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A Conversation With Arnon.
80 life questions, with answers
written between 2011 and 2013.

In memory of my special friend,
who died of cancer, compounded by iatrogenic disease, at just 39yrs old.

Maybe this story will help save others. It's all about choices.


A Conversation With Arnon.

A gentle, intelligent, sensitive soul who asked for nothing.
He preferred to give to others, both financially and spiritually.

The 1990's:
Arnon (pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable, not the first), was a man that was loved and respected by many people, a man who became one of my dearest friends in life that i can never forget and that i miss deeply.

I first met him in the 90's in Hawaii, as a fellow voluntary staff member with Anthony Robbins. Arnon was a door guard, always smiling, socially shy, soft spoken, a tall, cuddly teddy bear. He persistently requested that i give him a smile and i consistently refused. One morning over breakfast, he again requested i smile. I again declined. Another staff member then said to me, "Tracy, Arnon is giving you a gift. Are you going to refuse it?" I of course burst into smile and laughter, i understood, and the rest is history. He captured my heart with his beautiful smile, his gentle ways, his kind spirit, his absolutely brilliant mind, and his endearing awkward social skills.


Arnon was a student at Tulane University, New Orleans from 1992 to 1997, and after graduation he excitedly called to tell me he was moving to Los Angeles. I got to watch Arnon grow and develop. He found his first serious girlfriend (he was a late bloomer), began his career in computer technology, and made new friends as he started his life as a university graduate stepping out onto the world stage.

New year

1997 New Years Eve,
Studio City, CA

We had many happy and fun times together both in Los Angeles (with friend Gina), and staffing at Anthony Robbins awesome seminars - in Hawaii, Anaheim, Palm Springs and Dana Point - where i also met his mum Tamara, his sister Maya, and his fun loving brother Ilan.

Born into the Jewish faith Arnon was a confirmed agnostic, but searched for something as yet undefined but deep within himself. I recognized and told him in Hawaii that i could feel he was a healer, and that he had a strong, untapped spiritual energy that was waiting to be unleashed. I urged him to look within, find the key and unlock this gift for himself and the world.

Very quickly, Arnon found the key, Pranic Healing. He drank it in, feeding his body, mind and soul, letting it light and guide his path ahead for 15yrs. He studied with passion and with deep love, embracing his new family of fellow Pranic healers, and soon enough became a respected instructor, teacher and healer. He had finally found 'home' on earth within his soul.


2003 - Arnon got married.

Marriage and Children:
Always marching to the beat of his own drum, Arnon met and married a beautiful Indian girl from the UK. They had a Sikh-Jewish wedding in Santa Barbara, followed by the birth of two wonderful boys - Alex and Anand - and began a new life chapter in peaceful Oregon. He became very successful financially - providing what every family dreams of, stability and security, allowing his wife to be a full time mum - and was beloved by his Pranic healing community. Tithing was very important to him and he frequently gave to charity. My best friend Gina and i, were very proud and happy for him.

Sidebar: Arnon's wife enjoys talking non-stop, only pausing to laugh infectiously - our favourite subject was Frank Spencer from 'Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em" (it's a British thing), and of course Arnon didn't get it ;)

For awhile, Arnon used to travel back and forth to work, and also to teach Pranic healing classes. On his long drives home he would call me late at night to help his drive pass faster, and to keep him awake. He loved to be mentally challenged and to have stimulating conversations. We had many wonderful talks about life, family, friends, spirituality and philosophy. He had dreams and plans and many things he wanted to accomplish. I cherish those hours he shared with me.

Inner Conflict:
He avoided disputes as he hated conflict, and so he shut out mundane daily life and household duties. He preferred privacy and to bury himself in his complicated, technological computer world of software development, or to be in the deep embrace of his other world, Pranic healing and teaching. He was never a social butterfly which he had attempted in the 90's. He did not smoke (he hated it), drink alcohol, do drugs, or eat meat.


Unfortunately, humans have to interact with each other to spiritually grow and it was inner conflict resulting from daily life that became his downfall. Cancer is nearly always triggered by either prolonged emotional stress (financial burden or relationship conflict), or by a shock/trauma event. Because this wickedly brilliant mind was only comfortable expressing emotion through his spiritual work and studies, personal stress and conflict was repressed and ignored.

Note: We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Human ego's often get the upper hand, causing us to be who we are not. In being who we are not, we discover who we truly are. No-one is immune to ego chaos, domination and the need to be in control (of ourselves or another), but it is our spirituality that will evolve if we rise above ego driven drama, learn from it, forgive, and LET GO.

In the summer of 2012, the family took a wonderful overdue vacation in Hawaii (i was originally going to join them as a babysitter if needed), and life seemed to be going well. Everyone appeared happy and healthy.

Diagnosis Cancer:
I never made it up to Oregon to visit, until late in Arnon's illness, in October 2013. He was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), in the early springtime of 2013. I had not spoken to him for awhile since he now worked from home. I was very shocked as he was only 38 years old - his children only 5 and 7yrs old.

In May, Arnon and i had a few conversations about his diagnosis, his full intention to immediately proceed with chemo, and we attempted to explore his emotional issues. He was so very strong, his stubbornness served him well, and he sailed through the first months of orthodox medicine with clarity and focus. The chemo seemingly had no effect on his mind which remained grounded and sharp. He even continued his computer work from his bed, and he delighted in telling every nurse and doctor that he met about Pranic healing.


Spectacular view over Portland.

