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1) Personal Experiences.
 2) Lymphoedema Clinical Trials.
3) Quality Control.

bPerson experience from a sceptic:
"When you read about the health benefits of using the machine, what else can arise, but skepticism? The long-term claims such as pain relief, better sleep-patterns, increased energy and alertness can all sound feasible in the long-term but after one short session that also sounded a bit too far-fetched.

Guess what? The skepticism went away and was replaced by enthusiasm in less than 24 hours. After four minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, I could not believe the reaction felt right throughout my body. This machine certainly generates results. However, there was more to come. Now I sleep better and it is simply the best sleep I have had in years. These days I wake up earlier, and I get up within ten minutes feeling energetic. A much different pattern to the previous years of being a 'night owl', where I was often slow to go to sleep and sluggish in the mornings. What a joy to change that pattern.

Moreover, the Sun Ancon raised my energy levels, I got back to driving long distances again. I can confidently recommend the Sun Ancon to others, and hopefully, help them enjoy quality of life too. Meanwhile I know there will be more bonuses to me also as I continue to use my machine and regain qualities in my own life that have been missing." - Bernice Lynch, Housewife, VIC Australia.

bBooklet. Experiences and opinions from Australians over the past two decades - OZ Experiences pdf

                      ZealandA very happy New Zealander. Meet Pam who became a NZ distributor after using the Chi Machine, the Far Infrared Sauna Dome and the E-Power Machine.


Medical Device - Clinical Trials

Medical Device: The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is recognized as a medical device in three countries - Australia, Canada and Japan - and patented in 26 countries across the world. Global testimonials span over 25 years.

Clinical Trials were conducted at the prestigious Flinders University in Adelaide focusing on the effects of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine regarding excessive fluid retention in the legs due to Secondary and Venous Lymphoedema. The results showed definite fluid reduction, and weight loss. This was proven by study of the control groups who participated.

Professor Neil Piller - one of the worlds leading lymphologists - who has presented and published over 300 works and is strongly committed to education and awareness programs - headed the clinical trials at Flinders University.

Professor Neil Piller was assisted by a team of highly professional people during the clinical trial including: Ms Amanda Moseley (Research Officer) - Mr Adrian Esterman (Biostatistician and Clinical Epidemiologist) Associate Professor Colin Carati (Anatomist) - Mr Brian Bridger (Bio-medical Engineer) Dr Jack Walsh (Vascular Surgeon) - Dr Stephen Birrell (Surgeon).

Flinders trials--Testimonials

Flinders University Sun Ancon Chi Machine clinical trials.
Secondary Oedema and Venous Lymphoedema
booklets available.

Clinical Trial Results
Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema.

Lymphoedema Clinical Trial Booklets are available from HTE Australia, including "Patient Follow-Up and Supporting Objective Information" from those who participated in the clinical trials of HTE's Sun Ancon Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser, conducted at Flinders Medical Center from 2001-2002. Choice of English, Mandarin or German versions.


Explanation and personal experiences.

Sun Ancon
                        Chi Machine

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine from HTE.
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Product Quality and Control Australia:
* Approved and certified by international bodies such as TE and CUV. Also complies with Australian Electrical Safety Standards.
* Our manufacturing standards are of the highest levels. We invest in research and quality control and of course - our employees.
* Quality components made from steel, not from cheap plastic components. HTE is a worldwide, highly reputable operation and conforms to International Standards (ISO regulations).
* Strict quality control check for each machine, which includes weight-bearing and sound tests.
* Our service centers are available in Sydney, UK, France and Germany.


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