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Cathy and Bob Tift
Summer 2004, Michigan.

  Cathy Michigan

An amazing lady who overcame Interstitial Cystitis and Restless Legs Syndrome with help from the Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Dome.

Cathy's Bio:

"I'm 62 years young, a Christian, married 40 years to Bob, who taught high school chemistry for 20 yrs. I'm an R.N. by profession and i worked in surgery, long term care, taught Nurse's Aide classes, taught reading in a prison for youthful offenders for 3 months, worked in general hospital nursing and a Podiatrist's office.

A drunk driver ended my nursing career, nearly 6yrs ago. I attribute the nearly full return to function of my closed head injury, to YLEO's , the Chi Machine, and the 'therapy' that my learning to do Raindrop/Vitaflex has given me in making new patterns in my brain. Two tears ago, I went for an Emotional Release with Young Living Oils which was also most beneficial."

Cathy's Story:

September 11th, 2001, my eldest daughter's 34th Birthday.
"Our small grandchildren clustered around us to ask "Why are you crying, grandma?" as we watched on T.V. the Twin Towers burning, then collapsing.

My husband and I were in the midst of packing to go on a trip to Beckley, West Virginia in our motor home. There, I would see my roommate from nurse's training 39 years prior. Both our Michigan, and National Escapees (retirement age folks) RV Club Rally's were scheduled for the next 10 days. We were on staff, but had no desire to go anywhere as we joined the nation in shock and grief. 

I was a basket case, STRESS causing severe bladder pain due to the Interstitial Cystitis (IC) I'd had for almost twenty years. The pain was so bad it felt like the back pains I'd felt during delivery of my children. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) along with the Interstitial Cystitis had been a vicious cycle for me causing severe SLEEP DEPRIVATION since about 1989.

While working full time as an R.N. in a long term care facility, there were a few years when I'd get up between six and twelve times at night to empty my bladder of as little as a tablespoon. Sometimes I'd have to sit and wait for ten minutes for my bladder to actually feel empty so I could try to sleep. A time in my life when I lived with desperation daily.

Back to September 11th 2001
Every cell in my body screamed "STAY HOME", as we left for our R.V. Rallys first in Michigan, then in W.Virginia. I hated leaving our daughter and her children, we were all uncertain about what further attacks there might be on our nation. Remember, all planes had been grounded so mail service was interrupted. The delivery of food supplement packets I'd received by mail every month for six years, was uncertain. I had relied on this Lifepak to alleviate my bladder pain. What if I couldn't get it, or the ingredients were no longer available?

Fast Forward to Beckley, W. Va. October 2001
In the Indoor Market of this National Escapees Rally there were booths for various businesses. One booth held The Chi Machine and Far Infrared Dome from HTE. I watched as people got down onto the carpeted surface, placed their ankles on The Chi Machine and lay on their backs as it oscillated side to side. Their bodies jiggled sort of like when a fish swims. They also demo'd the Far Infrared unit placing the dome, the source of the far Infrared heat, over backs, shoulders or arms, as requested by each person.

When it was my turn, I asked them to place this dome arched over my bladder, while my ankles were on the Chi Machine. They set the timer for four minutes.

To my AMAZEMENT, MY BLADDER PAIN WAS GONE! In FOUR MINUTES! I noticed that my bladder even emptied like normal - I didn't have to sit and wait. 

I thought "Well, this is wonderful, I wonder how long this will last." I went back to that booth the next three mornings, they gave me FOUR MINUTES on both the Chi Machine and FIR Dome. Every day my bladder felt better, emptied normally, and I was PAIN FREE! The second day I told my husband "This is definitely helping my bladder!" I was so relieved! I had been uptight for so long, I noticed that all of a sudden, I could take a deep breath - the Chi Machine and Far Infrared Dome had not only ALLEVIATED ALL MY PAIN, but had also caused me to RELAX!

Both machines were non-invasive, and not prescription drugs, which I avoided. My reason for avoiding Rx medications? My mother died at the very young age of 57yrs whilst taking x19 different prescription medications. She was chronically ill. As a result I took responsibility often for our household and my three younger siblings. As an adult, I vowed to find a better way for the IC and RLS.

The fourth morning of the rally, I purchased both the Chi Machine and Far Infrared Dome. I didn't even understand how they worked yet. I just knew THEY DID! My thinking was that they would be in my home, paid for, then I wouldn't have to ask a doctor's permission, nor get in my car and drive to an appointment. I could use them whenever i needed to.

Fast forward to November, 2004
I've been using both the Chi Machine and FIR Dome morning and night, since receiving them in October, 2001. In the morning it revs me up; at bedtime it relaxes me, and I fall asleep sometimes while using them. I even took them along in our 23 ft class C motor home for six week trips to both Canada and Texas. I cushioned them with pillows, as we drove over roads so rough I feared it would shake our motor home to pieces. No problem!

I put the Dome over my chest and sinuses when I have problems there. I can use the Far Infrared heat any place on my body. My husband, family members and my 82 year old friend Lucy, love to use them both. My grandchildren ages 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 16, and 18yrs ALL love the Chi Machine - they even compete to get to it first.

Louis age 65 years old is diabetic and suffers from pain in his feet. He's also had surgery on his lower and mid back. For 2yrs after I got my machines, he came to my house on many occasions to use them. The first time he tried my Chi Machine he said it stopped the pain in his feet for two hours (after using it four minutes). After 30-45 minutes with the Far Infrared Dome on his back, he reported GREAT! This summer he bought his own Chi Machine because it helps his feet so much.

819 Second Street SW, Rochester, MN -

The Annual Update Report 2004, contains an article about Myriam Hollock, whose late husband suffered terribly from RLS during the last 5 years of his life. It says that in addition to medical treatments for RLS, there are some "non-pharmaceutical treatments including the Original Chi Machine which have benefited other people she knows in their battle against RLS".

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