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newsNews Blog 2021-2023
Health Updates, Occasional Rants ;)

November 2023
Wow ... it's November already!
The great news is the company is having a super sale all month long. All the machines including the SOQI Bed has been greatly reduced due to the holiday season, the economy and the urgent need for healthcare during this unpredictable time of dark days we are living through.

This year has been outright challenging and slowly but surely became explosive, between extreme manipulated weather conditions, Lahaina being destroyed & Israel declaring war, many people worldwide are on edge, stressed out, angry or depressed.

2024 is looking to be a year far, far worse than the last three, beyond your imagination.

NOW is the time to build up your immune system, to stay strong and focused. Understand what you can and cannot change, where you can give help and support, and most importantly to take care of yourself and those you love. Be prepared. Stay calm!

TURN OFF your TV news, you are being played! - there are many sources for news but NOT CNN, MSN or Fox, NBC or CBS who serve to brainwash you to be fearful, hateful and angry, to believe only the government agenda which is NOT for your own good physically, mentally, intellectually or financially.

Focus on physical and mental health.
Eat natural food direct from nature.
Get outdoors in nature as often as possible.
Get eight hours sleep.
Do things to relax and do things that make you happy.
Be around people you love and who love you too.

Take care ... it is critically important now, more than ever before.

May 2023
It's nearly summertime! Are you ready?
No matter what is going on in the world, there is no excuse to not take joy from simple pleasures such as walking, or hiking, biking, swimming, being outdoors in nature, in sunshine.

Enjoy the trees and flowers, the sky and clouds, the ocean, river or lake near you, or the fields, mountains, canyons or desert. Enjoy the sunrise or the sunsets. Be grateful. Find a special place you can go to outdoors and find inner peace, even if it's only for a short moment in time. Walk or sit with bare feet, and let the energies of the earth ground and heal you.

What are the basic ingredients for natural healthcare and wellness?
Nature, sunshine, exercise, diet, water, sleep.
Love yourself. Be kind.

February 2023
Happy Valentines Day! Let this be the year you really LOVE yourself, love your body, love your health.

The SOQI family has four health and wellness machines that work to heal as needed and to sustain health year round. WHAT are you waiting for?

If you're sick, research which SOQI machine is best for you. If you're well, choose which machine will support and promote your lifestyle.

In Asia, societies are proactive with their self healthcare, whereas Western societies are not, preferring to run to their doctor (licensed drug dealers, uneducated in nutrition) for a quick-fix pill cocktail. Doctors have no intentions to discover or heal the source of your illness, only intentions to band-aid the symptoms and create a repeat customer.


October 2022
The autumn has arrived. Will the annual coronavirus season hit us hard? Will temperature changes be really extreme?

The good news is HTE has a new supplement which is outstanding for the immune system - BetaGlucan - non GMO, gluten free, 100% natural, organic.

Price is $34.95 each, x60 capsules per bottle.
Special promotion is x3 bottles for $89.95.

Please take care of yourself, eat and sleep well. Be sure to get outdoors if the sun comes out and remember that daily exercise is critical for a healthy body. If you don't own a Chi Machine, now is the time to consider one.


Anyone in poor health, with respiratory issues, or who does poorly during the winter months may consider the SOQI Bed. A beautiful, luxurious health investment for home or professional use. If you can't afford the SOQI Bed, a single Far Infrared Dome will also work magic and prove to be invaluable.

June 2022

Gasoline, food and rent prices are all going up steadily. The elite don't care. They rather we all be poor, sick or dead so we can't rise up or fight back. It's up to you to stay mentally and physically healthy. If you can, start growing your own food. Get outdoors in the sunshine whenever possible. No matter what, you can get through this if you stay calm, take deep breaths and focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

Mental, emotional and physical health is more important by the day. So many people are depressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. Reach out to friends and family for support. Connect with nature for healing and inner peace. Do not give up or give in. You got this!

January 2022

Another new year, another chance to focus on a healthy lifestyle. Thousands of people have NOT had coronavirus, and thousands have had only a few days of mild flu symptoms. Why is this? A healthy diet, sunshine (vitamin D), quality sleep, exercise and mental / emotional balance, all create a strong immune system.

