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A Very Serious Global Issue.
2022: This page was documented in 2014. The issues are ongoing. The world in general has forgotten Tibet, and the MSM chooses to focus on the ethnic group of Muslim Uyghurs in Northwestern China.


The Tibetan situation is CRITICAL - genocide, torture, imprisonment and forced sterilization by the Chinese, alongside self immolation by Tibetans, continues. The rape, pillage and plunder of the sacred land of snow is tireless.

The Tibetan culture represents peace, intelligence, wisdom and spirituality with respect for all sentient beings and harmony with nature. The Chinese culture is opposite.

Two opposing forces of dark and light. The dark side is extinguishing the light. What is happening personifies the raging battle between good and evil currently being waged on planet earth.

IF environmental destruction is not stopped, IF Tibetan culture is allowed to be extinguished, IF China does not hand back Tibet to the Tibetans, any hope for mankind, any hope world peace, is over.

The future of the world is at stake as Chinese atrocities have NO limits, and NO-ONE will stop them from taking whatever they want. Powerful countries such as Russia, India, Iran and N.Korea, pale in comparison.

Tibetan Flag

Beautiful Tibetan Flag.

By controlling Tibet, systematically eliminating the Tibetan people, raping and destroying the fragile Tibetan Plateau eco system, and by damning and thereby controlling all the rivers which are the life blood to nine other countries, China has the power over millions of people to decide who lives and who dies.

Invasion and Present Occupation:
Tibet, the size of Western Europe, is an independent country within it's own right. Tibet has a flag, a currency, and its own language and alphabet. Tibetans have traditional and distinctive clothing and jewelry. They have a very unique, specific culture and a spiritual philosophy by which they have lived for centuries.

Since October 1950 when China invaded Tibet, over 1.2 million Tibetans have lost their lives including tens of thousands of monks, and over 6,000 ancient monasteries have been destroyed. Over 60yrs later, the suppression and brutal torture of Tibetans continues including electric cattle prods placed in their mouths and applied to their genitalia, and electric batons producing up to 250,000 volts. Tibetan language and traditional clothing is prohibited in schools. Owning an image of the Dalai Lama means imprisonment.
If a Tibetan speaks to a foreign tourist in public, they will be arrested, interrogated and brutally beaten. It is common for protesters, lama or civilian, to disappear and not be heard of again. Legal council is unheard of.

Tibetans, now the minority 2-1, are trapped under an extremely cruel and evil government, forced to beg to survive, their farmland and homes taken away. Over one million nomads have been forcefully relocated and their land given up to mining, new roads, the military, and even their animals have been taken and destroyed.

Tibet has three provinces called U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo which have been divided and renamed by the Chinese - now known as Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), with four Chinese sectors, Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan.

Tibetan plea

A common occurrence in Tibet (also seen in Nepal). Their offence? Being Tibetan. Tibetan women are violated by rape, forced to have abortions, and forcibly sterilized.

The Escape Option:
The six million remaining Tibetans live in fear and constant humiliation 24/7. Their only hope is to escape thru the Himalayas to Nepal and India and risk being shot, or caught, imprisoned and tortured, or dying of cold in the snow, or surviving the perilous journey but loosing limbs and toes to frostbite, as well as never being able to see their families or their country ever again.

Each year, less and less Tibetans manage to escape into exile due to military and plain clothes officials scouting mountain passes into Nepal. On September 30th, 2006, over 100 international climbers and Sherpas in the Himalayan Nangpa La Pass near Mt. Everest, witnessed and video taped Chinese snipers shooting at escaping, unarmed Tibetan refugees, including little children ages 6-10yrs old. A 17 yr old nun was shot in the back and died, just 400 meters from freedom.

This story, photos and video footage can be seen on the internet, now a movie/documentary: "Tibet: Murder In The Snow" - View on YouTube.

Tibetan Range

Tibetan culture is being aggressively erased and their sacred environment destroyed. Unemotional, cold and robotic, the Chinese send everything they steal from the Tibetan people and the Tibetan plateau, back to Chinese cities to benefit China and to create further political and financial power.

Systematic, Calculated Destruction of the Environment:
The Tibetan plateau is an extremely fragile environment that is being raped and pillaged. Tibetan forests and tablelands, farmland, nomadic pastures and trails, medicinal plants, precious stones and animal species are being decimated and destroyed, much of the damage is irreparable.

The once rich and untapped resources of
oil, natural gas, gold, copper, lithium (used for making batteries for computers, cellphones and general gadgets), and uranium (used for Chinese nuclear weapons), are being mined. The land is scarred and the water is polluted. The ramifications for Asia and the rest of the world are immense.


China controls Tibet which is the source of water to Asia, about half the world's population.

Asia’s 10 major river systems including the Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, Salween and Mekong originate here. These rivers are the lifeline for billions of people. This is an incredibly dangerous situation both geopolitically and environmentally.

