Quercetin and Selenium are highly recommended.
Zinc may be found in egg yolks, cheddar cheese, oysters, sardines, canned tuna in oil, roast beef or stew, roasted pumpkin seeds and crimini mushrooms. Smoking, coffee and sodas, deplete zinc absorption. Zinc lozenges are also a good choice.

Quercetin is commonly found in plant foods and helps transport zinc to where it is needed in the body. Elderberries, goji berries, red wine / red grapes, blueberries, black plums, spring onions, red onions, asparagus, and kale.

Selenium comes from brazil nuts
- x2 per day.

Planet Earth 2020
Blood Type:
March 18th: Researchers recently concluded that blood group A had a significantly higher risk for COVID-19 when compared with non-A blood groups. Those in the O group had a significantly lower risk for the disease.

It has been proven scientifically that pregnant women and children under the age of nine have significant levels of melatonin, which inhibit COVID-19. All the more reason why sound sleep is super important for adults.



It is common for coronavirus (single-stranded RNA), to mutate - a major reason flu vaxx have a high failure rate and are not viable. The Wuhan COVID-19 strain already has mutations.

March 2nd: The coronavirus in Italy was confirmed to have mutated and is a different strain to the one in China. The coronavirus in Brazil, Germany and UK were discoverd to also have mutations.

March 3rd: Chinese scientists announced Covid-19 or SARS-coV-2 has two mutations, one more dangerous than the other - designated as L and S - having different transmission capacity and pathogenicity. 103 coronavirus genomes were analysed and mutations were discovered in 149 sites. The L type is more infectious and was widespread prior to January 7th, and evolved from the S type.

March 3rd: A doctor in Beijing Ditan Hospital has warned the coronavirus could attack the central nervous system in some patients as gene sequencing at the hospital found coronavirus in the cerebrospinal fluid of a 56-year-old confirmed COVID-19 patient with encephalitis. 

March 12th:
The coronavirus strains in Italy, Iran and China are the most deadly at this time, which can be spread to other countries by travelers. 

COVID-19 Mutations:

- A common belief is that 'the virus' was man-made and released from the Wuhan Level 4 bioweapon lab
(either accidentally or deliberately), coincidentally located close to the wet market where early infected cases appeared - x47 worked there, only x2 were shoppers. The very first infected people did NOT visit the market, the market simply spread the virus once it got going.

- Chinese scientists are saying the coronavirus did NOT originate in Wuhan seafood market. Analysis says it was imported from elsewhere and the busy market circulated and spread it to the city, beginning in late November with human to human infection. - Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Institute for Brain Research.
- The current Wuhan coronavirus is genetically 96% identical to a known coronavirus in bats and 86-92% identical to a coronavirus in pangolin. Any man-made coronavirus can easily embed DNA from a list of animals or birds, and does not indicate an Asian Ozzy Osbourne ate a few bats as the media likes to insinuate. The virus, IF transferred from animal to human, would have to had come from a pangolin, not a bat whose virus cannot enter a human cell in this case.

FYI: Previous coronaviruses and vaxx ingredients have involved camels, pigs, monkeys, cats, birds, mosquitoes and horses -
SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Zika virus etc


TIME Covers since 1985 - Deja Vu!
Except 2020, they shut down the world.
HIV mutations discovered in COVID-19:

FEBRUARY 1st: Indian scientists discovered 'the novel coronavirus' has 4 separate HIV inserts embedded within it. They wrote "This uncanny similarity of novel inserts in the 2019- nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature," meaning - it was unlikely to have occurred naturally. The Indian authorities have since opened a full scale investigation against China's Wuhan Institue of Virology.

The scientists were pressured to shut up, retract, and withdraw their research, which it turns out, was on a true path ...

New research from scientists in China and France reveal that the disease happens to have an 'HIV-like mutation' which allows it to quickly enter the human body and bind with human cells up to 1,000 times stronger than the Sars virus.

Professor Ruan Jishou and his team from Nankai University, Tianjin found a section of mutated genes that did not exist in Sars, but are similar to those found in HIV and Ebola. The odds of such a random mutation taking place naturally are extremely small.

Professor Li Hua from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan agrees with  the Nankai University study, and drugs up for consideration include a series of HIV-1 drugs such as Indinavir, Tenofovir Alafenamide, Tenofovir Disoproxil and Dolutegravir and hepatitis C drugs including Boceprevir and Telaprevir.

China is using AbbVie Inc’s HIV drugs and vaxx as an ad-hoc treatment for pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. The Indian scientists were correct.