Those who have compromised immune systems and pre-existing health challenges may want to consider some lifestyle changes in 2022. The smartest way to good health is to detox. How? Fasting is a great option for some of us - choose one day a week, or everyday choose a set time period to eat, never eating late at night! Drinking lots of water flushes out toxins and supports weight loss. Getting your body moving everyday is critical - walk, bike, jog, hike, swim - just move!

The Chi Machine, if used on a consistent daily basis, supports ordinary weight loss as well as detoxification via the lymphatic system and passive aerobic exercise. For serious detox, including heavy metals, the Far Infrared Dome is an excellent choice.
June 2021

The USA has been opened up from masks and lockdowns for the summer. Build your immune system. Get outdoors, breath in the fresh air, take a Vitamin D sunshine bath, drink lots of Vitamin C, and ENJOY!

March 2021

Well here we are a quarter of the way thru 2021. Covid-19 stats have changed. Pre-vaxx stats had every death regardless, classified as Covid-19, but post-vaxx, all deaths are suddenly classified properly - old age, car crash, diabetes, heart attack, cancer etc. The injections are therefore working, yes?

PCR stats have also changed dramatically. Pre-vaxx most people tested positive but post-vaxx most are testing negative because the test cycles have suddenly been dropped to normal. The PCR test is supposed to be run below 35/30, ideally at 28 cycles because running it at at 35/40+ cycles causes most everyone to test false positive. The cycles have been reduced so that less people test positive since the release of the injections, the injections are therefore working, yes?

disney snow white

NONE of the vaxxines have been approved. They have all been released for emergency use only, all are experimental, all have never used on humans before, and none have long term data. The mRNA - Pfizer and Modern - literally program our cells, hacking human life, changing our biological software. The Moderna website literally likens it to a computer being programmed ... to do what exactly?

The AstraZenica is apparently made from chimpanzee colds amongst other things. The Johnson and Johnson is a created adenovirus made by a company that created anthrax and talcum powder. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


In a few short months there have been over a million adverse reactions (some very serious and irreversible), multiple miscarriages, stillborn, and mounting deaths (15,000 allegedly reported - most people don't know to report, or where), around the world. The TV news is not commenting on this daily breaking news to the general public but case after case can be read on Telegram or Vaccine Impact website. Most social media platforms and the main stream media are censoring all information that goes against official script narrative.

And ... flu has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. Did the world suddenly become flat?

Scientists around the world - those not under the control of those running the 'pandemic' - have said the injections will cause countless deaths within the next 2-3 years, many from auto-immune disease. During clinical trials animals that received the injections were fine until they were introduced to a wild virus, and then they all died.

The injections do NOT protect you, or prevent you from getting the virus, or transmitting it. And just wait until an updated, stronger version of the virus (they call it a variant) is introduced. What then? ... More lockdowns, more injections mandated for everyone, never-ending restrictions. This cycle can be repeated over and over again indefinitely.

FYI: None of the injections will officially be approved until 2023.

The matrix Neo

Our world has changed forever. The currency of fear has won over non-critical thinkers and destroyed the life and freedoms we used to have. Fearful people are turning on each other and attacking anyone who goes against the mainstream narrative. Volunteering to join the biggest clinical trial ever conducted is not a celebration.

PLEASE think twice. The chances of survival from Covid-19 is showing up around 99.9%, where as the chances of having no serious repercussions from the injections is unfolding with the test subjects ... us.

Serious question: Why are the homeless thriving with no social distancing, no masks, no sanitation, and no injections?


RESEARCH, research, research! We have been researching since January 2020, before the world was put under lockdown. Scientific evidence and documentation tells a completely different story to the ongoing controlled media narrative. PLEASE QUESTION EVERYTHING!

Two sources of info for those who do not have countless hours to research:

WORLDOMETER - There are multiple countries that have well under one thousand to zero deaths. Only a handful of countries have high death numbers - keep in mind those high numbers have been manipulated by reporting death by covid, when the deaths were in fact from something else. 

VACCINE IMPACT will keep you up to date on daily global vaxx injuries and deaths.

One last question, what do you all think about the digital 'health' passport? How do you feel about being restricted from travel and daily life events without one? The injections may not yet be mandatory, but populations are being manipulated into a corner to comply. Nefarious agendas are well under way. Who knew it could be so easy. 

FOCUS on living a healthy lifestyle mentally, emotionally and physically. Strengthen your immune system. Be well, stay well! The health choices you make today will affect your future and those of your children. Be wise.

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