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HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise) is an Asian MLM company established in 1990 with offices worldwide including Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.


Review Of The HTE Americas Income Opportunity, Health and Wellness Company.
"Okay, we have to admit that the health and wellness industry today is larger than ever before and it seems as though everyday we are finding new companies starting up are always offering a chance to cure this and cure that or at least help with discomfort.

HTE Americas company is one of those, with a unique twist that we found intriguing and had to take a deeper look into not only the product, but the income opportunity as well.

Have you ever heard of a SOQI Bed? It's a pretty interesting concept and consider the "New Negative Potential Body Enhancer" as projected on HTE Americas website, but what exactly is it?

In short it's a bed that makes you healthier, and for about US$4,300.00 you can have what is considered as your own spa right in the comfort of your own home. The philosophy behind it is well worth reading the information on their website, but here we want to talk more about the income opportunity.


Modern luxury health and wellness.

While the SOQI bed is only one of several products to choose from, including nutritional products, there are several that start as low as $20 for someone to purchase and getting involved is nothing.

HTE Americas website explains that because they are so interested in spreading health and wealth that there is no cost. Also because of this HTE doesn't expect there to be a certain amount of sales volume per month, putting extra pressure on any distributors.

Although you will find that HTE Americas information sites suggest purchasing a Sales Kit for US$30.00 that includes the long versioned history of HTE, along with health and product information, and of course CD's with more in depth knowledge discussed of pay plans and other important issues.

We know one thing everyone wants to know when interested in a company is when are the checks disbursed. Here they are given out on the 16th of each month and if you do not want almost 30% taken out of each check make sure you give them your social security number.

There are four different levels you can be involved with at HTE Americas; Distributor, Supervisor, Manager, and President. The commission starts out at 15% at the distributor level, and will reach 40% by the time you reach the president level.

All levels but the distributor's, receive a commission on sales from their downlines so reaching that second level is very important for maximum products early in your new adventure. Even more so when you reach the illustrious Level IV and all of the President Level benefits.

As usual, whether you are researching a company like HTE Americas or anyone else be thorough in your research. We always like to point you in the right direction with enough information to get you started, like the fact that HTE has been in the states since 1993 which lets you know they don't look to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

The landscape of their products, especially the SOQI Bed, is geared around progressing into the future, not regressing. So take a deeper look, you may be interested in what their business has to offer."

Written by Brian Garvin.
Source: MLM Review Kings - Expert, unbiased network marketing reviews.

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