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 The E-Lybra 8

The e-LybraŽ 8 is a revolutionary, computer diagnostic and healing unit. Tricia Dickens, who offers diagnosis in Hampshire, UK, sums up the unit as follows:

"The e-LybraŽ 8 tests for over 285,000 different imbalances, disorders (physical as well as psychological), poisonous substances and deficiencies.

e-lybra 8
The e-Lybra 8

This system is based on resonance and biofeedback through electrodes connected to the patient; it is completely without any influence from the therapist. The computer detects the individual resonance patterns matching each and every imbalance. The body responds through a resonance and biofeedback mechanism, in other words, a communication between the e-LybraŽ 8 and the body.

Destructive substances, such as chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, are gradually minimized and often eliminated. The e-LybraŽ 8 reveals weaknesses in the immune system, also the ones that are genetically innate. It strengthens the immune system before any disease has the opportunity to develop.

Furthermore, the e-LybraŽ 8 scans the meridians and over 400 acupuncture points and automatically stimulates/treats the ones that are not balanced.

The complete body scanning, balancing, and the remedy production takes from 15 to 50 minutes". 


The Q-Link

A pendant developed by Stanford University scientists that protects you from physical, mental, and environmental (EMF) stress anywhere you go 24/7.


From $99.95 to $349.95
depending on preferred design.

Benefits and Info:

- Reduces the effects of EMF radiation.
- Strengthens your resilience to the effects of stress.
- Increases your energy and stamina.
- Reduces the symptoms of fatigue.
- Relieves the symptoms of jet lag.
- Enhances mental performance and alertness.
- Backed by 25 years of research in leading universities.
- Sleek and fashionable, multiple choice design.
- Worn by famous celebrities such as Anthony Robbins, Madonna, Jerry Hall, doctors, olympic athletes and people from all walks of life.

NOTE: Yes, we have our own (all silver design), and we wear it to protect the mind and body from the hours spent in-front of the computer giving you this info!

                    karelian heritage

We have fallen in love with Shungite which is only mined in Russia. Shungite protects from EMF. Karelian Heritage are the only company we trust, their website has extensive information and many products to choose from.  


The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century - Stabilized Oxygen.

MMS is sodium chlorine or chlorine dioxide which kills pathogens by oxydation. In the human body, the Chlorine Dioxide Ion is the most powerful killer of disease that has ever been known.

Jim Humble, an inventor and humanitarian, is the creator - and what a story he has to tell, but even better, he has created something that has infuriated doctors and pharmaceutical companies. MMS is fully documented by doctors and governments in Africa.

Facts:  Over 75,000 with Malaria were successfully treated in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi with MMS. All but 2 of almost 400 people with AIDS were cured with MMS, and able to return to their regular lives after being given up on by traditional treatments.

MMS allegedly works miracles for most cancers, herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis and other diseases, besides common colds, flu and other physical challenges.


Download Jim's Ebook, and watch U-Tube videos about him to learn more.

The powers that be, as predicted, have come down hard on Jim Humble and are doing everything to discredit and cover up MMS (just as they did B17 the vitamin that protects and fights against cancer). In the meantime, read, research and get word out to those you love.


Check out ALL Jim's sites:


Colloidal Silver

This is water electrically charged with silver particles. It is a safe, natural, very powerful potent antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-viral that has been used for thousands of years.

FYI: Paul Karason (seen on the Oprah Winfrey show), improperly home-brewed his own colloidal silver with baking soda, drank huge quantities and turned his skin blue! Apparently the F D A has used Karason to convince the public colloidal silver is dangerous, because it works!

sovereign Silver
Sovereign Silver

Personal Choice: When we feel exceptionally unwell, or if there is a nasty airborne virus outbreak, we just take just a teaspoon of colloidal silver x2 daily. The next morning we are 100% well. We have used colloidal silver as well as garlic and cayenne pepper for years and have never seen the inside of a doctors office.


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