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SOQI Machines
Installment Plan
for the SOQI Bed

The SOQI Bed Spa is available through an installment plan ...
x1 down-payment, plus x5
monthly payments and no interest.
Ideal for any health business - spas, health clubs, health clinics, corporations for staff and executives etc - as well as for home use. A tax write-off for business owners.

SOQI Bed Spa for Home or Business.
Available Mainland USA Only.

Sale: $5,190.00

List Price $5,900.00


Happy Healthy Life.

Serious Holistic Healing and Wellness.

The SOQI Bed Far Infrared sauna spa is an extraordinary healing tool for all ages. Advanced Japanese technology for the entire family, or for professional use. 

Far Infrared heat therapy combined with passive aerobic exercise. Multiple health benefits. Built in MP3 player for additional music therapy (bluetooth model available by request).

SOQI Bed Spa's offering therapy sessions to the public, may be found across Asia, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe, as well as the USA.

Everyone tends to fall in love with this extremely relaxing, intense Far Infrared heat therapy that combines with the original Chi Machine, for holistic health, healing and wellness.


Installment Plan:

- FICO Credit Score should be 600

- Application Fee: $35.00

- Down payment:
$2,440.00 + Shipping & Sales Tax.

- x5 Monthly payments: $550.00

Quote Request SOQI Bed

Request quote for SOQI Bed shipping and sales tax - Mainland USA only.


1) If you decide to purchase the SOQI Bed, if approved, we suggest you sign up as a new distributor for $29.95, and instantly earn a commission check, thus lowering the total cost of the SOQI Bed.

2) The SOQI Bed Installment Plan is currently only available mainland USA - Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are excluded.

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SOQI Bed Spa
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Machines are available individually.

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Serious healing from the inside out.

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