Extremely disturbing is that Asia’s 10 major rivers originate on the Tibetan plateau - the world's largest water reservoir - which supply 85% of the population of Asia with water - approximately 47% of the world’s population. The Chinese now control this. The implications are frighteningly dramatic and a serious global issue. Asia is at the mercy of the malevolent Chinese as long as Tibet remains in their control.

Not so distant future wars will be fought over water, not oil.

Massive mega-dams have already been built (more are on the way), and rivers are in the process of actually being diverted, the magnitude of which has never before been attempted in recorded history, the consequences of which, are devastating not only to Tibet's environment, and to Southern and South Eastern Asia, but to the world climate, of which there is scientific data. Despite all the evidence ... world governments turn a blind eye, and fresh water has become one of China's most powerful political tools.

Namtso Lake Tibet

Namtso Lake is one of the four most sacred lakes in Tibet and the highest and largest salt water lake in the world. More then 93% of tourists in Tibet are Chinese, who flock in disrespectful, disgusting, loud and rude tour groups, to photograph and trample on Tibet's sacred land. Smoking, spitting and urinating anywhere are common Chinese traits.

Most tragically, the Chinese government has abused the pristine Tibetan environment by using it as a site for nuclear testing as well as for nuclear dumping. Tibetan nomads, already displaced by Chinese construction, mining extraction, pipelines, roads, damns and monumental environmental destruction of their land - forced to slaughter their yaks who have provided clothing, shelter, food and transportation for centuries - now also suffer from radiation sickness, miscarriages and death. The Tibetan nomadic way of life for hundreds of generations is being torn apart and destroyed.

FYI: The number of nuclear warheads in China's arsenal is a state secret, declared but unknown.

It must be noted that all the rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes and plateaus are considered extremely sacred to the Tibetans who have watched over, revered and respected their land for centuries. Tibetans are supreme, master protectors of the environment and what the Chinese have done is beyond heart breaking, beyond words, beyond understanding.

Chinese Police State:
1) The Chinese proudly encourage prostitution, throughout the once mystical and majestic capital city of Lhasa.

2) They pay citizens to be spies, with hundreds of surveillance cameras, snipers and military everywhere.

3) Foreign tourists are watched and followed and often have a 'handler' accompany them, directing them to only see what the Chinese authorities will allow, hiding the truth in plain sight.

Journalists are severely restricted, censored, and banned from covering protests, uprisings or immolation. They are harassed, threatened, and often locked up earning China to be amongst the top 3 countries in the world for imprisoning journalists. Indeed China is ranked in the top five violators of the right to freedom of information and expression, particularly freedom of press. The International organization, 'Reporters Without Borders', were condemned by the Chinese government and their publication was banned as soon as they announced these facts.

Tibetan girl

Beautiful Tibetan Khampa girl at Litang horse festival, wearing traditional jewelry of turquoise, coral, amber and 24kt gold, all found naturally in the Himalayas. These precious resources are being mined and stolen by the Chinese.

China does not want the world to hear, see, read or know.
The Chinese goal is to erase Tibetan culture, re-write their history, wipe out the Tibetan people, and use whatever and whoever is left, as a tourist attraction. They work to achieve this daily through violence, aggression, humiliation, discrimination, starvation, torture, imprisonment, slavery, forced sterilization, degradation, the removal of Tibetan schools, heavy censorship of culture and art, and minimal lamas in a handful of monasteries with restrictions on Buddhist practice.

Tibetan equestrian

Tibetans are master equestrians and archers, skilled artisans of murals, thankas, sculptures, wood carving, metal, construction and architecture. Great emphasis was placed on education and exploration of the mind before the Chinese destroyed their monasteries, burnt ancient texts and shut down Tibetan schools.

The Chinese government allow Chinese tourists to wander about the Tibetan monasteries so they can photograph and video the 'monks' as if they are visiting a zoo. There is no respect in any way from the Chinese people or the Chinese government towards Tibetans, only disdain, extreme abuse and frequent violence.

The Chinese are waiting for the older generations to die and forcing the new generations to assimilate into Chinese culture so that traditional Tibetan lifestyle and skills will be no more, all but forgotten and erased.

Escape By Fire:
Since 1998, and as of December 23rd 2014, a reported 136 Tibetans have set themselves on fire (self immolation), to protest the extreme brutality and suppression of the Tibetan people under Chinese occupation for 64 years, with no end in sight.

The first immolation was a 60 year old former monk in Tibet and former soldier in the Indian army. He lived quietly in a small hut, working as a cow-herder and cook at a monastery in Dharamsala, India, participating in local Tibetan independence protests. One day he snapped.

The Chinese are furious every-time an immolation happens and have declared this a criminal act, seeking to erase this personal sacrifice and cry for freedom.
If the Tibetan immolator lives or dies regardless, their families, monasteries, monks and communities are punished. Those that live have had their limbs amputated and their burnt flesh left unattended for months on end. And NO, this is not reported on CNN and barely ever mentioned by the BBC, because China would be infuriated and retaliate.

