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Pilates Studio,
Geneva, Switzerland.

Meet Annie Waite Gilmer, Pilates Instructor and consultant for Far Infrared Dome and Chi Machine.

Pilates Studio

Annie is the Directrice of the Phénix Pilates Studio for Neuro Muscular Training.

She has a huge amount of knowledge and experience with intergrative therapies and alternative medicine.

Explore the various options available, then allow Annie to custom design the appropriate technique for you.

Phénix Pilates Studio:
+41 (0) 22 301.81.88


Chi Machine and FIR Hothouse

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine combined therapy with the Far Infrared Dome. Two cutting edge, Japanese medical machines for home health and wellness.

Perfect for days you can't get outside, or for use as complimentary healing machines to combat health challenges, or simply to maintain health.

Lie down, relax and let the machines do the work.

Please contact Annie directly for questions and guidance, or to take a class.

original chi
The Original Chi Machine
Get your body moving!

Available USA or Canada only.

grande sauna
                hothouse dome

  Far Infrared Dome Sauna
Gentle heat, Intense healing.

Available USA or Canada only.

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