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Cheryl - Chicago, Illinois.
Adenocarcinoma Survivor - Superwoman!

Cheryl Chi Machine Distributor

Cheryl - "Life is about learning lessons".

Cheryl's Story of Cancer Survival and Health Discoveries:
It's Sept. 2007 and I am an 11 year adenocarcinoma cancer survivor, now 49 yrs old.

1996 - The Journey Begins:
I had adenocarcinoma of the cervix, stage 1B. The oncologist was going to do a radical hysterectomy. My surgery day was to be 2-21-96 but I cancelled five days prior due to scheduling a second opinion, which once again confirmed the cancer. I knew the cervix was dead as I could feel it and also the biopsy they took was white, which meant it was dry and had no blood or oxygen. Pink or red would have shown there was blood and oxygen present.

I began immediately to do a lot of reading, discerning and seeking out the truth. I started taking hydrogen peroxide in my veins, three times a week. The osteopath told me I would need about twenty treatments but I discovered it was going to take another twenty more! After fifteen I stopped treatment and started doing lots and lots of pro-biotics, then several weeks later I began taking lots and lots of enzyme supplements. I totally feel that with the large amount of the pro-biotics that I chose to take, my pH balance began changing within my body, and therefore my cancer was now no longer receiving permission to stay within my body. For nine months I focused on a high protein diet, with very low carbs and starches which turn to sugar, which fuel and feed cancer. I firmly believe that cancer is sugars best friend!

2007 - Stem Cells, and the Sun Ancon Chi Machine:
This year a friend of mine connected me with a company that has supplements that support the Stem Cells within our bodies. I won't go into this here, but please feel free to contact me below about this incredible technology that heals the body.

Three months ago, I discovered the Chi Machine, ideal for my mother, as she has restless leg syndrome and her pain gets a lot worse once the sun goes down. I bought 'the trio' - The Sun Ancon Chi Machine,  The Far Infrared Dome and the Electro Reflex Energizer. When I first used the Chi Machine,  I was blown away with the fact that you have to start out with just 2-5 minutes and when the timer stopped, I could feel my legs and body tingle ... this was tooo wild ... how could something make my body tingle in less than five minutes.

The fact that the famous Japanese doctor Dr. Inoue spent 38 years to develop, research, create and patent the Sun Ancon Chi Machine was enough for me to believe that Dr. Inoue had a PASSION to help people so they can maintain their health and become well if they are sick. I have good health but I am very focused on being pro-active to improve my health further and to share what i discover with everyone around me.

Shallow Breathing:
Over the years I have noticed that I have been a shallow breather and I would catch myself just holding my breath and being very tight and tense in my lungs. While using the Stem Cell solutions I did see this improve to where I could breath deeply. I also noticed that when I stopped taking the Stem Cell supplements my breathing was good but did change a little. After giving my mum a Chi Machine, I knew i wanted one too. When I started using it, I stopped taking a lot of my supplements and I began to notice that once again my breathing improved.

The Importance of Oxygen, and Children:
I am excited because I know the importance of oxygen, as I used to receive hydrogen peroxide I.V. treatments three times a week, costing around $200.00 per session! I had I.V. treatments two months before I delivered my baby - another great life event. I was 43 when I found out I was pregnant, and 44 years old when I delivered naturally. I knew the importance of oxygen and wanted to make sure my baby was healthy. Now I no longer have to drive and waste my time, $$$ and gas to make sure I have enough oxygen in my cells. I use my Chi Machine when I want, and as often as I want. Life is good but my life, and my health, just got BETTER!  It is also amazing to see kids use the Chi Machine. They go lie down and relax with it and even fall asleep.

Life is about learning lessons and if we learn from our mistakes then we move to new puzzles of life. My cancer was a big life changing lesson/experience and it was one of the best things that happened to me, as it put me on a new course and direction in life and now I am a seeker of all truth that is out there for us to discover. It is our job to make sure the future for our kids is healthy and that they have strong immune systems. The Chi Machine is a great way to begin.

The Far Infrared Dome:
The Dome is also excellent. I hear it helps with wrinkles but I believe a face has to have clean, unclogged pores, in order to decrease wrinkles. I have a great pro-active cleaning program and I am ready to try using the Far Infrared on my face while I lay there and relax with my Chi Machine.

Energy and Mental Clarity:
I have improved oxygenation and circulation thus enabling my body to function better. There is a connection with oxygen, stagnant blood and water (since the body is 75% water) and adrenaline fatigue. My energy level is far better now as is my mental clarity.

Mum and Dad, and Change:
My Mother is finally starting to use her Chi Machine regularly, She used to tell me she was too tired to got on the Chi Machine and I told her that was the very reason to use it. I told her that her old habits were not working so it was time to stop the old habits and start doing something that would help her. She now wakes up and uses the Chi Machine during the night. When I call her, her voice sound much better and she is sleeping much better. She was also having a huge challenge with incontinence but it has gracefully improved with the Chi Machine.

We all know the expression "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink", well my mum finally made the changes but my dad is still not feeling good, he is resistant to trying the Chi Machine and what can I say, he's a man! My husband has finally begun to use our Chi Machine and Far Infrared Dome from time to time, so I know there is hope for men to make changes for better health, ha ha!

Seriously, some people are not ready to change and try something that has been proven to help people, despite countless positive experiences. If a person isn't ready to make changes for better health or to become well, it is often due to the fact they have not hit rock bottom just yet - i know because i've been there.

All of us have been given the gift of free will, and when YOU decide you are ready, i am here to guide and help you.

Today, September 2007:
Time to go lay down, relax, close my eyes, deep breath and ahhhh, enjoy the soothing Far Infrared Dome and the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I also take a lower dosage of supplements these days. Life is great!

Call me now, or take time to think about things, make a list of questions, and call me later. Just in case I am not available when you call, please be patient and I will get back to you asap to share my story, and perhaps help you find what YOU are looking for.

UPDATE 2021:
Still feeling great, healthy and well!

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