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History, Patents and Awards.

HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise) is a well established and respected international company that sells the famous SOQI machines used for health, wellness and healing.

The Head Office of Hsin Ten (Health and Wealth) International Inc., was established in Taipei, Taiwan in September 1990.

Since then, global head offices were established in 11 countries - Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, China, Australia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam - as well as two logistic centers in Germany and S.Africa.

HTE Gordon Pan.

Hsin Ten Founder, CEO: Gordon C. Pan.

Co-Founders: Long-I Chan, Chuan-Fu Lee, Chih-Tai Chiu, and Jui-Yuan Yen.


Timeline 1990-2022

Chao Chin Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded. (Predecessor to Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd.).

Aug. 1990
Application acceptance #159, by the Medical Affairs Division of the Health Department in Shizuoka Prefecture, from Skylite Industry Co Ltd, for the manufacture of Sun Harmony remedial device.

Sun Harmony was later renamed Sun Ancon. Approved December 18th 1990. Approval No. 02B No.1539


The original Chi Machine was Invented by Japanese scientists, and is manufactured for HTE by Merit World in Hefei, Anhui, China.
Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded and the Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser was introduced. Researched and developed by a joint venture between Taiwan and Japan. Manufactured in Hefei, China as of 2002.

Merit Enterprise Hefei, Inc.
Open: 8am to 5pm
No. 14 Tianzhi Rd., Hi-Tech Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China 230088
Tel: 0551 - 65311626

The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan approved it as a
remedial medical device twice over. License No: O2B 1539 and 02B 0694.

USA grants UL approval for electrical safety - File #E133341.

Sep. 1993
HTE signed the contract for technical cooperation and worldwide sole agent with Japan's SkyLite Industry Co., Ltd.

1993 and 1994
The Chi Machine awarded the Silver Eagle Award for the Best Product at the 2nd Asia Pacific Direct Selling Congress.

Hsin Ten won first prize during selections for the outstanding Commercial and Industrial Enterprises Awards and was awarded with a gold medal for achieving excellence in industry and commerce in 1996.

The Far Infrared Hothouse Dome and the Electro Reflex Energizer were launched.

November 1996
Hsin Ten headquarters became the first direct selling company in Taiwan whose quality management system was approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited
under the Quality Management System Standard - LRQA ISO-9002.

November 1997
86.33 acres of land was purchased for a production base in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China. Same month, Hsin Ten awarded outstanding Enterprise Award.

Chi Machine Patents:
Asian Patents 1990
USA Patent 1992
International Patents 1994

There are now
patents in 26 countries as of October 2004 including:
America 510 7822 and 329499
Australia 59411/94,
Germany G9208487.7
Great Britain 202 3294.

Chi Machine Trademark Reg. No. 2 338 684
Sun Harmony Trademark Reg. No. 2 087 528

June 2000
Research partnership formed with Flinders University, Australia for important Chi Machine clinical trials - Secondary and Venous Lymphedema of the legs.

2000 - The E-Power Machine (ERE), was introduced, high frequency, negative potential, electrotherapy.

Chi Machine regulated as a Class 1 Therapeutic Massager in the USA.

Listed as a medical device by the Australian Registry of Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG), AUST L 81810 in Australia.

April 26th 2001
Licensed as a class 2 medical device in Canada, #28813, medical device regulations section 36.

August 2002
First of three head offices in Mexico established, thanks to Rafael Garcia Pelayo a great humanitarian, who works from his heart to prove that dreams do come true!

November 2004
Head office in Los Angeles established for West coast and exploding Latino sales.

March 2005
Factory in Hefei passed ISO13485 and certified as medical equipment manufacturer. The SOQI brand was born.

Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle Award 1994
a) Well over 2 million sold worldwide.

b) 98% customer satisfaction.
c) Highest quality industry construction standards.

d) Not one Chi Machine returned due to injury.

e) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine carries $10,000,000 in product and public liability insurance.

f) The original and the only Chi Machine to be subjected to clinical trials.

g) Approved by a government health dept. (Japan), as a medical remedial device, twice.
h) Used in hospitals, clinics, rehab-centers by both alternative and conventional medical practitioners worldwide.


Famous Australian Athlete.

Australian sports celebrity Solomon Haumono endorsed the Chi Machine for daily training as did world boxing champion Kosta Tszyu. Other athletes endorsing the Sun Ancon Chi Machine include tennis pros, golfers, martial arts students, football and basketball teams.


Golden Globe Award 2007

2007 October 18th
The SOQI Spa receives coverted Golden Globe Award, Taiwan.

Eighteenth year of health and medical industry proven track record worldwide, with impeccable credentials.

SOQI Spa Health Centers can be found throughout Asia, Australia and Mexico and growing rapidly in USA and Canada.

2008 Autumn
A new head office in Vietnam.

2009 September 4th
Sun Ancon Chi Machine becomes a household name after being showcased across USA and Canada on American TV show, "The Doctors".

The luxurious SOQI Bed was launched - Three FIR Domes and one Chi Machine.

New modified Chi Machine with wider footrest and quieter motion - internal mechanism remains untouched, one speed only.

2013 April 12th
Another showcase on a prestigious, award winning, daily TV health show (famous doctor host Dr. Oz), aired in 118 countries. Focus on relaxation.

25yrs and still going strong - cutting edge technology that makes a difference.

New social media technology - ISOQI Cloud - to be introduced in China, including direct hook up between clients and their doctors, to share and monitor computerized results and progress of the healing machines for each individual client.

A rapidly growing number of Western doctors, chiropractors and medical practitioners are referring patients to the original 'Sun Ancon' Chi Machine as well as the other holistic healing machines from HTE - the ERE, the E-Power and the Far Infrared Hothouse.

The new ISOQI Bed has built-in bluetooth technology and interacts with an online EMD machine and App, to program individual sessions. Call us to find out more.

Still going strong despite global lockdown!

All four SOQI Machines
- Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome, Electro Reflex Energizer and E-Power Machine - continue to conquer the world of natural healing, health, fitness and wellness. Which ones do you use?

- inoue

Dr. Shizuo Inuoe
Chi Machine Creator.

FIR Hothouse dome.

SOQI Far Infrared Dome
Far Infrared heat therapy,
combined with Chi Machine.


HTE Global Head Offices


Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and USA.


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