MARCH 5th: Chinese doctors say autopsies of coronavirus dead suggest that COVID-19 influence on the body is like a combination of SARS and AIDS as it damages both the lungs and immune system and can cause irreversible lung damage even if the patient survives. Pneumonia is known to scar the lungs so no suprise.



Minimal testing in USA.
Tests identify any active coronavirus.

- Why do some victims have alleged seizures?
- Pneumonia does not cause seizures.

- Why have countless Chinese allegedly dropped dead in the street without apparent respiratory symptoms? Chinese news reports they are re-infected victims, with zero symptoms and prone to a sudden heart attack. However, this is not true for all of them, so what is going on?

- Do imported products from China carry the coronavirus? The answer is, does your mail delivery person have coronavirus?

- No your pet cannot infect you with any coronavirus!

- March 15th: Why has the USA not asked thousands of Americans returning from overseas to self-quarantine? Why were airport arrivals packed like sardines so everyone could be infected?

- Surface contamination? COVID-19 appears to be detected on plastic and stainless steel after 3 days. Virus not viable on cardboard after 24 hrs. After 4 hrs, virus on copper is inactivated.


Is there a correlation or not?

Millions of people are concerned about 5G and 
believe it plays a role in the infections and deaths.


5G causes radiation poisoning, 
oxygen depletion, and DNA disruption.

Extreme Caution:

All living things have an electrical magnetic frequency including the planet - known as the Schumann Resonance which is 7.83 Hz and in harmony with the human body.

It is common sense that when EMF (electro-magnetic frequency), is out of harmony with the human body, disruption, DNA alteration, illness and disease will result. Only two men understood EMF frequencies, one was Nikola Tesla and the other Royal Rife. Both men are dead and their scientific work confiscated by the powers that be for military use.

A major theory is that there is a connection with the 5G / 60GHZ radiation frequency being introduced worldwide, downplayed and adamantly denied by corporate media. It would appear that 5G radiation pulsed waves enable pollutants and chemicals to penetrate the body easily and creates the symptoms of a viral infection.

5G / 60GHZ, frequency creates lack of oxygen in the blood, and resulting acidosis. An acid body becomes a diseased body.

5G radiation symptoms
include dizziness, hot flushes, nausea, vomiting, heat arrhythmia, ringing in ears, nose bleeds, headache, disorientation, hair loss, memory loss, muscle aches, severe fatigue, sweating, rage outbursts, seizures, and potentially serious respiratory infections.

Of Interest - Coincidence?
5G was turned on throughout Wuhan on October 31st. The first 'coronavirus' death followed shortly thereafter in November.

- S.Korea with high infection numbers, has 5G technology, 2nd to China.
- Milan, Italy is a 5G test bed like Wuhan, China.
The Diamond Princess is equipped with state of the art 5G connected to 5G satellites.
- Multiple deaths in vicinity of Seattle, WA, USA, a central 5G hub.

- Low infection numbers in Africa, Russia, Central and S.America - lack of 5G technology?

1) Schools are being closed, many until later in the year. People are reporting 5G towers are quickly being put up on empty school grounds, and elsewhere, whilst everything has conveniently been shut down. 5G will disrupt life, compromise our children's health, and usher in further disease and illness. This has all been planned out in advance and is no coincidence.

2) With so many millions worldwide under 'voluntary' house arrest, the internet is overloaded, thus creating the perfect opportunity for 5G to be rolled out on a massive scale. Again, this is not a coincidence.

To what extent does 5G exacerbate the SARS coronavirus?

The serious health dangers of 5G have been discussed for months - people, communities and entire cities all over the world have fought and tried to prevent the introduction of 5G, including petitions by thousands of global scientists, but as we all know, corporations value money more than life.

How deep is the rabbit hole -

The Coronavirus 5G Connection and Coverup 

We need to figure this out - there are too many unanswered questions.

New evidence based on a released scientific report from China, shows this particular coronavirus REMOVES OXYGEN FROM THE BODY. This is exactly the same effect 5G / 60GHz has on the body. This report is a game changer. 



By the time any vaxx is created,
the virus has long mutated
Smoking Guns and Our Future.

- China passed a law that took effect December 1st, 2019, mandating that all citizens be inoculated against infectious disease, with extreme severe penalties if refused. One theory states the forced vaxx caused too many abnormal reactions and 'the virus outbreak' is a cover-up story. Contamination through shedding from the forced vaxx would be continuous and widespread, as it indeed is.