Fall 2013 - We had long conversations on the phone from his hospital bed whilst he was strong enough, and one day he took and sent me a beautiful photo of the view from his bed, overlooking Portland, Oregon.

Back in the spring, after the initial chemo, Arnon was released from hospital but sadly, his wellness was short lived and after a vacation climbing mountains in Idaho with his father, his wife and two children, Arnon's body took a turn for the worst from which he never recovered.

In July he was re-diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The cancer was in his bone marrow (the mind/body connection indicates previous deep trauma, causing self de-evaluation), and later found in his lungs (fear) and his sinus (deep mental conflict). He had practically no immune system, barely any white blood cells or platelets.

Arnon's internal emotional trauma and stress (one incident inparticular that shocked him to the core of his being from which he never forgave himself), remained unaddressed, a sugar free alkaline diet was never adhered to, and although he had access to Cannabis Oil he refused it because he didn't like the taste (dosage size is a grain of rice).

Actually nothing was changed other than the introduction of more drugs, more chemo, endless blood transfusions, pain medication (synthetic heroin), fluids and antibiotics - his body was flooded non-stop, day in and day out. There was no respect, no dignity. Arnon never stood a chance. The possibility for miracles was an empty illusion. He battled with tremendous bravery and courage through the following dark and painful months, underwent two emergency surgeries on his sinus cavities, and finally left his body on December 21st.

Farewell sweet soul:
I last saw Arnon on October 29th, the afternoon he was being transferred to Seattle, Washington for more drugs and experimental chemo. I finally got to spend two wonderful hours with this special and fragile soul, flooding his body with healing and love. When i kissed him goodbye and whispered "I love you", i felt in my heart i would never see him again, i had no delusions, but part of me refused to give up and refused to let go.

Chemo kills. 

The following five weeks seemed like five years as i continued to step up my intense cancer research every waking moment, day in and day out. When Arnon returned from his Seattle clinical trials and went right back to Portland hospital, my heart was beyond crushed by Arnon's state of health which had taken a dramatically dark turn from the Seattle chemotherapy. Iatrogenic disease (deadly affect of chemotherapy poison), became very apparent, invading his lungs, his sinus, his lips and his mouth (he could barely eat or talk). He had bacteria, fungus and yeast infections.

I knew with absolutely no doubt, 2 weeks prior to Arnon's actual passing, that he was going to leave the earth very soon. Every day was hell for me, not knowing how he was doing, not being able to be with him, to give him love and healing. I asked his spirit guides to take him asap, be it for his highest good, and to remove him from his suffering. I then had a visit from spirit that confirmed the time was close.

The night he finally crossed over, i was not told, but i was up all night, very restless and i only slept for a couple of hours as the sun came up. Arnon's dad called me a few hours later and confirmed what my soul already knew.

Arnon's nickname was Bear - my beloved Bear had finally returned home.

I cannot express the depth of my love for this gentle, kind, intelligent, peaceful soul. We have a special soul bond that will never be broken and within the first 3 days of his passing, i felt his warmth and love around me, he comforted me and yes, he made me smile once again.

May all who suffer be free from suffering. May all those in fear find freedom from fear. May all who grieve find freedom from grief.
May all living beings be free. ~ The Buddha

Even in his last few months of life, Arnon continued to tithe to an organization in the Philippines, helping to save many lives devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. The Davidovici family and friends have chosen a non-profit children's cancer organization at the bottom of this page to honor his memory.

A special mention goes to Arnon's sister-in-law and husband, two incredible human beings that loved and looked after Arnon's two little boys during his illness - their focus, strength, sacrifice and courage is beyond words.


Arnon and i both shared a thirst for knowledge and exploration, and he leaves me with a gift of a deeper understanding and insight regarding cancer. I did not have the full opportunity to help Arnon become well, but i have the rest of my life to continue helping others, and to guide them so they may not experience the suffering he endured needlessly.

Choices in dealing with cancer, must be researched and made without FEAR, which is unfortunately the place most patients and families come from. Blind faith and trust very rarely extends or saves lives. Grief, fear and religious belief muddies reality. DETOXIFICATION of the body and mind is critical. RESEARCH is critical.

Personally i would have pulled Arnon from the orthodox, barbaric, antiquated medical protocols months ago, but that was not my right and not my decision to make, so i stood by helplessly, witnessing in silence the horror of toxic orthodox therapy which is simply a science experiment of deadly drug cocktails. I watched conventional medicine legally murder him. He never stood a chance.

Arnon was adamant and strong willed regarding his hasty, fear based, logical choice of conventional oncology. He also chose to firmly adhere to Pranic healing protocol. The point being, stubborn as Taurus the bull (he was actually Cancer/Leo cusp), he lived his life his way.

Myself, Gina, and my grown son who knew him since he was 11yrs old, will miss him always and never forget him. Namaste Arnon XOX

The one and only miracle that can be said to occur, was that i discovered genius Dr. Sam Chachoua who has a protocol that kills cancer. I contacted Arnon's wife to tell her i could connect with him but i received no reply. It became too late, but it is not too late for Dr. Sam who must be made known to the world despite orthodox medicine denying his existence - the $11 million lawsuit he won against Cedars Sinai hospital is public record - forcing him to continue his work and research in hiding in Mexico. Multiple attempts have been made on Dr. Sam's life, so he is not easily accessible.

