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The Power Of CHI.

Video that demonstrates our life force energy.
Ways we interact with Chi everyday.

Every single thing in creation is energy, known as CHI, the Life Force energy within every living thing. The power of Chi is undeniable, scientifically proven, and can be used to heal, defend, protect and manifest.

John Chang is an extraordinary man from Java. He is not superhuman. John and other masters like him, have simply devoted their lives to understanding and harnessing the power of Chi within us all. They show us what we are all capable of.

VideoChi Video:

Video shown below is undeniable evidence of Chi in action: John Chang, Spiritual master of Yin and Yang Chi, healer - Java 1987 and 1997.

John Chang
                      Chi Master

Click on image to view.

Chi in our everyday lives:

Natural healing is all about working with Chi to balance, harmonize and align our body, our home and our environment with the world we live in. Chi energy is both yin and yang, male and female, which are equal in strength, complementary, and interconnected working together synergystically.

Focus, visualize and direct the Chi within your body and you can create health, safety, peace, calm, balance and happiness. No it is not an easy task and takes discipline, focus, years of training, practice, life experience and most importantly, humility.

Few of us will ever be as dedicated and disciplined as John Chang, or be gifted with the knowledge he has. However, there are many other energy paths to be explored and many of them can be adopted into your everyday life if you chose.

Anyone can learn Chi Lel, Pranic Healing or Reiki, and direct them to heal the body naturally. All three healing modalities have been used to help combat and heal disease and illness.

2) Anyone can learn Feng Shui to balance the energy within the house or home so as to be happy, healthy and prosperous. Feng Shui is simply arranging and decorating your personal environment by placing elements and colors in harmony with one another - the five elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

The I Ching, 64 hexagrams of yin and yang energy, plays a role in Feng Shui, and is also commonly used for divination.

3) Anyone can study Astrology, the energy in the Universe emitted from the interaction and mathematical configurations of our planets.

For example, the moon controls the tides of the ocean. Our bodies are 75% water, so imagine the effect the full moon has on our emotions.

4) Martial Arts such as Kung Fu, and T'ai Chi Ch'uan are not just about self defense, they are about working with the Chi inside us and around us. Martial Arts create discipline, mental focus, strength, physical and mental health, inner peace and humility.

We also recommend viewing these videos (find on YouTube):

1) Chi-Lel Qigong - Self healing, 94% success rate - no medication, no surgery.

"All That Is, Is Energy" - documentary narrated by Deepak Chopra.

3) Study the world famous Shaolin Monks - Years of devotion, focus and discipline.


The energy around you now:
a) Water is the living energy within most of our body and responds immediately to emotion - your emotions define your health. Read about what Dr. Emoto discovered.

b) Music is energy that deeply moves and creates emotion. What's your favourite music?

c) Color is energy that evokes emotion and response. What's your favourite color? Research the meaning of colors. Basically, blue and green are healing energy. Aqua is for broken hearts. Orange is joy and celebration. Pink represents compassion and unconditional love. Yellow is intellectual. Red creates passion and energy, or anger. Different shades have different meanings.

Study the chakras which each represent a different color, to understand how each one represents different issues and emotions to help you with your health and life challenges. 

d) Do you love nature? Do you prefer the energy of the ocean, the jungle, the desert, or the mountains? Perhaps you prefer the concrete city? Are you living in the environmental energy most conducive for your soul, or if not possible, do you get away to the places you vibe with?

e)  Do you love animals? What is your favourite species? How do they reflect your personal energy?

Energy is spiritual, powerful, intelligent, constantly changing. Energy never dies, it simply transforms, which includes 'death' - yes the body dies, but the soul, the life force within, complete with personality, leaves and continues on.

If you are sick, or depressed or you don't like your life, your friends, your career ... change your energy, change your choices, and create a happier, healthier life. You know when your on track, because everything falls into place and magical things begin to happen to you, and all around you!

Auras, Chakras and Meridians.
Energy, vibration and frequency.


SO means Solar - Far Infrared Therapy.
QI means Life Force Energy - The Chi Machine.
Pronounced SO-KEY.

HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise), is an International company that came up with the SOQI concept - synergistic natural healing with the universal life force energy of Chi and Solar energy via the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Dome sauna.

The Chi Machine creates a cool rush of CHI energy through the body when it stops.

The Far Infrared Dome radiates pure healing Far Infrared healing energy, the same energy found inside every living thing and the same heat energy that comes from the sun. Water is life and so is Far Infrared heat.


Original Chi Machine // Far Infrared Dome
The foundation of health.


Take a look around you, your life, your home.
Everything reflects your CHI, your energy.

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