NOTE: The coronavirus conveniently broke-out just in time for Chinese New Year when 800,000,000 Chinese travel within China and across the world, thus spreading it far and wide.

- It has been reported by several brave Chinese that this apparent man-made bio-weapon was first tested on the Uyghur muslims in Xinxiang, many living in concentration camps being 'rehabilitated'. It is well known that any prisoners in China and Tibet, are subject to unspeakable acts including illegal medical and scientific procedures. 

- After months of endless daily protests heard around the world, Hong Kong has been made to comply with Beijing by the threat of this Chinese mainland bio-weapon. The silence is deafening.

- The citizens of Wuhan were also risking their lives in serious heavy protest against government, right before the virus conveniently showed up to silence them.

Dr. Shi Zhengli: This female scientist was paid by both the American and Chinese governments to research coronaviruses. In 2015 a hybrid virus of SARS was created, the cells were originally obtained from Fort Detrick, Maryland in the USA - a military base and multi governmental community that conducts biomedical research and development of infectious diseases and germ warfare. The genetic coding of the virus was reverse engineered, with additional inserts - such as the HIV inserts (as discussed above). The virus attaches itself to ACE2 receptors. In November 2019, a breach of containment happened at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The result was SARS-CoV-2.

The Canadian Connection

- Renowned scientist Frank Plummer who received Saudi SARS Coronavirus sample and was working on Coronavirus (HIV) vaccine in the Winnipeg based Canadian lab from where the virus was smuggled by Chinese Biowarfare agents and weaponized as revealed in GreatGameIndia investigation, has died in mysterious conditions. Frank Plummer was the key to the Chinese Biological Espionage case at Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory.

- Research electroporation which allows chemicals, drugs or DNA fragments to be introduced to cells using pulsed wave radiation, as emitted by 5G. This technique can be used to administer DNA vaxx which causes genetic mutation.
This technique was pioneered by David Wiener who was previously involved with HIV and Zika, and who currently runs Inovio, a corporation granted $ millions to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Bill Gates:
- Billions of $$'s are to be made by men such as Mr. Gates - proven to be a wolf in sheeps clothing - who has stated publicly that he supports depopulation, he has a coronavirus patent, and is working to produce a global vaxx, as well as SAR-CoV-2 test kits. Research Pirbright and Bill and Melissa Gates, who fund DNA genetically engineered biological warfare.


Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates,
partners in crime.

- Research Event 201. October 18th 2019, the Gates and a great consortium of various corporations held a pandemic exercise stimulating a pandemic outbreak. In Wuhan, China at the end of November, the first real-time victim succumbed to a new coronavirus, 'COVID-19'. This 'exercise' was NOT a coincidence.

Transcript of Bioweapons Expert Dr. Francis Boyle.

- Will any new coronavirus vaxx prove fatal and also spread contamination through shedding after inoculation, as flu vaxx historically always has done? Fortunately it takes 18 to 24 months to create a vaxx by which time the current 'pandemic' will be long over. The public however will likely be forced into mandatory inoculations with the masses overly willing to do so out of fear, whilst many will adamantly refuse and face being punished. 

FYI: People choosing to be vaccinated in general, need to stay away from the public and the vulnerable (seniors and children) for at least a week. Scientific research, clinical studies and history, has proven vaccines shed and infect others. Any unsanitary conditions or bad habits spread disease even faster.

Will history repeat itself - the Spanish Flu was created and spread by U.S. vaxx:
Research the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed 50-100 million people - death originated from American soldiers who had been used as guinea pigs by The Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research who inoculated them with experimental vaccines at Fort Riley, Kansas. The deployed WW1 soldiers then spread their resulting contagious sickness across Europe, shedding from the vaccine wherever they went - the disease was bacterial pneumonia.

Paper currency
being withdrawn from circulation is already being discussed in China and S.Korea because it carries COVID-19. After complete removal worldwide - and this is the perfect excuse to do so - all purchases may only happen thru proposed implanted trackers / biometric IDs (microchips such as dogs have). Personal freedom will then be fully controlled with complete surveillance of individual daily life.

UPDATE MARCH 18th: Canada has reportedly begun to withdraw paper money and coins.

WHO BENEFITS? Obviously corporations that create test kits, vaccinations and drugs, 5G technology and SMART appliances, microchip implants etc. Small businesses will become bankrupt, forced to hand over their incomes to giant corporations such as Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

FEAR ... created by media manipulation as directed by government, makes coming government agendas - such as micro-chipping to replace contaminated paper money - easy to introduce along with other restrictive protocols, and will be welcomed by the fearful masses.