                      Sam Chachoua

Dr. Sam Chachoua - A brilliant, compassionate, Australian born, Jewish medical genius of Egyptian ancestry

Dr. Sam's Induced Remission Therapy (IRT) MUST become a recognized cancer protocol, demanded as such by all of us. Then and only then, will lives be saved by this new technology against AIDS, cancer, heart disease and other terminal illnesses. Agonizing torture, suffering and what amounts to legalized murder must end. Dr. Sam graduated from medical school at only 18 yrs of age, after he watched his own father die of bone cancer multiple myeloma, which is the reason he has dedicated his life to saving others from the same fate.

Become acquainted with Dr. Sam, and what NBC News called in August 2000 "THE MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY AGAINST CANCER AND AIDS IN HISTORY."

Ginny's Story
Ginny beat cancer by loving herself, forgiveness, and the healing powers of Chi-Lel Qigong. NEVER underestimate the incredible regenerative powers of the mind and the body!

Here follows a conversation of sorts, with Arnon. He belonged to a group on the internet called Quora, a question and answer website. His high intelligence, his love, spirituality and humor shines through, as does his simplistic, grounded, and non-judgemental approach to life. Some of the questions are obviously ironic ...


A Conversation With Arnon.
Always Learning.

What are the best ways to start a New Year?

Give to others. As you give, so shall you receive.

How has having a biblical first name made an impact on your life?
Arnon is actually a biblical river. I've been told it means "Joy through dancing and singing". However, except for the difficulty in pronunciation, it really hasn't had much effect.

How did you pick up your signature?
I used to write my name in regular print as a signature. I got tired of people saying "No! You're SIGNATURE goes there!"  It happened more time than I can count... "That IS my signature!" So after a few years of that, I started making it messier. Now its just big A and big D with wavy line after each.

If life had to be defined in one word what would that word be?
School OR Lessons.

Does free will exist?
According to Theosophy (and many other spiritual schools), we are born into physical existence to learn certain lessons. Those lessons are based on certain karma (or the causality that others have mentioned). Those target lessons and an individual's karma determine a "destiny" for that life.

Within that destiny, we have certain free will whether to go the path of learning the lessons or not. If we avoid our destiny, life gets harder; there is more resistance when we get off the path. However, if we learn our lessons faster (thus "exceeding" our causes), we have MORE freedom to move to greater lessons and greater works. The wisest among us have the most free will; of course, those people choose to align their free will with the greater good.

What are the most underrated life skills?
Peace, calmness and rational thought in the face of adversity. Many people throw all rationality out the door under pressure or stress, and make hasty, emotional, or capitulating decisions. Meditation, mental exercises, and mental scenario practice can help.


Arnon teaching Pranic healing
 - October 2012.

In your career path, is money or role more important?
Learning is most important. If you learn, the roles and the money will grow. When you interview, if you can tell a story of what you learned from your previous jobs and how you overcame a previous challenge, it goes a long way to telling them how you will act in their company. When they ask you where you see yourself in 5 years, a good stock answer is "Learning as much as I can and bringing value from that learning to the company I am working for."

Personally, I prefer any job that gives me many opportunities to learn over money and role. Money comes in a close second, but if I'm earning a lot of money in a rote, repetitive job, my quality of life would suffer. Role only matters to me in the breadth of learning it allows me to have (lower jobs have more limited scope and ability to look into other projects) and the influence to get my ideas out into a company. Role is a distant third (or fourth or fifth... I'd have to think about what others might be in there).

Is emotion the slave to reason or vice versa?

The two are different and equal. The question is whether the person is slave to the emotion or the reason at any given time.

As an example, should love (an emotion) rule over our reason? In some cases yes, in some no. It's reasonable to tell a person everything that is wrong about them, so they can fix it, but is it loving? Actually, it could be a loving act (telling someone something they can correct) in small doses, if the person is open to that input. The question is whether the person decides do do the loving thing or reasonable thing (or both).

Well, then, how does the person decide? Are they driven by their passion? Are they driven by compassion? Are they driven by the logical thinking out of consequences? Are they driven by some knowledge of what is for the greatest good of this person?

The person is the key factor here. Their decisions improve as they improve their character. That doesn't mean they are more logically driven or more emotionally driven, but by the higher forms of both (e.g. moving from passion to compassion). Logic and emotion are two inputs, both of which we must use to make our life decisions.

Alternative interpretation: The charioteer is the soul. The horses are intellect and emotion. The soul has to keep both on track to go where he wants to go. If one lets intellect rule with no heart, the person is ruthless. If one lets emotion rule, the person chases desires without considering consequences. The soul keeps these on track, and balanced, to target one in a positive direction.

Many people try to make emotion a form of reason. I disagree with that assertion.

What are good ways to have the perfect life?
Enjoy what you have and always strive for more.

If you don't enjoy and appreciate with what you have, you will never feel peace. You will never feel settled. The day that I first said, "If my life stayed the same, it would be a great life", I felt this feeling. I called it "satisfaction".

But we are also striving beings; we need a mission, a goal, in life (On that same day, I called this "ambition"). Those who retire with no aims are dead in a few years. Strive to improve what you have, your conditions, yourself, to better than what they are even though they are great already.  If there is no improvement you desire in your own life or in your own character, improve the lives of those around you, and eventually, those you don't even know.

Remember, life has changes. It has it's ups and downs. You can't guarantee everything will be as it is for the rest of your life. But if you have ambition beyond the satisfaction, a perfect life is easier to have. For example, if you strive to have twice the income you really satisfied with, and an economic change happens that halves your income, satisfaction still continues. This is a superficial example, but can be applied in all areas of life.

