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Lumbar Support Cushion
with Far Infrared heat and vibrating massage.

Do you sit, or drive for long periods of time?
Back pains from sitting at your computer? This is for you.

                          Lumbar CushionFIR
                          cushion fit

Comes with Auto DC Car adapter/charger.
Computer users, drivers, students
- desk, couch, car or bed.

  Canada Only: CA$145.00
USA: Out of stock.

The FIR Lumbar Support Cushion:
A lumbar support cushion that emits penetrating Far Infrared heat and a strong vibrating massage, to help relieve lower back pain, support kidney function, correct posture and improve circulation. The cushion relieves chronic lumbar pain and sore muscles caused by repeatedly holding the same posture from working, or driving for long hours.
Far Infrared heat expands capillaries which promotes increased blood flow and circulation - the cushion has far infrared strips on either side, combined with regular heat which can reach up to 113 F (45 C).

The vibrating massage - generated by two motors, one on the left side and one on the right side - helps relieve the pressure and strain between the vertebra.

Spine conditions

Home, Office, Driving or Travel:

The Lumbar Support Cushion can be used sitting at the computer, studying, driving your car, watching TV, lying in bed, traveling ... this product is ideal for so many of us to relieve pain, tension and soreness, providing support, healing and comfort.

Who is this FIR massage cushion for specifically:
Computer Users, Office Workers, Students: Bad posture, long hours.
Seniors: Inactivity, poor posture and poor circulation.
Drivers and Travelers: Stuck in traffic, long commutes, road trips.
Athletes and Laborers: Tense and sore back muscles.
Women: Monthly pain.


Perfect fit for mid and lower back. The Far Infrared lumbar support cushion supports both the muscular and skeletal structure along with kidney function.

Easy to use:
1) Plug adapter into wall, then plug in small black power adapter into cushion - push button to turn off or on.
2) Plug power port adapter into car cigarette lighter for use when driving.

Lumbar cushion

- 8-12 microns.
- DC 12v input - 20w
- Dimensions: 13" L x 14" W x 3" H / 34 x 360 x 70 mm
- Temperature: 108 F to 113 F / 42 C - 45 C
- Revolution: 4000 rpm
- Auto DC car adapter/charger.

Removable, washable cushion jacket - made of high-resilient polyurethane.

FIR Lumbar Support Cushion Washing Instructions:
1) Separate power adapter and FIR Lumbar Support Pillow.
2) Remove plastic and metal nuts from FIR Lumbar Support Pillow power outlet turning counter clockwise using wrench.
3) Pull zipper and fold inward to remove jacket.

Awards: BSI - ISO9001 and ISO13485 Certification.
Certs #: FM55818 and MD89656
Warranty: 1yr.

* Do not bend or change shape of massage cushion.
* Do not switch on power and use product if wet.
* Children should be under direct supervision.
* Not to be used if pregnant, or have skin inflammation.
* Do not expose product to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
* Note that cushion’s jacket is washable, not the actual cushion.
* Do not puncture product.
* Store product in a cool dry place.
* Do not place weight on top of unit.
* Not to be used as a head rest.


Details pdf 1 - Details pdf 2
FIR Lumbar Support Cushion Info and images.


FIR Lumbar Support Cushion:
Far Infrared heat, vibrating massage,

for back support and pain relief.
FIR cushion


13" L x 14" W x 3" H
34 x 360 x 70 mm

108F to 113F / 42C - 45C

Out of stock.

(reg price CA$159.00)


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