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Cannabis and Cancer.
A gift from nature.

Please note that whilst natural 'alternative' therapies are complimentary to conventional Western oncology, they have a more powerful effect when not having to compete with the side effects and damage created by drugs and chemotherapy the individual may have already endured. 



Sacred Medicinal Plant.

Several natural plants combat and destroy cancer cells including Cannabis Oil which can be taken orally. CBD's and THC - the active ingredients in the Cannabis plant known as cannabinoids - were clinically researched in the American 1974 "Virginia Studies", but shut down by the DEA and President Ford.

Big Pharma corporations will NOT allow the eradication of cancer via natural, non-toxic methods because of the billions of dollars that will be lost in revenue and because they can't patent plants. Research is worldwide and no longer denied, accept in the USA. However, in many countries, cannabis is still illegal.

The USA has waged an ugly propaganda war on cannabis for decades. April 2017, the powers that be decided that raw CBD oil has no medicinal value (tell that to the millions of patients, scientists, researchers, doctors and nurses worldwide that know differently, and the kids with epilepsy that no longer have seizures, or the war veterans that control their PTSD), is addictive (absolute rubbish), and therefore it is illegal.

But wait ... the United States Government ‘Department of Health and Human Services’ holds patents on CBD Extracts for using CBD for the purpose of treating of numerous diseases! What?! Want proof? Read U.S. Patent 6,630,507, October 2003.


Cannabis Oil.

Keeping cancer alive and thriving is a billion dollar business, but thousands are now rejecting killer chemotherapy and turning to nature, often choosing Cannabis Oil.

Cannabis Oil is able to combat and kill cancer cells due to the chemical components of the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids, named CBD's and THC. This was proven and brought to public attention by Canadian Rick Simpson who is now living in European exile due to persecution.

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. The plant was commonly used as medicine in the USA from the 1850's until 1906 when congress and the FDA stepped in and began an ugly and insane propaganda campaign.

In 1974, the U.S. government conducted their own Cannabis Oil clinical research known as the Virginia Studies, but covered up and buried the results. After decades of denial the U.S. government finally admitted that cannabinoids aid in killing cancer cells and helping various diseases, yet insist on keeping cannabis classified as having no medical value!

In 2013, Spain study confirmed cannabis oil cures cancer without side effects.

Rick Simpson.--THC.

Pioneer Canadian Rick Simpson. 

Cannabis Oil (derived from the sacred medicinal cannabis plant) ingested daily, has been proven in studies worldwide to combat and kill cancer. Spain, as of 2013, is moving forward to include it medically as standard cancer protocol.

CBD's and THC (the concentrated chemical components of the plant) cause cancer cells to ravenously and indiscriminately destroy themselves.

Cannabis oil is a thick, black oil and you simply take a little everyday, dosage often being the size of a grain of rice. There is no smoking involved. The oil is sold in a plastic syringe (no needles involved), or in a small glass vial or in capsules.

Cannabis Oil is effective, non-toxic, affordable, is NOT addictive, there are no side effects as found in pharmaceutical drugs and it is not possible to overdose.

Excellent info, case studies and news:



Cash Hyde.

Cash Hyde - "Cancer Fears Me!"

Cash Hyde was a 2yr old boy with stage 4 terminal brain cancer tumor, who recovered after his parents dosed him with Cannabis Oil. In 2012 Cash passed away after being denied cannabis oil for 73 days.

The Story of Cash:

Where is Cannabis Oil available?

Cannabis Oil - often called "Rick Simpson Oil" - is available from Medicinal Marijuana Clinics. Cannabis Oil cannot normally be mailed (CBD oil is different), you must purchase in person.

Go to the following website and type in your zip code to find clinics near you:

USA states legal cannabis


Hemp Seed Oil
is a dietary supplement available online and via mail, and is NOT the Cannabis Oil we are talking about.

CBD Oil comes from the Hemp plant, a cousin of the cannabis plant. This is NOT the Cannabis Oil we are talking about. CBD oil is good for relaxation and pain relief.

CBD Oil has zero to less than 0.03 THC, so no high is experienced. However, THC has been proven to be a needed component in cannabis therapy. It's like baking a cake minus an important ingredient.

There are two cannabis plants, Indica and Sativa. Each one has different properties.

Strain, dosage and ratio will vary from patient to patient - less is more, begin low and go from there. Unfortunately it is still trial and error with this medicine, and adjustments will need to be made along the way.

Cannabis is not one size fits all as the plant has so many compounds which can and should be tailored to each individual patient.

Methods include vaporizers, liquid, capsules, edibles and suppositories. Experiment with the edibles as they can be really strong.

The leaves may be juiced or eaten as a salad.

SMOKING cannabis does NOT kill cancer, but seriously alleviates pain, induces appetite, supports sleep, and reduces muscle spasms - excellent for cancer and other diseases. 

Any high comes from the smoking of the cannabis THC content which of course can be reduced depending on which strain you smoke.

Medical cannabis research has a long way to go to understand scientifically the huge spectrum of the capabilities of this incredible plant but it is well established that cannabis is NOT dangerous, it will NOT kill you, and it does not cause the toxic and sometimes deadly side effects as prescription drugs do.

Cannabis is possibly the greatest medicinal plant on earth and is currently being used for multiple diseases including PTSD, Parkinsons, Cancer, MS, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Autism, and even memory recovery in seniors.


Documentaries and Sources:

1) "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer" - Narrated by Emmy-winning actor Peter Coyote.

A film by Len Richmond, available full length at - EYE OPENING INFO - "Excellent film", Andrew Weil M.D.:

2) "Clearing The Smoke - The Science Of Cannabis", PBS:

3) "Weed" - CNN documentary watch on YouTube. Sanjay Gupta publicly reversed his opinion about medical marijuana and cannabis oil - CNN amazingly aired this ground breaking special documentary.

A little girl named Charlotte Figi is profiled in "Weed" - she was having 300 seizures every week, until she began taking hemp oil. The six year old is now living a normal life thanks to the Stanley Brothers in Colorado who grow high CBD strains of cannabis:

4) Mykala is a little girl with leukemia (ALL), who now takes cannabis oil - she is in remission, no more lymphoblasts.

Wonderful website with important videos and links, including how to make the oil:

5) Colorado mom fights for the right to treat 3-year-old son with Cannabis Oil - October 2013:

6) Dennis Hill, Biochemist, cured his prostate cancer with Cannabis Oil:

7) Cannabis Oil eliminates skin cancer - David Triplett - History and Photo Documentation:

8) "The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis" - Superb video.

Go to Dr. William Courtney's website for medical guidance, studies, articles, and excellent info:

9) "The New Frontier" - Educational documentary

10) Cannabis research from Israel, the cannabis research capital of the world:

11) Watch The Rick Simpson Story: "Run From The Cure"

12) "The Sacred Plant - Healing Secrets Exposed" - Must watch!
Released June 2017.

Website: - Follow on Facebook.

has countless pages of scientific documentation published online proving cannabinoids kill cancer.

Granny Storm Crow:
The following website has the biggest collection of cannabis medical studies on the internet:

We could write volumes on this subject and give you hundreds of links to information, hundreds of scientific studies and videos but all of this is available on the internet if you research for yourself at your own leisure. We have simply given you a springboard to begin.


This website is for informational and educational purposes and is in not intended to provide individual medical advice which may be obtained from your chosen healthcare practitioner. Always ask questions, research everything.

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