What do people miss about their youth?
Nothing. Life just continues to get better and better.

How is today different from yesterday?
5 letters.

What are quintessential first-world problems?
My work provided laptop, just had Outlook go down. Now my company pays me $X to waste time talking to these darn IT guys from India (getting paid $X/10). Since I'm working from home, I waste my time watching online TV on my home computer, while the IT guy worked on my computer remotely (so I don't even have to guide him). It took that guy TWO WHOLE HOURS to get it done so I couldn't get any REAL work done today. My day sucked!

And now a couple from my kids that actually happened today:

1) "Dad! This burrito (with fresh healthy ingredients just made by their mom) isn't as good as the Taco Bell ones!"

2) The other one ... crying - "Dad, I hate you. You only gave me ONE cookie!"

3) New one ... not exactly a problem, but definitely first world: Upon seeing me open my car door with a key, rather than the wireless fob, for the first time, my son says "Wow, Dad! That's cool! I didn't know you could do that!"


Arnon had an Interfaith marriage
- Sikh and Jew.

Why do some white guys like black girls?
I'm a white guy who married an Indian girl. That she was Indian didn't even factor into the equation.

What is it like being tall?
Although I agree with the other things that have been said, I have to say that being tall FEELS normal! It's normal to see over everyone's head and reach things they can't. It's normal for almost everyone to look up at me (physically), and actually a little weird spending time with guys who I have to look up to (physically -- there are plenty I look up to metaphorically).

It's normal for my wife to be 10.5 inches shorter than me, and to adjust for that when hugging or kissing. It's normal, but annoying, to not fit into the drivers seat after she drives the car. 

Basically, because it's always been this way, I don't think about it in a normal day until someone like you calls my attention to it.

What are the wisest quotes you've ever heard or read?
Wisdom implies time, process, and lots of dumb mistakes.

Assuming God (any god you like) is real, what would you ask them/it?
Strength to overcome my weaknesses. Guidance to know the best way forward. Patience with myself as I continue to struggle.

Why should I desire to live as long as possible?
When I decide to leave this earth at the ripe old age of 263, I will have enjoyed:

1) Seeing my 8th generation of descendants excel because they will have had Old Arnon to guide them with his wisdom.

2) After 100 years of compounded investment growth, I will have unbelievable amounts of money to spend (probably on all my great-great-great-great grandkids, and of course, my wife).

3) Peace on earth (and the remote outer colonies) created through the United World Netizens (aka UWN, aka Triple UN).

4) Taken a step through the Infinite Probability Portal over to visit Earth 2, Terra 5, and Andromeda Galactic Hub.

5) Taking a weekend trip with my wife to the asteroid belt (with the requisite zero G drinks at Solar Sailor's Pub)

6) Learning 100 languages (and they are all accessible on my brain dock which has an Solid Quantum Yotta Drive with the latest 364 Yotta capacity with enhanced research and analysis assistant).

7) My Phone/Pad/TV will have a perpetual energy core (1000 year warranty) with a variable screen size, of course, from 1 inch square wristwatch to 20X40 ft movie screen on demand. It will allow me to stream any video in the universe (the latest Supernova in Gamma Quadrant was hot in the last year), including all the memories from the last 100 years in Super eXtra Hexa Definition.

8) Having 10^13 points on Quora ;)  Just kidding ... Actually the enjoyable part would be watching Quora finally decide if God exists or not, and whether free will exists or not.

9) I will finally understand women (although that took 262 years!).

Why do most people view death so negatively?
I don't believe this is the only life we have, yet I want it to last as long as possible. I have a lot to do in this life before I take a "vacation".

I have had a strange experiment, when I tell people that I want to live until 263 years old. Many people ask "Why would you want to live that long?"
My response: "Really?!?!? Is your life that bad? Why would you NOT want to live that long?"

If you died today, would you die happy?
Satisfaction and ambition.

A few years ago I came to a realization that I was content with the way my life was going. I would be satisfied if everything continued on the same path for the rest of my life. It was (is) a very freeing and relaxing feeling.

However, at the same time, I knew I could do better. I wanted more. This ambition has continued to drive me to new heights, happy the whole way that this life is great and is on the right path. That's not to say I don't have stress and strife, but it's part of the process of the life I choose. If I stayed in the life I am satisfied with, my ambitious side wouldn't be happy.

So my answer is yes and no. I would be happy about my life, but I would not feel complete. Plus I have young kids.

Does God punish souls at the final judgment day?
According to my studies (and specifically Theosophy), the real "punishment" is by the person himself realizing what he or she has done. At the end of a life, the person is led through a review of his or her life, with full awareness now, rather than the limited awareness while in the body. The person gets to experience joy for things not previously noticed, and also experiences pain and regret for negative actions done. The purpose, however, is not to punish, but to learn. Through this review, the person learns and grows and resolves to change behavior in the next life. I would expect that "final judgment", whatever that is, would be equivalent.

Arnon Davidovici

Complimentary and
Alternative Medicine.

As friends and readers of this extensive website can attest, i have dedicated my life to alternative healing, specializing in cancer research and therapy for several years now. Arnon's immediate choice of healing was orthodox medicine. He held the firm belief (ironically made obvious below, written in 2011), that Pranic healing and chemo, would save his life.
I respected his choice, regardless that i did not hold the same belief.

