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Consult The Oracle.


I read the Dakini Oracle Cards.

The 65 cards are of Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu origin, equivalent to traditional tarot cards, but the big difference is the spiritual Dakini Oracle Cards focus on the immediate present moment, not six months from now. Nothing is set in stone and reading six months ahead can change course at any given time.

The Dakini Oracle Cards reflect your subconscious to give wisdom, clarity, awareness and to shine light on your immediate current path, illuminating any darkness or decisions you are uncertain of. The Dakini Oracle mirrors back to you the energy within and around you.


Three of the 65 Dakini Oracle Cards.

Who Am I?

Born and raised in England, now living in California, i have been gifted with psychic, intuitive, empathic energy which i have embraced for healing, guiding, coaching and inspiring others my entire life.

I have been a student (no-one is ever a true master) of the Dakini Cards, Astrology and Feng Shui for decades. I love reading the Dakini Oracle Cards inparticular, which never cease to amaze me.

oracle---zen oracle
I incorporate other modalities if requested such as the Mythic Astrology Cards, Animal Medicine Cards, or Feng Shui if relevant.
The Oracle communicates through the cards and i simply gift to you the message you are seeking that your subconscious / higher-self wants you to consciously understand.

People traditionally want advice and guidance on one of three things love, money or health. If you are ready, contact me and let's consult The Oracle together and find you some answers, clarity and peace of mind.


to request card reading.

Health, wealth and relationships are simply a reflection of the energy you have chosen to embrace, both within and without. The choices you make, create the consequences you live with. Choose wisely!


The Dakini Oracle Cards
Mystical, humorous, intriguing.

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