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Dakini Oracle Cards.

Dakini past, present, future

Past, Present, Future.

Would you like to see the Dakini Oracle cards?

Their origin is Tibetan Buddhist / Hindu. They are mystical, spiritual, very clever, humorous, intriguing, magical and very different to any tarot card set you've ever seen before.

This particular set below is 40 years old, very rare, with many stories to tell and direct, insightful intuitive wisdom and guidance to share.

The Dakini are known to invoke both conscious and sub-conscious levels of perception, mirroring the energy within you and around you. Their message is always for the present moment ...

Dakini 1-15


Dakini 16-30


Dakini 31-45


Dakini 46-60


Dakini 0-61

61 and 0

There are 22 cards that correspond to the traditional tarot card Major Arcana, 40 Minor Arcana, 10 cards for each Element - Earth, Air, Fir, Water - and 3 cards for Past, Present and Future.


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