His wife purchased a Far Infrared Hothouse Dome (heat therapy - known as hyperthermia - is used extensively in Europe and Japan as a cancer therapy), but it was far, far too late ... three days after it arrived, Arnon passed on.

Why don't people use alternative medicine more often (e.g., herbal, acupuncture, meditation, energy healing)?

I value western medicine and its skills and improvement in our life, but there are gaps in knowledge that are still addressed by ancient knowledge and skills. So-called "alternative" techniques are the conventional medicine in other countries. The point is to use the right tool for the right problem. 

These practices have grown in the west due to the inability of western medicine to solve many chronic issues.  Unfortunately, as has been stated, many charlatans have also stepped up with "snake oils." One reason it's not used more often is that people have a tendency to listen to naysayers (some of whom have been taken in by charlatans) rather than investigating for themselves with people who actually have experience with these practices. Since many comments have been related to the efficacy of so-called "alternative medicine," let's talk about that.

From personal experience, chiropractic has healed TMJ problems for me and addressed back pains that result from my sedentary life sitting in front of a computer. I have multiple experiences with Pranic Healing, but one drastic example is when I got a pretty bad burn from picking up a hot iron (from the iron side ... ouch).  The pain was gone in FIVE MINUTES (I've been told it takes 2-3 days with normal procedures) through the immediate use of Pranic Healing.

My son was running around a coffee table, slipped and gashed the side of his eye.  At that moment, with the amount of blood gushing out, we couldn't tell if it was the eye itself or the side. We were freaking out and about to call 911, but just two minutes of work the gushing blood reduced enough that we could see it was just the side of the eye.  Five minutes after hitting his eye, the bleeding stopped, and five minutes later the swelling went away. By 15 minutes, he was laughing and running around the living room again (we moved the table into the corner). This and many other normal childhood incidents are why I call Pranic Healing "parental stress relief".

My day job is as a lead Technical Architect (designing and building information systems and applications, for those who don't know that title) at a major communications company. I don't tend to talk about this with people in that line of work, but one time it came up in conversation. He told me if ANYONE else had told him this stuff he would not believe, but he had been working with me for two years and he knew I was rational and thought things through very well.

My examples above are relatively minor issues because I tend to address our issues early. However, I have had many clients with issues (like arthritis, cancer, AIDS, and even things as simple as migraine headaches) that medical science simply has not satisfactorily addressed yet.  The "yet" is important, because I expect that someday they might. One example case (which I have testimonials for), the doctors had given the client 3 months to live, as the chemotherapy was simply not working. His normal response to chemo was to be out of commission for a week.  The first result (which in this case we can only attribute to the Pranic Healing done on the same day) was that he only felt the chemo for the evening and was normal by the next day. He started to work with me, changed his diet, and tried several other processes. After two months, the MRI found that the tumors were gone. He has gone on to learn how to work on himself to maintain his own health.

Now let's explore the part that really gets people: the responsiveness to treatment depends both on the specific situation of the client and the skill of the healer.  Many people point to this and say "See! The results are psychosomatic," but the answer is not so simple. The truth is that Western medicine works differently on different people as well. Let's take the case of cancer again (but we could as easily take arthritis, AIDS, psychological issues, or many other ailments).

The treatment of cancer is not as simple and straightforward as setting a bone. There are many different treatments for cancer (different chemical cocktails and radiation treatments) and many different types of cancer. Even with one type of cancer, the same western treatment will have varying results in different patients. A more skilled doctor with more experience will know better what techniques will have the best results on an individualized basis. In fact, there are books and articles stating that those who get the best results are those who are their own advocates. The same is true of eastern healing techniques and healers. Results will vary, so you must explore what treatment is correct and adjust accordingly.

So how do you find a good healer? Note that this answer applies for both western doctors and eastern doctors and healers of any type.  Training and a certificate are not enough ... we all know there are many people (and doctors) with tons of certifications who we wouldn't go anywhere near. The key is to look at results.

If you have a significant issue, and need a lot of work, get testimonials, talk to previous patients, review negative results, question the methods, and other due diligence that you would normally do when signing up for anything. In this case, it's not just time and money invested, but potentially your life. Make sure you have the right doctor/healer for the job. Unfortunately, many people just take the first opinion without doing the additional due diligence. For less significant issues, one can experiment more, but don't skip the effort of validating what you are being told.

To sum up, no ailment has one and only one solution.I find that results are best when multiple healers/doctors work together. I have NEVER told a client to change anything their doctor told them, and like I stated earlier, I do my work along with the chemotherapy or other treatment. A broken bone must be set before we can accelerate the process of healing the bone. I have had clients ask me timidly if they can also meet with a nutritionist or some other type of healer, and I encourage them wholeheartedly. To reiterate, use the right tool for the right problem.

It has been asked why much evidence for "alternative" techniques seems anecdotal. I recently had a conversation with a doctor who said that even the evidence for dietary changes improving health is anecdotal. The reason is that it's very hard to have a controlled study of diet (and some of these other techniques). Many of the studies for these drugs and treatments are from people in hospitals or in expensive labs. In these places, diet and other factors can be somewhat controlled. This is the scientific method; comparing a controlled baseline to a different set of conditions.

However, according to this doctor, people self-reporting diet tend to be inaccurate or even lie. Very hard to control. This is true also of people who we see as healers for 1-3 hours in a week. What are they doing the rest of the time?