2022 Update: As of May 2022,160 monks, nuns, and other Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet since 2009.

China's standard answer to the world is "It's none of your business!"

Tibetan Immolation

Tibetan immolation, an excruciating painful way to die, a last desperate cry for help, for freedom, for human rights, for peace and justice. The latest sacrifices were December 16th, 22nd and 23nd, 2014 ... a father of two, a 20yr old girl named Tsepe Kyi and a 38yr old revered monk named Kalsang Yeshi.

Somebody Please Help. Anybody?

2015: China has massive wealth and global political power.

1) China gives $$$ to Chinese who move to Tibet - one thousand migrants arrive everyday.

2) China gives $$$ and contracts to countries that ignore both Tibet and the Dalai Lama.

3) The corrupt Nepalese government bows down to the Chinese $$$. Tibetans in Nepal have no rights, no status and are being treated worse every year as the Chinese dictate.

Nepal is a classic example of bribery and corruption who now refuse to help or give legal papers to arriving refugees because China has promised them monetary rewards and massive contracts. The military is also bribed to return escaping refugees, and there are Chinese spies all over Katmandu.

Many Tibetans in Nepal live in refugee camps with ever increasing restrictions due to Chinese pressure. Tibetans are now forbidden to celebrate the Dalai Lama's birthday, if they do, they are beaten and arrested.

The World is Doomed ...
In 2014, Xi Jingping, the leader of the Communist Party, was named the third most powerful man in the world by Forbes. He is also chief of the world’s largest economy, valued at $17.6 trillion. Having total control of South East Asia's water source, a massive amount of uranium for nuclear warfare, and plenty of gold, oil and natural gas - all stolen from the Tibetan plateau - Jingping has the world at his fingertips.

Christmas 2014, Chinese investors in Nicaragua began work on building the longest, deepest and widest canal in the world which will destroy the environment, displace farmers, plow though local homes and villages and destroy an important fresh water lake. Costing $50 billion, the environmental and geopolitical implications are huge.

China is also playing a sophisticated, strategic chess game in Afghanistan. Poised to exploit the $1 trillion of untapped mineral deposits and Afghanistan's natural oil and gas resources, China does not care about the country's instability, or the Taliban whom they will pay off. Afghanistan also provides an important corridor to Pakistan, one of China's important political ally's, strategically located next door to India.

China has become an unstoppable evil force of darkness and destruction.

Pope and Dalai Lama

Pope John Paul II and the Dalia Lama became close friends. Both loved by millions, unswayed by evil or political dictates.

Political Events of Shame 2014:

1) Norway:
When the Dalai Lama visited Norway in May 2014, government officials allowed him to enter the country but refused to meet with him. Norway, a country beloved for its openness, tolerance, and social welfare, has disgraced itself. Norway did this as they had previously upset China and is wanting imposed Chinese trade restrictions lifted.

2) The USA:

Despite having met the Dali Lama THREE times, in Beijing, China, on November 12th 2014, Obama publicly declared to China that "We recognize Tibet as part of the People's Republic of China. We are not in favor of independence".

3) South Africa:
The Dalai Lama was supposed to attend a summit of Nobel peace laureates in South Africa,
but was refused a visa so as not to upset the Chinese. The summit was then moved to Rome, Italy instead.

4) The Vatican:
In December 2014,
the Dalai Lama was in Rome for the 3 day summit and the Vatican, afraid of infuriating China, declined to meet him.

Then, on Christmas Day, Pope Francis denounced the "brutal persecution" of religious and ethnic minorities, calling for peaceful resolution in Africa and mentioning Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and the Palestinians, with NO mention of Tibet.

Pope Francis 'forgot' that Pope John Paul II, a deeply beloved man, met with the Dalai Lama SEVERAL times and formed a strong friendship. They had huge respect and understanding for one another, sharing the same concerns about Tibet, and the state of the world.

Most of our world leaders and governments currently bow down to China. Obviously these men are not leaders but cowards. They are selling their souls to the devil.

Apparently diplomatic ties to a malicious, vindictive and vengeful communist regime are far more important than human life, the environment, peace, compassion and spirituality.

Dalai Lama
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, beloved by millions worldwide, resides in Dharamsala, India, firmly believing compassion and altruism naturally equate non-violence, qualities innate to Tibetan Buddhism. However, the price for non-violence is the extinction of Tibet and it's people.

China's Fears:
Who does China fear? One man .. the Dalai Lama, and the love, loyalty and respect the world's people have for him.

Another fear is Tibetan communication. Tibetan writers, musicians, filmmakers and teachers have all been jailed or disappeared, with China attempting to control the spread of information. Indeed most Tibetans do not have TV's, computers or cell phones, and they are not even allowed to have passports! They are prisoners.