The corporate and government powers that be, are moving to have control over the masses like never before in history.
Mandatory travel restrictions, mass surveillance and global lockdowns are being rolled out under the guise of quarantine. This is a giant leap forward into New World Order and worldwide dystopia as dictated by the PNAC years ago.

Need more clarity? Still don't understand? Research David Icke.

NOTE: David Icke's YouTube channel was completely removed at beginning of May. This speaks volumes!

Why was the coronavirus not declared a pandemic until March 11th?
The USA and global health authorities did not officially declare a pandemic sooner for a few reasons including the fact that multiple unidentified investors in 'pandemic bonds' - created in 2017 by the World Bank with huge payouts - will lose millions. The bonds were due to mature July 2020. This indicates that the WHO and the CDC were possibly under pressure from investors to delay announcement.

Delayed declaration creates huge negative consequences for global public health because early action against any real pandemic outbreak, is imperative. Countries need test kits and medical aid for the infected, especially in poor countries.

Trump initially downplayed the virus, because as a world leader he knows the truth and the hidden agendas. Trump may walk to the beat of his corrupt narcisstic ego, but even he, cannot reveal the truth of the scam which comes from powers that are way above his head, and the tsunami of public fear including his followers that he needs for re-election. Bolsanaro of Brazil, who shares the same political disposition as Trump, has no fear of retribution, and has refused to play 'the pandemic game'.


COVID-19 originated in the USA?

MARCH 11th: CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said some deaths from coronavirus have been discovered posthumously, and there is likely more. Multiple people on Twitter and Reddit after reading this, announced they strongly believe they had COVID-19 at Christmas and many had it in January. One person explained how her mother was diagnosed with "viral pneumonia" and nearly died in the ICU, weeks before COVID-19 was acknowledged by the Chinese. 

This indicates COVID-19 was in the USA as early as December and possibly November.
Italian doctors report the same pattern of misdiagnosis and the pneumonia virus, attacking the elderly inparticular, being present before the outbreak in Wuhan, China or within the same time frame. The first case in Wuhan, China was the end of November but left unannounced until January.

The question now becomes, did the virus originate in the USA? China, Japan and Taiwan believe it did and have scientific research to back this up with compelling evidence that is beyond coincidence.

There are clusters of cells in different geographic locations with different mutations that have been proven by scientists to have been seemingly deliberately seeded by an individual carrier as opposed to being spread by a traveler. There are multiple 'patient zeros' as opposed to just the one from Wuhan, who has never been tracked down. Natural outbreaks can almost always be resolved to one location and one patient zero, but not this time.

The only country that is known to have all five strains of coronavirus from which all others have descended, is the USA.


1) Who wants to bring down China? - a country that now has mind-boggling, massive global control, beyond comprehension. China is seemingly unstoppable leveraging power using military force, sophisticated surveillance, and money to buy weaker countries compliance with their destructive agendas.

China has reached out with massive medical aid to various countries that need help with the pandemic, thus endearing those countries to future Chinese agendas. On April 1st alone, China donated 50,000 tests, 100,000 masks and 5 ventilators to Mexico.

2) Who hates Iran? Iran has been in partnership with China in defiance of US sanctions. The US has been howling for war against Iran since George Bush Jr.

3) Who is punishing Italy? Italy was the only G7 country that entered into a huge business deal with China called 'Belt and Road'.

4) Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft on March 13th. It is no secret that Gates is deeply involved with bio-weapon research and the very dangerous level-4 bio-lab in Wuhan, China that he funded, and he partnered with EVENT 201 in October 2019 - all of which lie beneath his umbrella agenda of depopulation. His vaccinations are infamous. How involved is he with COVID-19? Connect the dots.

Detailed Info: More Than Just A Virus

- Prof. Charles Lieber, a nano scientist at Harvard working with a research lab in Wuhan connected to Bill Gates, along with two Chinese nationals, may or may not be linked to the release of the novel coronavirus. Their subsequent individual charges and arrest in January 2020 for lying about their involvement in working with Chinese research scientists, was kept quiet in the media.  


1) There is NO test that identifies COVID-19 specifically.

2) The tests are inaccurate and results fluctuate.
3) The test shows general genetic material if active within the body.

Many people will be diagnosed as positive, when in fact they just have general influenza or a cold. Many deaths from influenza will also be classified as COVID-19. Many people had COVID-19 prior to January and were classified as having influenza - death certificates state coronavirus.