FYI: What is 'Pranic Healing'? A collective hodge-podge of healing techniques and philosophy taken from multiple global sources including occultists, spiritual practitioners, Eastern healing modalities, various religions, Hindu literature, and yoga. Founder Filipino Choa Kok Sui, was a successful business man and chemical engineer. Drawn to esoteric science at an early age, he launched his spiritual thesis named modern Pranic healing in 1987, but died of pneumonia twenty years later in 2007, age only 53 yrs.


Choa Kok Sui, 
founder of Pranic 'healing'.

Spirituality, Religion,

What is the difference between spirituality, religion, and church?

My mother used to say, "Religion divides. Spirituality unites."

Religion is a structure of belief and a set of guidelines for how to live life or be a better person. There are many different religions because there are many types of people and different cultures who have different philosophies. It is appropriate and good for these people to have these structures to guide them. The division comes in where people forget that the fact that someone else chooses another path does not make them wrong.

Spirituality in general focuses on unity and open-mindedness. Everyone has their own individual path of discovery, and each is good. Additionally, "all paths lead to the same destination" ultimately.

Religion and spirituality can be practiced together or separately. I know many devout religious people who also acknowledge that their experience is different and individual from their other parishioners, but accept all practices. There are, of course, religious people who focus on the form and structure of the religion to the exclusion of all others. That's simply where they are.

There are religious churches and spiritual churches. Spiritual churches would be those like Science of Mind, Center for Spiritual Living, and Unity Churches (these are just some I know; I'm sure there are plenty others). I've seen many of these churches who even bring in the symbols from all the major religions to be inclusive and acknowledge members of their church who practice both.

Is one particular religion the one true religion?
No. All religions at their roots are both a framework for belief AND a guideline for becoming a better person. They were developed in different time periods and regions to work for certain types of people. Just like different people like different forms of physical exercise, there are many forms of "character exercise" or spiritual exercise. All people are free to pick the belief system that works for them and helps them move through life.


What fundamental elements exist consistently and coherently in every religion and every spiritual ethic?
Both The Law of Karma (or cause and effect) and The Golden Rule are taught universally in all major religions. Below are just some of the religious references (you can find them in other religions as well).

The Law of Karma is basically all variations of : "As you give, so shall you receive".

God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. -- Galatians 6:7 (Christian)

For with the same measure that ye mete, withal it shall be measured to you again. -- Luke 6:38 (Christian)

Thou shalt receive requital and reward in just return for whatsoever thou doest. -- Koran (Islam)

Just as a farmer plants a certain kind of seed and gets a certain crop, so it is with good and bad seeds. -- Mahabharata (Hindu)

So long as an evil deed has not karmically matured, the fool thinks his deed to be sweet as honey; but when his evil deed karmically matures, he falls into untold misery. -- Dhammapada (Wisdom of Buddha)

The Golden Rule is all variations of "Do unto others as you would have them do into you" (yang or active version) and "Do not do unto others as you would not have others do unto you" (yin or passive version).

Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. -- Confucius

As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. -- Luke 6:31

This is the sum of all true righteousness: Deal with others as thou wouldst thyself be dealth by. Do nothing to thy neighbor which thou wouldst not have him do to thee hereafter. -- Mahabharata

Whatever thou likest no for thine own self, for any person else, too, like it not. -- Dhammapada

Noblest religion this -- that thou shouldst like for others what thou likest for thyself and what thou feelest painful for thyself, hold that as painful for all others too. -- Koran

Is there any evidence for God's existence?
Many people argue what constitutes evidence. Many people say that if God was to appear right in front of us, we wouldn't believe it was him. Well, here's one view.

Excerpt from Master Choa Kok Sui, 'The Existence of God is Self Evident', (followed by some additional thoughts):

1. The existence of God is self-evident. It is amazing that those who have eyes do not see.The existence of a camera factory is self-evident by the existence of the camera. The existence of God is self-evident by the existence of the eye, which is infinitely more complicated than a camera.

2. The existence of a computer factory is self-evident by the existence of the computer. The existence of God is self-evident by the existence of the brain, which is infinitely more complex than the most advanced computer.

7. A beautiful rose is made of only four physical ingredients:
a. water
b. trace minerals
c. air
d. sunlight

Only God can make something so complex, so beautiful, with just these four physical ingredients. Scientists, even if given trillions of U.S. dollars, will not be able to produce a rose with just these four physical ingredients.

8. The flowers, the fruits, the plants, and the trees are produced with these four physical ingredients. To produce chemicals you need chemical factories, chemists and chemical engineers. Many of the biochemicals in the flowers, in the fruits, in the plants and in the trees cannot be reproduced by the biochemists and the chemical engineers. Yet a plant or a tree, which is not managed by biochemists and chemical engineers and is much smaller than a chemical factory, produces them... Nature is God's factory. To see nature is to see the creation of God. The existence of God is self-evident!

For several years, I made the mental efforts to argue these points, especially #7. What about seeds? DNA? Try going down that rabbit hole and see where that takes you. Challenging these statements (and many others in the book) has been intellectually and spiritually stimulating, and I have not been able to find a flaw in his logic. I invite you to try.

I was agnostic for the first part of my life. I tell people that I have never believed in God. I went from not believing there is a God to KNOWING there is a God. Belief didn't enter into the picture. It is self-evident physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Ilan Maya

Arnon's loving brother and sister - Ilan and Maya. His other sister Talia was a bone marrow match, but she never got the chance.