Giving Tibetans information from the outside world, is an act of great bravery and courage and must be done in secret so that the Tibetans are not violently punished. Foreign trekkers are feared because they bring news and hope to villagers, farmers and nomads. Trekkers are witness to the truth of what is going on.

Tibetan protest

Tibetans protest peacefully, but protests usually end in their bloodshed, imprisonment and torture. Tibetan inner strength and defiance remains indestructible and matched by no other.  They have been oppressed and pushed beyond their limits mentally and physically but refuse to bow down, or to denounce the Dalai Lama. They refuse to let their culture die.

Understand the past, to understand the present:
Tibet had a long feudal history full of battles with neighboring countries of warring tribes, prior to 'the Land Of Snows' embracing Buddhism 2,500 years ago. It all began under the rule of the 32nd King of Tibet Songtsen Gampo who united the people of Tibet, and took two Buddhist wives, a princess from Nepal and a princess from China. Buddhism interested the Tibetan King and he eventually began studying in depth, translating teachings, and he built two great temples. The Tibetan people however, remained skeptical and opposed.

Eventually, Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), a great tantric mystic in India, was invited to visit Tibet with Shantarakshita, a famous Buddhist scholar. Together they established the philosophy of Buddhism amongst the people merging it with the existing national, deeply mystical religion of Bon.
The first monks were ordained and monastic schools of study were built.

Over the course of several centuries, many outstanding Indian masters visited Tibet, and many Tibetans made the perilous journey over the Himalayas to study in India. They returned to Tibet with the Buddhist philosophy and texts from India, and also the knowledge of music, art, medicine, logic and meditation. Buddhism does not worship a deity, there is no theology.

Buddhism is a philosophy that encourages healthy debate, exploration of the mind, personal verification by observation of life, the way things really are beyond the presented illusion - fleeting events and relationships, everything is marked by impermanence. We are defined by our humility, which we realize when we let go of expectation and cease manipulation.

There was a short lived period of persecution and severe repression due to the ancient Bon religion regaining status under the 42nd Emperor, resulting in Buddhism having to be re-sparked. Two individuals that helped accomplish this were a famous Indian scholar, Atisha, and the great Tibetan poet and master of meditation, Milarepa.


From 1244, invited to Mongolia by Godan Khaan, Lama Sakya Pandita stayed and devoted his life to teaching Buddhism to the Mongols.

Within a relatively short period of history, Tibetan society was dramatically transformed. Of important note, the famous Mongolian rulers Chinggis Khaan and Kublai Khaan established close relations with Tibet resulting in the Mongolians becoming Buddhists. It was also a Mongol ruler that first conferred the title of Dalia Lama to a Tibetan monk, meaning 'master whose wisdom is vast like the ocean'.

In the 18th Century, the Manchus stepped in to end a long period of political turmoil in Tibet by declaring that the current Dalai Lama would become henceforth both political and spiritual leader. Fast forward to the 1920's, the 13th Dalai Lama wanted to improve and expand the Tibetan army but it meant money that would have automatically gone to the monasteries, would be redirected to the army instead, a move the monastic political establishment adamantly opposed.

The Tibetan Buddhist government did not fully understanding the importance of being able to defend themselves against forceful intruders because a) Buddhism advocates non-violence and b) no-one imagined the Chinese would seriously attack and occupy their remote and cocooned terrain. Consequently,
25yrs later, Tibet was unable to defend itself against tens of thousands of Chinese invaders ... but it didn't stop them from trying.


The Tibetan resistance army were fearless, courageous and brave. Surviving warriors say they have no regrets in choosing to give up their lives in order to defend their religion, their land, their people. Many wept the day they finally had to lay down their arms.

Guerrilla Warfare 1950's to 1974 - Tibetan Freedom Fighters:
In the 1950's after the invasion and occupation of Tibet, Chinese reforms became increasingly oppressive. February 1956 the Chinese bombed the ancient monasteries of Chatreng and Litang killing thousands of monks and civilians. A revolt ensued.

At this time, there was a guerrilla resistance army composed of Khampa tribesmen from Eastern Tibet who had suffered brutal treatment from the invading Chinese army. The Chushi Gangdruk (Four Rivers Six Mountains) resistance group, was led by a 51-year-old trader named Gompo Tashi Andrugtsang. They were poorly armed and uncoordinated but somehow accomplished successful raids and attacks.

Obviously needing help, the Dalai Lama's brother in India, Gyalo Thondup, turned to the USA. The CIA had already contacted him and were interested in helping Tibet as part of their anti-communist agenda. America had absolutely no interest in Tibetan independence but saw an opportunity to covertly upset the Chinese.

One night in 1957, the CIA airlifted six Khampa tribesmen from the Chushi Gangdruk to the island of Saipan for six months training in radio operation, codes, weapons and guerrilla warfare. In the fall of 1957, by light of a full moon, the six man task force was airdropped back into Tibet.

