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Electro Reflex Energizer Instructions
Powerful SOQI Reflexology

Electro reflex

How to use the ERE and the Electro-Pads.

When the Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE), first arrives, you will find the electro-pads (3 sets - 2 pads per set) plus three cables for each set, the remote control, and a black strap inside the panel underneath the back-side of the machine.

Connect the AC adapter to the ERE hole located in the back, then plug the AC adapter into the wall, and get ready to begin ...

Do NOT use other electrical gadgets at the same time as the ERE - such as computer, cell phone etc - because they all have their own electrical frequencies and may interfere with the ERE machine or vice versa.

1) Sit down comfortably, place your feet on top of the ERE machine. Your feet must be bare in order for the machine to work - remove socks and stockings.

ERE feet

Place bare feet on heated foot pads.

For ultimate conductivity, before using, wipe your feet with a wet towel or use moisturizing lotion - if you suffer from dry or calloused feet, this is a good idea. You may also use essential oils to enhance the ERE therapy.

2) Keep knees together so the machine frequency can be conducted smoothly and full benefits received.

Place a tie around your legs if you have difficulty keeping your knees together - a black strap comes with the machine if you need to do this.

3) Turn on the ERE. It will light up, begin beeping and then go quiet and dark.

The remote control does not turn the ERE off or on, but is used to operate the functions.

Length of Session - Set Time:
- Press the +T button for time - 5, 15, 30, 45 or 60 mins.
- Press -T to reduce time.

Begin with a five minute sessions in auto mode.
Once you are comfortable with the machine, time may be increased, and other modes introduced. If there is any discomfort in any mode, return to auto mode for awhile, or switch to a mode you prefer.

Next step, program the machine.

#1 Choose your Function - Red buttons:

a) FOOT: Foot Massage - Feet (or hands), only.

b) PAD: Body Pressure Point Massage with Electo-pads - Electro-pads only.

c) F&P: Feet and Electro-pads together.

                      digital panel

#2 Choose your Mode - Green buttons: 
a) Massage. b) Relax. c) Pound. d) Auto Circulation.

The Four Modes:

1) Massage Mode
is both massaging and healing - sends a pattern of impulses combining pounding, "pins and needles" and squeezing (like stretching after exercise) to fully relax your muscles upon completion of the therapy - stimulates neck of your toes.

May benefit the corresponding reflexology locations - shoulders and neck up - ears, eyes, mouth, brain.

2) Relax Mode is both relaxing and healing - stimulates the muscles on top of your feet, the outer calves, and in the ankles.

May benefit the corresponding reflexology systems - lymphatic, circulatory and respiratory.

3) Pound Mode for toxin removal - targets the set of muscles in the bottom central region of your feet, as well as the inner set of muscles of the calves.

May benefit the corresponding reflexology organs - digestive organs and general torso area.

4) Auto Mode repeats cycles thru the pounding and relaxation modes.

Choose the mode you like the best, or any combination.

If you change the function during use, you will need to reset the timer and intensity.


#3 Press the right arrow to choose Intensity.
- It will begin as green and move to yellow, then red. To reduce intensity, press the left arrow.

Everytime you hit the arrow a new bar will light up - then the lights begin to dance.

Hit the arrow until you have all green bars and a couple of yellow bars to begin, so you can gage what intensity is comfortable.

NOTE: Lack of feeling in the feet and legs:

People with severe nerve malfunction will probably need to have all the machine intensity indicator bars lit up to the red bars to begin with.

If you feel nothing and doubt it is working, place both hands on the footrests to check - your hands will feel the 'tingling' sensation.

Lack of feeling indicates the severity of the nerve malfunction. Use the machine everyday for 15-30 mins. As feeling is regained, the intensity bars may be reduced accordingly to your level of comfort.

Drink water every session in order to flush out the toxins released from your cells.

How Long Each Session:
10-15 minutes per session is fine.
Each session does not need to exceed 30 minutes.
Three sessions per day maximum if desired.

Morning use stimulates alertness. Evening use promotes relaxation.

ERE hand therapy

Hand Therapy.

TIP #3:
You place the ERE machine on your lap or on a table top and then place your hands on the foot pads for therapy.

TIP #4:
Countless clients have reported worm / parasite elimination. So here is a suggested electrotherapy protocol to target reduction of parasites and worms ...

Use for least 7 consecutive days on mode one - 5-10 mins/day - or 5 mins in each mode for 7 days, then increase to 10 mins each mode.

Mode one is the most powerful to accomplish elimination but as these body invaders have different frequencies, using the other modes targets a complete body 'spring cleaning'.

                        electro pads

Use 2, 4 or all 6 electro-pads.

Instructions Electro-Pads: 

Plug the electro-pad cable into the side of the ERE. You may use one cable/one pair or two cables/two pairs, or all three cables/three pairs.

Program your function - PAD for just the electro-pads, or F&P for feet and electro-pads together.

a) Do not put the electro-pads on the head, face, neck or heart areas.
b) Wipe clean and dry the area of skin you will be placing the electro-pads.

c) Place electro-pad pairs to mirror each other as seen in photo. The pads should not touch each other and remain at least one inch apart.

d) Electro-pads life may be extended by gently cleaning them with soap and water, or a damp cloth, and then let dry. Do not immerse in water.


Important note for frequent users:
If you will be using the Electro Reflex Energizer on a consistent basis to address health challenges, as your body adjusts and detoxifies, you may become tired.

Some people with yeast challenges may experience skin eruptions or flaking skin. A few people may experience diarrhea or feel slightly nauseated. Do NOT be alarmed.

It is not unusual for some people to experience their body seemingly become unwell initially when a new therapy is first begun - known as a Herxheimer Reaction. This is simply the body cleansing, detoxing and healing itself. 


When not to use the ERE:

a) Open sores, wounds, broken or damaged skin.
b) A serious heart condition.
c) Electrical device implants - pacemaker or defibrillator.

d) Seriously high blood pressure.
e) Experiencing menstruation.
f)  Inadvisable during pregnancy and breast feeding.

g) If you have cancer or tumors - your own discretion.
h) If you have epilepsy.

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electro reflex energizer

The Electro Reflex Energizer

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