If God is omnipotent and knows what we will do before he created us, how can we have free will?
You are discussing in four-dimensional space-time, which includes only a single timeline. Current physics postulates AT LEAST 11 dimensions.  Assume for a moment, that dimension number 5 is choice.  The choices we make would spread out into at least a "time plane" or maybe even a "time cube" (three dimensions of time). With this, we have only covered six dimensions of time and space (and there is much more beyond that).  The theory postulated above is at least as plausible as the "all the higher dimensions are curled up in little balls" theory. There is much more knowable than our four dimensional minds can fathom.

Discussion of the scope of omniscience is a subject for a different time, but let's stick with the fact that within a given space (e.g. the universe), God knows everything.

I believe I'm actually expanding the definition of omniscience beyond what most people actually think it is. There is never only one choice. All choices are known and calculated (and possibly exist simultaneously, though I'm not an expert in n-dimensional physics).

Most people think of omnipotence and omniscience as absolutes and in three or four dimensions. That's what creates these supposed paradoxes.  "If God has the ability, it must be used" and "If God knows everything, we have no free will". But this is a higher-dimensional universe where there are multiple possibilities of what we might do.

Omnipotence: He could stop us, just like I could stop my child from falling the first time they go on a bike. But I let my child fall and get back on the bike again and again so that he builds his own skills and confidence. There are a large number of physical, emotional and mental skills that we all need to gain.

Omniscience:  I'm sure it's more complex than this, but we could think of it as probabilities. Omniscience is not knowing a single future; it is knowing the space of all possible futures. The future is in flux. You may have a 99% chance of choosing chocolate, but there's always that possibility that this time you might choose vanilla with fruit and sprinkles. God may know our propensities, but does not lock us into a specific choice.

Most people think of omnipotence and omniscience as absolutes and in three or four dimensions. That's what creates these supposed paradoxes.  "If God has the ability, it must be used" and "If God knows everything, we have no free will". But this is a multi-dimensional universe where there are multiple possibilities of what we might do. God may know our propensities, but does not lock us into a specific choice.

Omniscience is not knowing a single future; it is knowing the space of all possible futures. The future is in flux. You may have a 99% chance of choosing chocolate, but there's always that possibility that this time you might choose vanilla with fruit and sprinkles.

We have free will because we choose the correct path or the mistaken path (or one of the many in between). God does not stop us from making those choices, so our will is free.

Sure he knows ... just like I know my son will fall the first time he tries to ride. I'm saying he doesn't exercise his omnipotence to stop our mistakes.

Is God a paradox?
I have seen this many times, and the assumption that if he will not, he is not "all good" is where this goes off track.  Are people intended to act as little children being guided at every turn? Or are they intended to learn and grow and become wise? I don't know about you, but "all good" for me means that I consistently become a better person.

Wisdom implies time, process, and lots of dumb mistakes. If God intends us to grow, he has to take off the training wheels, and let us make mistakes. Those mistakes will cause pain and "evil". But how else would we become wise beings ourselves?

To throw in an analogy:  A parent helps a child ride a bike for the first time. The child falls and hurts his knee and cries. The parent could have avoided all the pain by keeping the training wheels on, but a greater good was served by the child learning to ride the bike himself.  Of course, the parent then encourages the child to get back on and ride again. Now multiply this times every skill in existence, physical, emotional, and mental, and you can see the complexity of the situation.

Can God solve P=NP?
If one assumes that God is beyond time, does polynomial time matter?

Do the majority of intellectual people believe in religion?

The majority of intelligent people dissect everything they believe in. So would an intelligent person believe EVERY part of a religion without question? Unlikely. After questioning, would an intelligent person believe that the principles and practices have value regardless of the stories' basis in fact?  Likely.

Most people are more intelligent than you think. Take any religion or spiritual practice and five people in that practice and you can uncover differences in their belief systems. Some will emphasize some parts and some others. In truth, even those who "accept the Bible as the Word of God" without question, will debate the meaning of those words. So "belief in religion" is too general a term.

If you convert into Judaism, and your father asks you to come worship other gods with him, what should you do according to the 10 commandments?
This question presumes that there are "other gods". There is one God by many names. I have worshiped with four religions in one month, and the feeling was the same. All are striving for greater connection with the same universal force.


Arnon's dad, Robert Davidovici - a world famous violinist.

Why are Jews not evangelistic?
Jews and Hindus are alike in that regard. The general thought is that everyone has their own path. Why would you want to change yours? Most Jews just aim to live a good life by the principles in which they were raised. The majority of the Jewish religion is really a manual on how to live a good life.

However, if you want to know more, there are reams and reams of books on Judaism and Jewish thought. All of these are available in many bookstores and online. Choose your favorite subject.

In response to "our" God being "famous"... just a sec... need to stop laughing. The whole concept is something that doesn't occur to a Jew. There is only one God, no matter what you choose to call him. And one's belief in God doesn't make a bit of difference in that truth. Notice that the Commandment was to believe; not to force others to believe as you do. All that is asked of a Jew is to live a good life. (The whole concept that one had to believe to be "saved" was a Christian invention in 553 A.D.)

How would you describe Islam in three words?
All religions similar.

Does the Big Bang theory rule out Creation?

Why do people try to take things as conflicting? According to what I've been taught, creation is ongoing and evolutionary. Creation was not a single event, but continues now in every moment and in all of us. The proper term is Evolutionary Creation.

This obviously does not agree with a literal interpretation of the Bible, but aligns with the metaphorical and Kabbalistic interpretations. In Judaism, there are four levels in one must understand the Torah at to be a try biblical scholar. The literal interpretation is only one of the four, and is the most esoteric.