The men included Athar Norbu and Gyato Wangdu (who would later become the last commander of the Chushi Gandrug). The code name the CIA gave their Tibetan operation was ST Circus (Shadow Tibet Circus).

June 16th 1958, the resistance army, now thousands strong, set up a new base in Triguthang, southern Tibet, and renamed themselves Tensung Dhanglang Magar (Voluntary Force for the Defense of Buddhism), dominated by the brave Khampa warriors.

Thrilled by the success of their guerrilla task force, the CIA began secretly flying Tibetan resistance fighters to Colorado, to be trained in warfare at Camp Hale, from 1958 until 1964. Eight teams of 259 CIA trained soldiers were parachuted into Tibet between 1958 to 1961.


The Dalai Lama sitting with the Khampa guerrillas who escorted him on his escape thru the Himalayas into exile. Both the Chinese and the CIA were completely unaware until a few days after his departure.

March 17th 1959, The 23yr old Dalai Lama, escaped from Lhasa by dead of night. The CIA had no idea until 3 days later when some members of the CIA task force found out and aided his two week epic escape across the Himalayas to India. 80,000 Tibetans then fled into exile to join him. The Chinese, who had planned to kill the Dalai Lama, had no idea of his escape until March 20th. Totally enraged, a mass slaughter of the Tibetan people ensued, with bodies reported being stacked in the streets like fire wood.

In September 1959, 200 miles or so northeast of Lhasa, at Chagra Pembar and Nira Tsogeng, 40,000 resistance fighters set up tent cities with their families and livestock, ready to fight. The Chinese discovered the locations and bombed them for several days straight, killing tens of thousands of men, women and children. It was a horrific massacre.

In the summer of 1960, the remaining resistance fighters and their heroic guerrilla army, meagerly armed, funded and trained by the CIA, had to finally retreat to four camps they set up in Mustang, a remote Tibetan kingdom deep within the Himalayan mountains of northern Nepal. The original 200 Mustang fighters, grew quickly to 2,100.

Ultimately, the Tibetan troops were naive pawns for the USA against communist China, began under Eisenhower, thru Kennedy and Johnson, then ultimately betrayed in 1969 by Nixon who decided they were no longer of use to him geopolitically or otherwise, and the relationship was terminated.

The actual resistance movement struggled on at one base camp in Mustang until it ended by request of the Dalai Lama in 1974. The surviving Mustang warriors wept. Some threw themselves into the river in despair. Their fight had been epic, fearless, long and hard.

These freedom fighters must not be forgotten but given due respect and to all the thousands of courageous Tibetans, who chose to defend their land, their people, and their spiritual beliefs intrinsic to their culture, against an outnumbered, cruel Chinese regime hellbent on genocide and destruction of everything Tibetan ... which they continue to this day, even as you sit reading this.

Tibetan children

Tibetan children and teens are forced to assimilate and to speak Mandarin. Lucky to be alive as many women are forcefully sterilized, and unborns are aborted at anytime from one month to nine months. The foetus are sucked out, pulled out, or if born alive they are injected in the forehead and murdered at their first cry. Traveling teams move around Tibet aborting and sterilizing women in every town and village.

The Future - Tibetan Children and Youth:
1) Tibetan language is banned in schools.
2) Children living in Tibet cannot read or write Tibetan. 44% are illiterate. Many do not attend school or drop out.

3) Their national anthem and their flag is banned.
4) If they attempt to escape and are caught, they are shot or imprisoned, beaten and tortured, but many are prepared to take that risk.

Thousands of Tibetan refugee children are orphaned, living in exile in India, in communities such as Dharamsala or Ladakh. They retain their special identity, are hungry for education, learn to speak English, remain devout Buddhists and long for the day Tibet will be free so they can return and create a new Tibet.

Tibetan youth are extremely frustrated and angry. Many elders agree with them. They say that after all these years, the Middle Path of peace has NOT worked, and now it is time for massive physical action which may of course include violence. At present they continue to restrain themselves out of loyalty and deep respect for the Dali Lama who adamantly opposes violence.


Prostration, a common daily practice to purify negativity and to build merit. Also done when entering a temple, a monastery, before a shrine or a teacher. Pilgrims do this for hundreds of miles, sometimes taking 2-7 years to travel to a sacred destination.

Tibetan life before the Chinese invaded:
Tibetan daily life before the Chinese invaded in 1950, was not exactly the romantic Shangri-La imagined by the West. Monastic power governed daily life. Physical mutilations and floggings were common forms of punishment as were stocks and iron fetters. Peasant 'slavery' and indentured farmers were part of the societal structure which also included nomads, musicians, dancer, artists, warlords, petty criminals, non-indentured farmers, herders, monks and nuns. Tibet was far less evolved than the outside world due to the remote location, high altitude, unforgiving vast terrain and Tibetan choice to remain secluded.

