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Dan Mason, Gilbert, Arizona.

Ice hockey.

Dan's son Quinn with his team.
The Chi Machine is excellent for

Thank you for visiting my webpage.

I first discovered the Chi Machine when a friend loaned me one. It really gives me energy and that extra boost in losing extra pounds, and relaxing my back and knee joints. My son Quinn is an Ice Hockey goalie and flexibility is a huge part of his game. He loves using the machine also. It keeps him in top form.

Here is a letter i recently received and typical of the response people have once they try the Chi Machine - they never want to give it back!

"Hi Dan,

We are starting to feel a lot less sore now that we've had 5 sessions with the Chi Machine. I think I feel more core strength, like those muscles are being toned up. It is getting easier to get down and then back up off the floor and even out of chairs, etc., now.

We are interested in buying our own unit. If possible, we'd like to get that ordered today. Is there any possibility of keeping your demo unit until our Chi Machine arrives? We'd like to keep building up our time without any pauses."


Try the Chi Machine for 14 days Free Trial - you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Please e-mail me, before ordering so i can give you guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely, Dan

Contact Dan and have a chat!

(1) 480 277 2266

Distributor ID: A222960

Chi Machine and
                      FIR Hothouse Dome.

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine used
with the Far Infrared Dome Sauna



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