How do you become enlightened?
By finding the darkest places within yourself, and bringing "light" to those places. The dark places are the areas we don't like about ourselves, don't want to acknowledge, and the negative, stagnant emotions that we all keep within. Bringing "light" includes:

- self-forgiveness
- forgiveness of others
- generosity (of time, money, and positive emotion)
- mental and emotional clarity
- mental and emotional freedom (not being stuck in the same ruts, or too attached to a specific belief system)
- moderation and balance (not being too excessive in any particular area of life)
- constancy of effort, dedication, and focus

There is no magic bullet. Although it is "easy", those negative emotions and stagnant patterns hold us back. It is a long and rewarding effort. The nice part is that it is not a single event. The efforts one makes show up continuously in improvement of character and better interactions with people. 

These results can be achieved through many paths of meditation, prayer, study, and many life events. Any activity which challenges your old beliefs or patterns is an opportunity for progress forward, including having a child, starting a company and many other life changing events.  Meditation, prayer, and study help to get past the blockages we have. But I know many growing people (some who have no other practice) whose life is a meditation, striving each day to be better than the next. That is the path to illumination, and in truth, that is illumination itself.


Arnon leading a beautiful meditation
- his passion, joy and greatest love.

What do the enlightened understand that others just don't get yet?

I was taught that enlightenment has many facets, many levels, and many manifestations. A person could be more enlightened about baseball statistics than me (most are), which means you understand not only what a number means, but how that applies in a player's career and a team's chances for reaching the playoffs. But for me it's just a number. In the same way, I understand the ins and outs of computer systems and applications design, but for others, it's all gibberish ... they just want it to work. The same is true of parenting, business management, and so on and so on. There are any number of ways that others are more enlightened than me, and vice versa. I can always learn something unique from everyone I meet.

Now I know this question was probably asked in a "spiritual enlightenment" context. And the answer is still the same. You might say that a great person understands the inner workings of the universe, but what does that mean? The universe is multi-faceted and large and has such depth to every law that there are many levels to that one law.

So, as my teacher said, if someone tells you they are an enlightened being, you can ask them, respectfully, "To what level?" and "In what areas?"  Even someone who is soul-aware or even god-aware is aware to a certain extent and in a certain domain. Even the great beings are called the Buddha of Compassion and the Medicine Buddha and so on. That's because they have areas of specialization.

The experience of enlightenment is unique and indescribable (as my teacher said as an analogy, "How do you describe an orgasm to someone who hasn't had one?"). It is also hard to describe because it is unique to every individual. There are those who believe that all enlightenment is the same, but that is a projection on other people. In fact, my own experience of enlightenment has grown over time. The first time was like dipping a toe in an ocean. Over time the experience grows to fill the ocean, and then the one realizes that there is limitless space beyond that ocean. This is an unsatisfactory description, but I know it is true for others from years and years of reading about and talking to others about their experiences.

The ancients said "You know a tree by it's fruits." What they meant was that you know an enlightened person by the effect they have on the people around them. By the good works they do for those they know and those they don't. We know that enlightenment is unique and individual because each person grows and gives differently from their experience of enlightenment. The "enlightened" understand the depth of a subject to such an extent that it seems magical or transcendent to us, and there are limitless subjects to master.


Arnon's devoted mom and uncle.
Tamara with her brother Chaim.

Is there Absolute Truth?
Yes, there is an Absolute Truth which contains all other truths. To understand, one must realize that truth has many levels and facets, and can look different depending on how you look at it. And lesser truths are encompassed by, but not invalidated by, higher truths.

As an example, all of the following are true:
- 1+1=2 (base 10)
- 1+1=10 (binary)
- 1+1=11 (unary)
- 1+1=1 (boolean logic)
- 1+1=3 (Steven Covey synergy)
- 1+1 = a family

They are all facets of the same Absolute Truth, looked at from different frames of reference. All are true, and yet all are different, and yet all are connected into one singular Absolute Truth.

In spiritual or religious circles, the following are all true:
- Service is the path to God
- Love is the path to God
- Understanding is the path to God
- Jesus is the path to God
- Dedication is the path to God
- Ceremony or ritual is the path to God
- The ego is the path to God
- The monad is the path to God
- The Higher Soul is the path to God
- Harmony is the path to God
- Conflict is the path to God
- Sacrifice is the path to God
- Suffering is the path to God
- Study is the path to God
- Prayer is the path to God
- Letting go is the path to God
- There is no path to God because we are God

Some people only accept one of these truths, but all are true, and are subsumed by the greater truth that "There are many paths to God". This does not invalidate the truth of the people who say "There is only one path to God", because that IS TRUE for that person. There is yet a higher truth that encompasses all that were stated before that "All paths to God are one." And ALL of these statements are simply reflections on the Absolute Truth of God.

Facebook June/July 2011 - Thoughts on Meditation:
"With nothing else to do or place to be, have you just been aware of the sensations of the sun, wind and ground? Letting go in meditation is exactly the same except that the awareness is on inner senses rather than outer senses. "Just be aware and let go."

"How does one 'let go' in meditation? No answer I ever got before I experienced it myself was satisfactory. However, the other day, after a picnic, I had an inspiration for explaining it! Have you ever laid on the grass in a park (or on a beach) and just relaxed?"

Conversation With Arnon Continued - Part Two ...

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