In March 1905 there was a violent revolt by the monks who felt threatened by the intrusion of foreign missionaries who built stations and churches and bought land. To secure their religious, financial, and political interests the Christian churches were burnt to the ground, all property destroyed and the missionaries were killed, wounded or expelled (a very wise choice considering the historical destruction of global indigenous cultures by Christians and Jesuits).

Yes, Tibet was living a medieval lifestyle, cut off from the rest of the world with no idea regarding human rights abuse, that their punishments were barbaric by modern standards, that the monasteries had too much political power, that the gap between the aristocracy, the landlords and the peasants was extreme, and that evolution and reform was needed.

Yes poverty and public punishment were all part of the Tibetan social hierarchy with a very distinctive class system, BUT ... no different to the medieval periods in Europe.

Yes they were way less advanced compared to the rest of the world regarding material objects, technology and modern comforts.
However, no-one went hungry, life was simple and nowhere near as repressive as life is today under the Chinese forces, where Chinese slavery is now enforced on all Tibetans in varying degrees, complete with extreme methods of torture, concentration camps and forced labor.

Over time, Tibet would have evolved at their own pace and they would have incorporated whatever they needed from the outside world, but of their OWN FREE WILL, which the Chinese have since erased.

The Chinese had NO moral authority to brutally catapult, enforce and change Tibetan society, NONE! There is NO 'natural reform for the greatest good of Tibetan society', just an ongoing agenda of genocide, theft and exploitation of Tibetan resources, and forced assimilation of Tibetan youth into the expansion of the Chinese population across Tibet. For the past 65 years of forced Chinese occupation, any Tibetan man, woman or child that objects or protests, is arrested, beaten, tortured, imprisoned or murdered.

No matter what they have endured, all Tibetans worldwide, both inside Tibet and in exile, retain a fierce patriotism, deep spirituality, unique ethnic and cultural identity, and remain immensely humble. Tibetans worldwide unanimously and rightfully, want their homeland given back.

Tibetan Mandala

The Kalachakra Mandala - Ladakh, India, July 8th, 2014. A sacred Tibetan mandala is usually created out of colored sand and after completion, swept away, reflecting the impermanence of life. They are incredibly detailed and beautiful.

Silence and Apathy are Killers. Action is Needed:
Tibetans are helpless against the Chinese, but we as individuals are NOT. We have money. We have internet access. We have cell phones and cameras. We have a voice. We can help Tibetan refugees, Tibetan culture and Tibet, by taking actions, by donations, by speaking out and refusing to remain silent.

Since world governments will not intervene or impose sanction against the Chinese, or refuse to do business with them, It is up to us to monitor them, to gather information, to communicate, and to give hope to the Tibetans, to make documentaries and films, to take photograph and videos, and document anything and everything we can - to protest loudly and be heard.


A beautiful Tibetan Thanka, a complicated artwork, created within specific guidelines. They usually depict a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala and are painted or embroidered. Taking months and sometimes years to complete, Thang Ka means 'recorded message'.

Avoid buying anything from China:
China is a threat to ALL of us. WE the people HAVE to take a stand against this cruel, vile and wicked Chinese government that uses money and political power to silence those who wish to help, those who speak out, and those who they allege pose a threat.

Visiting Tibet:
If you visit, do not speak in public to Tibetans as they will be arrested and severely punished after you leave. In private, tell the Tibetans how much support and compassion the world's people has for them. That they are not forgotten and that people worldwide are working to make a difference. Tell them the Dalai Lama is in good health and doing his best in any way he can to help.

Do not buy from the Chinese
. Make sure anything you buy is not made in China but made by Tibetans in Tibet.

Tibetans outside of Tibet do not want anyone to visit Tibet and thus financially support China, but if no-one from the West visits, how can the world know of the atrocities, the darkness, the violence, the wickedness of the Chinese. There are events to be witnessed, stories to be documented and shown to the outside world, but this risks arrest or equipment confiscation, and must be done in secret.

Help Tibet

Tibetans just want to be free, to live in peace, to retain their identity, their culture, and their spirituality. Their entire way of life, simple as it may appear, is ancient and wise, modest, humble, spiritually and intellectually advanced.

Truth Cannot Be Hidden:
The Chinese lied to their own people about the horrific student massacre in Tienanmen Square, Beijing, June 1989. To this day, only the Chinese that leave China discover what really happened. The courageous young people in Hong Kong 2014 protested against Chinese rule for months, refusing to give in, even though their aging parents are afraid and tell them to be silent, to remember Tienanmen Square. Yet it is because of Tienanmen Square they refuse to be silent and cave in!

Today, the Chinese government continues to lie to their own people and to the world, spewing propaganda regarding their invasion and occupation of Tibet, twisting everything the Dalai Lama says, and continuing to cover-up or trying to hide their ongoing torture and genocide of the Tibetans, their culture and their land.