We can absolutely conclude that active coronavirus case numbers and deaths worldwide are incorrect due to:
a) Seasonal cold and Influenza cases being diagnosed as COVID-19.
b) Victims from pre-existing health conditions that die, are being labeled as COVID-19.

REMINDER: COVID-19 simply means Coronavirus Disease 2019 - next 'flu season' it may become labelled as COVID-20 etc. The hideous manipulation of the masses will continue ...

The Pandemic is a Proven Plandemic.

MAY NEWSFLASH: Brave scientist and virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits (hated and attacked by Dr. Fauci for years), was interviewed in a 26 minute video (by Mikki Willis), titled 'PlanDemic'. The video was quickly removed by Facebook and YouTube to silence the truth. It has been posted elsewhere ... PLEASE WATCH ...


Game Changer!
A new scientific report from China (linked below) shows that SARS-CoV-2 has been misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly.

The bilaterial pneumonia created in the lungs (ARDS), should NOT be the MAIN focus.

The main focus needs to be, the body is being depleted and starved of oxygen, O2.

COVID-19 removes the oxidative iron ion from the hemoglobin (the protein molecule in red blood cells, consisting of four hemes, that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body's tissues and returns carbon dioxide from the tissue back to the lungs)
, so it can no longer bind to oxygen.

contributes toward progressive hypoxia (hypoxia is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level), as COVID-19 binds to the heme groups in hemoglobin in the red blood cells.

All the damage to the lungs seen in CT scans are from the release of oxidative iron from the hemes, this overwhelms the natural defenses against pulmonary oxidative stress and causes the bilateral ground-glass opacity in the lungs.

High levels of free iron in the blood strip nitric oxide out of body.

Immune cells use nitric oxide to create oxidative bursts to fight the virus and keep the immune system from overproducing white blood cells.

Without nitric oxide, white blood cells flood the system but are ineffective against the virus. So lack of nitric oxide leads to high blood pressure, hyper-coagulation, and hyper-inflammation leading to massive multi-organ damage and failure.

The damaged immune system and hypoxia leads to overgrowth of bacteria (bacterial infection can create septicemia).

This vicious cycle leads to death from lack of oxygen -  bilateral pneumonia in the lungs -  the unchecked immune system shuts down organs - heart damage / heart attack - may cause seizures.

It is now being recognized and recommended by some hospitals, that in many cases of COVID-19, ventilators should not be used unless absolutely vital, as they cause irreversible damage and cause many deaths. Treatment needs to be for progressive hypoxia as opposed to bilateral pneumonia. Patients need O2.

Chinese Medical Study and Report - Game Changer
COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism.

Nitric Oxide is being used in clinical trials in Massachusetts, Italy and elsewhere to combat COVID-19.

NOTE - Home Healing Machines:
1) Nitric Oxide is generated by the Far Infared Dome which also supports the respiratory system and promotes healthy breathing.
2) Oxygenation of the body may be improved by using the Chi Machine  especially important for those who are confined indoors and cannot get out to exercise. Movement of the body is critical for oxygenation and detoxification.


Latest Global Stats.

coronavirus world

214 countries affected.

Look at the numbers below - this happens every single year - and stop being frightened by the infected numbers hammered by the media, which include ALL cases - rather than ACTIVE cases. There are countries with zero deaths.

Deaths by Country - October 16th 2020
2:00 pm - Pacific Standard Time.

Chart below includes largest populations in the world,
highest deaths, countries of interest for comparison.

Three countries have over 1,000,000 deaths.
14 countries have over 10,000 deaths,
15 countries have 1 to 2,000 deaths.
158 countries have zero to 1,000 deaths.

331 million
212 million
129 million
40 million
60 million
46 million
32.8 million
65 million
83 million
51 million
145 million
South Africa
59 million
17.6 million
272 million
83 million
37 million
84 million
207 million
10 million
164 million
126 million
25 million
S. Korea
51 million
97 million
New Zealand
5 million

For every country go to source:

Keep things in perspective.
Hoarding of sanitizers and toilet paper not needed.
A strong immune system is #1 priority.


Overview of World - October 2020:

INITIAL OUTBREAK: The media generally did not tell the public any details about who died, just numbers. Deaths were either from world travelers, or infected locally usually by a traveler. Once established, community infections become commonplace.

TODAY: The weak, elderly and vulnerable - poor immune systems and pre-existing medial conditions - are still at risk, as they are all year, every year.