China, Nazis of the 21st Century, mentally focused and without emotion, wield massive power, have a huge military, excessive amounts of money, access to oil, gold, uranium and water from the Tibetan Himalayas, and have the biggest population on earth. The Chinese government believes Buddhism, a philosophy of peace, non-violence and compassion, is poison. They believe all religion and spirituality is poison.

The #1 threat to the world today is not Russia, not Iran, not the Muslims. IT IS CHINA.

Who Is next?
Nepal and perhaps one day Bhutan. Infiltration is well underway in Nepal. Roads have already been built, military camps set up, bribes and gifts already given and promised. The rest of Asia is also fair game, especially the poor and corrupt.

Tibetan monk

Natural pristine beauty, peace and spirituality will become a distant memory, unless we, the people of the world, speak up and take action.

Tibet and the Tibetan people are worth fighting for.
They represent the very best qualities a human being can achieve ... gentle, infectiously happy, soft spoken, peace loving, compassionate, devoted, loyal, non-violent, respectful to all living things, hard working, humble, intellectually sophisticated and advanced, and spiritually evolved.

If Tibetan Buddhists represent the best of mankind, China represents the worst. Good versus evil - the classic battle. This is a story familiar to the human race - the Australian aborigines and the American Indians suffered the same fate but not in such an extreme brutal, vicious and cruel manner in an ongoing, consistent daily basis lasting decades. This is nearly 2015. Turning a blind eye is an option that will end badly for all of us because of what the Tibetans represent spiritually and because of the location of their country environmentally and geopolitically.

If these people are erased, there is NO hope for any of us, for the future or for this planet. All that is pure and good will be gone. When the Dalai Lama dies, what will happen? All that will remain is evil men, corrupt governments, and their battle for control over us.

What Is The Solution?

The Dalai Lama and the Buddhist philosophy prohibit violence, so what is the answer or is it too late? The most profoundly spiritual, humble, and peace loving people on earth, are ironically being controlled by evil forces that have zero belief in altruism, spirituality or peace. Does this mean that evil triumphs over all that is pure and good?

If these people and their way of life is allowed to be wiped out, what does it say about us, our spirituality, our humanity, and the future of mankind?

Do YOU have a solution, other than WWIII with China? The sleeping dragon that is China, has woken up and is well underway towards world dominance through control of Tibetan resources in the Himalayas and the vast location they now control.

Peaceful dialogue and actions of peace have proven to change nothing. Are human beings DOOMED by their own greed, fear and ignorance, to be violent, and to fight and kill each other for power and control?

Must the 'good guys' violently fight back in order to protect what they believe in and love, and to keep what is rightfully theirs? Should we conclude that FREEDOM must always and forever be violently fought for, otherwise the 'bad guys' will take it from us
, keeping those that survive as their slaves?

Should we conclude that as Planet Earth is a world of duality all this therefore cannot be changed, unless the pervading energies of dualism, Yin and Yang, transform to a higher level of consciousness? Is this possible? Yes, certain individuals have attained this, a few cultures have come close, but only the Tibetans have excelled.

Those who are not spiritually evolved, such as the Chinese, and all others who arrogantly believe they are superior, believing that war, murder, theft and force are acceptable ... what can be done about them? History shows the truth. Human beings in general are unevolved, barbaric cavemen, now dressed in better clothing with more sophisticated weapons. Planet earth has many tribes and the peaceful, gentle tribes usually end up suffering the most pain, the greatest loss.


The magnificent Peak Potala in Lhasa, Tibet, before Chinese Invasion. A quarter of a mile in length, over 1,0000 rooms, the home of the Dalai Lama before exile. There used to be over 1,000,000 volumes of ancient scriptures, historical documents and priceless works of art. The Chinese have destroyed, damaged and stolen most of them.

Future Tibetan and Buddhist Leadership:

The Dalai Lama has repeatedly stated that he will never reincarnate inside territory where he could not be a free spokesman for the Tibetan people.

The atheist Chinese government ridiculously claims they will not allow this to happen and that they will decide where he reincarnates! In other words they will choose their own Dalai Lama, which is an absolute impossibility.

MARCH 10TH - Tibetan Uprising Day:
On March 10th in 1959, tens of thousands of Tibetans took to the streets of Lhasa, rising up against China’s illegal invasion and occupation of their country. Tens of thousands of Tibetans died and were imprisoned. Each year on March 10th
, people around the world gather to demonstrate the global strength of the Tibetan movement and to show solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet. Next year, every year, please join with them.

Tibetan Uprising  

Tibetans have the courage to stand up to overwhelming evil forces. After 64yrs of extreme cruelty and brutality, they are still willing to risk torture and death by protesting, and even to end their lives in flames to be heard.

VIDEOS - YouTube:

1) Tibet Situation: Critical. - Documentary by Jason Lansdell.
An extensive, shocking look at the current situation in Tibet. It covers the history of Tibet, before and after the Chinese invasion. The clips in this film are from a wide range of documentaries and news organizations, as well as never before seen footage. The brutality of the Chinese Government against the Tibetan people is clearly shown.
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqdQtwFjeMY

2) What Remains Of Us. - 2004
This moving documentary follows a young Tibetan refugee from Quebec, Canada, as she returns to her native land carrying a personal video message by the Dalai Lama.
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=322SFh6d3iA

3) The New Tibet - by New Atlantis Full documentaries.

- www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qzp7Rhy7O8

4) Tibet Conflict - modern BBC documentary explaining the situation in a nutshell.
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC6w-R987rg

5) Bringing Tibet Home.

A documentary by Tenzin Tsetan Choklay, about Tenzing Rigdol, a Tibetan artist who smuggled 20 tonnes of native Tibetan soil from Tibet to Dharamsala, India for an art project to bring Tibet closer to its people. His art installation opened for 3 days on October 26th 2011 - "Our Land, Our People".

- www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxOJQusz4xQ
- www.imdb.com/title/tt2983140/

6) Leaving Fear Behind - 2008
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANZZa5IabJ4

Tibetans were denied entrance to the Olympic Games in Beijing.
Protests were immense. From October 2007 until March 2008, a brave Tibetan named Dhondup Wangchen and his assistant Golog Jigme a senior Tibetan monk, filmed 40 hours of footage of 108 interviews from ordinary Tibetan people in Eastern Tibet.

The filmmakers travelled thousands of miles to document what Tibetans feel about the Dalai Lama, Chinese occupation of Tibet, and the Olympic Games, a symbol of world peace. The answers are frank, powerful and moving.

The film footage was smuggled out of Tibet to Switzerland on March 10th 2008 under extraordinary circumstances. Shortly thereafter, the filmmakers were imprisoned, tortured and denied medical treatment.

Six years later, on June 5th 2014, Dhondup Wangchen was released from prison. He is in critical health. As of December 2014, he remains in China and is unable to leave. His wife and children live in San Francisco, working tirelessly for his release.

Golog Jigme Gyastso who was released after months of torture, was forced into hiding in 2012, and recently escaped to India where he met with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala May 2014.

Dhondup's film and his imprisonment has gathered a huge international following of supporters and activists, including
Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International, the US State Dept and the UN.

For more on this international story, latest updates, and news about a new documentary on Dhondup and his wife:

White Temple

Tsaparang, Guge, Tibet - White Temple. Statue of Chenrezig, before and after Chinese destruction. China enjoys both rewriting history and destroying it.

1) Latest News:
Tibetan Center For Human Rights and Democracy - Protecting Tibetan Rights and Freedoms. All the latest news on abuse, immolation, deaths, imprisonments and events in Tibet - www.tchrd.org

- www.savetibet.org
- www.tibetnature.net/en/
- tibettruth.com

2) Self Immolation:

"Beyond The Numbers - A Human Perspective On Tibet's Self-Immolations" - by Katie Lin. - vimeo.com/55292170

- www.savetibet.org/resources/fact-sheets/self-immolations-by-tibetans/

3) Forced Abortions and Sterilization:
"TIBET'S END? Sterilization In The Land Of Snows" - Blake Kerr.
- vimeo.com/154655086

Documented, proven, ongoing deliberate genocide. A lawsuit filed in Spain was overturned after China pressure.

4) Eyewitness accounts from inside Tibet:
- www.savetibet.org/newsroom/eyewitness-insights-from-tibet/

5) Survivor stories - Warning - Very disturbing:
- www.korubo.com/TIBETDOC/tibet.htm
6) Facts and Details:
Lighthearted look at the Dalai Lama, daily activities, views, and his Hollywood friends.
- factsanddetails.com/china/cat6/sub33/item225.html#chapter-1

7) Covert Tibetan Freedom Fighters:
"Shadow Tibet Circus" - documentary about the CIA operation in Tibet.
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU9FKVd-rv0

8) Books:
- Buddhas Warriors by Mikel Dunham
- Tears of the Lotus by Roger E. McCarthy
- The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison
- Arrested Histories: Tibet, the CIA, and Memories of a Forgotten War by Carole McGranahan

This web-page was written in December 2014. Apologies for emotional rhetoric but civilities and compassion have NO meaning to China.

Tibetans and world leaders alike placate Chinese authority with carefully chosen words so as not to upset them. Enough is enough! The plain truth has to be spoken.

A country, a culture, a tribe, is being erased. Ecocide and genocide are daily routine. Immolation in the name of freedom has to end.
FREEDOM, the most precious state of all for every human being, has to be fought for and taken back.

Will the Chinese ever leave Tibet? No.
Do they need to give Tibet autonomy? Yes.
Independence is a but a dream, but a dream that will NEVER die.



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