China: Recovered.
Two thirds of coronavirus victims were elderly men, 80% of deaths over 60 years old, and over 75% had at least one underlying disease such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or tumours. - Reported by Jiao Yahui, an official of China’s National Health Commission on February 4th.


USA: 16% of population is over 65yrs old.

Over 100 initial deaths were the elderly in King County, Washington.
Active cases and deaths increasing - testing will increase active number cases.
Multipe deaths from pre-existing health conditions being fraudulently counted as COVID-19.


Italy: 2nd oldest population in the world - badly hit same as every year.
Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany have highest number of active cases, besides Italy.

Sweden did not lockdown, and has had 5,918 deaths as of October 2020.


Australia and New Zealand doing really well, super low numbers, so why severe lockdown in Melbourne, Australia?!


A huge landmass with Brazil most affected country.

A huge continent, few infected - mostly Egypt - which seems very strange as over one million Chinese live and work in Africa, with multiple development projects, many going back and forth to China.

Iran was hit the hardest. Many pilgrims in Qom spread the virus. 


Apart from China (now in full recovery), most of Asia doing really, really well.
Japan with highest elderly population in the world, very low numbers - only 1,650 as of October 2020.
S. Korea: Many deaths belonged to a Christian religious group who also spread the virus. Fast containment, low numbers - just 441 as of October 2020.

5G mask

Masks cannot protect against EMF radiation.

The Perfect Depopulation Trifecta:
Coronaviruses + 5G + Chemtrails.

5G / 60GHZ compromises the immune system via radiolytic compounds, DNA damage and oxidative stress. It also inhibits the ability to turn sunlight into vitamin D which is a building block of the immune system.

Chemtrails block out the sun further inhibiting vitamin D production and far infrared penetration. The chemicals that are sprayed compromise the immune system, the lungs and the brain. After years of exposure to aluminum from chemtrails, people have become saturated and are essentially antennas for 5G microwaves. The millions of sweat glands on the human body act as 5G microwave antennas.

5G microwaves have the ability to manipulate the immune system and to create a multitude of symptoms including pneumonia without the presence of a pathogen such as coronavirus.

The main reason is because 5G / 60GHz disrupts oxygenation of the body. When oxygen levels drop in the body, vital organs fail, such as the heart and lungs. This may cause 'COVID-19' symptoms such as heart arrythmia, heart attack, lung complications such as flu or pneumonia, and seizures (as seen in Wuhan, China). Note that pneumonia is rarely bilateral as presented with the current coronavirus.

5G causes frequency interference and disruption in the electrical circuitry of the heart and brain which could result in sudden death from cardiopulmonary arrest or acute encephalopathy in perfectly healthy bodies (men dropping dead on streets in Wuhan and having seizures) but especially in those with already compromised immune systems, including those who've received multiple vaccinations, the elderly, and the young.

City by city across the planet, 5G cell phone towers, GWEN towers and street lights are being installed and turned into invisible weapons, not forgetting the thousands of satellites being launched.

We will have more concrete evidence of the extent of health damage and destruction once 5G is activated worldwide as planned by the end of 2020. Unfortunately this means countless more deaths. 

Life on earth as we have known it prior to 2000, is ending. Transition through bio-warfare culling has begun. Elon Musk, AI and trans-humanism are standing in the wings.

Post Script: It's imperitive to be exposed to sunshine whenever possible. The human body NEEDS vitamin D and Far Infrared to stay healthy. Refuse 5G technology beginning with your phone. If 5G towers are erected near your home, MOVE!

The people that shout the loudest to wear masks and practice social distancing are those who recovered from a bad case of COVID-19, those who know someone that has died, and all those who live in fear, waiting for a vaxx to 'save them'.

According to scientists the vaxx will be of no use other than being used to injure, possibly sterilize, create miscarriages, and kill untold numbers from auto immune disease over the next few years. 

Those who have researched and understand the real agenda, know that this ongoing event was man-made to depopulate, to enslave, and to remove freedom on multiple levels. They know that 5G plays a huge role in all this, and that AI, which depends on 5G, will be used to take over the workforce, and to also enforce social protesting as well as social distancing. Micro-chips will become normal in order to live ... to buy groceries, to travel, to attend social events etc


Meet SPOT the robot dog, coming to a park near you.
Currently patrolling parks in Singapore.

There will be no 'second wave' but a phase two, a continuation of phase one with enforced restrictions and possibly a really deadly virus - 5G is being rolled out rapidly across the world! The winter 2020 pandemic will be blamed on populations not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing, and not staying indoors.

Research, research, research.

Freedom or Dystopia?


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